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chequer. * As a trifling compensation, go- Greene, esq.serjeant-at-law, descended from vernment allowed him £300 per annum, the family of Green,t of Green's Norton, in and offered to settle the rent of the Post Northamptonshire, and by her (who died Office on him and his heirs for ever, which and was buried in St. John's, London, 26th being then only £100 per annum, he did | December, 1655,) had another son, not think worth bis acceptance, and he was John, bapt. 28th May, 1637, buried deprived of the £300 annuity in the reign of 2nd October, 1638. King William, by an alteration in the Ex- He was s. by his elder son, cise, from which it arose. Mr. Alderman Thomas FREWEN, esq. bapt. 27th SepFrewen purchased Brick wall House of Wil-tember, 1630: returned to parliament for liam White, esq. and bought other large the borough of Rye in 1678, which place le estates in the counties of Lincoln, Middle- represented in six successive parliaments, sex, Kent, and Sussex. He lived to a great until 1698. He married first, Judith, sole age, having survived two attacks of the daughter and heir of John Wolverstone, of plague, and died at Brickwall, and was bu- Fulham, in the county of Middlesex, in ried at Northiam, 11th September, 1679. whose right he inherited a large property

Mr. Frewen married first, 9th April, 1629, there, and by whom (who died 29th SepKatherine, daughter and co-heir of Thomas tember, 1666, in the twenty-seventh year of Scott, of Goateley, in Northiam, and by her her age, and eleventh of ber marriage, and (who died in child-birth, and was buried in lies buried in York Minster, 1) he had five St. John Baptist's Church, London, 1st De- children. Mr. Frewen married secondly cember, 1630,) had issue,

in 1671, Bridget, ş daughter of Sir Thomas Thomas, of whom presently.

Laton, of Laton, in the county of York, and He m. secondly in 1636, Elizabeth Greene, co-heiress of her brother, Charles Laton, supposed to have been daughter of John inherited in her right, the large estates in

would conform and accept it, Dr. Frewen had the don, on the election of Bishop Laud to the dignity grant of renewing leases in that See as well as of Chancellor of Oxford. York, which was exceedingly profitable, the lives A common place book in folio, and another in having all fallen in during the Rebellion : this quarto. The most interesting of bis works, viz. grant will not appear undeserved, when we con An account in Latin of his visit to the various sider the profitable preferment given up for a see German courts while chaplain to Lord Digby," which for near twenty years produced nothing, has been unfortunately lost. and the loss of all his temporal estate on account Dr. Frewen expended near £1500 in repairing of his exertions in the royal cause. In 1660, Oc the cathedral at Lichfield, and a large sum in imtober 28th, he assisted at the consecration of Gil- proving the palace at Bishopsthorpe, where he enbert Sheldon, Bishop of London, and in the Janu- tirely rebuilt the great dining room and chambers ary following, at that of Gilbert Trowside, Bishop over it. He bequeathed by his will £1000 to of Bristol. In 1661, he was chairman of the Savoy Magdalen College, Oxford, with some smaller Conference : his opponent Baxter speaks of him legacies for charitable purposes. T'he advowson as a peaceable man, and one who refrained from of Northiam, which he inherited from his next takin an active part in the proceedings. In brother, The ful Frewen, he left to his nephew, 1663, December 20th, he assisted at the consecra Thomas Frewen, the third rector of this family, tion of William Paul, Bishop of Oxford, to which and all the rest of his property, amounting to he was commissioned by Archbishop Sheldon. £30,000, to his brother and executor, Stephen This great prelate closed his eventful life, March Frewen, alderman of London. 28th, 1664, and was buried May 3rd, under the Dr. Frewen was so particular in his moral chaeast window of York Cathedral, where a hand-racter, that he never allowed a female servant to some monument is erected to his memory. belong to his household : the circumstances attend

Dr. Frewen was accounted a general scholar ing his birth (fuit filius utero matris viventis exand good orator, but has left nothing extant except cisus) had such an effect on his mind that he rean oration and certain verses on the death of solved to remain single, and died unmarried. Prince Henry. The works of the anonymous Vindication of Dr. Frewen, p. 17, and Turauthor of the Whole Duty of Man have by some nor's Case of the Bankers; London, 1675. been attributed to him, though apparently without + The arms of Green, of Greens Norton are, sufficient reason : there are, however, in the pos azure, three bucks tripping, or. sion of the present family the following works in # See Drake's York, p. 512. his own hand writing:

By this alliance the present family claim deA collection of Latin orations from 1628 to scent from the noble houses of Fairfax, Lord Elm1660 ; most of which were delivered by him in ley ; Constable, Lord Dunbar; and Percy, Earl convocation whilst vice chancellor ; one of them of Northumberland ; (see Fairfax of Gilling, vol. delivered before King Charles I. at Woodstock, ii, of this work.) Arms of Laton, argent, a fess in 1629, and another in the bishop's Palace, Lon- sable between six cross crosslets fitchèe.

