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The following collection of Hymns has been selected and revised for the use of a christian congregation. And the editor submits it to them, hoping that the selection will be generally approved, and that the revision will have rendered it still more acceptable. Alterations have been made almost in every hymn; if, therefore, any inaccuracy or impropriety should be observed in any of them, the original composition may, nevertheless, be clear of every imputation of either.

It has been said of devotional poetry, that "the

paucity of its topics enforces perpetual repeti“ tion, and the sanctity of the matter rejects the “ ornaments of figurative diction.” This observation is both just and important; and it is recommended to the attention of every reader of


devotional poetry, as being calculated to prepare him rightly to judge of, and to appreciate, the correctness and the taste of such compositions.

It may not be wholly unnecessary to add, that the editor has endeavoured to avoid in these hymns, more immediately designed for social use, all mysterious and all equivocal expressions, conceiving that plainness and simplicity of language would best promote religious truth, and, consequently, best edify the human heart.

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А ABSURD and vain attempt! to bind-Scott 115 Again the Lord of life and light-Mrs. Barbauld 119 All mortal joys how soon they fade ! -Doddridge 96 All-seeing God! 'tis thine to know-Scott 128 Almighty God! thy pow'rful word-Browne Almighty God! we all depend -Browne

27 Art thou not with us, gracious Lord-Doddridge 47 As various as the moon- Scott

107 Author of good, we reft on thee--Merrick

59 Awake ! my soul ! lift up thine eyes-Mrs. Barb. 80 V Awake! my soul ! rouse ev'ry pow'r



Behold! the lofty fky-Watts
Behold! the morning fun-Watts
Behold! the prince of peace!-Doddridge
Beset with shares on ev'ry hand-Doddridge
Bless'd are the undefild in heart-Watts


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Can creatures, to perfection, find-Watts Come! said Jesus' sacred voice-Mrs. Barbauld

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Dear is the mem'ry of thy love-Watts



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Eternal God! almighty cause--Browne
Eternal source of ev'ry joy!- Doddridge


F Far from thy servants, gracious God !-Doddridge 138 Father divine! thy piercing eye-Doddridge 125 Father of all! omniscient mind !-Blacklock 37 Father of men! thy care we bless,-Doddridge 124 Father of men who can complain



Give thanks to God; he reigns above ;-Watts.

29 Give to our God immortal praise ;-Watts

42 God of eternity! from thee-Doddridge. 91 God of my childhood, and my youth,-Watts 81 God of the morning! at whose voice-Watts 99 God of the fabbath! hear my vows,-Doddridge 120 God! our kind master, merciful as just, -Barb. 117 God! our support and only hope, —Watts God, who, in various methods, told-Watts. God, who is just and kind,-Patrick


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Great first of beings I mighty Lord-Browne
Great framer of unnumber'd worlds,--G, Dyer

Great God! how endless is thy love !-- Watts 41
Great God! how infinite art thou !-Watts
Great God! how wondrous are thy ways !

26 Great God! in vain man's narrow view-Kippis 35 Great God! the heav'n's well-order'd frame-Watis 25 Great God! thy glories shall employ-Watts 14 Great God! to thee, our grateful tongues-Flexman 33 Great God! our joyful thanks to thee-Watts 63 Great God! we jointly with to lingWatts Great God! we fing that mighty hand,--Doddridge 144 Great Lord of earth, and seas, and skies !--Browne 10 Great ruler of the earth and skies !-Mrs. Steele

148 Greatest of beings, source of life,-G. Dyer ..



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Hail, king supreme! all wife and good!
Hail, source of pleasures ever new !- Blacklock

136 Happy the man, and he alone,– Mrs. Steele

141 Hard and unfeeling is his heart,- Jervis

137 Hark, the glad tidings ! Jesus comes-- Doddr. 67 Hear what the voice from heav'n proclaims—Watts 87 High in the heav'ns, eternal God !-Watts How are thy servants bleft, O Lord 1 - Addison 55 How bleft the sacred tie that binds,– Mrs. Barb. 139 How pleasant, how divinely fair,—Watts

123 How shall the young, O Lord ! their hearts-Watts 73


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