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By a Treaty between Saadus-Ally, the revalt at Dominica. This letter is dated pretent Nabh of Oude, and the Hon. April 14. On the oil, the 8th West India Henry kelleney, concluded at Lucknow Reginsent, composed of Blacks, mucinied, on !1e1c': of Nosenher, 1801, his High- alid in a mont barbarous manner pur co Dels has ceded to the Coimipaisy, in perpe- reath Captain Cameron, Lieut. Mackay, tua) Soseisigniy, a cartriin portion of his ter- Lieut. Wastneneys, Commit:ry Laing, ritory, in lieu of sbe in bfiddy ujually granted hy and Quarter and Barrack-Master-Serjeant buntis the C:mp.zny's troops. The reic. MKy. Clerk of the Cheque Burron, nue of this ceded territory amounts to One and Quarter-Master-Sesjeant Young, wero Mullo Three Budied and Fifty Thru- both wounded; to former dangerously. fand Pounds sling. Mr. H. Wellesley His Excellency the Hon. A. Cochrine is appointed Leurant-Governor'; Meilis. Jottone, wiro is Colonel of the 8th W. It Lellie, M. Se:con, and Fomhelle, Com- Tudi regiment, and Governor of the innd milliers for the management of this of Duminica, immediately collected all ilie comory; and Metlis. Leycciler, Deane, troops, militia, and ottier European force, &c. Colleftus.

he could nuiter, and embarked fris Prince AMERICA AND THE WEST INDIES. Ruperi's, where the Black regiment was

The Congress has agreed wv the admir- ftationed, and where they haj committed son of the Nortlı- Western lerritory, as a the atrocities above recitel. Fortonately Slale, into the Union.

some thips of war were in the bay, the The Ni'w York Gazette, of the 25th of marines of which were lauded, ind:fed March, it. tes the armval oítliefeep Frierd. in the reduction of the murineers. Tlie Thip at that place, from Ginaires, the Governor found them drawn up in thes Captain of which fays, that at his depar- víual place of parade, with two of their ture the touin was in Asnies. The total officers, whom they had ipared, in the nunber of French troops landed in St. Do- front. They refuled to obey the Gover. mingo is flater at nearly 15,000; of these nor's order to ground their arms, and were upwards of 6oco are already dead, or ren- immeditely fired upou with fuch effet, dered incapable of service by illoofs. The that those who did not fall aliem piedt 10 principal divinon of the army under the save themlelves by flying to the Irills. The Commander in Chief, Le Clerc, does not difpofition, however, made by the Governor exceed soco men. The' u hile people in of his force, frustrated their deligos, and the the poffeffion of the Governor's house fent whule were exterminated, excepung about a petition 10 Gen. Le Clerc, praying that 130, who were secured, and lent as prin thie General would pay attention to the, soners on-board the thips of war. mang and great services of the “ virtuous Lieutenants Mackay and Wadeney apTouflaint." Le Clerc rejected their pe- pored to have been reculiar ohjecis of ricion, layiog to the deputation which pre- their race. Lieutenant Wafteney's fate fenced it," Go tell the rebel, there is now was truly lamentable. There barbarians no grace for him; in a few days I will having stripped him, fastened bim to a make him a public and ignominious frec- tree, pricked him with their hayonets, and tacle. Four days ago he infligated Mr.yes mouilateel him in a molt thcking inanner; to murder the Wluites; and ther, after a even regarding that death which would have mock trial, not the instrument of his own been a booll, as terminating his fufferings: guilt, because he saw in him a dangerous and the dead binly of Lieut. Mackay, the rival.”

firft vielm of their wrath, they equally 11New York papers, of the 24th of April, fulied, hy dragging it about blie poft in a contain advices from St. Domingo, dated manner too horrid to relate. Cape Français, the 3d of April; and they The fuilowing is the account of the loss State, that Madanie Dell lines, the Gene- butained by luis Majesty's fronps :-68.11 rai's wife, had here taken by the French. regimeni, z men killeil, 15 wounded. Two 1 The jewels, and o'her ornaments on lier marines of the Magnificent badl, wounded. perfon, were of immense value.