I Life of Baxter, vol. i. p. 171.
3 Vindication of Dr. Frewen.

2 Le Nere.
4 Ibid. p. 13.

the county of York of that ancient family,

Northiam, 14th Aug. 1766, and by her (who died at Brickwall and was

when his property devolved buried on the same day with her father-in

upon his aunt, Mrs. S. Turlaw, Mr. Alderman Frewen,) bad six more

ner, as stated above. children. Mr. Frewen married thirdly, Jane, Katherine. Lady Wymondsold, relict of Sir Dawes By his second wife, Bridget, he bad, Wymondsold, * of Putney, in the county of Laton, b. April, 1674, succeeded to his Surrey, and sole daughter and heir of Sir mother's estates in Yorkshire, and Robert Cooke, of Highnam, in the county left issue, at his death, one son, of Gloucester, by his second wife, Jave, re

Latou Frewen, of Brafferton Tall, lict of Mr. George Herbert,† by Lady Wy

Yorkshire, b. in 1694, m. Mary, mondsold, (who died 20th June, 1718, aged

daughter of Faceby, (she d. seventy, and lies buried at Putney,) he bad

23rd April, 1786); assumed in no issue. Mr. Frewen died 8th September,

1770, the name Turner, on inhe1702, and was buried at Putney in the vault

riting from his cousin, Selina of the Wymondsold family. By his first

Turner, the joint estates of the wife, Judith, Mr. Frewen had issue,

Frewens of Brick wall and the Thomas, d. unm. in 1680.

Turners of Cold Overton, and EDWARD (Sir), b. in 1661, and with Ro

dying without issue, 19th July, bert Wymondsold, received the ho

1777, was interred at Brafferton. pour of knighthood from King JAMES

Stephen, b. April, 1675, died unm. in II. in the royal bedchamber, 4th the East Indies. March, 1684. Sir Edward was major John, of whom presently. of the first regiment of the Cinque William, b. August, 1677, buried DePorts, and M.P. for Rye. He m. cember the same year. Selina, daughter of John Godschall, Charles, b. in September, buried Deof East Sheene, in Surrey, and by cember, 1678. her (who died suddenly at Hawk Mary, b. 25th July, 1672, m. Henry hurst, 25th November, 1714, and was Turner, esq. of Cold Overton, in the buried at Northiam,) had issue,

county of Leicester, serjeant-at-law. THOMAS.

The fourth son by the second marriage, Jane, b. 1686, m. in 1704, to Wil JOAN FREwen, b. in 1676, in holy orders,

liam Ives, of Bradden, in North- rector, first of Sidbury, in Devonshire, and amptonshire, and d. s. p. 10th afterwards of Tysoe, in the county of WarJanuary, 1706.

wick, and Walton-upon-Trent, Derbyshire, Selina, b. in 1691, n. 15th August, m. Rachel, daughter of Richard Stevens, of

1727, to John Turner, of Cold Culham, || in the county of Berks, and by
Overton, in Leicestershire. This her (who died 21st March, 1752, aged se-
lady, having survived her hus- venty-seven, and was buried at Sapcote,)
band, inherited the Brickwall had issue,
estate at the death of her ne Thomas, of whom presently.
phew, Thomas Frewen, in 1766. John, b. 1715, fellow of Oriel College,
She d. s. p. 5th March, 1770, Oxford, and rector of Tortworth, in

and lies buried at Cold Overton. the county of Gloucester, m. ElizaSir Edward d. 8th Oct. 1723, was bu

beth, eldest daughter and co-heir of ried at Northiam, and s. by his son,

John Townsend, of Oxford, by Thomas FREwen, $ 6. in 1687, m.

whom (who survived him, and m. se7th July, 1713, Martha, only

condly, Nathan Wright, of Engledaughter of Mr. Serjeant Tur field,** in the county of Berks, and ner, of Cold Overton, and by died 2nd April, 1814, aged seventyher, who was burned to death three,) he had issue one daughter, at Brickwall, 6th February, 1752,

Selina Frewen, b. at Tortworth,

5th January, 1767, m. 2nd SepThomas Frewen, who d. un

tember, 1794, the Rev. James married, and was buried at

Knight Moor, rector of Sapcote,

had a son,

Sir Daws Wymondsold was an eminent roy See his obituary in Gentleman's Magazine for alist, and one for whom King Charles II. intended April, 1738. the order of the Royal Oak, (see his pedigree in || Arms of Stevens, parti per chevron, vert and Herald's College). Arms of Wymondsold, ar

argent, two falcons or, belled, in chief. gent, a chevron between three martlets, sable.

