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BODENHAM, OF ROTHERWAS. BODENHAM, CHARLES-THOMAS, esq. of Rotherwas, in the county of Hereford, m. (settlements dated 21st and 22nd November, 1810,) Elizabeth-Mary, fifth daughter of Thomas Weld, esq. of Lulworth Castle, in the county of Dorset, and sister of Cardinal Weld, by whom he has an only child,

Charles-DE-LA-BARRE, b. 4th May, 1813. Mr. Bodenham succeeded his father 5th April, 1826, and is a justice of the peace for the county of Hereford.


tinuation, apparently made by one of the family, is in English, and brought down to the present time.

Hugh de BODHAM, alias de BODENHAM, Lord of Bodenham Rogeri, in the county of Hereford, temp. Stephen and HENRY II. had three sons,

RALPH, who died v. p. leaving a daugh

ter and heiress, Matilda, m. to Wal

ter de Traveleigh. WILLIAM, Lord of Bodenham, whose

daughter and heiress, Margaret, m. Roger de Burnvale, Lord of Segre,

in Wiltshire.

Roger, of whose line we have to treat.

The third son, Blount, in his MSS. Collections for Here

ROGER DE BODENHAM, married and had fordshire, 1678, after giving a slight sketch two sons, Roger, Lord of Bodenham, male of the pedigree, speaks thus of the residence heir of Hugh,

and of the family. Rotherwas: “This is a

WALTER DE BODENHAM, Lord of Byford, delicious seat situate near the river Wye, in Herefordshire, and of Wormington, in and within two myles of Hereford, abound- Gloucestershire, who had two sons, viz. ing with store of excellent fruit and fertyle

1. Robert, Lord of Byford and Worarable land, having also a park within less

mington, who died in the Barons' than half a myle of the house, where there

Wars, leaving by Matilda, his wife, is a neat lodge upon a bill which overlooks

three sons, Robert, Thomas, and the whole country adjacent. It was held so

John, parson of Wormington. The delightful a place, that the proverb was current, as anciently of Corinth,

Robert, Lord of Byford, m. a lady Non datur cuivis adire Rotheras.

named Margery, but of what Every one may not live at Rotheras.

family is not recorded, and had

issue, The house* is partly of old tymber work,

Walter, Lord of Byford, who but an end of it was new built of stone in

m. Matilda, sister and cothe last age by Sir Roger, where there is a

heir of Sir John de Bowlefair parlour ful of coats of arms according to

was, knt. of Salop, who d. the fashion of that age, and over that a noble

44 EDWARD III. and had dyning room wainscoted with walnut tree, and on the mantle tree of the chimney 25

JOHN, who both died coats in one atchievement, with this motto,

Thomas, Š s. p.: the elder Veritas liberabit. Even the long table with

in the 10th of HENRY the hall is inlaid with coats of arms.”

VI. and the younger in The following pedigree of the ancient line

the following year. of Bodenbam is derived from the vellum

Alice, aunt and heir of Thoroll at Rotherwas compiled in the time of Sir Roger Bodenham in Latin. The con

mas de Bodenham, m. and

had a daughter, Margery, Since rebuilt about a century ago ; the liouse

to Hugh Winne, by

whom she was motber of is now a large mansion of red brick. Some of the oruajnents of the old residence have been removed

Richard Winne, of Bodento the present one, and the chimney-piece with the

ham. 2 quarterings er it now stands in the ball.

11. JOHN (Sir).

eldest son,

two sons,


The second son,

m. first, Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Sir JOHN DE BODENHAM, knt. one of the William Amondesham, and by her had three lords of Monington Stradley, in Hereford- daughters, shire, living 31 EDWARD I. bore for bis coat Jobanna, m. to Thomas Henbarrowe, armour “ Arg. on a cross gu. five mullets of Dymock, in Gloucestershire. or.” He was father of

Anna, m. to Thomas Brugge. William DE BODENHAM, of Monington, Isabella, m. to Walter Monington, of living circa 15 EDWARD II. 4 EDWARD III. Monington, in Herefordshire. and 22 EDWARD III. who m. Emma, daugh- He wedded, secondly, Agnes, daughter of ter and heir of William de Huish, and had Thomas Vaughan, of Tiliglas, in Brecon, a son and successor,

and had by her two sons and a daughter, SIR JOHN BODENHAM, Lord of Moning- viz. ton, Walterston, Cheriston, and Dewchurch, ROGER, his heir. whom the Harl. MSS. 1545, state to have Walter. built the house of Dewchurch. He m. first, Alice, m. to John ap Gwillim ap ThoMargaret, daughter of John Ragon, Lord of mas, of Gillough. Walterston and Cheriston, and had by her Roger Bodenham died in 1452, was buried two sons, viz.

