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3. Berkeley Buckingham Smith Stafford of BIRTHS.

Maine, in the county of Louth, Esq. to Anne TytJune 25. At Preston, the lady of Major Shum, ler, daughter of Lieutenant-colonel Patrick Tytler.

6. James Spence, Esq. Broughton Place, Édin6th dragoon guards, a son. - At Gate house, in the parish of Bellingham, burgh, to Margaret, daughter of the late Thomas

Hughson, Esq. of Airds. the wife of Mr R. Gillespy, farmer, two sons and

8. At Wooden, Captain Thomas Hood of the 75th one daughter. The three infants and their mother

regiment, eldest son of Thomas Hood of Hardare all doing well. 26. At Barbreck, Argyleshire, Mrs Captain Camp

acres, to Rebecca, eldest daughter of Robert Wal

ker of Wooden. bell, a son. 29. Mrs Smith, 13, Hope-street, a son.

22. At Speldhurst, near Tunbridge, Kent, Lord Cochrane, to Miss Catherine Corlett

Barnes, late of 30. At Garpel, Mrs Adam, a daughter, At Knowsouth, the lady of William Oliver,

Bryanstone-street, London, a young lady of small

fortune but good family. Esq. of Dinlabyre, a son.

At Bath, Roderick Macneill, Esq. younger of Mrs Darling, of the Post-office, Kelso, a

Barra, to Isabella Caroline, eldest daughter of daughter.

C. Brownlow,

Esq. of Lurgan, county of Armagh. July 2. At Hilabank, the lady of Peter Wedder

30. Robert Christie, Esq.

accountant, Edinburgh, burn, Esq. a son.

to Isabella, daughter of Mr George Hewet, Grizzle 3. At Stranraer, the lady of Colonel M‘Nair, 90th

field, Berwickshire. regiment, a son

July 1. At Biggar, Mr Thomas Calder of West - At Shandwick-place, Edinburgh, Mrs Miller of

Barns Distillery, East Lothian, to Jean, third Glenlee, a son.

daughter of James Hamilton, Esq. of Baden's Gill. 5. At Ashby de la Zouch, in Leicestershire, the

- At Dundee, John Maxwell, Esq. late of Jalady of the Rev. William M‘Douall, a son.

maica, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late Rev. Mr - Mrs James Campbell, Northumberland-street,

James Stormonth of Kinclune, minister of Airly. Edinburgh, a daughter.

At Ayr, the Rev. George Bell of Longforma7. The wife of James Simpson, farm-servant to

cus, to Mrs Elizabeth Watson. Mr Moffat, Provan-mill, about two miles from

2. At St George's church. Hanover-square, LonGlasgow, was safely delivered of three children, two girls and a boy, who, with the mother, are doing Cheshire, to Elizabeth Sophia Rowley,eldest daugh

don, Peter Langford Brook, Esg. of Mere hall, well.

ter of Admiral Sir Charles Rowley. Sarah Dullerson, wife of James O'Brien of

6. At Ford church, Thomas Hutchison, Esq. of Derrygault, within a mile of Strabane, Ireland, was

North Shields, to Miss P. Carr, eldest daughter of delivered of four female children, one of whom was

John Carr, Esq. Ford. still born. The mother is in a fair way of recovery,

7. Mr William Ford, merchant, Leith, to Miss and the three children are likely to do well.

Barbara Johnston, second daughter of Mr William - At her father's, James Haig, Esq. Lochrin, Mrs

Johnston, merchant there. M. E. Fell, a son,

9. At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Russell, merchant, 10. At Edinburgh, the lady of Robert Montgom

Falkirk, to Janet, fourth daughter of the late Mr ery, Esq. a son.

Robert Melville, merchant, Falkirk. 12 At Shandwick-place, Edinburgh, the lady of

14. At Dundee, the Rev. John Shaw of BracaMajor James Lee, a daughter.

dale, in the Isle of Skye, to Mary, eldest daughter - At 5i, George-street, the lady of Captain Bul.

of the Rev. Malcolm Colquhoun of Dundee. ler, 88th regiment, a daughter.