--Militia, i mai killed, 6 wounded.- One The Philadelphia Gazette gives an ex- volueer failor badly wounded, tract from the GAZ-ile du Part Republic The loss of the 8ih West India regiment cain, of the nit of April, containing a les- is fated to be, at the least, 100 killed and ter from Gen. Le Clerc to Gen. Dugira, ac- wounded. companying an intercepted letter iron Ric

GERMANY. gilid en Ger, Leplue. Rigaud is charged Their Imperial M jelties made their loy Le Clerc, upon the authority of this lemo entry into Preib yurg on the 13th of iler, with having designs hostile to vie

May. On the following day the King Hench Le Cerc therefore orders him to opened the Diet with a Lacin (peecb, core be tent, with his family, immediately to laming the propofimons which were to be France.

fubmitted to their deliherarion. Before the A letter from Rofcas, in that ifland, in- fitting closed, the Diet commilliened a deferied in the Barbacoes Mercury of April pulation from their body to wait on the 24, selates the drea.ful cu cumatances of a Archduke Charles, and present him will



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Abstract of Foreign Occurrences. the homage of their gratitude, for the in- station of the Garde du Corps, and to take mitte valuable services which he hid rendered to it by abiault. Towards nighi come fqua.

the kingdom of Hungary doing the war, droos of Hanoverian dragoons arrived at and to recommend their cation to his fu- the gates of the city; but the intrepid tuie protection.

Brownonians were not deterred from their TRE

The answer which the Hungarian Diet undertaking. The dracoons charged them, has given to the proporais made by his lm- and the city for some time had the appear. perial Majeny, Itaces in substance as follows: ance of a place taken by allaolt and given

The Diet is persuaded, thai, under the up to plander. Fourteen tudents were

prefent circumst uces, an augmentation of wounded; but this vid not discourage the els

itre Hungarian troops is not necessary; it rest from pursuing their deligns againit

however consents, that all the national re- the police, un'il they at length fucceeded." es giments mall be completed to their full The Stutgard Gazette ftares, that the

compliment. It decrees an increase of Treaty concluded on the 20th of Miy,
public contributions in the proportion of 1802, between the French Republick and
two millions of florins. On the other the Duke of Wirtemberg, has heen fully
band, it demands the free exportation of ratified. The ratifications were exchanged
all Hungarian productions, a better organic at Paris by Citizen Hauterive ad M. Nor-
zation of the racional milicia, and changes man, the Dake's p.iva e Secretary.
in the system respecting money wirich has The bly of the Rutin Admiral Kutu-
hitherto prevailed.

fof has been interiel withigiek pump at Letters from S-malin, of the 26th May, Petersburgh. His widow is to receive, duftate the arrival at Belgrade, on the 22d, of ring her bife, the pay of her husband, a Tacar, ith a letter from the Cape in which amounts to 12,000 rounds a year. Pacha, in which the Janillares are once

Since the restrictions have been taken ORT

m re lured of an absolute pardon, and of off the press, a number of new French and
ontile oblivion of all the past, upon condi. Germ w works have been tranBased into
tion that they shall remain quiei. The the Rüan language, and are about to be
Agi and the Caimacan, whom they liad published at Petersburg.
ch: feri, u ere allo confirmed uponibiscono Theol! Prince Schu, a celebrated fa.'
dition. They have, notwithstandms, re-

voorite of Catherine II. Having an ived ab.
fused to acknowledge a receiver of customs Warsaw, oa his way to Laly, the popu-
lately arrived. Accounts ftate, that fasty lace, who always considered him as the
Pacha and the Aga of Nilla, alter lever and projector of the difinemherment of Poland,
combats, have at length made their peace treated him with the u' not indignity, and
with the Porta'. The former has dilbanded evea thre:tened his life. Troops were
near y all his troops. The garnitin of Wid. obligeid lo he ordered out for his protection;'
din, compored of the troops of Pufiwan and the next day lie made a precipitate re-
Ogla, made on the ruth an incution treat from the city.
joku Wallacha, upon the towns of Kam-

