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1802.] Whimsical Peculiarities at Manchester noticed.
it flies is the lawful and proper sport of and grammarians, that a little of the
the fatyrilt; a kind of game for killing language of common life and common
which we necd vot apply to my friend lente would now and then do well
Mr. Gorli, the clerk of the peace, for enough for common eyes and vulgar
a licenting certificate. And, as the ears, in advertisements, public notices,
inhabitants of this wealthy, populous, and the like. Far be it from me to in-
and commercial town, fometines in fimuate that this thould be the cale in
{pire of myself, affect my risible muscles, courts of law. There, indeed, wiat
perinit me, most fapient Mr. Urban, have common language and common
mofi potent, grave, and reverend feignior, tente to do? Such interlopers thould
for once to forsake my wonted fub- be excluded and put to the bar; and every
jects, and try to unbend the rigid muf- thing he carried on in open defance to the
cles of yourtelf and my venerable com- intelligence of all but the initiated and
pters anjongli your readers, by relating the Illuminati. But that the curial
a few of the circumttances. And in language will obtrude itself ellewhere,
doing this old Dan Shakfpeare shall be and confequently become unintelligi-
any director : Nothing extenuate, nor fit ble, take ihe following intiances.
down anght in malice. One of our In a queer, diriy, nafty, out-of-the-
printers, the day before yesterday, galle way nook by the New-Bailey in this
us in his news paper an excellent in town, which, by-the-bve, is ivhat you
diance of that rhetorical trope, for would call the 01: Bailey in London,
which many Manchetierians and Li- is fuck a large painted board with the
Terpolians are so famous, by the an- following queer teclmical inscription
dient Grecians yeleped an Irishism. upon it : " H hoever shall place or flick
L’nder the head'“ Mortality" he tells uny matter or thing viga::ji thefe icalls
us, there were 1242 marriages and 2207 will be profecuted, &c. Sc. By order
christenings. But as the real infor- of; &c." The meaning of unis, which
mation meant to be conveyed may be has been interpreted in a variety of
aceptable to calculators, statistical different ways, by fome given up ag
inquirers, and fome few others, I shall unintelligible, and by others deemed
give the paragraph in the printer's language more proper to the inside than
Own words.

the onitide of the court-houle, is fin. Mortality at the collegiate church ply as follows, according to the exin this town from January 1801 to preibion of John, our bead porter, who, inclusive;

though no fcholar por composer, is a Marriages

1242, increased 151. man of plain fence and decont underChrifienings 2267, decreased 106. fanding. Burials

1753, increased 114." The justices, finding the walls dirA hedge-barber, who has lately set graced hy quack-bills, ribaldry, and up a shop in a cellar in one of the nar- indecency, gave orders that every billa fów fireets in this town, to the usual llicker defiling them in future thould insignia of a filletted pole, indicative of be feverely punished. a vein, has adeled a fign

Almofi in every week's papers our board; whichi, for veracity, elegance, attorneys are advertising " Plots" to be and conciteness, I beg leave to recom

fold. I really wonder what Governmend to the whole fraternity of barber- ment are about in these ticklith tiines, furgeons in London, and to all the that they are not apprehended and infonfor-tribe ellewhere. Its contents dicied for milprition of treason. But, ate fimply thele; having performed for the honour of Hanchelier, dealers here reilli bleeding. Ilow many a raf- in plots are not merely focal but promal do we bagmen meet with on our vincial attorners; and I believe there travels; who, only advertising as a bar- are very few either in the hundreds of ber

, performs the united offices of ton- Salford, Amounderness, or Blackfor and surgeou! The language of burn, but what deal in these turbulent the gentlemen of the law is titt, for- and feditious articles; and even glery mual, and jargonical; and one Ds. Lowth in the trallic, boating of it in adverfavs, as I have been told, however ttements and neu's-papers. I was uncouts and improper in others, we

about to inform Mr. Addington of must, for precision's fake, not only thele conspiracy-mongers, boning by Arbruit to it but admire it in thein. So bringing tách feditious wretche's ió be it. I cannot but tlik, however, due eleration, I might acivance and begging pardon of lawyers, bifhopás agyrandize myielf at court; when