in the chancel at Dewchurch, and succeeded 1. JOHN, of Monington, Walterston, by his son,

and Cheriston, who died 4 HENRY Roger BODENHAM, of Rotherwas, in the
VI. leaving by Margaret, his wife, county of Hereford, who m. Joane, daughter
dau, of Thomas Brugge, a daughter of Thomas Bromwich, and had issue,
and heir,

THOMAS, his heir.
MARGARET, m. to Hugh Hargest, James, m. the daughter of Fitzwilliam,
of Hargest.

and was father of Roger Bodenham, 11. ROBER'r, of Woodchurch, in Kent, of Seville, in Spain, who had two

called also of Biddenden, in the same
county, m. Juliana, daughter of Sir Philip, of Home, who left no legitimate
Thomas Finch, knt. and was ancestor issue, but a natural son, Roger, of
of the BODENHAMS OF Bindenden the county of Wilts.

Cecilia, abbess of the monastery of Sir John m. secondly, Isabella, daughter

Wilton. and sole heir of Walter de la Barre, and by Agnes, m. to Thomas Parry, of Poston, her (who wedded, secondly, Walter Coy in Herefordshire. kin, without issue,) left at his decease, 49 Joane, m. to John Blount, of Grendon, EDWARD III. a son and successor,

in Herefordshire. Roger BODENHAM, of Dewchurch, who Elizabeth,


of Ely.


* ROBERT BODENHAM, of Biddenden, by Ju Frances, m. to Henry Goodricke, of the Isle liana, his wife, daughter of Sir Thomas Finch, left a son and successor,

Anne, m. to Thomas Clarke, of GodmanJoun BODENHAM, of Biddenden, in Kent, who

chester. .Juliana, daughter of Thomas May, of Mayfield,

Elizabeth, m. to Sir James Wingfield, knt, of in Sussex, and was s. by his son,

Kimbolton. Roger BODENHAM, of Biddenden, who m. Mar

Sensa, m, to William Bolton, of Ufford, in

Huntingdonshire. garet, daughter of John Hales, baron of the Ex

Sir William died there in 1613, aged fifty-eight, chequer, and was s. by his son,

and was s. by his son, WILLIAM BODENHAM, of Biddenden, who mar

Sir FRANCIS BODENHAM, knt. of Ryal, who m. ried two wives; and by the second, Juliana, first, Penelope, daughter of Sir Edward Wingfield, daughter of Welles, of Smarsden, in Kent, had

knt, of Kimbolton; and secondly, in 1627, Theotwo sons and two daughters, viz.

dosia, daughter of Francis, Lord Hastings. By the WILLIAM (Sir), his heir.

former, who d. in 1625, he left at his decease in John, d. s.p.

1671 a son and successor, Joane, m. to Josias Sulyard, of Biddenden. Sir WINGFIELD BODENHAM, knt. of Ryal, aged

Jane, m. to Stephen Bateman, of Biddenden. six in 1621, who m. Frances, daughter of Farnham William Bodenham d. in 1579, aged sixty-three, Beaumont, second son of Sir Thomas Beaumont, and was s. by his son,

of Stoughton, and left, with other issue, a son, Sir William BoDENHAM, knt. of Biddenden, in BEAUMONT BODENHAM, esq. of Ryal, who m. Kent, and of Ryal, in Rutlandshire, who m. first, first, Ursula, daughter of Gilbert Wigmore, of Sensa, daughter of Francis Harington, of South Shelford, in Cambridgeshire, who d. issueless ; Witham, in Lancashire; and secondly, Isabella, and secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel Wigdaughter of John Quarles, of Ufford, in North more, of Stamford, by whom, who wedded secondly amptonshire. By the former he left issue, Edward Browne, he left at his decease in 1681 an Francis (Sir), his heir.

only daughter and heir, Frideswide, m. to Thomas Wattes, of Thurle ELIZABETH, baptized in 1678, m. to Thomas thorpe, in Lincolnshire.

