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Genealogías del arte contemporáneo

Jaime Repollés Llauradó - 2011 - Vista previa restringida
Genealogías del arte contemporáneo no es un manual de movimientos artísticos contemporáneos, ni un glosario de artistas plásticos destacados por la reciente historia del arte, ni tampoco una muestra de las tendencias estéticas más pujantes de la ...

Richard Long: A Line Made by Walking

Dieter Roelstraete - 2010 - Vista de fragmentos
An illustrated study of a work that marks the transition from minimalism to a new mode of practice encompassing conceptual art, land art, and performance art.

African Majesty: The Textile Art of the Ashanti and Ewe

Peter Adler, Nicholas Barnard - 1995 - No hay vista previa disponible
Within the borders of present-day Ghana and Togo, there exists an immemorial tradition of weaving. Inspired by the demands of royalty and ceremony or of the wealthy for rich display, the weavers of the Ashanti and Ewe tribes have created cloths ...

Textile art of the Bakuba: velvet embroideries in raffia

Sam Hilu, Irwin Hersey - 2003 - Vista de fragmentos
These striking velvety embroidered raffia cloths and ceremonial appliqu skirts were created deep in the heart of the Congo by the Kuba people. The intricate abstract designs, executed in an appealing palette of vegetal dyes, have inspired ...

A Practical Art Therapy

Susan I. Buchalter - 2004 - Vista previa restringida
A Practical Art Therapy is written in an easy-to-read format that is filled with practical creative experiences for therapists to use with individuals and groups. Chapters cover various media and methods, including murals, collages, sculpture and ...

Dictionary of Women Artists: Artists, J-Z

Delia Gaze - 1997 - Vista previa restringida
First Published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

African fabric crafts: sources of African design and technique

Esther Warner Dendel - 1974 - Vista de fragmentos
Provides numerous examples of decorative articles and clothing including a caftan inspired by a museum piece, a hanging sculpture utilizing a rice bat weaving technique etc...