- At Mullicartin, near Lisburn, Joseph Camp14. In Great King-street, Mrs Captain Kerr,

bell, aged 77, to Catherine Jameson, aged 74. This - R. N. a daughter.

is the third time that the bridegroom, and second 15. At Belleside, Mrs Ferrier, a son, which only

that the bride, have presented an offering at the survived a few hours.

shrine of Hymen. 16. In Miller's Yard, Tollhouse-hill, Notting

15. At Jedburgh, Mr Thomas Oliver, farmer in ham, Mrs Bell was delivered of three fine children,

Lanton-mill, to Miss Thomson, daughter of the two girls and a boy. The mother and children are

late Mr Thomson, Lanton. all likely to do well. Her husband was a private At Wells, Richard Burford, Esq. formerly of in the 33d regiment of foot, but died about two

the royal North British dragoons, to Harriet, one months ago. 18. Mrs Cathcart, Gayfield-square, Edinburgh, a

of the daughters of the late Robert, and sister of the

present J. P. Tredway, Esq. M. P. for Wells. daughter.

Lord James Stuart, brother to the Marquis of 20. At her house, Upper Seymour-street, Lon.

Bute, to Miss Tighe, only daughter of the late W. don, Viscountess Torrington, a son. 23. At Castle-hill, Edinburgh, Mrs Snell, a

Tighe, Esq. of Woodstock.

16. At Kelso, Mr Robert Marshall, merchant in daughter.

Berwick-upon-Tweed, to Isabella, eldest daughter 24. At Durie, Mrs Christie, a son.

of Mr James Swan, farmer in Banbeath, Fife. 26. At Teviotbank, the Hon. Mrs Elliott, a son. - In George Street, Edinburgh, Lady Anne

17. At Edinburgh, Mr John Torrance, Hanover:

street, to Jane, daughter of Andrew Veitch, Esq. Wardlaw, a daughter.

Dalry Mills. 27. At Cargen, the lady of William Stothert of

21. At Edinburgh, Robert Filson, Esq. Madras Cargen, Esq. a daughter,

medical establishment, to Maria Euphemia, only 30. At Stockbridge, Mrs John Laidlaw, a son. The lady of Maj. Gen. Balfour, a daughter.

daughter of the late Lieutenant-colonel Flint, 25th Last week, the wife of a shepherd, employed by

regiment. Mr Hawkins of Newport, Monmouthshire, was de

At Culter, John Gibson, jun. Esq. W. S. to

Catharine, third daughter of John Dickson of Killivered of two boys and two girls at a birth, who are in a thriving way.

bucho, Esq. advocate. The parents are poor, and 25. At Hammersmith, Edmund Ronalds, Esq. keep them in coal-baskets instead of cradles.

to Eliza, only daughter of Dr Anderson of Hammersmith.

27. At Edinburgh, Elias Cathcart, Esq. younger MARRIAGES.

of Alloway, to Miss Janet Dunlop, only daughter

of the late Robert Dunlop, Esq. of Clober. March 29. At Buenos Ayres, Thomas Fair, Esq. 28. At Leith, the Rev. James Beckwith, to Miss merchant, to Miss Harriott Kendall,

Cumming, daughter of Mr Cumming, late royal June 1. At the house of the British Ambassador, veterans. Paris, John M‘Pherson, Esq. eldest son of Charles 29. By special license, at St George's church, M'Pherson, Esq. late inspector-general of barracks Hanover-square, London, the Marquis of Bute, to for North Britain, to Marian Cotelle, daughter of the lady Maria North, eldest daughter of the late John Addison, Esq. chief resident of Bauleah, George Earl of Guildford. The bride was given Bengal.

away by the Duke of York.

29. At Ayston, Lord Viscount Cranley, eldest son 25. At Roxburgh Manse, Mrs Bell, wife of the of the Earl of Onslow, to Mary, eldest daughter of Rev. Andrew Bell, aged 63 years. George Fludyer, Esq. M. P.

At his Lordship's seat, Port Elliot, Cornwall, - At London, Captain Crawford, only son of the Countess of St Germains. Sir J. Crawford, to Lady Barbara Coventry, daugh- 27. In King's College, Old Aberdeen, in the 75th ter of the Earl of Coventry:

year of his age, Mr John Gray, many years school31. At Edinburgh, David, eldest son of Mr W. master of Old Machar, and long an useful and reThomson, victual-merchant, Edinburgh, to Ann, spectable magistrate of the city of Old Aberdeen. daughter of Mr Robert Dott, residing there.

28. At Aberdeen, Janet Youngson, at the very advanced age of 101 yeurs. She was a native of the parish of Logie, and was able to go about until a

day or two before her death, being on the streets on DEATHS.

Friday se'ennight. Her mother, Margaret Milne,

a native of the neighbouring parish of Foveran, Nov. 20. At Calcutta, David Threipland, Esq. lived also to the age of 101. one of his Majesty's justices of the peace for that

29. At Birgham, Mrs Christian Bell, relict of the city, and son of the late Sir Stuart Threipland of

Rev. Adam Murray, minister of Eccles, aged 90. Fingask, Bart.

