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THE Publisher of the Quarterly Magazine has most sincerely to express his regret, that the appearance of the present Number should have been twice delayed beyond the period of its announcement. As far as this delay has been occasioned by the lingering anxiety of a severe domestic calamity, he is sure to receive the indulgence of his supporters; but, as it may be justly charged upon him that every contingency should be provided for in the conduct of a periodical work, he owes it to himself and to the public, to offer a few words of explanation.

The Quarterly Magazine was established at the earnest solicitation of some young men of great talents and acquirements, who had distinguished themselves in a local miscellany of no ordinary character. Their promises of support were cordial and enthusiastic,-their ability to realize those promises was unquestionable. The public favour was largely bestowed upon the undertaking; and the work, as it proceeded, acquired a considerable distinction amongst the discerning and the intelligent. For this patronage the Publisher is most grateful. There were many things, however, connected with its management, which gave the publisher pain. He had to contend, in one or two instances, with unsettled opinions, with captious objections, but above all, with something like a heartless indifference to the consequences of wanton neglect. It is too often the condition of genius that it fancies itself absolved from the ordinary laws of human action; and substitutes irregular excitements for settled principles. Whether or not

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