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plantations of trees, and other illegal fort of education, but the more practices; and hale, in great numbers, honourable to thote characters tvbo armed with firirds, fire-arms, and have ariten from it to moral, poliother offensive weapons, several of them tical, or literary distinction in lauwith their faces blacked, or in diguted dable purtuits. He was ulher in babis, unlawfully bunied in foreirs be

the school for leveral years ; I fora longing to his Majesty, and in the purks of divers of his Majesty's fubjecis, get the tinie of his retirement, but and deltroved, killed, and carried away

ihould luppose it was about the year the deer; roblad varrens, rivers, and 1765 or 1766 ; being then ulher of 1..h-ponds; cut down plantations of the 5th form. He was for many trets; and have likewise solicited leve- years afterwards resident at Chriftral of his Majelivs firhjects with pro- churclı, Oxford, in the various utemili's of money, and other rewards, to ful public offices of tutor, centor, join them; and have font letters in and proctor ; and in the amiable, Elutious names 10 feveral pertons, demanding renifon and woney, and private occupation of contorting, threatening tome great violence it ruch, through pecuniary afliliance and their inlawful demands should be re

personal attention, a venerable niefitted, or if they thould be interrupted ther, who placidly closed a respectin, or prosecuted for such their wicked able life at the age of go. Hence practices; and have actually done great he was preferred to the college c1damage to feveral perfons who have racy of Lathbury, unr Newport either refuted to comply with firel de- Pagnel; and to the benefice of mawls, or have endeavoured to bring Badger, in Shropshire, by liane them to justice, to the great terror of Haukins Browne, Esquire, whole bis Viajesty's peaccable fubjects; the offences are made felony without benerit Jearned and liberal mind will, ne of clergy.

doubt, be ready to furnish materiais A CORRESPONDENT FOR

for a biography of his friend, to far YEARS refers us, for Wohan Diguili, as he may deem prudent, which to Cyclopædia, Black Met; and Buis will, I ani perfuadel, be commenWarum nicks [rectius Mincumunicks) to furate with the enquirer's withes. Genl. Mag. vol. VII. p. 642 ; and ex- His other and chief preferment was pretles bis approbation of Mr. Boucher's passposed new Glotlsry; w hole Profpec- the rectory of Droxford in Hants, tus we recommend to our readers to bind (given him by bishop North, 10 up with their volume of Magazines. whom he was chaplain ;) where le

retided much,undwhere he buried his Mr. URBAN,

excellent mother, to whole memory BSERVING the anxiety of hededir:terlagood mezzotinte print,

W.B. (LXXI. p. 1176.) to (a lirong likenels in her advanced obtain all the information poulible lite), and liberally diftributed copies relative to the late Rev. Dr. James among bis intinuate friends. lle Chelsum, I thould be yet more bad, before her death, had a very unworthy of the profit and pleatire unfavourable conftitution, his fpirits I derived from that valuable man's being very uncqual, wlich, after friend thip during a long series of that event, obliged him to be conyears, did I not Itate what particu- figned to the care of a relation near Íars I conveniently am able con- London, with whom he resided, cerning him. I mult premise that except during a thort interval or his father belonged to the choir of unsuccessful, though well-meant Westminster-abbey, and has a mo- enlargement, till his death, 1801. aument erected to his memory in He is buried at Droxford, where he the Weft cloifier. The son was born merits a tribute to his memory. As before the year 1740, and was on to his social character, I know he Bp. Williams's foundation at Wett- was not equally welcome in all conminster school (the prefent Abp. of panies; but allowance should be York being then malter), wearing candidly made for pertons of une purple gown; an eleemofenary equal spirits. If he fometimes at



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a count of her perfon, character, filling into my hands has tempted and family, hiih

ore of the

me to become your correspondento moti respectable connectinline ind that I shall be happy to let it retough her Fürth, bubund tir!“, world in your moii valuable liise I believe, his own puste, und stor kali.

VAALANNS. Liperintends the nine nentor

II. 14. 179i. ber hou holl and dairy with the 1.un ft the fe wins bar a likere most exmplary ruchomy; they pitit pour forcoms, give me kete ari neither of them in the best

Cobertulerith you on the great anda 11011tion which this writer folied

mend lots which your family and it Il represents, with a rybnic

CHins bure lumined in the late las

of Macclestield. The death of a puret ah's inattend to their focy. This is writies from alere re: rii

is an event previarly allting.' Mi

mart, but upon theic occafine to jutie, runt tron, and utter!yol fords retracina puliscenes, recalls !! unaounio, the parties.