Arms of Townsend, azure, three escallops + See Walton's Life of Herbert, last page. argent. Arms of Godschall, argent, three bendlets,

** See Wyndham, of Cromer, vol. ii. of this wavy, azure.


Leicestershire, and dying 7th | Charles Clarke, esq.of London, by his second
February, 1818, was interred at wife, Elizabeth, only daughter and heir of
Rugby with her husband, by David Hay, esq. of Hopes, in the county of

whom she left issue an only son. Haddington, and had issue,
Mr. Frewen died 3rd October, 1767, 1. Thomas, his beir.
and was buried at Tortworth.

II. Charles Hay Frewen, who inherited Bridget, b. in 1704, d. unm. in London, his father's estates in the county of

and was buried in St. George's, York, and is a magistrate for the Queen Square.

counties of Leicester and Rutland. Rachel,b. in 1710, m. to Simon Knight,t III. John Frewen.

of Rugby, and was buried with bim 1. Selina Frewen.
at Slapton, in the county of North- Mr. Frewen Turner died 1st February,
ampton, in July, 1794.

1829, I was buried at Cold Overton, and s. Mary, b. 1715, n. the Rev. Stanley by his elder son, the present Thomas

Burrough, head master of Rugby FREwen, esq. of Brickwall House.
school, and rector of Sapcote. She
d. s. p. 12th September, 1801, and is Arms- Ermine, four bars azure, a demi-
buried at Sapcote.

lion rampant, proper, issuant in chief. Rev. John Frewen died at Sapcote, and was Quartering Scott of Halden, Conghurst of there buried, 19th February, 1735. His Conghurst, Laton of Laton, Hay of Hopes, elder son,

and Clarke of the county of Clare, in İreThomas Frewen, a clergyman, born at land. Sidmouth, Devon, in 1708, was rector of

Crest-A demi-lion rampant argent lanSapcote, Leicestershire. On the death of gued and collared gules, bearing in its paws his cousin, Laton Frewen Turner, of Braf- a galltrap azure. ferton Hall, Yorkshire, in 1777, he suc

Motto-Mutare non est meum. ceeded to the joint estates of the Frewen Estates---Chiefly in the counties of Leiand Turner families, and assumed the name cester, Sussex, and Cork. of Turner, pursuant to the will of John Seats-Cold Overton Hall, LeicesterTurner, of Cold Overton. He m. Esther shire ; Brickwall House, Northiam, Sussex; Simkin, by whom (who died 6th October, Innishannon, in the county of Cork. 1803, aged eighty-three, and is buried at Cold Overton,) he had issue,

family of Turner. John, his heir. Mary, b. at Sapcote, September, 1753, TURNERş married one of the two

d. unm. at Brickwall, 7th December, daughters and co-heirs of Edward Watson, 1811.

of Bramcote, in the county of Warwick, by Selina, 1. November, 1760, died at Cold whom he acquired one moiety of the estate Overton, 7th April, 1784.

in that parish, which had belonged to the Rev. Thomas Frewen Turner died at Cold Abbey of Leicester, and which was granted Overton, 22nd November, 1791, was there to the said Edward Watson in 1542, by buried, and s. by his son,

King HENRY VIII. He had issue, John FREwen, esq. born at Sapcote, Ist JOHN TURNER, who purchased of Robert, August, 1755. On the death of Mrs. Frewen Earl of Leicester, in 1573, the estate and Turner, of Brafferton, in 1786, this gentle- advowson of Atherstone-upon-Stour, in the man succeeded to the Yorkshire estates of county of Warwick, and presented to the the family: in 1791, he served the office of living in the years 1581, 1583, and 1608 ; bigh sheriff for Leicestershire. On the he was father of death of his father in 1791, he assumed the WILLIAM TURNER,/l who sold his estate at name of TURNER, as possessor of the Turner Bramcote to Gamaliel Purefoy: jointly estates in Leicestershire, of which county with his father he presented to the living of he was a magistrate and deputy lieutenant, Atherstone, in 1608: he is supposed to have and lieutenant-colonel of the yeomanry been the father of cavalry : at the general election in 1807, he Joun TURNER, merchant of London, who was returned to parliament for Athlone, in 1658, and following years advanced which he represented till 1812. In 1808 he large sums of money to Jolin St. John, esq. married Eleanor, daughter and co-heir of of Cold Overton, in the county of Leicester,

* Viz. Rev. John Frewen Moor, of Bradfield • See his obituary in Gentleman's Magazine, House, in the county of Berks.