HOLLAND. bulorg and Tengoflin : they mafsacred all The Batavian L-glutive Body have clewho rented, and the pillage was general. clared themselves permanent till ju ne 1803, The Turkish trops, ishich were posted in violation of the Constitutions, ny an are al fome distance, did not interfere. Their ticle of which it was ordered, tinul one third object was, in inti:&t vengeance upon the of them thould be replaced on the rith of Prince of Wallachia, who had obtained June. from the Giand Signior a cun milion :o

The British trale with the Bitavian proe reduce Pallwan Ogicu.

vincus is now fubjiet un no vther banden A lerier from Gottingen, of 6th May, than the payment of the duties which ex. says,---" The fandous theory excicatrice of illed before the wir. Doctor Biovi, a late celebrated Scotsplıy

SPAIN. fician, has found in Germany the most vi. A masked Prisoner of State, lately emclent partizans. The most desperate cuies barked at Cadız, was, it is now reported, bare been attempted upon this system, of the unfortunate D. Urquin. This noblewhich the patient has been frequently the man relived for a cruderable period ia vičtiny. A yung profeffor o! medicine, England, as Ambalfailor from the Court nanej Capp!, has perfeed this fritem of Madrid. His ofte ice is fail to have with equal obftinacy as want of 10: ct ls, been obtempt to aninge the power of and has been opposed by M. Arnemann, the loqu.dation. He is to be transported an experienced physician. A litorary war to one of the Philippin: 1.100s; there to broke out, in which the you 5 Itudents remain in ciofe conti ement for lite. A supported Carpel, and the ite:ady old peo- number of his friends have also hecne vicpie M. Arnemann. The ftudent, to the tirs to their zealous co-operation with him number of 400, a:tacked the spoilies of in promoting the cause of humanity. Ahis adversay.. The polce in vain at- mong there is the learned Jovellanus, wt; ) tempted to disperse ther; ani they even it appears, had cxprelled his leutin resolved to conie next day.nd to attacks zlic with too muuch freeduni, in a memo

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which he drew up at the express request 11th of April, made a second and wholly of the Government, on the best means for unexpected attack on the town and fuit. ameliorating the internal organizition of They were repulied, after a very short the Spanish Monarchy.

co:flict, and closely pursued in a confiderThe King of Spain has published an able distancı'. On the prit of the colony, Edict, by which he likes prfieilion of the only three men were killel, and a few property of the Spanish Langue of the Or. flightly wounded. The Tirmany's being der of Malta, and vectires himseif Grand in the habit of curving their dead and Mofter of the Order within daya Siates, woundled off the 6 ld, even wuring the

From Cadiz we le ur', th it a fresh im. heat of action, it is not easy in asce lain portation of postres had heen brought by their loss : 21 de d bodies were left bethe San Paolo from Vera Cruz. Tueniy- hind them in their fight. eight millions more are expected; forjat

ITALY. the total amount of the in pertali!), fuce The Pulenti met Milau on the 16! the Feace, will be fifty millions

of May. The members prefent amounted Leters from Madrid, of the 15th of

Citizen Benvenut was elected May, state, that the city of Lorea, filuated President. As it was the first time that in the kingdom of Mercia, exrerenced on the Representatives of the flatan Republic the 30th of April 3 dreadtul difier. The had ex lciled inseir functions, there weie reservoir, which is of several legiles ex- in the evening panlic reininga. tent, and served to water the surrounding The inbabitants of Venice exreet that countries, suddenly burit, and a one of the Princes of the Houte of Austria fpace of more than 20 leagues, as alla a will tileine title of Gand Dik of Venice. part of the city. Five hundred louisbuse

The King of Etruria 125 publihed a been destroyed. Above 1080 persons have Procium rion, wlierein lie ftatë', that the lost their lives, and a great number of fruit ufu le orghe io miko of the poser beasts have been drowned.

given hom irou God, is for the projectiu MOROCCO, &c.

