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Bowyer, Mr. his work on Waterloo, announ- Carlisle Library, particulars concerning. 79
ced, 50

- Pitt Ciub, account of, 435
Boydell, John, anecdore of, 417

Carlton House, architecture of, 121-im-
Boyne, Viscount, account of, 268

provements near, 362
Bray, Dr. his plan for parochial libraries, 110 Carlyle, Rev. Ms. on his character, 114
Brewster, Dr. the Copleyan Medal adjudged Casson, John, trial of, 86

to him, 38-prize awarded him by the Cat in the pan, origin of the expression, 131
Institute of France, 56

Catholic Seminaries, on, 194
Brickdale and Co. Statement of their affairs. Cauchy, M. prize a judged to, 56

Cavendish-square, description of, 219
Bridges, prices of shares in, 91, 199, 283,381. Certificates, lists of, 93, 189, 282, 380, 478,

Brighton, visit of the Prince Regent to, 85 Chambars, Mr. particulars respecting, 419
Bristol Pitt Club, account of, 434

Chamberlaine, M. particulars respecting, 418
British and Foreign Bible Society, remark Chambers, Sir Wm. particulars concerning,

respecting, 8-in the remark concerning, 418
400--mccting of, 557

Chancery, intended new coure of, 558
Institution, exhibition of, 154

Charles I. his love of the fine arts, 415
- Museum, architecture of, 124

Charles II. on his escape, 294
System of Education, defence of, 435 Charlotte, Princess, establishment of, 360
Britton, Mr.on the monumental bust of Shak her marriage, 458
speare, at Stratford, 414

Chatelaine, particulars concerning, 415
Brixham, opening of a new chapel at, 466 Chatterton, lines on, 48
Broughton, Wm. his longevity, 305

Cheetham's Library, account of, 302
Brown Joh'i, particulars respecting, 417 Chelsea Hospital, description of, 122
- W.C. death of, 171

- Military Asylum, account of, 192-
Buckinghamshire, Earl of, biographical ac- fire at, 362
count of, 172

Cheltenham, new chapel about to be erected
Buckley, George, apparatus for weighing at, 81
gases invented by, 326

- - Free Grammar School, opening
Bullion, prices of, 285, 181, 577

of, 466
Bunbury, Mr. W. H. particulars respecting, Chemical Report, 376

Chester race course, new stand al, 563
Burdon, Mr. letter from Mr. Tweddell tc, 6 -- river, curious animal caught in, 465
Burlington House, description of, 218 Chicksands Priory, inscription at, 201
Burns, Robert, inscription to his memory, Chilblains, cure for, 33

Christian Knowledge, meeting of the Society
Buschmann M. Von, musical instrument in for promoving, 559
vented by, 423

Christ's Hospital, or Blue Coat School, 20-
Butts, Mr. particulars respecting, 417

count of, 97
By hook or hy crook, origin of the saying, Church, on the liturgy of the established,204

- livings, return of, 104, 296
Byron, Lord, on his imitations, 199-sale of -- Missionary Society, meeting ot, $55
his estates, 368

Cipriani, anecilore of, 418

Clanny, Dr, on the lighting of coal-mices,
Cabanillas, Dr. his treatment of the yellow 424
fever, 234

Clapham, firs at, 569
Cadogan, Col. monument erected to him, Clarke, Mr. properties of his night-soil, 211

Cleveland House, remarks on, 218
Cain, query respecting, 5-on the history of, Clifford, Lady, her death, 86

199-answers to the query, 303, 407 Clifton, H. C. poetiy by, 524
Cambridge, proceedings of the University of, Climbing boys, meeting of the society for
50, 139, 323, 422, 525

superseding the employment of, 358
-- - niuseum to be erected at, 270 Clincher, origin of the expression, 321
Cambridgeshire, meeting of the land pro- Coal-mines, on preventing explosions in, 35
prietors of, 78-rots ini, 563


on lighting, 425
Campbell, Miss, lines by, 522

Cobbet's Register, strictures on, 211
Campbell, Rev. J. account of experiments Cobham, Mr. his performances, 349

with botiles sunk in the ocean, 212 Codices Rescripli described, 320
Canada, Lower, protestant college in, 111 Commerce, remarks on, 119
Canal shaies, prices of, 94, 190, 283, 381, Commercial Reports, 98, 184, 287, 377,
479, 575

