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vard. No sooner was the family settled at seemed impossible for one so unworthy as Wakefield than Mrs. Colcroft renewed her she was could ever be permitted to enjoy exertions with great spirit and energy. She them. When she was reminded that salvawas particularly anxious for the improvement tion was entirely by grace, her reply was. of the sabbath-school. She offered herselt “ Yes, Jesus came into the world to save as a teacher, and being accepted gave herself sinners, even the chief. This is my hope once more to her beloved work as an in- and trust. Looking for the mercy of the structor of the young. To show the deep Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life." interest that she took in the duties to which On the last sabbath but one that she spent she was now called, the writer may state the on earth she had a deep convictinn that death fact that no less than seven or eight hours was at hand. On the morning of that were devoted every week, upon an average, day she said, “I die looking to Jesus.” to a preparation that she might discharge Then turning to her husband she remarked, them in the most efficient manner. It may “I should not like you to leave me. I could appear strange how she could find so much wish some of the members to come and pray time to dovote to this object, especially when with me. They go and pray with others, it is remembered that the entire management why should they not come and pray with of the house devolved upon her, and every me?” This wish was communicated to the thing relative to the family was kept in the people, who no sooner heard it than they most perfect order. The fact is her heart flocked to the house in great numbers ; anwas in her work, and we can commonly find xious to see one whom they all esteemed and time to do that in which we really delight. loved. The scene that now took place was Her aim in these efforts was to bring the too affecting to be described. As each memchildren to a knowledge of the truth as it is ber approached the bed on which she lay, in Jesus that they might be saved. Her she stretched out her hands to take leave of success, however, in these labours was not them, giving them the most suitable counsels satisfactory to herself. She often expressed and advice. Her general admonition was, a fear that she had done but little good “Live in peace with each other, and live amongst the young. There was one instance near to the Lord. Watch and pray. What of her usefulness which came to her know. I say to you I say to all, Watch." Two of ledge some months before her death, that the brethren then engaged in prayer, and all reafforded her great satisfaction. A young fe- tired, humbled and melted by what they had male lately joined the church at Horsforth, just witnessed. May her dying exhortation be and dated her first serious impressions to the always remembered and obeyed. Her life how. instructions which she received from Mrs. ever was prolonged eight days after this solemn Coleroft, while she was a scholar in her interview had taken place. During this inclass. This silenced her complaints and gave terval hopes were cherished that she might a fresh impulse to her zeal.

yet recover and be spared. These hopes But we must hasten to the closing scene. were all groundless. As the week advanced Hler death was sudden and unexpected. It she sank into a state of weakness and exwas occasioned by a month’s severe suffering haustion for which there was no remedy. from diarrhea and dysentery. All was done On the Saturday night previous to her to remove the disease that could be accom- death the sickness which had operated so plished by the best medical skill, devoted violently at the beginning of her affliction in affection, and Christian kindness. But every some degree returned. effort was unavailing. The complaint had This made it evident to all that she could taken too deep a hold of the constitution to not long survive. Yet she lingered on the be eradicated. After the first week of her borders of eternity till Monday evening, when illness Mrs. Colcroft began to conclude that at half-past eight o'clock she breathed her she should not recover. This apprehension last and fell asleep in the arms of Jesus, in was much strengthened by the appearance her fifty-second year, of thrush, and her inability to take any solid Fondly as we cherish the memory of the food. Shə daily grew weaker. Her mind departed, we cannot speak of her as a perfect however was perfectly calm, and she was character. She had her faults. She knew fully resigned to the will of God. She them more fully than others did, and often frequently expressed the very solemn feel confessed them with great pain of mind. Yet ings which she experienced in the prog- it is not too much to say of her that she was pect of death and eternity. Often also an excellent wife, a sincere Christian, and did she utter this sentiment, viz. : that the a devoted sabbath-school teacher, glories of heaven appeared so great that it

For Correspondence and additional Intelligence, see the concluding pages of the Supplement




Baptist Missionary Society.

Formed 1792. OBJECT:—"The diffusion of the knowledge of the religion of Jesus Christ throughout the whole world, beyond the British Isles, by the preaching of the Gospel, the translation and publication of the Holy Scriptures, and the establishment of Schools. INCOME, year ending March 31, 1852

£19,116 119 EXPENDITURE

18,088 6 1 BALANCE against the society

4,723 5 8

Treasurers, WILLIAM BRODI: Gurney, Esq., SAMUEL Morton Peto, Esq., M.P. Secretaries, Rev. FREDERICK TRESTRAIL and Edward B. UNDERHILL, Esq.

