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James-Robert Davis, of Lower Baggot Street, Dublin. Thomas-Osborne Davis, student-at-law. Charlotte - Melina Davis. Charlotte, m. to John Frederick Ridley, esq. surgeon Royal Artillery, of Hawthorn, in the county of Durham. iv. Samuel, who lived in London, he mn, and had issue, three children, viz. 1. Robert. 2. Thomas, of whom nothing further is known. 1. Charlotte, m. Bradshaw, esq. v. Thomas, d. s. p. vi. Richard, d. s. p. vii. Robert, of Waterpark, in the co. of Cork, sheriff of Cork, in 1722, and mayor in 1726: he m. and had two daughters, his heiresses, viz. MARGARet, heiress of Waterpark, m. Colonel Warham St. Leger, Heyward's Hill (see that family.) Ada, m. to — Franklin, esq. of Cork, and had issue. 1. Margaret, m. Richard Chapman, esq. of Gurtnagruss, in the county of Cork, (and now called Firville,) and had with several other children, who d. s. p. J *Chapman, esq. of Gurtnugrass, and of Summerville, county of Cork: he m. Anne, daughter of Arthur Hyde, esq. of Castle Hyde, county of Cork, (which family have intermarried with the Shannon, Lismore, and other titled families,) and had with one daughter, two sons, John Chapman. esq. of Summerville, d. s. p. Arthur Hyde-Chapman, esq. of Summerville, in the county of Cork, d. unmarried, and left his property to — Nason, esq. barristerat-law, a relative. 11. Barbara, m. to John Purcell, esq. of the county of Cork, and from this marriage descended the families of Temple Mary, Altamira, Burton, and others, through her several sons: they had one daughter also, viz. Barbara Purcell, m. to Richard Harris, esq. of IIarrisgrove, in the county of Cork, and had issue, inter alios, a daughter, Barbara Harris, m. to Pierce Purcell, esq. her cousin, and was mother, inter alios, of the late William Purcell,

esq. of Altamira, of James Purcell, and of Richard Harris-Purcell, esqrs. of Annabelle. The eldest son of Richard Atkins, CHARLEs Atki Ns, esq. succeeded his father in the house and lands of Fountainville, and various other properties, some in the west of the county near Dunmanway: he was sheriff of Limerick, in 1694, where he resided until latterly, when he lived at the place he had near Dunmanway. Mr. Atkins m. first, a daughter of John Westropp, esq. of Cahirdowgan, in the county of Cork, who was the eldest brother of —Westropp, esq. of Allyfern, in the county of Limerick, but had no issue by her. He m. secondly, Hannah, eldest daughter of Robert Minnitt, esq. of Knygh Castle, Blackfort, (then called Lisduffmore,) Ballyallow, and Ballycahill, (now called Annabeg,) all in the county of Tipperary, Mr. Minnitt made his will in 1708, and died 31st May, 1709, being buried in the inner chapel of Knygh Church, and in failure of his sons John and Robert, left the whole of his very large property to his eldest daughter, Hannah, and his grandsons, Robert and John Atkins. Mr. Atkins d. before 1733–4, but his widow, who was b. in 1682, lived till 26th August, 1762, (and married again, but by her second husband had no issue): by her first husband, Mr. Atkins, she had, with a daughter, Barbara, m. to Mr. Barnes, an Englishman, three SonS, V1z. 1. Robert, his heir. 11. John, d. s. p. iii. Thomas, settled in Virginia, America, and marrying there, had issue, two sons: in the last letter received from him he stated that his wife was dead, and also one of his sons, and that having acquired a very large fortune he had sold all his land, but a small proportion, for £36,000, and that when he had disposed of the remaining part, he intended setting out for Irelandwith his son to introduce him to his relatives, and to be himself interred with his ancestors; he said he had invested the money in the British Funds. From that period to the present, though he stated the vessel, &c. he was to sail in, neither he nor his son has ever been heard of. The eldest son, Rob ERt Atkins, esq. of Fountainville, Bally guerane, Clashgariffe, Bally howra, &c. was b. 1704, and s. his father, who was dead before 1733-4, as is proved by various family papers. He m. Elizabeth, only child of Jacob Ringrose, esq. third son of Col. Richard Ringrose, of Moynoe House, in the co. of Clare. Mr. Atkins, and his wife are both buried at Buttevant: he died 17th May, and was buried on the 19th, 1783, aged seventynine, and his wife, who was b. in 1706, made her will 5th August, 1788, and it was proved at Cloyne, 16th August, 1788, she was eightythree years old at her decease. Mr. Atkins had a numerous issue, viz.

