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medy, 222. Farther report of Metastasio, three dramas of his proceedings in cases of high translated, 457. treason, 356. Bp. of Ossory's Moody, Mrs. specimens of her sermon, alluding to the un- " Poetic Trifles,' 442. happy circuinstances of the Muir, Thomas, transported to times with respect to that Port Jackson for sedition, his kingdom, 476.

retired mode of living there, Irwin, Mr. his Nilus, an elegy 254. Contrives to escape from

on Nelson's victory, praised, that settlement, ib. i . 456.

Almsic, melody, harmony, &c. tbe. laiv, Buonaparte's conquest is oretically investigated, .189.

promoted by magnificent pro Best writers on music,. see mises of liberty, which have Correspondence. been very imperfectly kep:,500.

N :

New South Wales, colony of, its Kenyon, Lord, his liberal ideas origin, establishment, and po

with respect to literary property', litical regulations, &c. 242. delivered on the case of Beck Hardships endured by the ford v. Hood, for printing a earlier colonists, 217. Mis. book without leave, 310. See understanding with the Natives, also A:bburst.

252. The colony acquires Kippis, Dr. his conduct as editor (1706) a degree of strength,

of the Biographia Britannica 255. Norfolk Island described commended, 13.

and well settled, 373. Its cal• ture and produce, 374. Bo

tany Bay savages described, and Land-tax, sale of, pamplilets re their characteristic manners lative to, 315

discriminated, 375. Discover Le Licure, and Pelletier, Messrs.

no traces of any religion, 376, report on extracting mineral Their horridly barbarous modes alkali from dea-9311, 02. On of courtship and matrimony,and

the manufacture of s03p, ib. other peculiarities, and horrors, Learlstone, account of a prodigious 378. The diseases prevalent

one, which sustained te weight in their country, 380. of 202 poundsand 7 cunces,553. Nicholas, M. on salt-springs in

France, 564.

Nitro-beds, artificial. See Chaptal. Malvern hills and spring, poeti

cally celebrated, 419. Mann, Isle of, cheap living there, Ophelia, (in Hamlet,) her character

on fine mutton and pork, but no nicely estimated and determingood fat beef, 383.

ed, 547.. .. . Martin, Henry, one of K. Charles's Oricon, a remarkable species of

Judges, anecdote relative to the African Vulture, described, 534. life and character of this re- Ossory, Bishop of, his excellent markable man, 267. Acros sermon before the Lord Lieu. tic epitaph on his tomb.stone in tenant of Ireland, on the disChepstow Church, written by turbances and insurrections in himself, 268, .

that country, 476. :



Population, various systems rel. to,
Paintings, Grecian, on antient 2. Checks to, 3. Condor
vases, &c. illustrated, 505. Ele. cet's ideas on this subject, 5.
gance in the drapery of human Godwin's system, ib. Their
figures on, ib. Picturesque notions controverted, 6.
folds of the cloak, &c. in the
manner of putting it on, ib.
Their punctilio in dress inte Quoters, in conversation, satirized,
resting to admirers of the an. 331.
tique, 506.

Peace, at the present juncture, Ritz, Mademoiselle de, biograph-
recommended, 101.

ical sketch of, 501. Distin-
Pearson, Dr. his experiments, &c. guished by rogal favour, 502.

on urinary concretions, 75. Her downfall, ib.
Pensburst, sonnet written at, 320. Robertson, Dr. his History of A.
Pérouse, M. de la, acc. of his voy- merica preferred to all others
- age round the world continued, on the same subject, 155.