Baptist Mission House, 33, Moorgate Street.

ܕ ܀

Committee. Acworth, Rev. James, LL.D., Bradford,

Low. James, Esq., London. Allen, Joseph, H., Esq., Brixton.

Middleditch, Rev. C. J., Frome. Angus, Rev. Joseph, D.D., Stepney:

Murch, Rev. William II., D.D., London, Birrell, Rev. Charles M., Liverpool.

Mursell, Rev. James P., Leicester. Bowes, Rev. W. B., London.

New, Rev. Isaac, Birmingham. Brawn, Rev. Samuel, Loughton.

Newman, Rev. T. F., Nailsworth. Brock, Rev. William, London,

Pewtress, Thomas, Esq., London. Brown, Rev. J J., Rending.

Phillips, J. L., Esq., Melksbam. Cox, Rev. Prancis A., D.D., LL.D., Hackney.

Robinson, Rev. W., Cambridge. Davis, Rev. G. H., Bristol.

Russell, Rev. Joshua, Greenwich. Dowson, Rev. H., Bradford,

Soule, Rev. Israel May, Battersca. Gould, Rev. George, Norwich.

Steane, Rev. Edward, D.D., Camberwell. Green, Rev. Samuel, London.

Stevenson, George, Esq., Blackheath. Groser, Rev. William, Chelsea.

Stovel, Rev. Charles, London. Hoby, Rev. James, D D., London.

Tucker, Rev. F., B.A., Mancbester. Katterns, Rev. Daniel, Hackney.

Watson, William H., Esq, London. Leechman, Rev. John, M.A., Hammersmith.

Webb, Rev. James, Ipswich. Leonard, Solomon, Esq., Bristol.

Winter, Rev. Thomas, Bristol.

Messrs. Charles Burls, R. W. Cooko, and Alfred T. Bowser.

Native preachers
Net increase of members during the year
Number of members
Assistant teachers
Day schools
Day scholars

In these numbers Jamaica is no incluict.

45 114

150 5,069

165 105 4,622


Baptist Home Missionary Society.

Formed 1797. OBJECT:-“To encourage the formation and growth of Baptist churches, both in the agricultural and manufacturing districts of Great Britain, particularly in large towns." INCOME, year ending March 31, 1852

£3,867 30 Expenditure

3,822 95 Balance against the society

404 04
Treasurer, J. R. BoUSFIELD, Esq., 126, Houndsditch.
Secretary, Rev. STEPHEN JOSHUA Davis, 33, Moorgate Street.

Acworth, Mr.

Hill, Mr. J.
Bezer, Mr. H.

Howieson, Rev. W.
Bigwood, Rev. J.

Inglis, Mr. J.
Bond, Mr. W. H.

Keighly, Mr.J.
Eastty, Mr. N.

Miall, Rey. W.
Fishbourne, Rev. G. W.

Miall, Mr. J.
Freeman, Mr. G. T.

Moore, Mr. G.
Gardner, Mr. W. B.

Sarl, Mr. J.
Groser, Rev. W.

Walters, Rev. W.
Haddon, Mr. J.


Mr. James Low and Mr. W, Sarl.

Baptist Irish Society.

Formed 1814. OBJECT :-“The diffusion of the gospel of Jesus Christ principally by the employment of Missionaries and Readers in Ireland, the establishment of Schools, and the distribution of Bibles and Tracts." INCOME, year ending March 31, 1852

£3,454 10 2 EXPENDITURE

2,075 16 8 Balance against the Society

449 10 7
Treasurer, JOSEPH Tritton, Esq., 54, Lombard Street.
Secretary, Rev. WILLIAM Groser, 33, Moorgate Street.

Aldis, Rev. John, Southwark.

Miall, Rev. William, Dalston.
Bigwood, Rev. John, Brompton.

Oliver, Mr. James, Newington Causeway
Fishbourne, Rev. G. W., Stratford.

Overbury, Rev. R. W., London.
George, Rev. Jonathan, Walworth.

Rothery, Rey. Joseph, London.
Harvey, Janjes, Esq., London.

Sanders, Joseph, Esq., Walworth.
Hill, John, Esq., Hammeremith.

Trestrail, Rev. F., Hammersmith.
Howieson, Rev. W., Walworth.

Walters, Rev. W. Camberwell.
Jay, Alfred T., Esq., Pimlico.

