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The Dictionary of Historical and Comparative Linguistics

Robert Lawrence Trask - 2000 - Vista previa restringida
Historical and comparative linguistics has been a major scholarly discipline for 200 years, and yet this is the first dictionary ever devoted to it. With nearly 2,400 entries, Dictionary of Historical and Comparative Linguistics covers every ...

Historical Linguistics: An Introduction

Lyle Campbell - 2004 - Vista previa restringida
This accessible, hands-on text not only introduces students to the important topicsin historical linguistics but also shows them how to apply the methods described and how to thinkabout the issues; abundant examples and exercises allow students ...

The History of Basque

Robert Lawrence Trask - 1997 - Vista previa restringida
More than a century of specialist work has succeeded in shedding a great deal of light on the history and especially the prehistory of Basque, but this work has up until now been almost entirely confined to the specialist literature, and has not ...

A Glossary of Historical Linguistics

Lyle Campbell, Mauricio J. Mixco - 2007 - No hay ninguna vista previa disponible
Useful for those wishing to understand historical linguistic terminology and concepts, this is a glossary of key terms in the field of historical linguistics.