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A youth entered Gustavus Adolphus College with the purpose of taking a brief business course.

The singing of “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” by three hundred voices in the chapel of the College so impressed the young man that he determined to continue his studies and get all the College could give him.

That young man is now Governor Eberhart of Minnesota.


GOVERNOR EBERHART OF MINNESOTA. After noting the facts, the editor of one of Minnesota's leading secular newspapers writes: "In the song he found the germ that made him Governor in less than twenty years. Four hundred years had not ended the power of the Luther hymn : it was still potent to make men men."

This hymn, and two hundred and forty-nine others with inspiring ring and tuneful harmony, make up the

In neat and substantial cloth binding the prices are: Words and music, single
copy, 60 cents; per dozen, $6. Words only, single copy, 20 cents; per dozen, $2.
Postage or expressage prepaid. Special discounts on lots of 50, 100, or more.
Sample copies sent on receipt of price.

P. 0. Box 876


A New Book on Missions

Erplanation of The Common Service

Missionary Heroes 2. Lutheran Church

of the

In the form of questions and answers comprehensively and

clearly glven, With Appondioos on Christian Hymnedy und Liturgloal

Oolors and · Glossary of Liturgical Tormi.

By REV. L. B. WOLF, D. D. and other well-known Ministers and Mission

arios of tho Lutheran Church The only volume containing a history of Lutheran Foreign Missions and biographies of the great missionaries of our Church in Europe and America. A handbook for all Lutherans interested in the work of our Church in foreign lands.

Biographical sketches of Ziegenbalg, Schwartz, Father Heyer, Morris Officer. David A. Day, A. D. Rowe, Dr. Harpster and Samuel C. Kinsinger. About 250 pp. Cloth, 750. net, $7.50 a

dozen: Paper, 600, net, $6.00 a dozen Illustrated with 32 pages of portraits and other views of foreign scenes. The Lutheran Publication Society

1424 Arch Street, Philadelphia

This book is the direct result of Luther League Devotional Study and has been prepared by a committee of Liturgical Scholars appointed by a District Luther League. It should be widely read and studied by all young and old Lutherang,

No question concerning our Services remains unanswered.

In the preparation of this Explanation the Standard sources have been consulted. Whatever seemed well adapted to explain the meaning and the connection of the several parts of the Service of the Church was freely used.

The book is 644 by 842 inches, printed in red and black, the portions from the Church book being in red, while the Explanation portion is in black, on fine Ox. ford laid paper with wide margins. It is to be had in two styles of bindings.

PRICES. In limp cloth, silk finish with gilt side title and colored edges, postpaid..

$ .78 Per dozen, not prepaid..

7.20 In full ooze sheepskin, silk lined, limp. boards,

stamped in gold, gilt edges, put up in box for malling, postpaid


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Crescent Art Metal Co.

of all descriptions, for all purposes. Label your doors and offices, Save your callen from embarrassment. Keep out Intruders, show your friends where to go for information. The mirror-polished raised letters and border, and the rich black oxidised back ground of our Etched Brass Stock Signs, add a dignified appearance to any office, bank, store or public building. Also bath room trimmings. Write for prices and particulars, giving sizes of plates. W. A. DEMOREST, 1 Hudson St., Now York, N.Y.

Designers and Makers at our own
Foundry and Shops



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CROSSES, Etc. Memorial Windows




CLERICAL CLOTHING Suits to measure from $20 Embroidered Altar Hangings COX SONS & VINING 72 Madison Avo.


New York Estab. 1849.



12 in Pittsburg: 13 lo lor Tork; 45 In Baltimore; 40 la Philadelphla; 35 la Claclngatl; 18 la Washlagton and 20 la Hagarstov, md.


Hagerstown, Maryland

Irving College for Young Women, Mechanicsburg, Pa.




Opens on the second Thursday in September is new and modern buildings.

It offers a Classical and a Scientific Course. The charges are moderate and the accommodations superior.

The Academic Department will be continued at Fourth and Walnut Streets under improved condi. tions, and prepares for any Collage, for Teaching and Business.

Send for free catalogue.
Rev, John A. W, Haas, D.D., President

Otto P. H. Bert
Principal of the Academic Department.

La located in the most beautiful part of the far-famed Cumberland Valley, but fifteen minutes'

ride from Harrisburg. Chartered to codfor degrees in 1867 by the State Legislature. The most largely patronized Collego for young women in the Lutheran Church. Faculty, Largo, experienced and able. None but desirable students wanted. Classical, Scientifio and Special courses. Full Music Conservatory course. Superior advantages in Art and Oratory. Steam hest electric light; hot and cold water, etc. Rooms specially attractive. Send for catalogue. E. E. CAMPBELL, Ph.D., President.

