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Bright's Travels in Hungary. Stud. -Cyganis.—Lands possessed by Nobles alone.-State of Peasants, and the services required of them.-- Interior of a Peasant's Habitation,

CHAPTER IV. Vignette-Cattle and Agricultural Implements. Urmeny.- Hungarian Granary.-- Succession of Crops.~Large

Flocks of improved Sheep --Great attention to the breeo and folding --Horned Cattle.-Leave Urmeny.-Appearance of the Country.-Leva.-A Funeral.-Batha.—Steinbach.- Approach and arrival at Scheinnitz.-Minute Regulations for management of Sheep.

CHAPTER V. Vignette-Machine for raising the Water from the Mines. Schemutz.-General description of the Mining District.-Wind

reii clit.—Machinery.--Drawings.--Stephani-schacht.--- Preportion of the Ores.--Pochwerk.--Smelting and Refining.-Mining College.--Leave Schemnitz.-Glas-Hutte.--Szent Ke. reszi. -Kriinnitz.-Separation of Gold and Silver.--Alloy.. Mmi.Quantity of precious Metals obtained.--Process of Au.algamation, as practised in Saxony.-- Return to Schemnitz,

CHAPTER VI. Vignette-Concert performed by the Cyganis of Sagh. Leave Schemnitz.-Maroth.-Sagh.-Cyganis.--Description of

Country:- Jews.- Waitzen.-Extensive plain.-Debretzin.Pesth. - buden, or Ofen.— Theatres.-Fair at Pesth.- Weights and Measures.- Manufactures. --Attempts to cultivate Sugar, Cotton, Coffee, &c. Produce of the Land.-Canals.-Commerce.-Exports and Imports.- Libraries.--Museum.-Coals, Salt &c.-hospital.--Botanic Garden.--New Observatory. Baths.--Police.--Historical Sketch of Pesth and Buda.--Komorn.--kaab.

CHAPTER VII. Vignette-Maria Theresia and Joseph the Second. Historical Sketch.-King of Hungary-His Privileges.-His

Power with respect to the Catholic, Protestant, and Greek Churches.-'The Palatine and other Officers of State. Nobles.-Free Citizens. The Diet. Revenue.-Army.

Bright's Travels in Hungary.

CHAPTER Vill. Vignette-A Dance performed by Hungarian Peasunt Boys. Vösendiort-Laxenbury.---The Ritter Schloss.BaadenSchönau.—Gardens of Baron Brown.-Cotton Manufacture. Edenburg.--Eisenstatt.-Neusiedler-See.- Nagy BaromCroatians.--Güns.--Stein-am-Anger -Ovid's Tomb.-Sza. laber.-Keszthely.--Georgicon.- Agricultural Societies and Institutions.--Cultivation of Fruit Trees.-Keszi.-Hill of Csobantz.-Sheep Farm.- Improvers of Sheep.-Vineyards.Their Effects on the Peasantry.—Mineralogy of the Hill Badacson.—-Rich Wines.--Szigliget.-Geological Remarks.The Vineyard of Sz. Gyorgy Hegy.

CHAPTER IX. Vignette-Interior of an Hungarian Prison. Breeding Stud.–Balaton Lake.- National Dance. Keresztut.

Fishery.-Buffaloes.-Administration of Justice. Prisons. Warm Spring of Heviz.—Mineral Waters in Hungary - Hospital.—Tortoises Wild Boars.

CHAPTER X. Vignette Interior of a Peasant's House on the Murakös. Leave Keszthely - Sz Miklos.-The Murakös.-Attempts to

cultivate Silk.-Csaktornya.- Peculiarity in the Inhabitants of this district.--Varasdin. ---Spring of Naphtha...Prison.-Daia ry.-Maize.Gold Washing.


Vignette-A Croatian Cottage. Croatia.—The Military Frontiers.--Ludbreglo-Csurgo.--Agri

culture.-Bees and Honey.--Forests.- Prison.-Cyganis, or Gypsies.

CHAPTER XII. Vignette-Walachian Settlement near the Drave. Badocsa.—Csokonya._Graf Széchényi.-Peasantry.--German

Settlements.- Walachians.--Their Language, History, and Manners.-Szigetvar.-- Fünfkirchen. Bishop Klimo.-Library-Churches.- Market. — Manda.— Domestic Manners. Processions and Pilgrimages.--Various Religions.-Clergy. Revenue of the Church.

Bright's Travels in Hungary.

CHAPTER XIII, Vignette - Prisoners going to their Daily Work. Peasantry.-- Mohacs.-Szexard. Wine.- Tolna. — Tobacco.-

Saffron.-Földvár.- Plains of Hungary.- Extent.-Inhabitants and Open Lands of Austria.—Disease amongst Cattle. Duke Albert.-Pesth-Marton Vasar. Peculiarities of Husbandry and Condition of Peasantry:-StuhlweissenburgEarthquakes.-Palota.–Bakony Forest.- Fungi.-Sumeg Kor nond - Frontiers of Hungary.-Styria.--Gratz.—Public Institutions. Joannæum. Manufactures and Commerce.Iron.-Salt. Agriculture.-Schottwien.

