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Verses spoken extempore by Mr. Kent, organist, on reading the

account of the death of the Rev. Mr. W. of Cambridge,

i. 220.
Versification of the address of Mr. Onslow to the freeholders of

Surrey, resident in the Borough of Southwark, and places

adjacent, ii. 127.
Viacco, (Signor) stupendous height of, ii. 224.
Victories, a thought on the late, i. 413.
Victory man of war, launch and particular description of the,

ii. 135.
Vidette eaters, (The) curious military misunderstanding respect-

ing, i. 70.
Vindication of Providence, a poetic effusion, ii. 400.
Visible ghost near Leeds, ii. 200.
Volcano in the sea, account of a, i. 142–44.
Von Gentz, (F.) reflections of his on the liberty of the English

press, ji. 294.



Wade, (Field-Marshal) anecdote of, i. 325.
Waltham-Abbey, some account of, i. 231.
War Fiend, (The) poetical description of, i. 216.
War-whoop, stanzas so called, ii. 43.
Water, new method of purifying, i. 63.
Water-drinkers, remarkable cases of two, i. 154.
“ Whatever is, is right,” ii. 299.
Wheeler, (Miss Fanny) her address at the theatre in Shrewsbury,

i. 253,
Wife, an ox given for one, i. 230.

advertisement for a, ii. 92.
Wild beast, ravages of a, in France, ii. 126.
Wilkes (Mr.) extract of a letter from, i. 50.
Will of King Derrick, extract from the, ii. 336.
Wilson (Lieutenant) attacked by an enormous tiger, i. 387.
Window tax, lines on the, ii. 139.
Winter phenomenon, description of a singular one at Cape Bre-

ton, ii. 302.
Witchcraft, trial for, i. 135.
Wirtemberg elephant, escape of the, i. 379.
Wish (The) i. 43; and The Reply, ib.
Wolfe, (General) reasons why Highland soldiers were his attend

ants in his last moments, ii. 105, 6.
Woman's Smile, a new song, introduced in “The Maid of the

Mill," ii. 207.

Wood in Scotland, scarcity of, lately obviated, ii. 10.
Woodville, (Elizabeth) consort to Edward IV., her character

of the English ladies of her day, i. 40.

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