- At Overton, Lanarkshire, John Ingles CrawApril 26. At Rio Janeiro, aged 62, Commodore

ford, the infant son of Captain James Coutts CrawJohn Douglas, in the service of his Majesty the ford of Overton. King of Porcugal, and master and commander R.N.

In George's-square, Eliza Catherine, the infant June 1. At Campie-house, David Milne, Esq. daughter of Captain Elliott Baugh, R. N. father of Rear-admiral Sir David Milne, K. Č. B.

At Chicksands Priory, Bedfordshire, in the 4. At Cobham Park, Surry, after a very long ill

77th year of his age, Sir George Osborn, Bart. a ness, in the 67th year of his age, Harvey Christian general

in the army, and colonel

of the 40th

regiCombe, Esq. for many years one of the representa. ment of foot. tives in parliament for the city of London.

July 1. At Greenock, after a short illness, on his 16. At Dalkeith, Mrs Margaret M‘Lellan, wife

way to join the Halifax staff, Deputy-assistant-comof Mr John Downs Scrutton, flax-dresser.

missary-general Bisset. 19. At Kirkmaiden, the Rev. Thomas Young, 3. At her son's house of Sand-lodge, Shetland, minister of that parish.

Mrs Bruce of Sumburgh, mother of Mrs Admiral 21. After a long and painful illness, Mrs Macna- Fraser. mara, relict of the late John Macnamara, Esq. of

4. At Spittal, East Lothian, Mr James Bairns St Christopher's, and mother to the present Lady father, farmer. Cranstoun.

At his house, Hampton-court Green, Francis 22. At Garscube, near Glasgo, Catharine Don

Thomas Fitzmaurice, Earl of Kerry. Upon the alda Maclaine, youngest daughter of Mr Robert loss of his wife, April 1799, his lordship retired to Hart, manufacturer in Glasgow.

privacy and seclusion. Duly attentive to the ties 23. George Parys, Esq. army agent, of Craven- of blood and the calls of friendship, he has bestreet, London, after a severe illness of three months.

queathed a considerable sum to public charities. At Forfar, Mr John Mann, writer there.

Mrs Hinde, his near relative, is nominated sole ex24. At Montrose, Mr James Dempster, jun. ship- ecutrix. master, aged 36.

At Henderland, William, only son of Mr John At Siston, in England, aged 100, Richard Anderson, in the 15th year of his age. Kew, a pauper. He lived to be grandfather to a 5. At the house of Mr Ross of Sound, in Zetland, grandfather, being five generations.

in the 47th year of his age, George Linklater, Esq. On board his Majesty's ship Forth, upon the - At Elgin, the Rev. Thomas Duncan, who Halifax station, by the bursting of a blood vessel, had been for about 18 years pastor of the first asso. Lieutenant Alexander Home, R. N. a deserving ciate congregation there. young officer, third son of the Earl of Marchmont.

6. At Lowick, Mrs Jameson, wife of Mr JameHis confirmation as lieutenant was intimated from

son, town clerk of Berwick, aged 39. the Admiralty only fourteen days before Admiral At Mossburnford, near Jedburgh, Miss MarSir David Mills communicated to his friends the

garet Purves, daughter of the late Mr Wm Purves. account of his untimely death. Lieutenant Home At Glasgow, Mr William Milne, merchant was six feet two inches tall, and the strongest man there. in the ship:

At her house, in Prince's-street, Edinburgh, 25. At Morebattle Mains, near Kelso, in the 37th Mrs Elizabeth Bruce, eldest daughter of the late year of her age, after a painful illness of only 24 David Bruce of Kinnaird, Esq. hours, Mrs Margaret Scott, wife of Mr John Hills.

- Mrs Lucy Walker, widow of William Walker, - At her house, Royal Exchange, Edinburgh, writer in Edinburgh. Miss Katharine Waddell.

7. At Sunning hill, Berks, Lady Lindsay, widow John, fourth-son of Lieutenant-general Hun. of General Sir David Lindsay, Bart. ter of Burnside.

At Preston-grange, the Countess of Hyndford. - At Oreston, near Plymouth, in his 80th year, Thomas Brown, Esq. of Johnstonburn, East Lieutenant John Burrows of the royal navy, in Lothian, aged 82 years. which he served 64 years, 56 of which were as a lieu. 8. At Linlithgow, suddenly, Alexander Leartenant. Excepting three in Greenwich hospital, he month, Esq. of Crossflats. was the oldest in the lieutenant's list, and preferred At her house in Falkirk, Mrs Marion Meek, continuing so, though twice offered the rank of a relict of Dr John Corbet, physician there. master and commander.