enbarmenis of former times, placi Yours, &c. DEBOROIC II. thens in full view before us, and givi:

aduvional poimancy in grief. '1 V!r. O'R519,

Jul. 19. leurs of affectionate duteous forn

strea, and reaton for a while oppe

the current in vain. Tiis Lorath ettates in the county of Lincoln during the couie of lift rumıner, bag in remembrance. They were

public a'nd pri de vites will be la nuet with a place which I thould

knoslaved to be gepure, free be very c?: viie lume piirher ac

lielumnili, thick tie bid, leite count or from time of soir 6-**

ile dried ter-informed correspond. The fuire tired his ruik; but his sinon place I allude to is fi!usted three from his career and conduct. miles South of Sltiril, in the Verkiantis'ppt 19, 11 is welho lordship of Burton Peduline. a

that the (als o;' bonour aur the

grijors of religion were exci, bout fourfcure your is from Ol.

bum, Panic iniinivie. 'i freet roul, or Virkim 1:1. It confifts of a syuare me?/ Ciled in to empenta de sus for

virtues, si, ulasio bus lotellip about ten acres (nw a pioneer of sourirbirrion10, indught! clote), wheroa hith han and your contilation.

Dutdu now are marks of several frundi- ihovih full of

ardhi tions of buildings. The c!ain the willing imar; ard the ho onlled J1rhams, and is pure of the

herrik, nisbiyto me eftite of Orby Iluntet, efq. Tir

its clole avance with 11.4T!!. moat is fimplied by a licile rill of lence, and virtue.

Tam, a water which is by the piano Tradition livs here huih bern a

Mr. (RBIS,

El villa; if . I amunt furprizat

allil VI PLAC its brin, trekn, from its !",

were a 1. 1. 104,5

Lorem dup, and fol.13: 11.12. sed

1; in or ripiritus tu bud rolds and (.!!!yingida

ir 'Ile rip, The main of the P! dic, at Belit :). A 1,:, it', 1.0

uilar by tea..)

étui prietais 11: sidro, 30 yards from top chim thi Wett. 14 r. it ft:ll 1."...;

P:1, y (e. l. C.::. 1.:

il c... po!, ir mti. will the dellaods itill re cil!c the Park.



reis 1.1 Mr. L'EBAY,

11.-ai ir dar * " IV! caricer of an eminent

an i literaritet ani 101: 1ems to have been fo

11 sat uit truly thrh brietyo po 3.1** ***


ka, ting in the iuliuwi 3 iilter, Ilava



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fumel a light that might fein too to the researches of W. B. and to gay for the diguiledd Divine, joil the new intended edition of the do not remember any tinge of im- venerable Bowyer's Life and Time, morality or ill-nature : it they at I remain, yours faithfully and reother times took a tone that might fpectfully,

E. D. feem unfociable, they fuciably al

P.Q. observes that Dr. Chellum, lowed the proper gaiety of thoie, LXII. 1176, printed another fermon, whom, alas! they could not join. 1799, from 2 lin. iii. 17:“The Caution During his beft flow of spirits, le of the Church of England in the Admirwas in manners inftructive, enter- fion of her Candidates for the Ministry, taining, polite; in moral; pure, frated and considered.” W. B. feems charitable, pious. His rich learn

to have forgot that he published at firsi, ing is well known to mariy; the

nynoully, 1776, Remarks on the written proofs are in his remarks on (XLVI. p. 562): reprinted, 1778, with

last chapter of Mr. Gibbow's Hiliory Gibbon's lufidel Chapters in his his name (XLVIII. p. 230.)

( Roman History; and in a Reply to a Defence of thote Chapters. Being NIr. URBAN, a great amateur of the elegant arts,

VE numerous admirers of Dr. he made a valuable collection of

Vincent's nervous pamphlet prints and gems, especially Tallie's will thank you for pointing out to Imitations, to whom he was an early and able patron, and who ex- in 1910, by a grateful Scholar, on

him the following enlogium, made ecuted a medallion of him in white Dr. Knipe, one of his predecessors. compofition, with a contiderable degree of reicinblance. He latterly

• Though I have lost iny natural papublished an ingenious fmall Elay and the great Dr. Butby, whose memory

rents, who were most indulgent to me, on the History of Mezzotinto. I

to me thall be for ever facred; vet, so much accord in the tranícendant I think God, I have a Halier full reduty of making the great mass of wining, to whom I may pay my duty mankind more truly the images of and acknowledgements for the benefits God than they at preient seem ena- I have received by my education. It bled to be, that I hope my friend musi be acknowledged, that the utmost was autlior of N° 3 in the Olia crd of your infiruction tends to the Poilrida ; and I hope and trust in understanding of the 'Text of ihe Holy God that the object will be purined Bible in all the learned languaces, and by all means confiftent with con

the fundamentals of our Religion, aş venient, not luxurious, social ar

taught in the ('atechilm, Vine and

Thirty Articles, and llomilies, of the rangeinents. I am clear that go- Church of England; fo that whosoever vernments will subfilt the longer in has liad the happiness of an education proportion. Dr. C's Travels with