from. vol. xxvi —Leaves the Rousseau, J. J. some anecdotes,
coast of Chili, and steers for &c. rel. to him, in his later
Easter Island, 292. Stricture years, originally published in
on Mr. Hodges's drawing of France, 471.
the monuments at that island, Riimford, Count, his experiments
293. Sandwich Islands; with to shew that water, oil, &c. are
a remark on the death of Capt. non-conductors of heat, 168.
Cook, ib. Arrival at Mount Russia, empire of, actual state of,
St. Elias, and description, 294. at the close of the 18th centu.
Unfortunate occurrence, 296. ry, 503. Its want of population
Proceeds to Monterey Bay, 301. accounted for, 504. Unna-
Amusing description, 302. Sails tural barbarity of parents a.
for China, and arrives in Macao mong the common people to
Road, 303. Visits to Kami their children, in Russia, one
schacka, 404. Arrives at Ma. cause of their scanty popula.

onna, 407. Dreadful accident tion, ib.
· and great loss sustained there,
through the treachery of the

. S
patives, 409.

St. Domingo, Baron Wimpffen's
Persius, well translated into Eng account of his voyage to that

lish, 91. Specimen of, 92. island, 39. Of the country and
Philo Judæus supposed to be à its inhabitants, &c. 41. Of the

believer in Christ, 440. The treatment of the negroes, 43.

contrary opinion suggested, 441. Salt-petre, prodigious quantities
Pindar, Peter, his boast of the fa- of, obtained in France, by ex-
vours of his Muse, 228.

traordinary efforts, 554.
Poor, observations on the best me. Seguin, M. on the new methods

thod of maintaining them, 77. of tanning leather, 563.
Construction of a work-house, Shakspeare, curious remarks on
79. Proper diet, 80. Employ- his play of Hamlet by a cele
ment, 82. Excitements to in brated German writer, 544.
dustry, &c. 83.

Shields, Robt. not the sole aurbor
Pope, Mr. his Windsor Forest trans of che Lives of the Poets, put.

lated into French, and specimen lished by Cibber, 10.
of, 557


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Shuckburgh, Sir George, his acc. the 'antient inhabitants, 544.

of some endeavours to ascertain Their municipal government,

a standard of weights and mea. 546.
· sures, 70.

Sydneia, analysis of that substance,
Siddons, Mrs. verses on seeing 76.

her in the character of Belvi.
dera, sos.

Skirving, William, dies of a Taxation. See Finance. ;

broken heart at Botany Bay; Time, historical, uncertainty of
whither he was transported for our knowlege of, from the
sedition, 254.

unsettled state of chronology,
Smeaton, the late Mr. memoirs of, 257.

196. His amiable character, Times, the present, remark's on

the signs of, 335. .
Slout, Capt. commander of the Tree of Liberty, origin of that po.
Hercules, his narrative of the litical emblem, 154.
loss of that ship, 236.

Turks, obs. on their government,
Switzerland, Miss Williams's 159. On their religion, 160.

Tour in, 134. Lake of Lucerne Their want of mental energy,
described, ib. Valley of Schel. 162. Their ignorance of sci-
lenen and Devil's Bridge, 137. ence and history, ib. Their
Mount St. Gothard, 138. Le language, 163. The art of
vantine Valley, 110. Abbey of printing unknown to them, 164,
Engelberg, 143. Lavater's se-
vere remonstrance to the French

V and U !
Directory, on account of the Vaillant, M. his very valuable
French invasion of Switzerland, Museum of Natural History,
351. Pleasing description of in danger of being dispersed,
the simplicity of manners pre 532. Recommended to the at.
vailing among the rustic inha tention of the British public, ib,
bitants of the Canton of Appen. His Histoire Naturelle des Oi.
zell, 481, Wonderful delight scaux d'Afrique" commended,
taken by them in the care and · 535.
management of their cows, 482. Vandelli, Professor, his observa-
Their culcureof snails, and con- tions on Natural History and
siderable trade in that commo Chemistry, as published in the
dity, ib. Simplicity of their Mem. of the R. Acad. Lisbon,
dress, food, &c.485. Strangers 551. His acc. of curious sub-
to taxation, and every kind of jects of Natural History in the
oppressive government, ib. To Brazils, ib. Of some extraor-
tally illiterate and superstitious, dinary fossil bones, ib. Of an
yet happy in their ignorance astonishing large mass of na.
and innocence, 486. Their in tive copper, found in a valley,
dustry, linen manufactures, and two leagues from Cachoeira,
Trade, 487. Remarkable fond weight 2666 pounds! 552,-
ness for their own Country, On increasing the strength of
489. Remarks on Switzerland, gunpowder, ib.
in general, 540. Patriotism of Vandermonde, M. his Memoir on
the inhabitants, 542. Origin the fabrication of steel, 562,
of the name Swiss, ib. Revo. On bright arms, ib.
lution in the Cantons, 543. Variola Kaccine, acc. of that dis-
Simplicity of manners among case, 447.