of Roiron. He acknowledges the Poo A rebellion again't the Einperor lately as Gedi's Viurr Gineral, and refers to tim broke ont, and the infurgents were beaded

all pirual r1311215. by the Emperor's nepiew, who las, how- He reitores all the regular Ecclefiaflical ever, been defeated with great loss, a: apo Orders; and declares the estate vf the pears hy the following letter from Pangier Chuchun alien wole, dated May 19:

Th• Bishops, its Masters and Paltors, “ We liave this day received ntelligence are independent in the administration of of an action liaving taken place between the Sun...???!!!"; they may publish their the Emperor of Morocco and his nephen, palloral letters without submiting thieni to in which the latter ha heen comple'ely de. any ex unin (!011, and chule Mouilters for feated with great lo's: it is also ly known every rtvg.en functiona that there are soco killuel, 2400 liken The Bith sp, in their several dioceses, prisoners, besides an immense number of are appointed licensers of all books while wounded. The Emperor speaks in the foever ; nor is any book to be puhlithed higheit kerms of the very great i fittan e without the permition of the Bishops or he received from iti oflcer wio amured at

their deputies. the camp the night befreihe action, and

A lutter from Genoa says, that place is teaquched the Emperor 10 accept his fere nearly blockaurd by bigards. Their vices. He had the command of a fyysion Chet, whe, with some re son, bas been of horse, and coninonted in a great me.. called the Let'il, nis eftabi Rover huis headjore to the defeat of the enemy. It is ex- quarters at Copenido, from whence his pečied that this week will put an end to 11111m dons make excurfions for the pur's the war, as Amballadors are now 601:.5 pole of levying contenutiors upon travel fionithe Emperor in deliver to terms pirue lers. Sore time since they robbed antage poled by the nephew. Wlearn, that the luh merchant, named Lidven, of two bles officer who distinguished himelt to much of merchandize, thortly af er which, the belongs to the City of London Light Porte, merchant received a letter from the Chief and ibuat he is depuied, from fome of the of the banditti, otfering the goods to him principat merchants in the city, to pro- for 2500 livres, “ We promise, if.on ou! cure the rele: te of two thips detained by borsur,” lay the Brig.inds, “ lo langit che Empior of Morocco.

We are happy Lidve!i's goods, so that he may tranipo, to find; that, in confiquence of is great them to 6:00a. If he win's an opporttiServices on this occalin, the imporoth s nily of so doing, me engage (9 irintpoit lesie in favourable ear to the obj &t of his them ourstives. Nay, moie; we will give m is: 1. The Emperor has already con- them all the necellary pailporis and cards fered fome diftinguished honours upon of fifely, in order that ie may not be lia hin."

con mded by the patrics : and, it hed: D matches from Sierra Leone flate, that files il, we will give him a guro of fately the Timninys buv, on the morning of the unso the firtt poft occupicu by Liguria



1802.) Abstract of Foreign Occurrences.
Soldiers. Done at onc refidence at Capes are inrolled; and out of these, the levies
nardo, the 26th of April, 1802, in the neceffary to recruit - the army are to be
third year of our Government.

— drawn by lot. The ftanding army of (Signed)

"JOSEPH Musso, France thus becomes completely. a militian

General, surnamed the Devil.”. the principles of which will be found nearly In the early part of Miy, Captain Pico to correspond with that of England. It is marched at the head of a body of troops to: to be observed, however, that in the event. attack this Devil. He had 100 grenadiera. of a war, the plan of Conscription is also to uau r his orders,

be employed; and by this means 'ie is exMay 22. The famous Muffo, Chief of peeted that there will be procured soldiers the Brigands, better known hy the name of more robust, more temperate, and more Tbe Devil, has quilted his head-quarters at al'ached to their country, than those der Çapenardo, about three leagues from coat hauched dregs of the great towns usually city, and established himself in the highest picked up by recruiting Serjeants. The mouniains of the Appenines, where he is number of those fit to bear atms, hetweani acquainted with all the roads. Having a de.. the age of 16 and 40, is calculated to'aSue to treat with our Government, as been mount to fix millions; those from 20 ta tween Power and Power, he has made a 25, to one million; and those from 20 to proposition in wning, the purport of which 21 to 200. In times of peace, the new iş, that 6coo liyres

, Thall be paid to himself, levies are to be made solely from the apd 3009 to each of b s comrades; anxi he latter clars,' and the first is reserved for promiles, that they will henceforth live in emergencies.! The army on the peace efe che world as bonelt mer, if the Governa tabliment is to consift of 300,000 men ; ment will grant them a complete amocity, of which 38,000 will be composed of of 2 This propulition has not been answered. ficers and veterans, who are not raised by FRANCE.