Burrell, of Dowsby, in Lincolnshire.


Roger Bodenham was buried in the cathe- | living in 1634, who m. Mary, daughter of dral church of Hereford in 1514, and suc Sir Francis Lacon, of Kinlet Hall, in Shropceeded by his son,

shire, and had issue, Thomas BODENHAM, esq. of Rotherwas, Roger, his heir. who m. Jane, second sister and co-heir of Thomas, of Blackbrook, in MonmouthThomas Yorke, and by her (who wedded, shire, d. unm. secondly, Stephen Parry,) had issue,

Bridget, m. before 1634 to Walter James, ROGER, bis heir.

of Treyvor, in Monmouthshire.
John, of Hereford.

Eleanor, d. unm.
Catherine, m. to William Morgan, of Blanch, m. after 1634, to Edmund Haw-
Tredegar, and d. s. p.

Anne, m. first, to Walter Williams, of The elder son and successor,

Llanfwyst; and secondly, to William ROGER BODENHAM, esq. of Rotherwas,
Price, of the same place.

espoused Anne, daughter of Draycot, of Thomas Bodenbam d. in London 30 HENRY Paynesley, in Staffordshire, and had issue, VIII. and was s. by his son,

THOMAS, of Rotherwas, living in 1678, ROGER BODENHAM, esq. of Rotherwas, who m. Catherine, daughter of Edborn 3 Hen. VII. who m. Jane, third dau. ward Guildford, of Hempstead, in and co-heir of Thomas Whyttington, of

Kent, and had two daughters, Pauntley, in Gloucestershire, and had issue,

Mary, m. to Charles Mildmay, of
THOMAS, his heir.

London, and d. s.p.
ROGER (Sir), successor to his brother.

Anne, a nun at Pontoise.
John, d. young.

JOHN, of whom presently.

Elizabeth, born in 1543, m. to Thomas

Morgan, of Machen, in Monmouth-

who all d. unm.
Margaret, m. first, to William Games,

Joseph, whose sons, Robert and John, and secondly, to John Pye. Roger Bodenham died in 1579, and was s. by his son,

Dorothy, m. to Charles Gwillim, esq. of Thomas BODENHAM, esq. of Rotherwas, b. the Grange, in Gloucestershire. in 1544, at whose decease s.p. in 1583, the

Mary, d. unm. estates and representation passed to his bro

Anne, m. to George Scudamore, esq. of ther,

the Forge, in Monmouthshire. Sir Roger Bodenham, of Rotherwas, b. The second son, in 1545, created a knight of the Bath at the

JOHN BODENHAM, esq. married Mary, coronation of James 1. He m. in 1582, daughter of Charles Trinder, of BourtonBridget, youngest daughter of Sir Hum-on-the-Water, in Gloucestershire, and had phrey Baskerville, knt. of Erdisley Castle, 1 (with a daughter, Anne, m. to Henry Tasin the county of Hereford (see vol. I. p. 89), burgh, esq. of London, and d. s. p.) two and had issue,

sons, of whom the younger, John, a Jesuit,

named in the settlement of 1712, d. unm.; Thomas, his heir. William, of Bryngwyn, baptized 21st while the elder, September, 1592, signed the Visita

Charles BODENHAM, esq. of Rotherwas, tion of 1634. He m. Jane, daughter married, first, (articles, 30th August, 1710 and heir of Richard Wright, of Swil- settlement, 2nd and 3rd May, 1712 ;) Anne, ley, in Derbyshire, and widow of daughter of John Stonor, esq. of Stonor, in Thomas Fleet, of Hollow, in Wor- the county of Oxford, and by her, who d. cestershire, by whom he left at his in April, 1714, had a son, Charles-Stonor, decease, 12th May, 1641, three sons,

his heir, and Margaret-Catherine, a nun at Roger, aged twelve in 1634, m. the Brussels. He wedded, secoedly, in 1731,

daughter of Bounhide of Barnes Catherine, daughter of Henry Huddlestone, ley.

esq. of Sawston, in Cambridgeshire, and by John, died 17th April, 1697, aged her (who was buried at All Saints, Hereford, seventy-three, and was buried at

9th August, 1770,) had issue,
Much Dewchurch.