1. CHARLEs, b. in 1730, who m. Elizabeth, sole child (by his first wife), of William Beere, esq. of Ballyboy, in the county of Tipperary, and coheiress in property with her half-sisters. Mr. Atkins made his will 17th March, 1762, which was proved at Cloyne, 3rd August, 1762. He died aged thirty-two, in the lifetime of his father, leaving issue, William Atkins, esq. b. in May, 1757, who is now possessed of Fountainville, and succeeded to it on the demise of his grandfather in 1788. He dismantled the dwelling-house completely, and for many years resided at several places, but chiefly in Mallow. He married Mary, dau. of his relative John Roberts, esq. of Ardmore House, county of Cork, and had issue, William, died unmarried, at Dove Hill, in the King's county, in 18 . . . Sarah, m. to Ringrose Atkins, esq. M. D. eldest son of her great uncle, and has issue. Elizabeth, died unmarried. Anne, died unmarried. Mary. Harriette. Frances, m. to William Lysaght, esq. of Hazleisod, in the county of Cork, eldest son of the late William Lysaght, esq. of Mount North, by a daughter of — Royse, esq. of the Nantenant family, in the county of Limerick, and sole heir to her brother, Vere Royse, esq. Mr. Lysaght's grandfather, who was a near relative of Lord Lisle, was m. to Miss Knight, a sister of Sir Christopher Knight, and was the eldest son of a gentleman who was possessed of large estates in the county of Clare, now lost to his family. Mr. Lysaght has issue, William. Thomas-Royse. John. James. Mary.

Catherine. Elizabeth. Frances. Sarah.

ii. Jacob, who was port surveyor Balti

more, county of Cork. He m. Phoebe, sole child and heiress of John Dobbs, esq. of Mallow, by Phoebe, his wife, daughter of — Savery, esq. and had issue one son and one daughter, viz. Robert, lieutenant in an English militia regiment, died unmarried. Phoebe, m. first to John Lynch, esq. lieutenant in the militia commanded by the Duke of Richmond, and afterwards a barrister-at-law, and had issue, one child, Robert-Adolphus de Bar-Atkins Lynch, esq. who was an officer in the regiment of the German legion (commanded by Baron de Bar) at the battle of Waterloo. He is author of many clever stories, published in the works of T. Crofton-Croker, esq. Mr. Lynch is married, and has settled in Van Diemans Land. Mrs. Lynch, m. secondly, the Rev. J. B. Grey, but by him left no issue.

iii. Ringrose, of Prospect Hill, near

Mallow, and justice of the peace, for the county of Cork, m. first Miss Catherine Brookes, by whom he had no issue, and secondly, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of William Baker, esq. of Ballydavid, in the county of Tipperary, whose grandfather was a younger brother of — Baker, esq. of Lismacue, in the said county, a very old and respectable family. Mr. Atkins, died 24th February, 1789, and left issue, several children, viz. 1. Charles, died young, and unm. 2. Robert, his heir, of Prospect Hill, died unm. 3. Ringrose, M.D. was surgeon of the Tipperary militia, at the decease of his elder brother unmarried, he succeeded toProspect Hill, whereof the house had been burned to the ground sometime previous: he was born in 1783, and m. Sarah, eldest daughter and co-heiress of William Atkins, esq. of Fountainville and of Mallow, his uncle's eldest son, and d. at Clonmel of fever, 18th February, 1818, aged thirty-five, leaving issue, with several children who d. young, the following five sons and four daughters, Viz. Thom As-RING Rose, a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, now of Factory-Ville, near Cork, born October, 1809, a captain in the Imperial Lancers of Austria ; he sold Prospect Hill and other property in Mallow and its vicinity; he m. July, 1837, the eldest dau. of Colonel Nuttal Greene, of Kilmanahan Castle, near Clonmel, in the county of Tipperary, justice of the peace and deputy-lieutenant for the said county. John-Roberts, of Coolmahon, in the county of Cork, a graduate of Trinity College, Dublin, and a student of the Inner Temple. Ringrose, a major in the Queen of Spain's Rifles, and now lieutenant-colonel by brevet, and a knight of San Fernando; he is a very distinguished officer. William, on whom half of Fountainville is settled by his grandfather's will. Walter-Baker, now a student in Trinity College, Dublin. Elizabeth-Ringrose, & twin Maria-Ringrose, ; sisters. Henrietta. Anne.