Conscription. There remains therefore
The Paris papers this month have been the number of 262,000 to be provided for
Contul in with. Audrutles to the Fift: The wbole of this number is to be reneved

molt extravagant Ryle of every five years, 52,400 men being each flattery and bombaft. That from the Com- year discharged, and an equal number cil-General of the deparement of Calvados, raised out of thiore from 20 to 24. The (of an arog gnt and domineering, tone) be- proportion for each dittrict is not to be gins thus :

" General Conful, Europe, fixed folely according to the population, ten years confpiriyg againit France, threw hat respect is also to be had to che habits upon our frontiers her innumerable battan of the people, which are most robuft, and lipns, Your arms lifligated them like which are most warlikein smoke. Syun falica beneath your immense ! LEGISLATIVE BODY', May 15. Rædealeendancy, and, frembling, for beir future, der, Marmont, and Damas, Counfellors of existence, our enemies expected only the Stałe, charged with presenting a proje& of law of the conqueror ; while, as the price law for the eftablith ment of a Legion of of their unjunt aggression, they, Irve je, Honour, being introduced, Reederer read ceived from you a peace dictated hy modera. the project : '., tion and magnanimitym peace which “There shall be formed a Legion of ought to fix, for ever the repose of the Hono!M. world." Similar expreflions occur in al-, ** This Legion Mall, be composed of 3 moft every column,

4, Grand Council of Adminiftration, atid! uf Decree of ibe 25. Fisreal / May 6), Yeur so. 13 Coberts.

Bonaparte, First Coolal of the Repub.. " There Niall be affigned to each Cohorti
lick, decrees as follows:

..¢ national property, bringing an annuspio.
Art. 1. Citizen Coquebert, Mootbrst, dice of 200,000 frajtcs (about soolo iter
Commiflary General for Commercial Af. ling).
fairs at Amiterdam, is named Commuiiary:! * The First Confut is, by right, Chief
General of Commercial Affairs at London. of the Légion, and Chief of the Graad

3. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is Council of Admuistration.
charged with the execution of this decree. “Each Cohort shall be composed of seven
The First Consul, (Signed) BONAPARTE. Grand Omers, 2a Comandants, 30. Ofe!
By the Eicii Consul, !

ficers, and 350 beginnarids :' the members
The Sec. of State, (Signed) H. B. MARET, of the Legion are for life.

May 12. In the LegiQative Budy, en “ The pay of each Grand Officer that the rith, the Couolellor of State L Cire be 5700 francs (aberx zool. Iterli11g); of propoled the plan of a law for recruung eich Officer 1000 fræ:ros (about 401. stera' the army. A new Conscription is ihe basis ling): and oi cach Legroitary 256. francs on which it is.49, reit. Proceeding pon (about 101. Herling). These rums shall be the supposition, that every man is bend taken from the property afligned to each to take arms at the call of his country, all Cuboet. the Cilizens between the age of 16,904.40 “ Each individual admitted into die LeGent. Mie June, 1802.


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ginn faall (wear, on his honour, that he and sent a transcript of his Majesty's letter will devolle himself to the service of the to the archives of foreign relations, with Républick, the preservation of the inte. the following title : - Te he preterved as grity of its territory, the defence of its Go- a monument of the 'stupidity of Kings, vernment, and of the kiws and property, wbrniley, suffer theinfelves to be governed they have consecrated.