John, living in 1756, d. s. p.
William, m. the daughter of John Catherine, m. to John Berkeley, esq.
Dannett, of Bosbury.

of Spetchley, in Worcestershire. Blanch, m. 5th October, i611, to Ed Mary, m. to John Tancred, esq.

ward Lingen, of Stoke Edith and Apne, died in infancy.
Sutton, in Herefordshire.

Mr. Bodenham died 15th May, 1762, and Sir Roger was succeeded at his decease by was succeeded by his son, his cldest son,

CHARLES-STONOR BODENHAM, esq. of RoThomas BODENHAM, esq. of Rotherwas, therwas, who m. Frances Pendrill, descend

both d. s.p.

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ed from Richard Pendrill, who saved King | Mr. Bodenham d. at Rotherwas, 5th April, Charles II. and dying 16th April, 1764, 1826, and was s. by his son, the present was succeeded by his son,

CHARLES-THOMAS BODENHAM, esq. of RoCHARLES-STONOR BODENHAM, esq. of Ro- therwas. therwas, who m. (settlements dated 10th and 11th February, 1783) Bridget, daughter of Arms—Az. a fess between three chessThomas Hornyold, esq. of Blackmoor Park, rooks or ; quarterly of 25 coats. in Worcestershire, and by her, who died

Crest-A dragon's head erased sa. 30th April, 1825, had one son and a daugh

Motto--Veritas liberabit. ter, viz. CHARLES-THOMAS, bis heir.

Estates-In Herefordshire. Elizabeth-Mary, a sour de charité at Seat-Rotherwas.


LESLIE, CHARLES-ALBERT, esq. of Ballybay, in the county of Monaghan, b.
23rd May, 1765, m. in July, 1799, Ellen, youngest daughter of Richard Magenis,
esq. of Waringstown, in Downshire, and has had issue,

Henry-CHARLES, d. unm. in December, 1832.
Charles-Richard, d. young.
Elizabeth-Catherine, d. young.
Catherine, d. young.
Catherine-Letitia, d. young.
Emily-Elinor-Wilhelmina, m. to Arthur French, esq. of the county of Roscommon,

and has a son, Robert, and two daughters.
This gentleman, who is lieutenant-colonel of the Monaghan militia and a justice of the
peace, succeeded his father, the Rev. Dr. Henry Leslie, in February, 1803.


whom it is regretted that no recent infor-
mation has been obtained. From a docu-
ment dated in 1788, it appears there resided
in the county of Kerry, Sir Edward Leslie,
bart, who was son of the then late Bishop of
Limerick, and descended from Dr. John
Leslie, of Urney, who obtained from WIL-
LIAM III. the grant of Tarbert, part of Lord
Clare's forfeitures, Dr. John Leslie was
son of George Leslie, who came from Scot-
land with his relative, John, Bishop of
Raphoe, and married that prelate's wife's
sister, Catherine, fourth daughter of Alex-
ander Conyngham, Dean of Raphoe.

The house of Leslie, of Hungarian origin,
ranks, in point of antiquity, with the most

ancient in the kingdom, and it has been the The Leslies descend from the noble fa

rare fortunes of the family to be illustrated mily of Rothes, and are allied by blood to by an historical narrative* showing the many of the nobility of Scotland. Their lineal descent of each generation from the first settlement in Ireland took place in the year 1067, when its patriarch, Bartholomew, reign of James I. and different members passed into Scotland with Queen MARGARET, of the family now possess considerable estates in the counties of Monaghan, Antrim, of one of the family, in Ireland, is in Latin. A

* This very curious book, in the possession Down, Donegal, and Meath. The chief branches still existing are those of Leslie of founder of the family stretched upon the ground

genealogical tree, as frontispiece, represents the Glasslough, represented by Charles Powell

as the root, his son as the stem, from which Leslie, esq.; of Ballybay, by Charles Albert shoot out branches and leaves, representing the Leslie, esq.; and of Leslie House, by James different descendants of the family, with their Leslie, esq. There are also, in the south of connections, down to the time at which the book Ireland, families of the name, respecting was printed.