475, 569
Canova, inquiry respecting a design by lim Companies' Shares, prices of, 04, 199, 283,
for Lord Nelson, 22

381, 479
Carlini, particulars respecting, 418

Conyngham, Countess, her death, 560
Carlisle, A. bis lectures an anatomy, 59 Cormouls, Rev. Mr. on the hollowness of
- Mrs. anecdote of, 418

the globe, 19-on gravity, 233, 411, 511
new bridge at, 366---proposed csiab. Corn, average prices of, 87, 183, 287, 383,
lishment of a muscum at, 564

483, 579

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awall Agricultural Society, meeting of,

Eagle, remarks on the natural history of, 489

Earthquakes, 273, 113
omandel hoy, robbery of, 460

Ease Dereham, new theatre at, 567
oners' inquests, improper verdicts of, 9, East India House, on the architecture of, 124

Ecion, Mr. his return of church livings, 296
irenay, J. account of, 364

Edmondson, Mr. particulars concerning,521
vent-garden theatre, remarks on the archi Education, remarks on the tendency of the
ecture of, 121— performances at, 157, new system of, 112-defence of, 405
251, 349, 451, 541

of the Poor, meeting of the So-
w-pox, on the impossibility of inoculating ciety for promo:ing, 558
bad humours with it, 105

Edwards, Mr. anecdotes of, 521
adle churn, account of, 375

Egerton, Rev. Mr. on his collection of MSS.
ane, Dr. on the symptoms of real death, 139-new work by him, 328

Elgin Marbles, opinions of eminent artists
raufurd, Mr. his course of French litera respecting, 247 --report from the select
ture, 55

committee on, 333
rewe, Emma, a female artist, 418

Ellesmere and Chester Canal Conipany,
ritical Review, improvement in, 528

packet established by, 564
Croft, Sir Herbert, account of, 562

Ellis, John, poetry by, 121
'saky, Count, his monument to Buonaparte, Ellys, J. particulars respecting, 521

Elmes, Mr. on the works of Nicholas Ozanne,
Culprit, origin of the word, 321

19-his plan of a new village announced,
Cumberland, extensive floods in, 79

155--his plan for a house for the Caledo-
Curwen, Mr. his election for Carlisle, 270 nian Society, ib.

Elspeth, inquiry concerning the origin of
Dalton, establishment of two schools at, 465 that name, 318
Davy, Sir H. on the fire-damp of coal-mines, England and Wales, number of parishes in,

and on a method of lighting them so as to 105
prevent explosion, 38-on improvements English fashions, remarks on, 426
in his safe-lamps, 143-experiments with Engravers, on their exclusion from the Royal
them, 327-remarks on them, 396

Academy, 5-reasons for their exclusion,
Dawe, Mr. his picture of Miss O'Neill, 59 195
* Day, Mr. his cast of the colossal group at Epping Forest, intended inclosure of, 367
Monte Cavallo, 155

Espagno, his remarkable longevity, 2
Dayes, E. particulars respecting, 419 Evangelical divines, caution against, 118-
Dean, Mr. particulars concerning, 419

remarks on their conduct, 312, 313—
Branch Bible Society, institution of, defence of, 313, 314

Exchange, courses of, 285, 481, 577
Death, equality in, 110

Exercise, on the benefits of, 2
De Bruyn, particulars respecting, 419 Exeter, establishment of a Gas-light Com-
Depping, Mr, new works by, 55

pany at, 80-new church al, 564
Derby Pitt Club, account of, 435

court, fire in, 460
Devis, Mr. his picture of Miss O'Neill, 59 Eyre, Mr. his death, 375
Devon and Exeter Pitt Club, account of, 436
Devonshire, prosperity of, 80-reduction of Faria, M. his experiments on animal mag-

rents in, 27 i---proposed improvements in, netism, 426

564-election of Mr. Bastard for, 565 Faringdon, silver coins found near, 365
Dividends, lists of, 92, 188, 280, 379, 477, Farms, on the disadvantages of small ones,

