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1816.) Kent-- Lancashire-- Lincoln--Monmouth-- Norfolk--Northampt. 567

Died.) At Eynesbury, Henry Krohn, M.D. Mr. Grundy, of Hardwick Farm, near formerly physician to the London Hospital, Abergravenny, to Miss Park, of Tal-y-van, and an eminent lecturer in London, 80. near Ragland. KENT.

Died ] AtPaniglas, Mr. Phil.Edmunds, 65. Birth.) At Evington, the lady of Sir John At Abergavenny, Phil. Glover, esq. late C. Hunywood, bart. of a son.

of Sedgefield, Norfolk, 42. Married.] At Canterbury, Mr. Geo.Wood, At Pontypool, the Rev. W. Williams, son one of the proprietors of the Kent Herald, to

of the late yicar of Crickhowell. Miss Eliza Friend, At Lyminge, B. Collins, esq. of Deal, to

A new theatre has been opened at East Miss Kelsey,

Dereham. It is fitted up in a style of neatDied. Ai Higham, Anne, youngest daugh

ness and elegance rarely met with in a counter of Phil. Boghurt, esq. of Gadshill House, try town. The paintings and decorations of 19.

the interior are by Mr. D. Fisher, on whose At Tunbridge Wells, Mrs. Dorothea taste they reflect great credit. Monck, a lineal descendant of Anthony Married.] Ac Anmer, the Rev. George Monck, great grandfather of General Monck, Mason, of East Retford, to Harriet, second afterwards Duke of Albemarle, to whom daughter of Jas. Coldham, csq. King Charles II. owed his restoration,

At Yarmouth, Mr. Martyn, to Miss S. At Canterbury, Mrs. Ann Batger, matron

Ayers. of the Kent and Canterbury Hospital.

Lieut. R. H. Stock, R. N., 10 Miss French. At Lee Priory, Edw. Wm. George, third

At Lakenham, the Rev. W. H. Ward, to son of Sir Egerton Brydges, bart. 15.

Amelia, second daughter of W, C, Pillans, The Rev. Wm. Dyer, late rector of Shire

of Bracondale Hill. Newton, Monmouthsire, and vicar of Hal- Captain Morgan, of the Viper revenue ling, in this county.

cutter, to Harriet, fourth daughter of Saml.

Safford, esq. of Earsham. Married.] AC Liverpool, Lieut. John J. Penrice, esq. of Yarmouth, to the eldest Mawdsley, royal marines, to Mary, third daughter of H. N. Jarrai, esq. of Hobland daughter of the late Mr. John Leyland, of

Hall. Manchester.-Capt. Page, to Miss Kelly.

Died.] At Norwich, Mrs. Frewer, who to Henry Holland, esq. of Ince Blundell, to superior mental en:lowments united many Mrs. Robinson.

accomplishments, 36. In painting and At Manchester, Mr. John Redhead, solis drawing she had attained great excellence; citor, to Mary, eldest daughter of Mr.White- the productions of her pencil being alike head.-Mr. John Coleman, assistant surgeon conspicuous for taste, genius, and execution. 3d dragoon guards, to Agnes, daughter of

Mr. John Brunning, 68.-Mrs. Cole, 29. Lieut. Col. Geo. Geate, of the same regt.

-Mrs. Ann Bennett, 52.-Elizabeth, wife Died.] Ai Liverpool, Mr. Henry Har- of P. N. Scott, esq. and youngest daughter greaves, attorney.- Dav. Whitby, gent. 82.

of the late Dan. Ganning, 35.- Mrs. Mary -Mr. Wm. Lassel, 80.

Wecks, 88.-Mrs. Beatniff, wife of Mr. B., LINCOLNSHIRE.

bookseller, 69.—Elizabeth, wife of Page NiMarried.] The Rev. John Doncaster,mas. col Scott, esq. 35. ter of Oakham School, and rector of Naven

At Wereham, Mr. Robt. Johnson, 54. by, near Sleaford, to Miss Wright, of

At Mulbarton, Mr. Wm. Spurgeon, 85, Spalding.

At Saxlingham, Mr. H. Plummer, 78. Mr. S. W. Wilcox, master of Wainflect At Marham, Mary. daughter of Mr. PorGrammar School, to Mrs. Fisher, of Croft.

ter, 21.
Died.) At Spilsby, Mrs. Jane Spring, 94.

At East Dereham, Mr. Edward Drozier,
-Jane, wife of Mr. Wm. Strawson, 27. attorney
At Greetwell, Mrs. Hopton, 80.