The sur


in whose household he held the high office

Anne, b. on Christmas-day, 1715, of chamberlain. Many families of Leslie

m. to Arthur Trevor, first Visare now resident in France, Hungary, Rus

count Dungannon, and had issue, sia, &c. and several places in those countries

Arthur Trevor, father of the bear names derived from this ancient cogno

present Viscount Dunganmen, as Leslinia, Lessilia, &c. name has been differently spelt, Lessley,

Anne Trevor, m. in 1759, GarLesley, Lesly, but most generally Leslie.

ret, first Earl of MorningBARTHOLOMEW, the founder of the family in

ton, and was mother of Great Britain, stood high in the favour of

the Marquis Wellesley, the Malcolm III. of Scotland, by whom honours

Duke of Wellington, Lords and possessions were conferred upon him

Maryborough and Cowley, with no sparing hand, in reward for his great

&c. services. On one occasion, after a gallant

Prudence Trevor, m. to Charles defence of the citadel of Edinburgh, the

Powell Leslie, esq. of GlassKing promised bim that wherever he should

lough, in the county of Mojourney from Dumfermline towards the

naghan. north, in one day, upon the same horse, he Mr. Leslie was succeeded at his decease by would grant him the surrounding country to his son, the extent of a mile. When, on his return from the performance of his task, the King of Ahoghill, in the county of Antrim, who

The Rev. Peter Leslie, 1686, rector inquired where he had left his horse, he answered “ between the less Ley* and the Dopping, bishop of Meath, and had issue,

m. Jane, daughter of the Right Rev. Dr. mair,” the King, remarking that the place agreed with his name, replied, “ Lord Less

1. HENRY, his heir. ley shalt thou be, and thy heirs after thee,”

11. James, of Leslie House, in the county and confirmed the promised grant. Bartho

of Antrim, b. in 17:28, m. first, Mrs. lomew died at an advanced age, in 1120,

Hamilton, and secondly, Sarah Fleleaving a son Malcolm, who maintained the

ming, but d. s. p. in 1796. high character of his father, and whose

III. Samuel, major in the 14th regiment, descendants bore conspicuous parts in many

d. unm. of the occurrences of the eventful times in

IV. EDMOND, archdeacon of Down. See which they lived. The earldom of Rothes

Leslie of Leslie House. was conferred, in 1457, on George Leslie, 1. Margaret, m. to the Very Rev. Hill and has descended in a direct line to the pre

Benson, dean of Connor. sent peer. A scion of the ennobled house, 11. Jane, m. to the Rev. Mr. Stewart.

Henry Leslie, born in 1580, removing Mr. Leslie was s. by his eldest son, from Scotland, settled in Ireland in 1614, The Rev. Henry Leslie, L.L.D. of Ballyand died in 1661, leaving a son,

bay, in the county of Monaghan, born in James Leslie, born 21st November, 1624, October, 1719, rector of Tandragee, in Arwho married Jane Echlin, of Downshire, magh, who m. in 1753, Catherine, daughter and was succeeded by his eldest son, of the Very Rev.Charles Meredyth, dean of

The Venerable HENRY LESLIE, archdeacon Meath, and had issue, of Down, born 4th November, 1651, who m.

1. Peter-Henry, b. in 1755, killed in Margaret Beachan, of an English family, action in America. and had issue,

II. CHARLES-ALBERT, his heir. J. James.

1. Catherine - Letitia, m. the Right 11. PETER.

Rev. William Foster, bishop of Clogul. Randal.

ber, and had issue, IV. Edmund.

John Leslie Foster, one of the bav. Henry-Robert.

rons of the Court of Exchequer, 1. Mary.

in Ireland. 11, Catherine.

William, in holy orders. III. Penelope, m. E. F. Stafford, esq.

Anna, Mrs. Howell. and had a daughter,

Catherine, m. to William Drum

mond Delap, esq. Robert Verstigan, in his Antiquities, on the

Harriet, m. to the Count de Salis, word ley, writes: “a combat having formerly taken place in Scotland, between a noble of the

of Rokeby Hall, in the county of

Louth. funily of Leslie and a foreign knight, in which the Scot was victorious, the following lines, in

Elizabeth, Mrs. M'Creight. memory of the deed and the place where it hap

Letitia, Mrs. North. pened, are still extant.

Dr. Leslie died in February, 1803, and was “ Between the Lesse Ley and the Mair succeeded by his son, CHARLES - ALBERT

He slew the knight and left him there” LESLIE, esq. of Ballybay.

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