Watson, Samuel, Esq., Walworth, Low, James, Esq., London,

Young, T., Esq., Camberwell.

General Baptist Missionary Society.

Formed 1816. INCOME, year ending June, 1852

£2,385 5 2 EXPENDITURE

1,398 6 5 BALANCE in hand .

987 8 9 Treasurer, Mr. ROBERT PEgg, Derby.

Secretary, Rev. J. G. Pike, Derby. Bankers, Messrs. Smith and Co., Derby ; Messrs. Smith, Payne, and Smith,


Bible Translation Society.

Formed 1840, OBJECT :-" To aid in printing and circulating those translations of the Holy Scriptures from wbich the British and Foreign Bible Society has withdrawn its assistance on the ground that the words relating to the ordinance of baptism have been translated by terms signifying immersion; and further to aid in producing and circulating other versions of the word of God, similarly faithful and complete.” Income, year ending March 31, 1852

£1,854 4 11 EXPENDITURE

1,823 13 4 BALANCE in band

53 14 11
* Treasurer, G. T. KEMP, Esq., Spital Square.
Secretary, Rev. EDWARD STEANE, D.D., Camberwell.

Allen, J. H., Esq., Brixton.

Murch, Rev. W. H., D.D., London.
Acworth, J., LL.D., Bradford.

Mursell. Rev. J. P., Leicester.
Angus, Rev. J., D.D.

New, Rev. I., Birmingham.
Birrell, Rev. C. M., Liverpool.

Newman, Rev. T. F., Short wood.
Bowes, Rev. W. B., London,

Overbury, Rev. R. W., London.
Brock, Rev. W., London,

Pewtress, T., Esq., London.
Brown, Rev.J. J , Reading.

Phillips, J. L , Esq., Melksham.
Birls, C., Exq, London.

Pike, Rev. J. G, Derby.
Buns, Rev. J, D.D, London.

Pryce, Rev. E. S., B A., Gravesend.
Davis, Rev. G. H., Bristol.

Robinson, Rev. W., Cambridge.
Dowson, Rev. H., Bradford.

Russell, Rev. J., Greenwich.
Gould, Rev. G., Norwich,

Soule, Rev. 1. M., Battersea.
Hinton, Rev. J. H., M.A, London.

Sprigg, Rev. J., M.A., Westbury Leigh.
Hoby, Rev. J., D.D., London.

Stevenson, G., Esq., Blackheath.
Jackson, S., Esq., Croydon.

Tucker, Rev. F., Manchester.
Leechman, Rev. J., M A., Hammersmith.

Underhill, E. B., Esq., London,
Le nard, S., Esq., Bristol,

Walters, Rev. W., London,
Low, James, Esq., London.

Watson, S., Esq., London.
Lowe, G., Esq., F.R.S., London.

Webb, Rev. J., Ipswich.
Middleditch, Rev. J. C., Frome.

Winter, Rev. T., Bristol.

Travelling Agents.
Rev. George Francis, 61, Walnut Tree Walk, Lambeth; Rev. Manoah Kent, Shrewsbury.

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Baptist Building Fund.

Formed 1824. OBJECT :-“ To assist by gift, or loan without interest, in the building, enlargement, or repair of places of worship belonging to the Particular or Calvinistic Baptist Denominations throughout the United Kingdom.” INCOMF, year ending July, 1852

£1,044 59 Loans and Gifts to Churches .

820 0 0 EXPENSES for Printing, &c.

47 18 9 BALANCE in hand

154 14 0 Secretary, Mr. John EastTy, 2, Victoria Terrace, Upper Grange Road, London, Solicitor, WILLIAM H. Watson, Esq., Bouverie Street, Fleet Street.

Bayley, Mr. George.

Pillow, Mr. T.
Barnes, Mr. R. Y.

Peto, S. M., Esq., M.P.
Benham, Mr. J. L.

Pewtress, Mr. Stephen.
Bowser, Mr. William.

Poole, Mr. M.
Bowser, Mr A. T.

Rothery, Rev. J.
Cook, Mr. J. T.

Soule, Rev. 1. M.
Dixon, Mr. RS.

Trestrail, Rev. F.
Eastty, Mr. Nathaniel.

Warmington, Mr. Joseph.
Haddon, Mr. John.

Williams, Mr. R.
Lush, R., Esq.

Wilmshurst, Mr. B. C.
Merrett, Mr. Thomas.

Woollacott, Mr. J. C.
Moore, Mr. G.