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4. Margaret, m. to G. R. Pain, esq and has one child.

1 v. Thomas, merchant at Jamaica, in the West Indies, d. unm. v. Robert, of Firville, of whom hereafter, as founder of that branch. 1. Margaret, b. in 1730, m. to William Devereux, esq. of Deerpark, in the county of Clare, a scion of the ancient family of Devereux, of Carrigmenan, in Wexford. Mrs. Devereux survived her husband many years, and died in 1816, aged 83-4, and is buried at Buttevant; they had issue, inter alios, Robert Devereux, of Ely Place, Dublin, first a clergyman, and subsequently an eminent barrister. He m. his cousin, Avarina-Massey, dau. of RichardRingrose Bowerman, esq. of Moynoe House, but had no issue. Elizabeth Devereux, m. to Lucius Wilson, esq. of Springfield, in Clare, and had issue. Eleanor Devereux, m. first, to her cousin, William Minnett, esq. of Blackfort, in Tipperary ; and secondly, to her cousin, Richard Atkins, esq. and had issue by both. Mary Devereux, m. to Edward Dunn, of the Queen's county. Margaret Devereux, m. first, to John Steele, esq. of the county of Clare; and secondly, to Robert Carte, esq. Jane Devereux, m. to MarcusPatterson Jackson, esq. and had issue. Marcella Devereux, m. first, to Michael Nash, esq. of Carrigoon House, near Mallow, by whom she had issue ; and secondly, to Colonel John Watling, of Hill House, Gloucestershire. 11. Mary, m. as before stated, to her relative John Atkins, esq. iii. Elizabeth, of Meadestown, m. to Henry Franks, esq. of Moorestown, in the county of Limerick, and had, inter alios, Robert-Atkins Franks, of Meadestown, who m. his cousin, Rebecca, dau. of William Molloy, esq. (second brother of Edward Molloy, esq. of Dovehill, in the King's county,) by Margaret, daughter of the Rev. Robert Minnett, rector of Tulla, in the county of Clare, and has issue, with two daughters, Abigail and Rebecca, unmarried,

1. Henry, m. to Elizabeth, daughter of his great-uncle, Ringrose Atkins, esq. justice of the peace, of Prospect Hill, in the county of Cork, sine prole. 2. William, a settler in Van Dieman's Land, who is married, but has no issue. 3. Robert, d. unm. in Spain. 4. Mathew, a settler at Van Dieman's Land, m. and has issue. Thomas Franks married a daughter of Maunsell, esq. of Ballybrood, and left no surviving issue. The fifth surviving son, Robert Atkins, esq. b. in 1751, was of Firville, near Mallow, in the county of Cork, a justice of the peace for that county, and major in the Mallow cavalry; he m. Mary, daughter of John Hastings, esq. and sister and co-heiress by blood, and sole heiress in property to her brother, Stephen Hastings, esq.” of Forthenry, in the county of Tipperary, justice of the peace for the counties of Tipperary, Clare, and Limerick; and has had issue, 1. Robert, his heir, now of Firville, to whom his father, being advanced in years, gave up that estate. ii. Stephen-Hastings, of Forthenry, in the county of Tipperary, justice of the peace for several years for the counties of Tipperary, Clare, and Limerick; he was b. 29th March, 1793, and m. 1st December, 1815, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Myles O'Reilly,