Dock shares, prices of, 94, 199, 283, 381, Fenning, Eliza, remarks on the case of, 198
479, 575

Ferguson, Adam, account of, 268
Dodd, Mr. his proposal for a new bridge over Finances, statement of, 164
the Thames, 168

Fires, destructive, 175, 362, 370, 375, 370,
Dog in a Doublet, origin of the expression, 460, 557, 569

Fisher, Mr. bis death, 565
Doncaster, foundation of national schools at, Fitzwilliam, Viscount, account of, 172

Flindell, Mr. T. his lines on the death of
Dougall, Mr. on the language of Malta, 98, Francis Gregor, 160
297, 397

Flogging, on the punishment of, 203--de-
Dramatic Register, 60, 155, 250, 347, 450,

fence of, 409

Foundling Hospital, architecture of, 123
Drury-lane Theatre, performances at, 60, Fournier, M. his edi ion of the works of Ci-

155, 250, 347, 450, 540- architectural cero announced, 529
remarks on, 122

Fox, Mr. Joseph, his death, 363
Dublin, destructive fire at, 375 -

Mr, statue of himn erected, 557
Dacis, M. account of, 329

France, state of literature in, 54, 233, 327,
Duigenan, Rt. Hon. Patrick, account of, 363 425, 529-substance of the conventions
D'Uklanski, Baron, posthumous work by with, 68-inquiry concerning the new
him announced, 504

boundaries of, 101-political transactions
Dunster, Rev, Charles, account of, 464

in, 106

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Fraser, Archibald, account of, 78

He can't say boh to a goose, origin of the
Freebairn, Robert, accident which occasioned expression, 130
his son's death, 521

He has been ac Blarney, origin of the the
Frome, subscription for a free church at, 371

Funded debt of Great Britain, state of, 361 He is a dab at it, derivation of, 322
Furlong, Thomas, poetry by, 161, 419 Hemp, proposed cultivation of, 274
Fuseli, Mr, his lectures at the Royal Aca Henley, Rev. Dr. Samuel, account of, 77
demy, 152

Hereford, Adult School to be institutedo,

308-Pitt Club established at, 467—2te
Gainsborough, Thomas, anecdotes of, 522 of the Female Adult School at, ib.-meet-
Game-laws, on their hardships, 33-answers ing of the Pitt Club of, 566
to animadversions on them, 205-further

County Hall, portrait of the Dal:
remarks on their hardships, 499, 500

of Norfolk to be placed in, 177
Ganganelli, on Zotti's edition of his letters, Hill, Lord, description of the column erected

at Shrewsbury in honour of him, 371
Gardner, Viscount, account of, 70

Hillingdon, account of the library bequeathed
Garland, Captain, steam-machine invented to the vicar of, 111
by, 465

Holland, on the union of the Austrian Ne-
Gent, Thomas, poetry by, 159, 357

therlands with, 491
Germain, Mademoiselle, prize adjudged to Homer, discovery of curious fragments of,5;
her by the Institute of France, 36

Hood, Viscount, biographical account of, 172
Glasgow, monument to Col.Cadogan at, 277 Hopetoun, Earl of, account of, 560
Glauber salt, discovery of a cave of, 430 Horse Guards, remarks on the, 121
Globe, the, on its hollowness, 19-on its Howden, benevolent society at, 472
supposed antiquity, 23, 108

Humber, inundation of the, 277
Gloucester, new bridge at, 566

Hutchinson, Foster, his death, 192
- and Berkeley Canal, completion
of, 466

Ignis Faluus, inquiry respecuing, 124—an-
Godfrey, Sir Edmundbury, on his murderers, swer to it, 417

I have shot my bolt, origin of the expression,
Goodall, Miss, remarks on her performance, 132