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December 31,




our worthy parish clerk at the old lowing bad, ignorant, and illiterate church told nie, he apprehended it all examples. And, to niew I am originated in ignorance and nitiake; prejaliced, I Mall adduee fome few wat many attorneys ought to be whipt inttances of ignorance, blunders, and for not knowing how to spell; that mitihes, in other profellions, that call plot a conspiracy; and plat a piece of loudly for correction and amendment. ground, were pronounced exactly alike; Muluplying fyllables and mifpronounand that the language of common cing words are as common with fome fense and of common life being held in as inis-ipulling with others. Thus, abhorrence by professional men, jult in when a medical man, speaking of preproportion to their ignorance, fuch in- ventive medicines, recommends novations were becoming daily more preventative, I in return would recomcommon and more fashionable amongli mend to him a birchen manual as a very them. Again ; having Tome bulinels ačiative correctative ; which may render one day at Bury, and having occafion him more attentative. When a man, to call at the house of Thomas Butter- addicted to the study of antiquarian woruir Bryley, eíq. at Hope, iufiend of lore, forgets that he is an Antiquary, Teturning to Manchester, I was di- and fubtoribes himself an Antiquarian, recied to go a nearer way acrois the he leares us to gueis ai fome word 11

Near Hope I came to derfood; which I should readily till turnpike-har, on which, together with up with blockhead. Such an one, & table of the colls, was painted in fair peaking of a wary person, would de and legible characters a board meant to light to term bin á Marian ;- which indicate as follows: That whoerer rode wonid have one good cffect, that of upon the footpath, or deliroved mile- furnishing a rhyme io Intiquarian, ftones, guidepofis, &c. were subject, Again: wlien Mulicr Topping, now ara for each othence, by the latte, to pay raver in Gilken gora, ufed 10 atiend ten Phillings. But, owing to the line our fellious, he ured frequently to hanorance, or miliake, or forgetfalnels, rangue about a recórd. when I really of the clerk. or the painer, or boui, believe he meant not the act lopecoril, the board displayed the following on- but the thing recorded ; which our rious advertisement. “ This is to die dictionaries and perfons of common Dotice, that whoever is found riding finie term a récord, with the accent upon the footpath adjoining to this upon the firsi Gable. And, indeed, high road, is liable by act of parlia. other gentlemen of the long robe did ment to a penalty of ten 11:illings, the fame. Old countellor local, his or damage any milefione or guideposi.?' pupillir. Laiv, and creu old Judge Which of these mulcis the Manchef: Wig and evebrows him oil, at the ter wags would chvole to submit to, Lancatier a sizes, were guilty of a milmust be left to the learnice in the law nomer, and even on a contpiracy uto determine. This legal, rhetorical gainst the language of common lite and trope of Hibernicilin will remind many common tente, und painti the John. of your readers of the old fiory of the Sonian and Bailean ftatuie in this cale Yorkshire bell-man, upon the lots of the ma'le arid provided. thin: I ain packhorle: “ Strayed or otherwile con- now going to creas pon lacred ground. Veved from the Surinn in this town abav But I will tread folur; for I have uo galloway, with three white leys and one rancour nor animolily in my heart, black one ; whoever can, dr. Bleis cliecially none agnili the ministers of the king.--Vith a packladdle ou bis religion. But I really think that the back!" Whatever way be ihought of laugati pe et cominon life and common thele animadverbons, I ain no enemy lente ought by 110 means to be ditcardto the gentlemen of the long robe, nor ed from thein; especially in proper to their vonnger brethren the knights reading and pronunciation. Young of the quill. From my boziil dars Vir. Newlangic, just come from Canna till ine present, it has been my remark- bridge, opened his praver the other Sunable lot to hire fone of the deareft and das beiore fermon with the word dy. moti intimate of my friends in the pro- rect. My friend! Yankey Doodle, eiq. keltion of the law. And, men after my late captain of the good fhip Reais. ownheart,they were such as would retleet rhino, used to pronounce this word kalplendent honour upon any profef- very differently when he talked of laila Gon, any age, or any country. I only ing for Bali more, deréét; and the with to guard young lawyers from tol. cad clerk iu vuş counting-houle live




