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Brief account of Hauch and his writings--Also of Herz-His“ King

Réne's Daughter”-Paludan Müller's high stand as a poet—“What is,

to be?” quoted from his “ Adam Homo”-Winther-His subjects

drawn very much from the Kämpe-Viser-Ballad of “Henrik and Else,"

quoted-Boje, celebrated for his religious poetry and his tragedies-

Translator of Sir Walter Scott's romances-Hans Christian Andersen-

His “ Improvisatore,” “0. T.," " Only a Fiddler,” “ Legends for

children,” etc.—Key to the character of his writings-Other Danish

writers: Holst-Christian Hansen-Rafn-Wergeland-Goldschmidt,

author of “ A Jew," a romance-Men of science and art: Thorwaidsen

- Notice of his life-Wiedeveldt, Thorwaldsen's master-Jerichau and

Bissen, sculptors-Painters: Juul-Horneman-Eckersberg-Dahl-

Harder—Möller-Gebauer-Lorenzen-Stubh-Fritzsch - Camradt-

Martens-Younger school of painters: Marstrand-Simonsen-Sonne

-Schleisner-Monnier-Melby-Sörensen-Skovgaard - Kierskow-

Rump -- Jensen — Ottensen -Gärtner-Schütz, Madame Jerichau-

Musical composers : Hartman, Rong and Gade-In medical science :

Bang—Trier-Stein—In botany : Professor Schouw-In geography:

Malte Brun—In philosophy and antiquity: Grundtvig-Molbech-Finn

Magnusen-Warsaae-Rask-Astonishing exertions and productions of

Rask-Dictionary, histories, criticisms, etc. of Professor Molbech-

Labours of Thorlacius, Müller, Nyerup, Werlauff, Simonsen, Thomson,

Abrahamson, etc.-In intellectual philosophy and theology: Sibbern

Mynster-Martensen—The brothers Kierkegaard— The brothersOersted

- The Jurist, and the Natural Philosopher

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The French School—The French taste prevailing all over Europe, The

Dalin period in Sweden-Dalin, account of him and his productions
Fru Nordenflycht, her life and popularity-The Sappho of Sweden-
Lines from her “ Sorrowing Turtle-dove”-Creutz and the Counts
Gyllenborg, their writings and influence- Names of other authors-
Mörk, the first romance writer-Imitators and translators—The period
of Gustavus and the Academy-Gustavus educated in the French taste
--- Established the Swedish Academy in 1786—Wrote a number of

dramas--Employed Kellgren and Leopold to convert them into operas

---Kellgren, an essentially lyric poet-Died with a feeling that he had

lived under a false literary system-Leopold, the leading writer of his

time after Kellgren-His dramas, and other works--Oxenstjerna, poet

of rural life imitation of our Thomson-His chief poems, “ The

Harvest” and the “ Hours of the Day,” possess great merit— Trans-

lated Milton and Tasso-Other writers of this period

Causes of the decline of the French School throughout Europe-- Bellman,

his immense popularity still in Sweden as a poet of bacchanalian life-

His merits not easily appreciated by foreigners—Opinions of him by

Swedish critics—Also by Arndt, the German poet- His character and

mode of life-His “ Fredman's Epistles” -“ Fredman's Epistle to

Kajsa Stina," quoted-Also “Up, Amaryllis !”—Hallman, writer of

comedy and farce-Kexél, also a comic writer-Other popular authors

-Jacob Wallenberg, a very amusing writer–His humorous account of

his voyage to the Indies, called “ My Son in the Galley”—His notion

of the Flying Fish-- His curious account of London-His visit to

Wilkes-Description of the London populace. The strange tastes and

habits of the English-Lidner, his dissipated life, and miserable end-

A poet of much fire and feeling-Thorild, like Lidner, a herald of a

new era-One of the first admirers of Ossian, Klopstock and Goethe-

A liberal in spirit, independent and philosophical-His “ Pleasures of

Imagination”—“Passions”. “Göthmanna Songs”-Work on “The

Universal Freedom of the Understanding,” etc. - Anna Maria Lengren
-Unrivalled in her poetical painting of social life—“ Some Words to

my Dear Daughter, in case I had one,” quoted-Her extreme popų-

larity in Sweden-Her poem called “ Boys,” quoted—“ The Countess's

Visit to the Parsonage," quoted-General estimate of her genius - Fru

Widström, a more sentimental poetess—Other writers of this period

- Paykull -- Boman--Adlerbeth —Walerius -- Stjernstolpe - Skjölde-

brand--Lindegren-Choræus-Kullberg, etc.-Ehrensvärd, one of the

chief men of the age--His “Philosophy of the Fine Arts”-Benjamin

Höijer, a profound and liberal thinker-Started the “ Literary Ga-


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Tegnér and Geijer, the two most distinguished literary men of Sweden -

The Gothic School advocated the Gothic, the national—Geijer and

Tegnér, both from Wermland - Geijer started the “ Iduna,

as the

organ of their views—Geijer published there, " The Last Scald,” “ The

Viking,” etc., in the spirit of the Old Visor-His poetry distinguished

for its correctness and truth_Composed music to his pieces-Became

the most distinguished historian of Sweden by the publication of his

“ Svea Rikes Häfder”-Notice of his life“ Recollections of his

Childhood,” quoted-Account of his winning the great prize of the

Swedish Academy — Tegnér, the prince of Swedish poets — His

“ Frithiofs Saga” – Tegnér's genial theory of poetry—Stanzas pro-

mulgating it, quoted— Notice of his life-Appointed to the chair of

Greek Literature at Lund–His beautiful poems of “ Prestvigning,” and

“ Nattvardsbarnen”—Made Bishop of Wexiö—Additional honours-

Became latterly Conservative--Analysis of “ Frithiofs Saga”-Scenes

from it quoted—“ The Departure”-“ Frithiof's Temptation”- Minor

poems of Tegnér-Remaining poets of the Gothic School-Ling, his

epics “ Asar” and “ Tirfing” heavy-His lyrics excellent--Author of

nine dramas, and of a system of medical gymnastics—Curious picture

of him in his wolf-skin costume in his gymnastic school-His system

now introduced in London-Afzelius, also a lyrical poet of the old

Northern School - Assisted Rask in translating Sämund's Edda, into

Swedish, and Geijer in collecting the “ Folks-Visor" — Has also

published a Swedish literary drama from the Sagas, Nicander, author

of “The Runesword,” a tragedy—“Hesperides," a collection of prose

and verse, written in Italy—~ Memories from the South," etc.-A poet

of style, full of colour and effect-Bernard von Beskow-Notice of

his life--Author of poems and various tragedies of much merit-

As “ Torkel Knutson, “ Erik XIV.,” “King Birger and his Race,” etc.

-Court Marshal, and as Director of the Theatre, has much pro-

moted the interests of the drama-Assar Lindblad, of the school of


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