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The present edition of the Poetical and Dramatic Works of Coleridge is a reprint of the latest London edition of 1852, published under the supervision of the poet's son and daughter. The poems were prepared for the press by the late Mrs. H. N. Coleridge, a person eminently fitted for the duty, because in her the zeal of the daughter was tempered by the discretion of the accomplished critic. The preface and the greater part of the illustrative notes were written by her; and the selection and arrangement have been determined almost wholly by her judgment, or by records in her

possession. The rest of the notes were added by the Rev. Derwent Coleridge, who also prepared the preface to the Dramatic Works.

A proper biography of Coleridge is still wanting, but there is prefixed to this edition a sketch of his life in which the more characteristic facts have been gathered from every accessible source of information, and given with às much fulness as was consistent with the plan of this series.


This volume was prepared for the press by my lamented sister, Mrs. H. N. Coleridge, and will have an additional interest to many readers as the last monument of her highly-gifted mind. At her earnest request, my name appears with hers on the title-page, but the assistance rendered by me has been, in fact little more than mechanical. The preface, and the greater part of the notes, are her composition;

the selection and arrangement have been determined almost exclusively by her critical judgment, or from records in her possession. A few slight corrections and unimportant additions are all that have been found necessary, the first and last sheets not having had the benefit of her own revision.



May, 1852.

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