esq. and sister of Myles-John O'Reilly, esq. of Heath House, Queen's county, justice of the peace and deputy-lieutenant for the said county, and eldest representative of that very ancient Milesian family, who were princes of East Brefny. Mrs. Atkins dying in 1816, left an only child, viz. Stephen-Hastings, b. 12th September, 1816. Mr. Atkins m. secondly, July, 1825, Mary-Anne, eldest daughter of Major William Greene, of the 61st regiment and of Cottage near Swords, county of Dublin, and has had issue, Robert, b. 21st September, 1826, d. 27th April, 1827. William, b. 17th January, 1836. Elizabeth-Adele. Margaret-Grace. Mary-Anne. iii. George, died a student in Trinity college Dublin. unmarried. 1. Mary, m. to Thomas Lidwill, esq. of Connackstown, county of Tipperary, and of Clonmore, on the demiseof his uncle – Lidwill, esq. and had issue, Robert-Atkins Lidwill, esq. now of Clonmore, and of Connackstown, &c., in the county of Tipperary, justice for the peace of the said county. Thomas, who is married. Mary-Charlotte Lidwill, m. to John Brown, esq. of Clonboy, justice of the peace for the county

* William, 1st Lord HastiNGs, K.G. m. Catherine, widow of Lord Bonville and Haryngton, and daughter of the renowned Richard Neville, Earl of Salisbury, and sister of the celebrated Earl of Warwick, and had issue, inter alios, Edwahd HastiNgs, second Lord Hastings, who died November, 1507, leaving issue, by Mary, Baroness Hungerford, one son, and one daughter, Viz. George, first Earl of Huntingdon, his heir. Anne Hastings, m. first to Thomas Stanley, Earl of Derby; secondly, to Lord Fitzwalter; and o, Sir Richard Sacheverell. George HASTINGs, first Earl of Huntingdon, m. Anne, second daughter and co-heiress of Hen Stafford, second Duke of Buckingham and Shef. field, and widow of Sir Walter Herbert, son of William Earl of Pembroke, and died 24th March, 35 HENRY VIII., leaving issue, FRANcis HastiNgs, second earl his heir. Sir Thomas Hastings, knight, m. Winifred, second daughter and co-heiress of Henry Pole, Lord Montacute, and had no issue. Edward Hastings, (Sir), K.G. sheriff of Warwick and Leicester, 1550, Lord Loughborough. Thomas Hastings. Henry Hastings. William Hastings.

Dorothy Hastings, m. to Sir R. Devereux, eldest son of Walter Wiscount Hereford. Mary Hastings. Catherine Hastings. FRANcis HASTINGs, K. B. and K.G. second Earl of Huntingdon, m. Catherine, eldest daughter and co-heiress, with her sister, Winifred, Lady Hastings, of Henry de la Pole, Lord Montacute, son and heir of Sir Richard Pole, by Margaret Plantagenet, daughter and heiress of George Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence. , Lady Huntingdon's mother was daughter and heiress of the celebrated KingMaker, Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick. He died in 1561, and left issue, Henry Hastings, third earl, who by his countess. Catherine, daughter of John Dudley Duke of Northumberland, had no Issue. George Hastings, fourth earl, whose descendants terminated in the Countess of Moira. William Hastings, d. s. p. Sir Edward HASTINGs, of whom hereafter. Walter, Hastings, from whom, through his fourth son, Ferdinand, descends the present earl. Sir Edward HASTINGs, the fourth son of Francis, second Earl of Huntingdon, m. Barbara, daughter of the Honourable Sir Edward Devereux, Third of Clare, eldest son of William Brown, esq. of Bridgetown, by his wife, a daughter of Colonel William Odell, of Grove, M.P. for Limerick, for thirty years. Mr. Brown has issue, John, Mary, Ismenia, and two other daughters. Lucinda-Eliza Lidwill, m. to Captain Arthur Sayers, of Limerick, and left issue two children. Helen Lidwill, m. to the Rev. George Wilkinson, curate of Cloghjordon. Ismenia Cowley Lidwill, m. to Thomas - Antony - Southwell Brown, esq. a younger brother of her eldest sister's husband. Frances, unmarried. Anne, died unmarried. 11. Elizabeth, m. to Robert Twiss, esq. justice of the peace, of Cordel House, in the county of Kerry, high sheriff of the said county in 1802, and uncle to Arthur Blennerhassett, esq. of Ballyseedy, now M.P. for that county, and #. issue, George Twiss, his heir. Robert-Atkins Twiss, M.D. now of Parteen in the co. of Tipperary. Hastings Twiss. Arthur Twiss. Maria-Hastings Twiss. Dorcas-Georgiana Twiss. Letitia Twiss.