- At Ferrybridge, Yorkshire, Lieutenant-gene- At his seat Springfield, near Charleville, coun- ral William Simson of Pitcorthy. ty of Cork, the Right Hon. Baron Muskerry, go- - At his father's house, College-street, John, vernor and custos rotulorum of the county of Lime- only son of Mr John M.Diarmid, writer in Edinrick, and colonel of the county of Limerick militia, burgh. &c.

9. At Edinburgh, James Kennedy, student of Mr William Hutchison, fish-curer, Burnt- medicine, eldest son of James Kennedy, merchant. island, in the prime of life, universally regretted. - At Fountainbridge, Margaret Henderson MilHe was unfortunately lost on returning from New- ler, eldest daughter of the late Mr David Miller. haven to Burntisland, in the passage boat which 10. At Springhill, Thomas Nesbit, Esq. of Merfoundered in the Frith of Forth. His remains sington. were found on the 1st, and interred at Burntisland At his house, Clapham Common, John Sprot, on the 4th July.

Esq. 26. At Cumbernauld, the Rev. George Hill, in 11. At Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Blyth, widow the 68th year of his age, and 37th of his ministry. of Mr Brodie. Mr’Hill was ordained at Cumbernauld in the year At Stewartfield, Caroline Cornelia,' eldest 1782, and during the lapse of 36 years, there was daughter of James Elliot, Esq. younger of Woollie. not a single Sabbath on which he was сара of 12. Richard Johnson, Esq. aged 75 treasure officiating in public, and only three Sabbaths dur- for the county, and one of the aldermen of the ing his last illness, that he was unable for duty. borough of Lancaster. He was the father of the

- At Paris, the infant daughter and only child corporation, having served the office of mayor three of Lord William Russell, son to the Duke of Bed- times, viz. in 1795, 1805, and 1813. ford, aged three months.

- At London, in consequence of a blood vessel - At Merchiston, Mrs Ryric, wife of Mr S. Ry- bursting, Mr John Leddingham, son of the late Mr rie of the commissariat.

George Lerldingham, merchant, Leith.

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12. At Leith, Jane Kirkwood, aged 66, wife of At Eye, Thomas Wayth, Esq, solicitor. He was William Dods, smith there.

attending the election ball given in honour of the At Edinburgh, Mrs Mary Mansfield, wife of newly elected members for the burgh of Eye, and William Mackenzie, Esq. writer to the signet. partaking of the amusement of dancing, when he

At Glasgow, Hamilton Macfarlane, merchant. in a moment fell motionless, and instantly expired. 13. At Boroughmuirhead, near Edinburgh, Miss At Portobello), near Sheffield, Mr Joseph voule, Christian Campbell, only daughter of the late John a self-taught mathematician of some eminence in Campbell, Esq. Perth.

that neighbourhood, and an able instructor His Mary Jane, aged ll, youngest daughter of death was caused by keeping the windows of his John Thomson, Esq. Forth-street, Edinburgh. school-room open during the whole of the Wednes

Sarah Firth of Bradley, Yorkshire, aged 75, day preceding, to avoid as much as possible the inwho, within the last 16 years, had been persecuted convenience of the intense heat of that day, by as a witch by an illiterate set of people.

which he caught an inflammatory fever, which cc14: At Edinburgh, Mr James Welsh, late baker casioned his death. there.

At Ferney Gre n, on the banks of Windemere, - At Edinburgh, Miss Jane Campbell, daughter Westmorland, the seat of the late Mr Pringle, of the late John Campbell, Esq. cashier of the royal Robert Allan, Esq. banker, Edinburghi, aged 72. bank of Scotland.

At Greenhill, in the parish of Ruthwell, Andrew At Leith, Alexander Shirreff, Esq. merchant Rome, in the 76th year of his age. This old man, there, aged 68.

with his brother, who still survives, and is about 10 At Maryfield, near Edinburgh, aged 19, Ag- years older, is among the last of a daring and ennes, only daughter of Mr William Elder, Leith. terprisii g race of smugglers, who carried on an ex

16. At 134, George-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Eli- tensive contraband trade in Annandale, before the zabeth Constable, wife of Mr Robert Cadell, book- exclusive privileges of the Isle of Man were bought seller.

up and regulated by government. He was a native 17. Of a fit of apoplexy, at the house of the Rev. of the border parish of Dornock, but for the last 40 Christopher Bird, High Hoyland, where he was or 50 years resided in the parish of {uth well, where receiving his education, Richard Henry Liulphus he rented a farm under the Earl of Mansfield. The Lumley, third son of the Hon. and Rev. John character of this old sinuggler was strongly marked Lumley Savile of Rufford, Notts. He was born with the peculiar features of his illicit occupation, September 16, 1800. His remains were deposited and would have formed a fine subject for the grain the vault of the Savile family, at Thornhill. phic pen of the author of Guy Mannering.

