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" and the Elements shall melt with fervent Heat ; "the Earth alfo, and all the Works that are "therein, fhall be burnt up." That mighty Hand, which once opened the Windows from on High, and broke up the Fountains of the great Deep, will then unlock all the Magazines of Fire, and pour a Second Deluge upon the whole Earth. The vengeful Flames, kindled by the Breath of the Almighty, spread themselves from the Centre to the Circumference. Nothing can withstand their Impetuofity; nothing can escape their Rage. Univerfal Defolation attends their Progress. Magnificent Palaces, and folemn Temples, are laid in Ashes. Spacious Cities, and impregnable Towers, are mingled in one fmoaking Mass. Not only the Productions of human Art, but the Works of Almighty Power, are Fuel for the devouring Element. The everlafting Mountains melt, like the Snows which cover their Summit. Even vaft Oceans ferve only to augment the Blaze.-O! how shall I or others, ftand undifmayed amidst the Glare of a burning World, unless the LORD JEHOVAH be our Defence? How fhall we be upheld in Security, when the Globe itself is finking in a fiery Ruin, unless the Rock of Ages be our Support?


BEHOLD! a new Spectacle of Wonder! The Moon is making her Entry into the Sky. See her rifing in clouded Majefty: All grand and · ftately, but fomewhat fullied in her Aspect. However, the brightens, as fhe advances; and grows clearer, as fhe climbs higher: 'Till, at length, her filver lofes all its Dross; she unveils her peerlefs Light, and becomes "the beauty of "Heaven, the Glory of the Stars *;” delighting every Eye, and chearing the whole World, with the Brightnefs of her Appearance, and the Softnefs of her Splendors.-O! thou Queen of the Shades, may it be my Ambition to follow this thy inftructive Example! While others are fond to transcribe the Fashions of little Courts, and to mimic Perfonages of inferior State, be it mine to imitate thy improving Purity. May my Conduct become more unblemished, and my Temper mpre refined, as I proceed farther and farther in my probationary Courfe. May every fordid Défire wear away, and every irregular Appetite be gradually loft, as I make nearer Approaches to the celeftial Manfions. Will not this be a comfortable Evidence, that I too fhall shine in my adored Redeemer's Kingdom? Shine with a richer Luftre, than that which radiates from thy VOL. II. refplendent

* Ecclus. xliii. 9.


Lucidum cæli decus,


refplendent Orb; fhine with an unfading Luftre, when every Ray, that beams from thy beauteous Sphere, is totally extinguished?

THE Day afforded us a Variety of entertaining Sights. Thefe were all withdrawn at the Approach of Darkness. The Stars, kindly officious, immediately lent us their Aid. This ferved to alleviate the Frown of Night, not to recover the Objects from their Obfcurity. A faint Ray, fcarcely reflected, and not from the intire Surface of Things, gave the straining Eye a very imperfect Glimpfe; fuch as rather mocked, than fatisfied, Vision.-But, now the Moon is rifen, and has collected all her Beams, the Veil is again taken off from the Countenance of Nature. We once again behold the World's great Picture, not indeed in its late lively Colours, but more delicately fhaded, and arrayed in fofter Charms *.

WHAT a majestic Scene is here! How incomparably grand, and exquifitely fine!The Moon, like an immenfe cryftal Lamp, pendent in the magnificent Ceiling of the Heavens: the Srars, like fo many Thousands of golden Tapers, fixed in their azure Sockets: all pouring their Luftre

Now reigns

Full orb'd the Moon, and with more pleafing Light Shadowy fets off the Face of Things..-MILT.

Luftre on fpacious Cities, and lofty Mountains; glittering on the Ocean; gleaming on the Foreft; and opening a Profpect, wide as the Eye can glance, more various than Fancy can paint *. We are forward to amidst the Performances of human Art. A Landschape, elegantly defigned, and sketched out with a masterly Hand; a Piece of Statuary, that feems, amidst all the Recommendations of exact Proportion and graceful Attitude, to foften into Flesh, and almost breathe with Life; thefe little Imitations of Nature we behold with a pleafing Surprize; and shall we be G 2


* As when the Moon, refulgent Lamp of Night,
O'er Heav'ns clear Azure fpreads her facred Light;
When not a Breath disturbs the deep Serene,
And not a Cloud o'ercafts the folemn Scene;
Around her Throne the vivid Planets roll,
And Stars unnumber'd gild the glowing Poles
O'er the dark Trees a yellower Verdure shed,
And tip with Silver ev'ry Mountain's Head;
Then shine the Vales, the Rocks in Profpect rife,
A Flood of Glory burfts from all the Skies :
The conscious Swains, rejoicing in the Sight,
Eye the blue Vault, and bless the useful Light.

I transcribe thefe Lines, because Mr. Pope fays, They exhibit, in the Original, the finest Night-Piece in Poetry. And, if they are fo beautiful in Homer's Language, who can fufpect their fuffering any Difadvantage from the Pen of his admirable Translator ?

lefs delighted at the inexpreffibly noble, and completely finished Original?-The ample Di'menfions of Ranelagh's Dome, the gay Illuminations of Vaux-Hall Grove, I fhould fcorn to mention on such an Occafion, were they not the Objects of general Admiration. Shall we be charmed with thofe puny Effays, of finite Ingegenuity; and touched with no Tranfport, at this Stupendous Display of omnipotent Skill? at the auguft Grandeur, and fhining Stateliness, of the Firmament; that forms an Alcove for Ten thoufand Worlds, and is ornamented with Myriads of everlasting Luminaries. Surely, this must betray not only a total Want of Religion, but the moft abject Littleness of Mind, and the utmost Poverty of Genius.

THE Moon is not merely an Ornament in "the high Places of the LORD," but of fignal Service to the Inhabitants of the Earth.--How uncomfortable is deep, pitchy, total Darkness! especially, in the long Abfence of the Winter's Sun. Welcome therefore, thrice welcome this aufpicious Gift of Providence; to enliven the nocturnal Gloom, and line with Silver the raven-coloured Mantle of Night.--How defirable to have our Summer-Evenings illuminäted that we may be able to tread, the dewy Meads, and breathe the delicious Fragrancy of


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