1 by Prieit; The King of Etruria has pro. «All military men 'who have received tilsted in his kingdom the execution of arms of honourire mengbers of the Legion. thole articles of the Concordat which might Thale alfo who have rendered eminent have any relatioir tv it. services to the State in the war of liberty, The Moniteur quotes, without cenfuring and citizens who, by the r knowledge, to it, an artıife from soother paper, which lents, and virtues, have contribined to efo declares, that civilization' m Tuscany has tahlith or defend the principles of the Re- gone back fever I cei turies; that the King puhlick, or cauted jnftice and the public of Etruria has given hinilelf is entirely to adminiftration 101c respected, may be no- the Priests; that the whole ftate has heen minated members."

surrendered to the power of the church; Paris, May 18. aln the fitting of the Lee that the Pope, in the same manner as his gitlative Body of yesterday, the Councila predeceflirs,' may now depóre the new lors of State Duprey, Bruix, and Deffollesi Louis al pleasu'e, if he dáre I werve from in the name of the Confuls, presented the the obedience he has vowed to the Holy following projea of a daw relative to the See; and that Tuscany, once the cradle of Coloures rettored to France by the Treaty of the arts, is now likely to becom- their Amiens, and other Freuch Colonies. tomb, if sbe Creator of the State, BONA: Art. 1. In the Colonies restored to PARTE, does not uppose ir!) France, cimformably to the Treaty of The best of M. Malelberhes (the advoer Amiens, Navery shall he maintained ac. care of the unfortunate Louis XVI.) bias cording to the laws and regulations ante- been placed, by order of the Government, rior to 1789.

aniong thuse of its most celebrated charac1 2. The same shall also take place in the ters, as having done honour to himself and other French Colonies beyond the Cape of to human nature. Good Hope.

General Andreotti is appointed 'Ambassa. ..3 The treatment of the Blacks, and dor from the French Republic, to his Bri. ther importation into the said Colonies, tamic ' Majelty; this decrees date Dall he regulateal according to the laws and May 29th. regula:ions existing before the laid epoch General Andreofli is a Corfican hy hirtin, of 1789,

and the particular favourite of the Firtt 4. Notwithstanding all anterior laws, Cantul and; doring the litt own years of the Adminiftration of the Colonies thall the war, was the Chief Director of the be subjeci, during red years,, to fach regud Depot de la Guerre. He is between 4oo and lutions as Mall he made hy the Government. 50 years of age, of moft amiable manners, : May 21. A very ibimated discuition univei fal knowlellge, and conciliating tem. has taken plare in the Tribunate opop the per Andreofli firtt signalised himself at question of the formalion of a Legion of the famous of the Po," with BonaHopeur...It was trongly opposed by Ss- parte, in the year 1793; fince then he has voye Rollin, and by Chauvelin; the pro- heen in Egypt; and his lätt campaign was pofal was, however, at'latt a 'optej hy a with the Gallo-Batavian army, as Chief of majority of 18; the numbers were, in fa- the Staff wilh Augereau. vour of it, 56-against il 38; the Legif. M. Otto is' appointed Minifter Plenipolative Body it was carried by 166 to njo. tentiary to the President of the United

The National Inflitute, at its public States of America, meeting of the 24th May, elected to each General Vial is appointed Minister Pier of its three clafles a foreign allociate, viz. nipotentiary to the Order and Iand of Dr. Priestley, to the phy@cal and mathe- Malia. malical class. To the moral and political M Reinand is appointed Conful at Zantes. clats, M. Nihurh, the traveller. To the The public agents al Marrin que, St. chals of literature and the fine arts, M. Klop Lucia, and Tobago, have been allo nomi. steck, the airthor of the “Mefliah," &c. nated.

Paris, June 2. Bonaparte having sent to A grand military parade took place on the King of Etruria a cupy of the Conceiro the 5th June, on the ceremony of restoring dni, the latter returned it with a great num- to the itt regiment of artillery the colours ker of marginal notes writien in his own which had hero Tofpended in the Teinple hand, and contaimng observations to which of Mars, under the cover of black crape. he expresied his hopes that Bonaparte would Bonaparte, after having made the vfficers Conf. im. Brnaparte answered in a way and soldiers swear that they wonld never tbol fhowed it was not his defire that the Jer the colours fall into the hands of the King of Etruria should presume to bave enemy; tore off the crape which had coiny thing to do with the affairs of France, vered them for eight months ; and restored

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