18. At her house, 3, Roxburgh-place, Mirs Ann Count Kalkreuth, the governor of that city. Allan, relict of Mr William Dick, attorney at law This distinguished officer lived to his 83d year, in Gibraltar.

having spent no less than 67 yeurs in the Prussian At the Manse of Buncle, the Rev. John service, and been actively employed during the Campbell, minister of that parish.

whole military career of his great friend and in19. Christina Dorothea ilamilton, infant daugh- structor, Frederick II. ter of Thomas Ewing, teacher, 41, North Hanover- At Calcutta, Sir John Hadley D'Oyly, Bart. street.

At Bombay, David White, Esq. second member - At Ayr, aged 13, Mary Riddel, daughter of of the medical board of the Bombay presidency. the late Dr David Linton, physician in the island Richard Miles Wynne, Esq. of Eyart-house, of Grenada

many years governor of Cape Coast Castle, Africa. 20. At Edinburgh, aged 16, John Henderson, At Leamington Spa, Sir Thomas Bernard, Bart. only child of Mr Henderson of Johnson's-court, D. C. L. long and deservedly celebrated for his phiFleet-street, London.

lanthropic labours and writings for promoting the 21. At Edinburgh, aged 19, Agnes, second daugh- public Charities and other useful institutions of the ter of Dr William Farquharson, physician.

kingdom. 21. At his house, in the Canongate, Mr John At Pisa, where she went for the recovery of her Henderson, tailor, aged 76.

health, the Hon. Charlotte Plunkett. She was 23. At Bellwood, Henrietta Anna Jane, only sister to Lord Cloncurry, and married, in 1803, daughter of John Young, jun. Esq.

Edward, eldest son of Lord Dunsany, by whom she 24. At Argyle house, London, the Right Hon. has left two sons and one daughter. Lady Caroline ('atherine Gordon, second daughter At Dundee, in the 100th year of his age, John of the Earl of Aberdeen.

Fraser, a native of Strathspey, and one of the few William Hutton, engraver in Edinburgh. remaining adherents of Prince Charles Stuart, hav

At Edinburgh, Patrick, the infant son of John ing fought under that unfortunate Prince during Campbell, Esq. of Achalader.

the whole of the rebellion in 1745 and 1746. He At Goodrich-houre, near Ross, Herefordshire, was buried at the church-yard of Logie; and the Miss Ann Colquhoun Bruce, eldest daughter of Sir company who attended his remains to the grave William Bruce of Stenhouse, Bart.

followed the ancient Highland custom of drinking 25. At Edinburgh, Marion, daughter of Mr John some bottles of whisky before leaving the burying. Nicol, Buceleuch-street.

ground. 26. At Edinburgh, William Jeffrey, Esq.

On his passage home from Jamaica, the celebrat28. At Edinburgh, Alexander Hamilton More- ed author, M. G. Lewis, Esq. well known by the head, youngest son of the Rev. Robert Morehead. name of Monk Lewis.

29. At Ormsary, Miss Katherine Campbell, At Lynn Regis, Mr Gavin Mitchell, son of the daughter of the deceased William Campbell, of deceased Dr Mitchell, minister of Kinellar. Ormsary.

At Newport, in this county, after a lingering ill30. At No 2, Mound-place, Eliza Orr, relict of ness, the Hon. Andrew Foley, M. P. for Droitwich, William Raeburn, perfuiner, Edinburgh.

in Worcestershire, brother of the late Lord Foley, - At Drumsheugh, Jemima Barbara, youngest and father of Colonel Foley, one of the county daughter of Sir John Hay of Smithfield and Hays- members in the last parliament. town, Bart.

At Trinidad, in the end of March last, Thomas Lately-Mr Henry Richardson of Northallerton, Bogue, eldest son of Jacob Bogue, lieutenant of Yorkshire, well known to the sporting gentlemen police, Edinburgh. as an extensive breeder of game dogs.

At Trieste, a Greek, at the great age of 125. He In Barcelona, Captain-General Castanos, the com- lived in three centuries. mander-in-chief at the celebrated battle of Baylen.

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