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Working with People with Learning Disabilities: Theory and Practice

Honor Woods, David Thomas - 2003 - 288 páginas
A comprehensive introduction to working with people with learning disabilities, this guide provides the theoretical understanding needed to inform good practice and to help ...
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I Still Believe

Jeremy Camp, David Thomas - 2013 - 213 páginas
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First: What It Takes to Win

Rich Froning, David Thomas - 2013 - 284 páginas
Shares the secrets to the author's personal success, including his CrossFit routine, how he maintains mental and spiritual toughness, and how he puts God first in his life.
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Naturalism and Social Science: A Post-Empiricist Philosophy of Social Science

David Thomas - 1979 - 213 páginas
This 1979 text addresses the ways in which the dominant theories in large areas of Western social science have been subject to strong criticisms, particularly of their supposed ...
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Anti-Christian Polemic in Early Islam: Abū ʻĪsá Al-Warrāq's 'Against the ...

Muḥammad ibn Hārūn Warrāq, David Richard Thomas - 1992 - 218 páginas
Abu 'Isa al-Warraq's Against the Trinity is the longest sustained attack on the Trinity to survive from the early centuries of Islam, and is a key work in the history of the ...
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