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dçréat thát letter, and not dy'rect it, be enough in all conscience. But as Irewith a great mouthfull of a Y. My land deserves the preference, he that friend the parish clerk fays they are thall recomiend more than a two both right, and the Cantab. wrong." months residence is a far more iconHow comes it that a cabin and a Scionat'le preceptor, than, clear Mr. counting houle should be a precedent Urban, your old oblyged friend, P. P. for the pulpit? The fame gentleman, reading prayers a few weeks afterwards, Mr. URBAN,

March 3. astounded me with a folemn address to

II the Deity of Lord God of Sullath! and free-school in the county of That Jehovah is God of the Sabbath, Northampton, were founded in pura day of sacred reft, is true; but Bain fuance of the will of Sir George Barley's dictionary tetis me that the word well, dated March 19, 1677, who setin the Te Deum means not reli, but ved lands in Clipfton and Hafelbech in armies, or hosis. My late much- uuii for the support of a graduale efeemed friend Mr. Ashton, a fellow school-master and twelve poor persons of the collegiate church and rector of for ever. The drawing is by the neat St. Mary's in this town, always made and faithful pencil of the youth whose three fillables of it, Sab-a-cth. And, lots you bave fo feelingly recorded in according to his expofition, by the uso vol. LXXI. p. 964. For farther parof this word, we worship, in the most ticulars of ihe chiarity the reader is apguli inanuer, the Lord God of the referred to Bridges, vol. II. p. 23. universal hosts of intelligent and cre- Yours, &c.

M. GREEN. ated existences. And I could with in forture to pree'vent every young clerose

Mr. URBAN, Spains-Hall, Fel:. 7.

. Northern light, kom falling into fucin IAVE tent you a drawing (Pl. i1.

of the great Oak in a farm the prolawyer-like, difugrecalell, unfociarell, perty of Harvey, elit. in the paunicerantarell, and intolerabëll absur- rith of Ilerliead, in the county of lifdities.

fex, inken from a South-West view at As it should seem strange, that fai- about fixty-yards distance ; it is drawn lors and fcriveners Mould know how to by a scale of tuche feet to an inch, read and pronounce lingliih better than and in that proportion the parts may trientitic,' learned, and profesional be measured and compared. The outmien, lurh as lawyers, doctors, anti- lines of the acom and leaf are of the quaries, and parfons; I hope they will nanral fize, and introduced only for excuse are for recoininending an agree- the purpose of poining out to the nam able mode of tuition to them. This is turalist its fpecies, and Thewing that a fimply to take a pallige on-board fome very large oak ou its decline produces thip failing to America, where there is very loud acorus. a clever, glib-tougued lad of a cabin- Dr. Huner, in his Evciyn's Silva, Dov; who shall give thein the right has gren a place of the Cowihorp oak, fea-faring cue of pronunciation, pre- and lavs, when compared to this all vious to their arrival in that land of li other oaks are but children of the berty and happy elocution. There wood;" which, within three feet of haring thudied fome short time, they the surface measured fixteun vards, and full come back to their natire country close to the ground iwenty-tix yards ad rned with every elegance, and en- round. Its height, in its ruinous liate riched with a felicity and propriety of in 1776, was about cighty-nie feet; enunciation, which shall charm and its principal limb extended sisteen yards d'esheir enraptured auditors. Then froin the bole; throughout the whole fuil war churches be filled ; and the tree the tage sig at that time exbar shall be thronged !

trewely thin, fo that the anatomy of But as this attainment will expend the ani'n brauches might be distincts more time and monev than every pro- ly feen in the height of fimmer. Culor can atlord ; let it be the qualifi- I took the dimentions of this HemColiua for ferjeavis, king's countl, ficad oak first in the year 1724; ercry profound antiquaries, and medical and bough was then in health. Wben Í fricrend Doctors. For hedge attor- again touk its dimensions in 1790, its bers, country apothecaries, barber-ikop upper branches were bare of leaves, its Lelucians, ani village curates, a three foliage in general tbin, and the tree ap. ponths trip to the Life of Main would parently on the decline. When this


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