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PlSCATOR. Much good do your heart: and I thank you for that friendly word: and now, Sir, my service to you in a cup of More Land's ale; for you are now in the More Lands, but within a spit and a stride of the Peak. Fill my friend his glass.

Viator. Believe me you have good ale in the More Lands, far better than that at Ashbourn.

PlSCATOR. That it may soon be; for Ashbourn has (which is a kind of riddle) always in it the best malt and the worst ale in England. Come, take away, and bring us some pipes, and a bottie of ale: and go to your own suppers. Are you for this diet, Sir?

Viator. Yes, Sir, I am for one pipe of tobacco; and I perceive yours is very good by the smell.

PlSCATOR. The best I can get in London, I assure you. But, Sir, now you have thus far complied with my designs, as to take a troublesome journey into an ill country, only to satisfy me; how long may I hope to enjoy you?

Viator. Why, truly, Sir, as long as I conveniently can; and longer, I think, you would not have me.

PlSCATOR. Not to your inconvenience by any means, Sir: but I see you are weary, and therefore I will presently wait on you to your chamber, where, take counsel of your pillow; and, tomorrow, resolve me. Here, take the lights; and pray follow them, Sir. Here you are like to lie; and now I have showed you your lodging, I beseech you, command anything you want, and so I wish you good rest.

Viator. Good-night, Sir.

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