February, 1829. + Arms of Knight, argent, on a fess between three buffaloes' heads, erased sable, armed, through Parish of Bramcote.

♡ See Dugdale's History of Warwickshire, each of their noses an annulet or, a fret between two eaglets close, of the field.

|| See ditto, Parish of Atherstone-upon-Stour.

eldest son,

upon mortgage of his estates there. This which they descended to Laton Frewen, of
John m. Martha, youngest child of John Brafferton Hall, Yorkshire.
Pettiward,* of Putney, in the county of
Surrey, and by her (who survived him and

Arms-Ermine on a cross sable, five fers died in 1681,) had issue,

de moulins argent. Henry, of whom presently.

Crest-A lion passant argent, carrying in
John, a merchant of Exeter, died with- dexter paw a fer de moulin sable.

out issue.
Richard, of Lincoln's Inn, afterwards
of Barbadoes, died unmarried in

Family of Scott.
Roger, merchant of Faro, in the king-

John Scott, of High Halden, in the dom of Algarve, in Portugal, died county of Kent, living in 1380, erected the there 6th February, 1735, unmar

mansion called Halden House. He died in ried.

1410, leaving issue, Mr. Turner was compelled to institute legal

THOMAS, his heir. proceedings against John St. John for the

Richard, of Biddenden. recovery of the money due to him, but died The elder son, during the progress of the suit in 1669. His

Thomas Scott, of Halden, died in 1478,

leaving issue, HENRY TURNER, born in 1656, was a bar HENRY, his heir. rister of Lincoln's Inn, and became serjeant Nicholas, who left no male issue. at-law: at the termination of the proceed- The elder, ings in Chancery, he obtained possession of HENRY Scott, of Halden, died in 1472, the estates of Cold Overton and Sapcote, in in the lifetime of his father, and left issue, the county of Leicester, the value of which,

Henry, who succeeded his grandfather; however, did not at all cover the debt due

from him descended the eldest branch to him from Mr. St. John. He married

of the family,t who resided at HalMary, eldest daughter of Thomas Frewen,

den till Reginald Scott sold the manM.P. of Brickwall, and by her (who died

sion and estate to Sir Edward Hales. 15th October, 1735, and was buried at Sap THOMAS. cote,) bad issue,

The second son,
John, his heir.

Thomas Scott, married Mildred, only
Martha, b._1695, m. 7th July, 1713, daughter and heir of George Conghurst, of

Thomas Frewen, of Brickwall, and Conghurst, in the parish of Hawkhurst. was burned to deatii there 6th Febru- This family of Conghurst bad been seated

here from time immemorial. Their original Serjeant Turner died at Coventry while residence, called Old Conghurst, a castelattending the circuit, 29th March, 1724, lated mansion situated close to the Level, was buried at Sapcote, and succeeded by (formerly an arm of the sea,) was burned

by the Danes at a very remote period : 1 John Turner, esq.b. in 1691, who served they subsequently removed to the high the office of high sheriff for Leicestershire ground, where the present house is situated. in 1739. He m. 15th August, 1721, Selina, This last house Thomas Scott, after his youngest daughter of Sir Edward Frewen, marriage, began to rebuild, but he died beof Brickwall, and dying at Cold Over- fore it was finished, and his widow comton Hall, 5th August, 1753, without issue, pleted it. By her he had issue, lies buried in the church there. He be George, his heir. queathed his Leicestershire estates to his Thomas, m. Margery, daughter of widow for her life, and at her death entailed Clarke, of Ford, in the parish of them on the Frewen family, in pursuance of Wrotham, and by her, who died and

ary, 1752.

his son,

John Pettiward was a wealthy merchant of tian Life,” 4 vols. oct. London, 1696 : the first London, and was fined £500 for refusing to serve part was published some years before, but the the office of Alderman. Hed. in 1671, possessed of last two vols. came out after his death in the year lands at St. Dunstan in the East, and in the county above mentioned. of Suffolk. He is ancestor of the present family of Pettiward, of Putney. The following arms were # Nothing now remains of old Conghurst, exgranted to him by Charles II. for his zeal incept the scite, which is moated round, it is about promoting the Restoration : “ Argent on a cross half a mile from the present house ; this latter has raguly sable, five estoiles of the field.”

been much modernized, but still retains some an+ Of this elder branch was John Scott, D.D. cient portions, particularly in the kitchen, where rector of St. Giles in the Fields, London. He are to be seen the arms of Scott and Conghurst, was a noted divine, and author of “ The Chris- quarterly, and underneath them the date, 1599.

was interred at Sevenoaks* in 1618, Boys, brother of Samuel Boys, of
aged eighty-two, had issue,


The eldest son and heir,

William Scott, esq. of Conghurst, bapt.
Richard, of London, m. the daugh- 29th June, 1555, married Alice, daughter of

ter of — Taylor, of London, and John Selwyn, of Frissen, in the county of by her had issue,

Sussex, and by her (who d. and was buried
Anna, n. Thomas Brace, of at Hawkhurst, 5th Dec. 1625,) had issue,

George, his heir.
George, of London.