Indian jugglers, death of one of them, 375
Goode, Mr. his conviction for embezzle Infants, on the danger of administering opi-
ment, 373

ates to, 391
Grant, G. W.A. T. his death, 563

Ingram, W. killed by poachers, 81-trial of
Grant, Miss, lines on the death of, 522

the persons concerned in his murder, 867
Gravity, on, 223, 411, 511

Inquiries, miscellaneous, 227, 318
Great Britain, political transactions in, 162, Institute of France, proceedings of, 55,233,
359, 458

Greeks, on the academical institutions of the

new organization of, 397
modern, 236

losurance Companies' shares, prices of, 84,
Gregor, Francis, lines on his death, 160

199, 283, 381, 470, 575
Griffiths, Mr. his lectures on geology, 528 Intelligence, literary and scientific, 50, 139,
Grimani, Miss, remarks on her performance, 280, 323, 422, 525

Ionian Islands, state of literature in, 530
Grimmer, Mr. on the ignis fatuus, 417 Ireland, remarks on, 217-Sunday schools
Grimsby, amount of duties received at, 82 established in, 528
Grosvenor Square, remarks 01), 219

Rev. Thomas, his death, 566
Guardian of Health, the, 1, 195, 319 Iremonger, Mr. his account of the state of
Guy's Hospital, remarks on the architecture schools in Hampshire, 467
of, 123

Jabet,Mr. inquiry respecting Rowley's globes,
Hairs, method of removing, 300

Halifax Pitt Club, account of, 436

Jackson, Mr. his manufactory at L'ley lighted
Hamilton, Mr.on Tweddell's Collections, 140 with gas, 272
Hamlet, elucidation of a passage in, 310 Jerdan, W. his account of Mr. Trutter's Ba-
Hampshire, projected lunatic asylum in, 177 zaar, 26

- proposed cqualization of the county rate Jesuits, on the restoration of the, 490
in, 467-state of schools in, ib.

Johnes, Thomas, account of, 463
Hanover Square, remarks on, 219

Johnson, Dr. vindication of his character, 101
Hardinge, George, account of, 464

Joseph the Patriarch, inquiry respecting, 205
Haringtor, Di, account of, 173

-answer to it, 406-on the Mosaic his-
Hartwell, Charles, account of, 473

tory of, 492
Hawkins, Edward, his death, 277

Jouffroy, Marquis, his claim to the invcn-
Haydon, Mr. new picture by, 155

tion of, 56
Health, rules for preserving, i
Heath, Mr. Justice, account of, 172

Kean, Mr. his performances, 61, 62, 250,
Heaton Colliery, state of a body found in, 348, 450, 540, 541

176-discovery of the remains of the suf- Kemble, Mr. his perforinances, 45°, 453,
ferers in, 274


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Kidd's Remains of Porson, strictures on, 8- Mackenrot, Anthony, his trial for forgery, 74

vindication of that work, 393--strictures Mackinnon, Rev. J. on the history of Cain,
on it reasserted and vindicated, 507

199-on the Mosaic history of Joseph,
King's Bench Prison, report on the state of, 492

Macquarrie, Governor, report of his journey
King's health, bulletins of the, 74, 168, 265, into the interior of New South Wales, 14
362, 460, 556.

Madeira, effects of the earthquake at, 413
Körner, Theodore, translation of a poetical Magistrates, on the appointment of, 21
piece by, 421

Maidstone, state of the national school at,
Krudener, Baroness, particulars respecting, 467-petition for a mail coach to, ib.

