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translated into the Armenian language, and is of the fifth century. The academy proposes to publish the Armenian text with a Latin translation facing it.

Russia. It is thought by M. Wormskiold, in consequence of observations made by himself in Greenland, compared with the reports of voya. gers into the higher northern latitudes of North America, that the waters of Baffin's Bay, have a communication with the Northern Pacific Ocean, by means of Bering's Straits. To ascertain this, and, if possible, to terminate all further doubts on the question, it is said, is a principal object of the voyage now in progress under C. M. Kotzebec, son of the wellknown navigator, of that name; and M. Wormskiold, (who is by birth a Dane) is so thoroughly persuaded of his theory, that he accompanies the expedition in character of naturalist. It will be truly honourable to Russia, should this point be determined under the auspices of her flag.

By order of the minister for public instruction in Russia, Dr. Merkel has been invited to publish a Journal of Literature and the Arts, at Petersburgh.

GREECE.-New work publishing in Numbers.-Two learned Greeks, Messrs. Demeter Schina and Andreas Mustoxydi, propose to publish a periodical Collection of Greek anecdotes, selected from the principal libraries of Europe. They intend to publish every month a number, containing two sheets, to be had of the chaplain Theokletes, at Vienna. The price is one ducat for six sheets.

AUSTRIA.—The Literary Journal of Vienna, formerly edited by Dr. Sartori, is continued with success under the direction of M. Hartmann, as also are the Patriotic Sheets, and the Conservator.—The Historical Archives, including Geography, &c. by M. de Hormayr, is also continued; but the number of original pieces contained in it is now greatly reduced. The Musical Journal is dropped; but the two Journals of Public Spectacles, the Dramatic Observer, and the Theatrical Gazette are still carried on.--Among the political journals the Austrian Observer, and the Gazette of Vienna, and of Ofen enjoy the most extensive sale.—M. Frint, cure of the chapel in the palace, has begun to publish a Theological Catholic Journal.-M. Andres continues to publish at Bonn, his Hesperus, and his Economic Newspaper, intended to communicate the newest discoveries and all improvements in useful knowledge.-Another journal publishing at Bonn is the Indicator, edited by M. Gurende.-Among the poetical publications, M. Castelli continues his Abnanack under the title of Selam; and M. Erickson also continues his Almanack of the Muses. These publications, like most others, are compilations of good, bad, and indifferent: the selection is thought to be in favour of the latter.

In general, the booksellers of Vienna engage in very few novelties or speculations, because, during some years past, the dearness of paper and of workmanship at the press, has obliged them to put prices on their books which are much beyond those at which they can retail works of the same description from abroad.





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