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HE print of the Statue of Venus, which was intended to have been prefixed to the Sixth Volume of these Tranfactions, but which, from unavoidable accidents, was then omitted, being now finished, is placed as a Frontispiece to this book, and cannot fail of being highly acceptable to the Members of the Society, and to the Public in general.

The Papers inferted in the following fheets are arranged, as has been practised in the foregoing Volumes, under those heads into which the bufinefs of the Society is divided; and in the clafs of Agriculture it will be feen, that fome Gentlemen of great A 2 property,

property, and of the firft repute for learning and attention to matters of utility, are employed in raising Timber on the wild and hitherto barren hills of Weftmoreland and Staffordshire. The benefit the Nation must derive from fuch spirited conduct and well-directed improvement is evident to the meaneft capacity; and it is hoped fuch laudable examples will be extensively followed through the kingdom. Some Letters will also be found, fhowing the particular advantages of the Wood of the Spanish Chefnut and Larch: these are annexed as an incitement to the culture of those useful trees.

A Paper on the comparative advantage of the Drill and Broad-caft method in the culture of Grain will be found under this head, communicated by a Gentleman, whose Letters, inferted in a former Volume, have been read with much pleasure, and whose Obfervations in the following pages will tend to establish a fact of the highest importance to Agriculture.

A Noble

A Nobleman, whofe account of his Plantations in Scotland, inferted in the Sixth Volume of these Transactions, has been fo well received, has now favoured the Society with fome useful Obfervations and Trials, made to afcertain what kind of Food for Cattle and Sheep can be cultivated to the best advantage. It is a pleafing circumstance, to find that Persons of high rank and affluent fortune are applying their time and attention to matters of fuch importance and utility.

Every traveller obferves, that the quantity of Waste-Lands in this kingdom is a difgrace to the Country. The Improvement therefore of Wafte-Moors has long been an object of the Society's attention; and two Papers in this Volume will fhow, that at length fuch Improvements are advancing to the great benefit of the Nation, and that the rewards offered by the Society will in time have the defired effect.

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Schools have been established in different parts of Europe, wherein the Dif orders of Sheep, Cattle, and Horfes, are particularly attended to; and perhaps few things would be of more public advantage, than the ascertaining with precision the nature of the Diseases to which Animals fo ufeful to Man are liable, and thereby deducing a rational method of Cure. On this fubject two Papers will be found in this Volume, which, it is hoped, will induce other Gentlemen to follow the examples now fet before them, and apply their attention and abilities to fo useful and humane a purpose.

The Discovery of any Subftance not ufually applied as a Manure to land, but which will answer that purpose, is an important object to the Farmer; and there is reafon to think, that the Letter on the use of the River Conferva may prove of confiderable advantage.

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