Majo, A. A. his discovery of the Orations of

Symmachus, 234
Lambert, Rev. George, account of, 374. Malta, on the language of, 98, 297, 397
Lancashire, combination of calico-printers Manby, Capt. his method of extinguishing
in, 178

fire, 265
Lang, Chevalier, his tract on the Jesuits, 235 Manchester, proposal for a new church at,
Lansdown House, architecture of, 218

82-combination of the journeymen at,
Latin line, inquiry concerning the author of 178-proposed introduction of gas lights
one, 227

at, 272
Lavallée, Marquis, particulars respecting, - Pitt Club, account of, 437
232, 328

Mansion House, remarks on the architecture
Lavallette, his escape, 167

of, 121
Layman, Captain, experiments with his me Manufactures, foreign, policy of discourag-
thod of preparing timber, 327

ing, 366
Le Blanc, Sir Simon, his death, 363 Manvers, Earl, account of, 561
Leeds Pitt Club, account of, 436

Mardyn, Mrs. her performances, 156, 541
Leviathan, on the, 490

Margate Sea Bathing Infirmary, trial con-
Leicester Pitt Club, account of, 436

nected with it, 368
Leipzig, picture of the battle of, announced, Marlborough House, remarks on, 218

Martins, Dr. his work on the formation of
Lending libraries, proposed establishment of the head, 235

Marylebone, description of the new church
Leopold, Prince, memoir of the life of, 513 of, 121
Lewes, foundation of a new chapel at, 471 Marylebone-street, fre in, 557
Lewson, Mrs. account of, 561

Massareene, Earl, account of, 268
Libraries, public, accounts of, solicited, 513 Mathemarical questions, interest of, 513
Lichfield, coal mines to be opened near, 275 Mathematical sciences, on the neglected
Lincoln, earthquake at, 273

state of, 142
anů Stamford Mercury, duties paid Mayne J. poetry by, 162, 259
to government by, 82

Measure for Measure, new readir.g in, 204
Lincolnshire, proposed cultivation of hemp Melksham Spa, particulars rtspecting, 276
in, 274

Memoirs of Eminent Persons, 135, 513
Lioness, extraordinary attachment of one to Merry Andrew, origin of the expression,
a terrier bitch, 211

Literary Criticism, on, 305

Meteor, remarkable, 372
Literary Fund, annual dinner of, 424 Meteorological Registers, 96, 192, 298,384,
Liturgy of the Church, remarks on, 294

484, 380
Liverpool, new church at, 82-gas light Metz, the engraver, particulars respecting, 22

company at, 369 - parish dinners abo- M'Gill, Mr. his bequest, 111
lished at, 368

Millin M. notice of works by him, 55
-Theatre, renewal of the lease of, Milner, Dr. his conduct, 193

Mines, on the ventilation of, 300
Loan for 1815, particulars of, 94, 190 Mint, the, damage by frent, 461
London, incidents, &c. in, 74, 168, 265, Missionary society, inconsistency of one, 221

362, 460, 556-bill of mortality of, 74- Molyneux, Sir D'Arcy, his death, 86
remarks on the principal buildings in, 119, Montague House, remarks on, 218

Monthly Magazine, on the anti-British sen-
- Pitt Club, account of, 430-meeting timents of the editor of, 215-strictures on,
of, 556

Longevity, instances of, 2, 79, 80, 81, 83, Moore, Ann, lodged in Chester gaol, 270

105, 174, 176, 177, 181, 275, 276, 278, Moreton-Hampstead, destructive fire at, 175
365, 366, 368, 369, 375, 465, 466, 469, Mudford, Mr. his narrative of the battle of
471, 561, 567, 568

Waterloo announced, 50
Lottery tickets, price of, 479

Mundy, Mr. subscription for a bust of, 465
Lubbock, Sir John, account of, 268--cor Murray, Dr.on his cased lamp, 300
rection of an error respecting, 365

Miss, her performances, 348
Luttrell, J. F. account of, 268

Music, review of, 67, 151, 244, 346, 446
Lyceum, new theatre erecting on its site, My eye Betty Martin, origin of the expres-

sion, 322

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Nash, Miss, her performances, 348, 450 Patton, Admiral, account of, 77
Navigation Act, remarks on, 119

Pegge, Dr. on the custom of making April
Nelson, Lord, inquiry respecting a design for fools, 507
a nionunintfr22

Penrhyn, Lady, account of, 77
Newark, baptisms, burials, and marriages at, Peterborough, dispensary at, 83