Auditors, Messrs. N. EastTY and J. OLIVE.
Collector, Rev. C. WOOLLACOTT, 4, Compton Street East, Brunswick Square.

Baptist Metropolitan Chapel Building Society,

Established 1852. OBJECT:-"To erect and aid in the erection of commodious chapels, scating not fewer than 600 persons each, in eligible situations within eight miles of the General Post Office."

Trustees, S. M. Pero, Esq., M.P.; Joseph Tritton, Esq.

Bankers, Messrs. BarcLAY, BEVAN, Tritton, and Co.
Secretary, Rev. G. W. FISHBOURNE, 33, Moorgate Street.

Angus, Rev. J., D.D.

Maclaren, J. W., Esq.
Barnett, J. Esq.

Moore, George, Esq.
Broad, Peter, Esq.

Noel, Hon. and Rev. B. W., A.M.
Brock, Rev. W.


Joseph, Esq.
Cartwright, R., Esq.

Steane, Rev. E., D.D.
Doxsey, Rev. Isaac.

Stovel, Rev. Charles.
Gurney, W. B., Esq.

Thomas, Rev. G. B.
Hill, John, Esq.

Trestrail, Rev. Frederick.
Kemp, G. T., Esq.

Underhill, E. B., Esq.
Lewis, Rev. W. G.

Warmington, Joseph, Esq.

Baptist Union.

Formed 1813. OBJECTS :"1st. To extend brotherly love and union among those Baptist Ministers and Churches who agree in the sentiments usually denominated evangelical."2nd. To promote unity of exertion in whatever may best serve the cause of Christ in general, and the interests of the Baptist Denomination in particular, 3rd. To obtain accurate statistical information relative to Baptist Churches, Societies, Institutions, Colleges, &c., throughout the kingdom and the world at large. 4th. To prepare for circulation an Annual Report of the proceedings of the Union, and of the state of the denomination." INCOME, for the year ending April, 1851

£144 05 EXPENDITURE, including last year's balance

216 611 BALANCE against the Society

72 6 6 Treasurer, George Lowe, Esq., F.R.S., 39, Finsbury Circus. Secretaries, Rev. E. STEANE, D.D.; Rev. J. H. Hinton, M.A.

Committee-Official Members.
Bailey, Mr. W., Secretary to the Particular Baptist Fund.
Davis, Rev. Stephen J., Secretary to the Baptist Home Missionary Society.
Eastty, Mr. John, Secretary to the Baptist Building Fund.
Groser, Rev. William, Secretary to the Baptist Irish Society.
Hoby, Rev. J., D.D., Secretary to the Hanserd Knollys Society.
Pike, Rev. J. G., Secretary to the General Baptist Missionary Society.
Trestrail, Rev. F., Secretary to the Baptist Missionary Society.
Underhill, Mr. E. B., Secretary to the Baptist Missionary Society.

Elected Members.
Allen, Mr. J. H. Brixton.

Howieson, Rev. W., Walworth,
Angus, Rev. J., D.D., Stepney.

Leechman, Rev. J., M.A., Hammersmith.
Bigwood, Rev. J., Brompton.

Low, Mr. James, London.
Birt, Rev. C. E., M.A., Wantage.

Murch, Rev. W. H., D.D., London.
Brock, Rev. W., London.

Overbury, Rev. R. W., London.
Bryan, Rev. E., Oxford.

Pegg, Rev. G., London
Burls, Charles, Esq., London.

Rothery, Rer. J., Hoxton.
Burns, Rev. J., D.D., London,

Sterenson, Rev. J., Walworth.
Cox, Mr. G., London.

Wallace, Rev. R., Tottenbam.
Pishbourne, Rev. G. W., Stratford.

Walters, Rev. W., London.
Green, Rey. S., Stoke Newington.

Watson, W. H., Esq., Walworth.
Corresponding Members.
In England and Wales, the Secretaries of Baptist Associations.
In Scotland, the Secretary of the Baptist Union for Scotland.
In Hamburgh, the Rev. J. G. Oncken.
In Prussia, the G. W. Lehmann, Berlin.
In Canada, the Rev. Dr. Davies, Montreal,
In New Brunswick, Rev. C. Spurden, Frederickton.
In Nova Scotia, the Rev. Dr. Cramp, Acadia College, Horton.
In United States, the Rev. Baron Stow, M.A., Boston,
In West Indies, the Rev. John Clark, Brown's Town, Jamaica.
In East Indies, the Secretaries of the Bengal Baptist Association.

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