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Ennobled by Thy Image, spotless fhone,
Prais’d Thee her author, and ador’d Thy throne :
Able to know, admire, enjoy her God,
She did her high felicity applaud.

Since Thou didst all the spacious worlds display,
Homage to Thee let all obedient

pay. Let glittering stars, that dance their destin'd ring Sublime in sky, with vocal planets fing

Let the thin districts of the waving air,
Conveyancers of found, Thy skill declare.
Let winds, the breathing creatures of the skies,
Call in each vigorous gale, that roving flies
By land or fea; then one loud triumph raise,
And all their blasts employ in songs of praise.

While painted herald-birds Thy deeds proclaim,
And on their spreading wings convey Thy fame :
Let Eagles, which in Heaven's blue concave foar,
Scornful of earth fuperior seats explore,
And rise with breasts erect against the sun,
Be ministers to bear Thy bright renown,
And carry ardent praises to Thy throne.

Ye fish, assume a voice ; with praises fill
The hollow rock, and loud reactive hill.
Let lions with their roar their thanks express,
With acclamations shake the wilderness.
Let thunder clouds, that float from pole to pole,
With falvos loud salute Thee as they roll.
Ye monsters of the sea, ye noisy waves,
Strike with applause the repercussive caves.




Let hail and rain, let meteors form'd of fire,
And lambent flames, in this blest work conspire.
Let the high cedar and the mountain pinc
Lowly to thee, Great King, their heads incline,
Let every spicy odoriferous tree
Present its incense and its balm to Thee.

And thou, Heaven's viceroy o'er this world below,
In this blest task superior ardour show:
To view thyself, inflect thy reason's ray,
Nature's replenish'd theatre survey;
Then all on fire the Author's skill adore,
And in loud songs extol Creating Power.

Degenerate minds, in mazy error lost,
May combat Heaven, and impious triumphs boast;
But, while my veins feel animating fires,
And vital air this breathing breast inspires,
Grateful to Heaven, I'll stretch a pious wing,
And fing His praise, who gave me power to fing. 773.


C ο Ν Τ Ε Ν Τ



CREATION. Book I. 747 omiePage 39
II. m42.

III. 7.75
IV. yng
V. 7002

149 VI. 700

176 VII. 773

f 1.40






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