Dr. C's Travels with mder vou at Weliminler must attriArchdeacon Gooch, were

bute it to his own neglect, if he be not friendly footing, tweetened by that a good Chriltian, and consequently a mutual politene's which reconciles loyal fobject." [See King's' Works, ditferent ages, for the Doctor was

ed. 1775, vol. IIl. p. 292.] ten years older. This was, I think, Yours, &c. ANGLICANUS. about 1773. Let me add, that the Doctor was a true observer of the

R. REES requests the Editor Sabbath-dly, and brought me in an of the Gentleman's Magainttant to allow that even facred zine to do him the favour of perCunci, were objectionable, by misting him to correct a mistake, candidate breach of it in the at- fur he cannot yet allow himself to elets. "He was a ftout call it a wilful misrepresentation,

this laye trade. lie was which occurs in a' letter of Tyro.. T:0Pie Lecturer, but his Botanicus, interted in p. 38 of the Itination no { "Waqual to the office. number for January. The writer and i livS., withing success obferyes, that “the botanical part":





Feb. 12.


of the new Cyclopædia" is aflerted Thelters himself under the justice to be under the direction of and candoar of the publick againft Dr. J. Stokes." SUCH AN ASSER

fuch reitections. His own reputaTION NO WHERE OCCURS; nor do tion and that of the gentleinen with the proprietors and editor of that whom he is concerned will, he work need to recur to the disho- truits, prevent any individual from nourable artifice fuggetted by that imagining, that they are capable of writer. In consequence of Dr, acting in a manner fo dimonourable Stokes's kind promile of fume ar- as this writer has infinuated. fittance in the botanical depart- Tel. 10, 1802. ment, his name was interted in the lift of those gentlemen, who

Mr. URBAN, were coadjutors in this work: but HE late Sir William Jones, at he is no more accountable for every the end of his Bible, wrote article in that departinent than the following note : Tyro-Botanicus himself in the

. In

I have regularly and attentively progress or at the close of the work read theie Holy Scriptures; and am of every gentleman's contributions will opinion, that this solume, independently be specifically appropriated io their of its Divine Origin, contains more relpective author.

true lublinity, more exquitite beauty, Having settled this point, as Dr.

more pure morality, more important Rees hupes, to the fatisfaction of and loquence, than cau be collecied

hiftory, and finer ftrains both of poetry Dr. Stohes, he begs leave to add a from all other book», in whatever age word or two on the remarks of

or language they may hare ben, comTyro-Botanicus. A reader, who pofcit. has no accets to the Cyclopædia, “The two parts, of which the Scripwould imagine irom his fatement, tures confili, are connected by a chain that nothing more is laid or de- of compofitions, which bear no relena tigned to be said concerning the blance, in form or rivle, to any that Alele-tree, belides what occurs in

can be produced from the fiores of his partial extract. It is defined to

Grecian, Persian, or even Arabian learn

ing: the antiquity of the compofitions lie a species of POP'LAR. The word l'oplar is in large characters, plication of this to crents long tub

no man doubis; and the unfirained apwhich, according to the main uni- Request to their publication is a folid formiy pursued in the worl, retur ground of belief, that they are genuine the reader to the genus for the pur- predictions, and coníequently inspired." ticular description of the subordi- This di daration of Sir William nate species. Tyro-Botanicus bus, Jones, that he regularly and attentherefore, charged defect on the tirely read the Scriptures, affords a word in consequence of bis own striking proof that the investigation mitapprehention of its nature: and of religiit truth is not incompat, he might as well have animadverted ble with the exercise of a laborious with leverity on the Regius Pro- profetion, and an extmplary dira feitor of Botany in the University charge of the duties both of public of Cambridge, because under Alele- and private life. If the urgency of tree he has referred to POPULUS, vorldly cares,andaconiequent vanit The Cyciopædia as really refers to of or portunity, might be pleaded by POPLAR, though not in a manner any one as an excute tor neglecting Jcvel to the apprehension of Tyro-Bo- thic ftudy of the Scriptures, this tanicus. The fame observation is great man furuly miglii have been applicable to the article ABONDA- allowed to avail himself of it; for, VINE, which is said to be a species independently of the important

, of FRINGILLA, more generally truits repofed in him as chiet magifcalled SISKIN; and it is added, trate of the Supreme Court of Julifee SPINUS.

Cature in India, which hepertorined, After this explanation, the Editor with conicientious tielity, he was



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