Phenomena, extraordinary, 372, 429
New Bethlem, description of, 123

Phillips, Sir R. remarks on his Society for
Newburgh, coins found near, 375

preventing war, 501
Newbury, establishinent of a savings bank Philosophical Societies, proceedings of, 37,
21, 78

- Bank, property of, recovered, 563 Piccadilly, remarks on buildings in, 219
Newcastle, arrangements for a mail at, 370 Pick, Mr. Wm. his death, 182
Newgare, description of, 122

Pilgrim E, T. on the verdicts of Coroner's
New South Wales, report of Governor Mac- Inquests, 194
quarrie's journey into, 14

Pillet, his death, 427
Ney, Mrshal, his trial and execution, 166 Pite Clubs, account of, 430
Noble, Miss, her charitable bequests, 308 Plato, his notions of Providence, 115-his
Northumberland, tloods in, 83

doctrine of the periodical mutation of
Duke, reduction of the things, 208
rents on his estates, 10-monument in Platonists, on their notions respecting prayer,
honor of, 371, 508

Norwich, establishment of a day coach at, Plymouth, improvements at, 80, 175—state

179---on the paintings in St. Andrew's of the Adult schools at, ib. -- Provident
Hall at, 402

Institution at, 466
- Pitt Club, account of, 437

Poachers, audacity of, si-trial of, 367
Nottingharn, baptisms and burials at, 83 Poaching, on the most effectual remedy for,
destructive fire near, 370


Poctical lines, inquiry concerning the author
(Edipus Jocularis, 130, 321

of, 318
Ohio, new town on the banks of the, 429 Poetic excellence, scale of, il-questions
Oliver, Mr. on the means of removing hairs, suggested by, 202

Poetry, original, 47, 159, 257, 357, 419, 522
O'Neill, Miss, observations on her perform Political events, digest of, 162, 359, 455
ances, 251, 452, 542

Polyænus, recommended as a school-book,
Opera House, sale of, 557

Opera House, English, description of, 542 Pons, M. comet discovered by, 234
Opiates, danger of administering them to in- Poor, hints for improving their condition, 7,
fants, 391

Ordnance Office, remarks on the, 218 Popham, John, his death, 566
Orfila, M. result of his researches on poisons, Porson, Professor, strictures on his posibu-

mous tracts, 8-his character vindicated,
Orme, Mr. his proposal for a temple of the 393— farther strictures on, 507
fine arts, 52

Portland Place, remarks on, 220
Osborn, Mr, his inquiry respecting turnips, Portman-square, remarks on, 219

Portsmouth, new regulations in the para!
Osweld's Air, inquiry concerning, 318

college at, 272-proposal to make it a
Otley, threshing machine exhibited at, 472 watering place, 367
Oxford, bishop of, his mathematical abilities, Preferments, ecclesiastical, 75, 170, 266,

362, 461, 559
proceedings of the university of, 50, Prevost, Sir George, biographical account of
324, 422, 525--new fish-market at, 470 76
Oxfordshire Agricultural Society, meeting Price Current, London, 284, 480, 576
of, 568

Priest, R. poetry by, 421, 524
Ozanne, Nicholas, notice of his works, 19 Promotions, 74, 169, 266, 362, 461,559

Property tax, rejection of, 360
Painters in Oil and Water Colours, exhibition Provincial occurrences, 78, 174, 269, 365,
of, 449, 544

Painting, description of a remarkable one, Publications, new, 62, 145, 238, 340, 139,

Pall-Mall, remarks on the buildings of, 219 Pye, Mr. his account of a remarkable tree,
Paris, remarks on the architecture of, 123, and escape of Charles II. 293

account of a trip to, 289, 385, 185 Quatremère de Quincy, M. new work by,
Parishes, number of, in England and Wales, 234

105-on the propriety of dividing large Quatremère de Roissy, M. on the architec-
ones, 201

ture of London and Paris, 119, 217
Parliament, members returned to, 170, 266, Query, historical, 498
362, 161, 559

Read, Mr. his account of the Hottentot Mis-
Patents, new, 545

sion of Bethelsdorp, 10

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