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" He faded, and so calm and meek, So softly worn, so sweetly weak, So tearless, yet so tender — kind, And grieved for those he left behind; With all the while a cheek whose bloom... "
The Beauties of Byron,: Consisting of Selections from His Works - Página 150
de George Gordon Byron Baron Byron, Alfred Howard - 1824 - 212 páginas
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Selected Poems

George Gordon Byron Baron Byron - 1996 - 830 páginas
...190 With all the while a cheek whose bloom Was as a mockery of the tomb, Whose tints as gently sunk away As a departing rainbow's ray An eye of most transparent light, 195 That almost made the dungeon bright, And not a word of murmur - not A groan o'er his untimely lot,...
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Rite of Passage

William D. Bain - 2005 - 128 páginas
...all men's have grown from sudden fears. Our voices took a dreary tone, an echo of the dungeon stone. A little talk of better days, a little hope my own...in silence, lost in this last loss of all the most. I saw the dungeon walls and floor close slowly round me as before. I saw the glimmer of the sun creeping...
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