Margaret-Ormsby Twiss. 111. Anne, m. to Richard-Harding Wigmore, esq. of Bally nona, in the county of Cork, and of Ross House, county of Clare, and has issue,

Henry Wigmore. Robert Wigmore. William Wigmore. Arthur Wigmore. Mary Wigmore. Sarah Wigmore. iv. Margaret, m. Arthur Ormsby, esq. of Bird Hill House, county of Tipperary, and now of Brookdale, county of Cork. v. Hannah, m. to William Fitzgerald, esq. of Adrival, county of Kerry, and of Blackfort, county of Tipperary, widower of her cousin, Miss Minnitt, of Blackfort, and has issue, one son and two daughters, viz. William Fitzgerald. Mary Fitzgerald. Margaret-Ormsby Fitzgerald. vi. Henrietta, m. first to the Rev. Warham Leader, rector of Upper Shandon, Cork, second son of William Leader, esq. of Mount Leader, in the county of Cork; and secondly, to the Rev. Mathew Moore, now rector of Cahirconlish, in the county of Limerick, second brother of M. Crosbie Moore, esq. of Mooresfort, in the county of Tipperary, justice

son of the Wiscount Hereford, and widow of Case, esq. had issue one son, SIR HENRY HAstings, who m. Mabel, daughter of Sir Anthony Faunt, of Foston, and had issue, with three elder sons, a fourth son. ANTHoNY HASTINGs, esq. who m. a daughter of Stephen Watkins, esq. and had issue, HENRY, his heir. George. Edward. The eldest son, HENRY HAstings, esq. succeeded his father and was a lieutenant in General Elliott's regiment. He m.a daughter of his, which annoyed his English relations, and he in consequence settled .#. He had issue, STEPHEN, his heir. A daughter, m. to — Jephson, esq. ancestor of the Wilmar family, county of Tipperary. A daughter, m. to — Minton, esq. ancestor of the family of Springfield, county of Cork, and to those of the county of Limerick. A daughter, m. to — Dickson, esq. of Limerick, ancestor of Stephen Dickson, esq. and of Lady Bateson. The son, Stephen Hastings, esq. possessed property in the county of Tipperary: he m. Sarah, daughter and co-heiress (with her sister, m. to Governor Price, of Gibralter) of — Woolaston, esq. nearly related

to the family of Perton Hall, Staffordshire, and had issue,

1. STEPHEN, his heir, who m. and had issue, inter alios,

Geonoe Hastings, esq. who m. Isabella, daughter of — Brady esq. of Raheen, county of Clare, and grandaughter of J . second son of Colonel Richard Ringrose, of Moynoe House, and had issue, with three daughters, one son, HENRY, a lieutenant in Lord Moira's regiment, died unmarried, when his father gave up his birthright, the earldom of Huntingdon, which he had been claiming for years.

11. John HAstiNGs, m. Mary, daughter and co-heiress of John Minnitt, esq. of Knygh Castle, in the county of Tipperary, and had issue, Stephen, of Forthenry, county of Tipperary, justice of the peace, who m. first, a daughter of — Willington, esq. of Castle Willington, and first cousin of the Earl of Norbury, and had no issue by her or his second wife. 1. A daughter, m. Mr. Houraham, who changed his name to Hastings. 11. Mary, m. to Robert Atkins, esq. her relative.

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