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Exploration and Exchange: A South Seas Anthology, 1680-1900

Jonathan Lamb, Vanessa Smith, Nicholas Thomas - 2000 - 359 páginas
"As my sense of the turpitude and guilt of sin was weakened, the vices of the natives appeared less odious and criminal. After a time, I was induced to yield to their ...
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Strangers in the South Seas: The Idea of the Pacific in Western Thought : an ...

Richard Lansdown - 2006 - 429 páginas
Long before Magellan entered the Pacific in 1521 Westerners entertained ideas of undiscovered oceans, mighty continents, and paradisal islands at the far ends of the earth-such ...
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Amazing People of Sydney: Inspirational Stories

Charles Margerison - 2011 - 183 páginas
Imagine you had to sail 10,000 miles to an island in the South Pacific Ocean in an old wooden boat. In 1788, that happened to over 1400 English convicts, colonists, captains ...
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European Perceptions of Terra Australis

Anne M. Scott - 2012 - 314 páginas
"Terra Australis - the southern land - was one of the most widespread concepts in European geography from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries, although the notion of a ...
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Customs and Culture of the Phillippines

2007 - 196 páginas
This classic introduction to the rich culture and history of the Phillipines Islands is a must have for any traveler or cultural scholar. Few countries are as rich in cultural ...
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Eaten by Cannibals

2014 - 544 páginas
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Hawaiki, Ancestral Polynesia: An Essay in Historical Anthropology

Patrick Vinton Kirch, Roger C. Green - 2001 - 375 páginas
An anthropological approach to long-term history through detailed reconstruction of the Ancestral Polynesian culture, Hawaiki.
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