Carthage College

The New Bible Training Department

Hartwick Seminary NBW YORK

Tho Oldost Lutheran School in America


apon the John C. Martio Foundation often scholarly and practical instruction in the baglab Bible and cos. date subjects for Sunday school teacher, lay worton and young people generally. A now dopartment along now lines for all who dedre more thorough knowb edge of the Scriptores nad increased facility in the om of the Bible la Cbrotlas work. Send for laforme too.

REV. J. O. TRAVER, A, M., Principal


Pennsylvania College

Carthage, Illinois

is located on the great Battlefield of Gettysburg, the best preserved battleficld in the world. Enlarged faculty, new departments, increased equipment. Nine college courses leading to a bachelor's degree are given in Ancient and Modern Languages, Mathe. matics, Science Courses, Finance and Commerce. The only Lutheran College in the country offering Civil Engineering and Municipal Engineering. High class faculty and splendid educational equipment.

Good buildings, including recitation halls, dormitories, laboratories, chapel and gymnasium. High moral tone and good social advantages. Strong college Y. M. C. A. and well trained musical clubs. Student government and honor system. HIGHEST GRADE COLLEGE EDU. CATION AT VERY LOW COST. For new catalog and beautiful book of views free, address PRESIDENT W. A. GRANVILLE, PI.D., LL.D.,


WITTENBERG COLLEGE One of the oldest and most famous Colleges of the Lutheran Church. 66th year begins September 19, 1911.

OLD WITTENBERG Is a college with a successful past and a most promis

ing future. Is a college where the personal contact idea 18 strong. Is a college wbere expenses are low. Is a college where self help is possible. 18 a college where athletics and work are mingled 16

proper proportions.

For Literature, write to
CHARLES G. HECKERT, D.D., Prosident,

Springfield, o.

Susquehanna University

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Beautifully located on the West bank of the Susquehanna River, at Selinsgrove, Pa.

Strong faculty. Excellent buildings, with all modern conveniences. The Academy-four years' preparatory course. The College of Liberal Arts-leading to

Bachelor degrees. The Conservatory of Music -leading to Mus. B. Speclal Teachers' Course during Spring and

Summer terms.
The School of Business-diploma at graduation.
The School of Elocution, Oratory and Art.

For Catalog Address
CHARLES T. AIKENS, D.D., President

W. T. HORTON, Rogistrar. Sollaugrove, Ponas.

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Of America

“Of the Church, By the Church, For the Church"

Official Call for the Tenth National Convention

Albany, N. Y November 12, 13 and 14, 1912

The National Executive Committee have accepted the kind invitations of the Luther Leagues of Albany and vicinity to hold the Tenth Convention of The Luther League of America in Albany, N. Y. After conferring with the local committee, the Executive Committee has designated November 12, 13 and 14, 1912, as the time for holding the Convention.

REPRESENTATION. Any society, of whatever name, connected with a Lutheran congregation or a Lutheran institution of learning, and District and State organizations whose admission shall have been recommended by the Committee on Credentials, are entitled to membership, with representation as follows: Each society admitted to membership shall be entitled to one delegate, each District League to three delegates, and each State or Territorial organization to ten delegates. Delegates to the Convention are expected and required to present properly certified credentials. Credentials should be signed by the President and the Secretary of each organization,

CREDENTIALS. Credential blanks for delegates, whether from a State League, a District League, or a local society, should be secured at once by State, District, and local officers from Rev. C. K. Hunton, Statistical Secretary, Salem, Va. All credentials should be filled out in duplicate, one part being sent to Rev. C. K. Hunton, Statistical Secretary, and the other part retained by the delegate for presentation to the Credential Committee at Albany. Blank forms for credentials for delegates will be sent upon application to the Statistical Secretary, who will also furnish gratuitously the uniform statistical blanks of The Luther League of America. Credentials should be sent Mr. Hunton not later than October 30.

GENERAL INFORMATION. ?he arrangement of the program is in charge of a sub-committee of the Executive Committee. As soon as possible announcement will be made relative to the program through THE REVIEW.

The LUTHER LEAGUE REVIEW will furnish official information each month in regard to the Convention, and after the Convention will publish a Convention Number containing full reports of the proceedings.

Subscriptions shouid be made now, and secure the pro-Convention number of THE REVIEW, and also the official Convention Report.

Particulars as to hotels and other local arrangements will be furnished in due season by the local convention committee. By direction of the Executive Committee,


General Secretary of the Luther League of America, WM. C. STOEVER,

President of the Luther League of America.

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