General View of the Kingdom of Hungary.
Statistical Account of the Mines of Hungary.
Coronation of Joseph I. King of Hungary.
An Account of the Vineyards of Ménes.
Statement of the Extent and Produce of the Austrian Vineyards.
Statement of the Extent and Produce of the Arable Lands in

Account of the Wild Boy discovered near the Neusiedler-see.
A List of the Works of Baron Jacquin.
State of the Gypsies in Spain, 1817.
List of Words used by the Gypsey, Gitano, and Cygani.
Vocabulary and Index.

Hungary.-Hungary, Transylvania, and thesurrounding Countries.

The Market at Batba, Frontispiece.
Schemnitz and the surrounding Country:
The Town of Kremnitz with the Silver Works.
Amalgam Works near Freyberg.
Distant View of Waitzen on the Danube.
View of Buda and part of Pesth.
The Balaton Lake seen from Keszthely.
Verasdin from the Murakös.

1. TALES OF MY LANDLORD. Second Series. Collected and arranged by JEDEDAH CLEISHBOTHAM, Schoolmaster and Parish-Clerk of Gandercleugh ; 4 vols. 12mo. Price L. 1, 12s. boards.

II. WOMEN; or, POUR ET CONTRE, a Tale. By the Author of Bertram, a Tragedy. In 3 vols. 12mo. Price L. 1, Is. boards.

'Tis good to be merry and wise,

'Tis good to be honest and true; 'Tis good to be off with the old love

Before you are on with the new. III. TRAVELS through some Parts of GERMANY, POLAND, MOLDAVIA, and TURKEY. By ADAM NEALE, M. D. late Physician to the British Embassy at Constantinople, Physician to the Forces, and Member of the Royal College of Physicians of London. With fifteen Engravings. Price L. 2, 2s. in boards.

IV. An ACCOUNT of the LIFE and WRIT. INGS of the late JOHN ERSKINE of Carnock, D. D. one of the Ministers of the Greyfriars Church, Edinburgh. By Sir Henry MONCREIFF WELLWOOD, Bart. In 8vo. (With a Portrait.) Price 14s. boards.

V. INQUIRY into the RELATION of CAUSE and EFFECT. By Thomas BROWN, M. D. Professor of Moral Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh. Third Edition enlarged.. One large Volume Octavo. 15s. boards.

In this edition, the original Essay is so much en. larged and altered, as to constitute almost a new work.

VI. SERMONS and LECTURES, by ALEXANDER BRUNTON, D. D. one of the Ministers of the Tron Church, and Professor of Oriental Languages in the University of Edinburgh. In 8vo. 12s. boards.

VII. The ANGLER’S VADE MECUM; containing a descriptive account of the Water Flies, their seasons, and the kind of weather that impels them most on the water. Represented in twelve coloured plates. With a description of the different baits used, and where found. By W. CARROLL. 8vo. 9s. boards.

VIII An ETYMOLOGICAL DICTIONARY of the SCOTTISH LANGUAGE; in which the Words are deduced from their Originals, explained in their different Senses, and authorized by the names of the Writers in whose works they occur. Abridged from the Quarto Edition by the Author, John JamieSON, D. D. One volume Octavo. 118. boards.

IX. MANDEVILLE, a Domestic Story of the Seventeenth Century in England. By William GodWIN; in Three Volumes, 12mo. Price L. 1, 1s.

X. ROB ROY, a Noved. By the Author of Waverley, &c. 3 Vols. 12mo. Fourth Edition. L.1, 48. boards.

XI. NEW GENERAL ATLAS, constructed from the latest authorities. By A. ARROWSMITH, Hydrographer to the Prince Regent. Exhibiting, not only the Boundaries and Divisions, but also the Chains of Mountains and other Geographical Features of all the known Countries in the World ; comprehended in 53 Maps, from original Drawings, engraved in the best style of the Art. By Sidney Hall. Royal 4to. L. 1, 16s. plain, half bound; or beautifully coloured, price L. 2, 12s. 6d.

XII. JOURNAL of a TOUR and RESIDENCE in GREAT BRITAIN, during the years 1810 and 1811. By Louis SIMOND. Second Edition. Corrected and Enlarged ; to which is added, an Appendix on France, written in December 1815, and October 1816. In 2 Vols, Svo. L. 1, 11s. 6d. boards.

XIII. An ACCOUNT of the SMALL POX, as it appeared after Vaccination. By ALEXANDER MonRO, M. D. Professor of Anatomy in the University of Edinburgh. Including, among many cases, three which occurred in the Author's own family. In 8vo. With Plates.

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