Thomas, bapt. November, 1592, buried

3rd January, 1632.

Grace, m. Nicolas Mathew, of NorthVenicia, m. to J. Carpenter, esq.

amptonshire. The eldest son,

Margery, m. George Barnardiston, of George Scott, m. Dorothea, daughter of

Bedfordshire. William Thrill, of Foxwood, in the county William Scott was buried at Hawkhurst, of Essex, and by her (who d. and was buried 12th December, 1610, and was s. by his at Hawkhurst, 21st Sept. 1607,) had issue,

eldest son, WILLIAM, bis heir.

GEORGE Scott, esq. of Conghurst, bapt. Thomas, of Delmynden, in Hawkhurst, 19th January, 1590, married Dorothy, dau.

Kent, bapt. 31st Nov. 1561, who m. of Sir Humfrey Winch, knt. a justice of the
in 1593, Elizabeth, daughter of Tho- Court of Common Pleas, and by her, who
mas Peirse, of Westfield, in Sussex, survived him, had issue,
and by her,(who survived bim and was HUMFREY, his heir.
buried near her dau. Mrs. Frewen, in William, b. 1615.
St. John the Baptist's Church, Lon George, bapt. 24th April, 1624, was
don, 11th March, 1634,) he had issue, living in 1679.
Dorothea, d. an infant, buried at Cecilia, bapt. 3rd May, 1618.

Northiam, 20th March, 1601. Elizabeth, bapt. 20th April, 1620.
Dorothea, bapt. 20th February, George Scott died and was buried at Hawk-

1603, m. 15th April, 1623, John hurst, 7th July, 1626. He was s. by his
Frewen, rector of Northiam, and eldest son,
died there 1st January, 1658, HUMFREY Scott, esq. bapt. 25th July,
leaving issue by him.

1614, m. in 1641, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Katharine, bapt. 29th May, 1608, Matthew Howland, knt. by whom, who sur

m. 9th April, 1629, Stephen vived him, he had issue,
Frewen, and dying in child-birth, Matthew, bis heir.
was buried in St. John the Bap Frances, m. first, ~ Marshall; secondly,
tist's Church, London, Ist De Samuel Stevenson, of Sutton Cold-
cember, 1630, leaving one son, field, in the county of Warwick. She
Thomas Frewen.

had no issue by either husband. She Thomas Scott was buried at Nor

was eventually sole heir to her brothiam, 13th July, 1617, leaving his ther Matthew, and at her death, betwo daughters his co-heirs, who inhe queathed the estate at Conghurst to rited from their mother's family the Samuel Stevenson Alleyne, son of estate of Goateley, in Northiam.

John Alleyne, and grandson to her George, rector of Balcombe, in Sussex, second husband, Samuel Stevenson. who left three sons.

Elizabeth, m. Samuel Wall, of MickleElizabeth, bapt. Dec. 1555, m. first,

ham, in Surrey, but d. s. p. during Odiarn, of Oxney; secondly, William

her brother's life. Farmer, of Rotherfield, in Sussex. Humfrey Scott was s. by his son, Anna, bapt. April, 1571, m. Joseph Matthew Scort, esq. m. in 1667, Eliza

beth, daughter of Richard Watts, by whom * There are two monuments to this lady in (who survived him and was a lunatic for Sevenoaks Church, the older one, which is of oak many years) he had no issue.

He died 5th wainscot, has the following curious epitaph : May, 1679,7 and left his property to his Here lies her dust whom second love

only surviving sister, Frances. Never could to marriage move But did so long a widow tarry

Arms - Quarterly; Ist and 4th argent, Till that Christ her soul did marry

a cross crosslet fitchee sable, for Scott. Thus I cannot say she's dead

2nd and 3rd azure, three congor heads But to a heavenly husband wed There blest her soul lies in eternity

erased or; for Congerhust or Conghurst. Lives in the love of her posterity. Transmigravit A.D. 1618.

+ The fan.ily of Scott, of Conghurst, are supætat suæ 82.

posed to be extinct in the male line.

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