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sound is variable to, and in ordinary utterance actually becomes, the short u. sound (of but, pun, etc.). Thus: a as in errant, republican.

as in prudent, difference. i as in charity, density. o as in valor, actor, idiot. ä as in Persia, peninsula. ē as in the book. Ở as in nature, feature.

A mark ( - )under the consonants t, d, S, z indicates that they in like manner are variable to ch, j, sh, zh. Thus: tas in nature, adventure. das in arduous, education. $

as in pressure. ?

as in seizure. y

as in yet. B Spanish b (medial). ch as in German ach, Scotch loch. G as in German Abensberg, Hamburg. # Spanish g before e and i; Spanish j:

etc. (a guttural h). n French nasalizing n, as in ton, en.

final s in Portuguese (soft). th as in thin. PH as in then. D= FH.


as in fat, man, pang. ä as in fate, mane, dale. ä as in far, father, guard. à as in fall, talk. á as in ask, fast, ant. â as in fare. e as in met, pen,

bless. ē as in mete, meet. ė as in her, fern. i as in pin, it. i as in pine, fight, file. o as in not, on, frog. ō as in note, poke, floor. ö as in move, spoon. ô as in nor, song, off. u as in tub. ū as in mute, acute. ů as in pull. ü German ü, French u. oi as in oil, joint, boy. ou as in pound, proud.

A single dot under a vowel in an unaccented syllable indicates its abbreviation and lightening, without absolute loss of its distinctive quality. Thus: a as in prelate, courage. ç as in ablegate, episcopal. © as in abrogate, eulogy, democrat. û as in singular, education.

A double dot under a vowel in an unaccented syllable indicates that, even in the mouths of the best speakers, its

denotes a primary," a secondary accent. (A secondary accent is not marked if at its regular interval of two syllables from the primary, or from another secondary.)



Guthrie (guth'ri), Thomas.
Gützlaff (güts'läf), Karl Friedrich Au.

gust. Guyon (gi'on; Fr. pron. gē ôn'), Jeanne

Marie (Bouvier de La Mothe). Guyot (gë õ'), Arnold Henry.

Green (grēn), John Richard.
Green, Mary Anne Everett (Wood).'
Green, Thomas Hill.
Greene (grēn), Albert Gorton.
Greene, George Washington.
Greene, Robert
Greenwell (grēn'wel), Dora.
Greenwood (grēn'wud), Grace. See

Lippincott, Sara Jane.
Greg (greg), Samuel.
Greg, William Rathbone.
Greville (grev'il), Fulke.
Griffin (grif'in), Gerald.
Griffis (grif'is), William Elliot.
Grillparzer (gril'pärt see), Franz.
Grimm (grim), Herman Friedrich.
Grimm, Jakob Ludwig and Wilhelm

Karl. Griswold (griz'wõld), Rufus Wilmot. Grossi (grös'sē), Tommaso. Grote (grot), George. Grotius (gro'shi us), Hugo. Guarini (gwä rē'nē), Giovanni Bat

tista. Guérin (gā ran'), Eugénie de. Guérin, George Maurice de. Guernsey (gérn'zi), Alfred Hudson. Guicciardini (gwē chär dē'nē), Fran

Habberton (hab'èr ton), John. Habington (hab'ing ton), William. Hackett (hak'et), Horatio Balch. Hackländer (häk'len der), Friedrich

Wilhelm von. Haeckel (hek'el), Ernst Heinrich. Hafiz (hä'fiz; Per. pron. hâ fiz'), Shams

ed-din Muhammad. Hageman (h&oge man), Samuel Miller. Haggard (hag'ärd), Henry Rider. Hahnemann (hä'ne män), Christian

Friedrich Samuel. Hahn-Hahn (hän'hän), Ida Marie Lou

ise Gustave, Countess von.
Hailes (hālz), Lord.
Hakluyt (haklöt), Richard.
Hale (hāl), Edward Everett.
Hale, Horatio.
Hale, Sir Matthew.
Hale, Sarah Josepha.
Hales (hālz), John.
Halévy (ä lā vē'), Ludovic.
Haliburton (hal'i bér ton), Thomas

Hall (hâl), Anna Maria.
Hall, Basil.
Hall, Charles Francis.
Hall, Edward.
Hall, James.
Hall, John.
Hall, Joseph.


Guizot (gē zö' or güē zo'), Elisabeth

Charlotte Pauline (de Meulan). Guizot, François Pierre Guillaume. Guizot, Marguerite Andree Eliza (Dil

lon). Guizot, Maurice Guillaume. Gunsaulus (gun saʼlus), Frank Wakeley. Gunter (gun'tėr), Archibald Clavering. Gustafson (gus täf'son), Zadel Barnes.

Hall, Louisa Jane.
Hall, Newman.
Hall, Robert.
Hall, Samuel Carter.
Hallam (hal'am), Arthur Henry.
Hallam, Henry.
Halleck (hal'ek), Fitz-Greene.
Hallevi (hal'lē vi), Jehudah.
Halpine (hal'pin), Charles Graham.
Halstead (hâl'sted), Murat.
Hamerton (ham'ér ton), Philip Gilbert.
Hamilton (ham'il ton), Alexander.
Hamilton, Anthony.
Hamilton, Elizabeth.
Hamilton, James.
Hamilton, William.
Hamilton, Sir William
Hamilton, William Rowan.
Hamley (ham'li), Edward Bruce.
Hammond (ham'ond), William Alex-

Hancock (han’kok), John,
Hannay (han'ā), James.
Hardenberg (här'den berg), Friedrich

von. See Novalis.

Hardy (här'di), Arthur Sherburne.
Hardy, Thomas.
Hare (hâr), Augustus John Cuthbert.
Hare, Julius Charles.
Harington (har'ing ton), Sir John.
Harland (härland), Henry.
Harney (här'ni), William Wallace.
Harper (här'pér), William Rainey.
Harris (har'is), James.
Harris, Joel Chandler.
Harris, William Torrey.
Harrison (har'i son), Frederic.
Harte (härt), Francis Bret.
Hartley (härtli), David.
Harvey (här'vi), William Hope.
Hauff (houf), Wilhelm.
Hauptmann (houpt'män), Gerhardt.
Haven (hā'vn), Alice Bradley.
Havergal (hav'ér gal), Frances Rid-

Haweis (hois), Hugh Reginald.
Hawes (hâz), Stephen.
Hawkins (hâ'kinz), Anthony Hope.
Hawks (hâks), Francis Lister,
Hawthorne (hâ'thôrn), Julian.

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