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Vauquelirt and Trusson, .Messrs. at Strawberry-Hill, 272. Sara

on pot-ash, pearl-ash, &c. 562. castic reflections on the peace
Velho, M. d'Assumpção, on of 1748, and the fireworks, 273.
i eclipses of the Satellites of Ju. On the impressions made, on
piter in 1785, 554.

· some minds, by the earthquakes,
Verona, the famous Roman am 274. Letters to General Con-

phitheatre there noticed by way, 275. Letters to Mr. Bent-

Buonaparte, in his letter to the · ley, 278. Correspondence with
** French Directory, 499.

Mr. Gray, the Poet, 281. Let-
Villas-boas, M. (of the Lisbon R. : ters from Paris, 286. lll-

Acad.) bis Mem, on the lati.. boding of the French revolu.
tude and longitude of Lisbon, tion, 288. .

Ware, Mr. his successful practice
Vulture. See Orieoita

in treating the fistula lachryma.

lis, 431. .. .

Watson, Bishop, bis opinion re-
Wakefield, Mr. his letter to Sir specting the British constitu-
• John Scott, Attorney General, 'tion, 203.

relative to a late trial ar Guild Weights and measures. See Shuck-
· hall, 107.

i . : burgh. .
Walpole, Hor. Earl of Orford, his Welt-Indies, See St. Domingo.

poetical portrait of bord Gran- Willerforce, Mr, vigorously at.
ville, si llis unfavourable tacked by Mr. Belsham, re-
character of Lord Clarendoli, specting ais ideas of the Chris-

6. Of Lord Chesterfield, ib. ' tian religion, &c. 145.
*. His Doubts on ile Lisè airl Reig Irithie, the poet, his Epigoniad

ef: Richard Ill. 57. His De Estimated, 14.
, section of a Forgery pretend. Williams, Miss Helen Maria, her
. ing to be the Political Tosta. travels in Switzerland, 131.
ment of Sir Robert y'apoles 63. Her Hymn to the Supreine
His letter to Mr. Pict, 61. To Being, written among the Alps,
Lord Bute, 62, 63. Ils tract policed, 139. Her address from
on Modern Gurdleming, 65. via the Glacier goddess to Dr.
dicated respecting his conduce Darwin, ib.. Her acc. of the

towards Chatcercon, 174. His political state of the Levantine
: handsome letter to that young valley, 140.

genius, ib. More censurable Windmills, comparative advan-
· for his harsh treatment of Rous tages between the vertical and

seau, 175. Correspondence horizontal kinds, 269.
- with David Hume, ib. His I'ye, river, picturesque beauties
anecdote regarding Geo. I. and

of, 264.
· the royal family, 176. Cha- .

racter of Q. Caroline, 177. Of
Geo. II. 181. Remarkable Young, Dr. Pleasant anecdote re-
true love-story, 182. Criticism lative to, 12. General criticism
on Johnson's writings, 134. on, as a poct, ib.
The criticism censured, 186.
Pretty verses on the Marchio.
ness du Deffand, 187. Song Zurich, journey from, to Paris, in
on a Kiss,'138. Letter to Mr. 1795, 570. .

Conway, describing his House

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