At Reedham, in his 104th year, John At Lincoln, Mrs. Croacher, schoolmis- Andrews, a labouring brick-maker. He tress.-Ms. Wm. Bray, city beadle.

married in the early part of his life, and had At Gainsborough, Mr. Wm. Bourn, 68.- six children, who are row old people. He Mrs. Bingley, 90.

was left a widower at 55, and at 64 married At Grantham, Mr. Wm. Waite, 51. his present widow, who was but 22. Note At Stamford, Mary Ann, third daughter withstanding the disparity of years, she of Mr. Alderman Simpson, 18.

proved the greatest blessing to bin in his old At Corby, Mrs. Sleigh, relict of Mr. S. age, and treated him wih the greatest kindformerly steward to Lord Arundel, 81. ness and attention.

At Boston, Mrs. P. Robinson, 84.~Mr. At Earsham, Mr. Wm. Woolnogh, 56. Jos Williamson, 23.

At Yaimouth, Mr. Richard Browne, 44. At Holbeach, Mr. Rich. Clayton, 78. - Mr. Symonds, 64.

At Swaff ham, Mis. Cross, mother of Mr. Married.] At Chepstow, Thos. Morris, esq. Cross of the Spread Eagle Inn, 99. of Thornbury, Gloucestershire, to Ann,

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. daughter of George Buckle, esq.

Married.] At Burton Lattimer, Mr. Ar


568 Northumberland - Netts.- Oxford Shropshire-Somerset. (July 1,



cher, officer of excise, to Miss Croxen. premiums awarded on this account as well

Dien ] At Pasion, the wife of Charles as to servants and labourers in husbandy, Cole, esq., 36,

was 2681. At Oundle, Mary Hume, wife of Mr. Married.] At Whitchurch, Robert Jams Charles Lockingloni.

Caitley, esq. of Wandsworth Cominon, to At Paulerspury, Mr. Thomas Wilcox, Caroline, second daughter of the late lades many years masier of the Talbot Inn, Town Prescoti, esq.

At Henley, T.C. Haliburton, esq. of HaNORTHUMDERLAND.

lifax, Nova Scotia, to Louisa, daugher of At a general meeting of the Duke of Nor- the late Captain Nevile, formerly paymaster thuinberland's tenantry, held at Morpeth, a of the 19ıb Light Dragoons. design, by D. Stephenson, esq. of Newcastle, Died.] Ar Oxford, M. Mills, esq. 74.was fixed upon for the column to be erected Mr. Edward Midwinter, 65.- Mrs. Wood as a monument of his Grace's liberalily. ccck, wife of Mr. Woodcock, organist of The site was also determined upon, a little New College, 45.--Mr. James Tazg, many to the south of Alnwick, on a commanding years a member of the corporation of t3 situation near the road. The stunes will be city, 85.--Mr. T. Tallant, many years frasraised from a quarry near.

ter of the White Hart Inn, 53,--Mrs. MidMarried.] At Newcastle, Mr. Hl. G. Boily, winter, 67,-Mr. S. Rogers Ruding, postjun., solicitor, to Margaret, daughter of the master of Merton College, only son of the late P. Lambton, esq.

Rev. Rogers Ruding, vicar of Malden, Surrey. Died.] At the Low Row, near Willington, He was drowned while bathing.--Mr. Jas. Dorothy Phillips, 110.

Tags, nephew of Mr.Tagg mentioned above, At Newcastle, Mrs. Storey, widow of Mr. 22.- Mr Nicholas Gund, treasurer of the Charles Storey, of London.-- Isaac Nichol- Blue Coat Charity School, 61. son, esq. 77.--Mrs. Suippster.--Mrs. Soft

At Standball, Mr. A. Wooübridge. ly, 13.

At Islip, Mr. Richard Martin, of the Red At Staindrop, Richard Sherwood. esq. 82. Lion Inn. At Munkten, Mr. Robt. Sanderson. At Alnwick, Mr. John Pringle, 55.

The Shewsbury Chronicle states, that in At North Shields, Isabella, wite of Mr. this county and Staffordshire, 43 furnaces William Hutchinson --The wife of Mr Jos.

hive lately stopped working, and that as each Mottley, 59.-Mr. Charles Grey, 55-Mr. afforded subsistence to at least 300 persons, T. Sangster, oo.

not less than 12,000, many of them with At Willington Quay, Margaret, wife of destitute families, are thus thrown out of Mr. Mal hew Marrowbone, 55.

bread. At Shields, Mr. Shait. Hodgson, late 'mas- Married.) At Uppington, John Party, ter of the Halifax, of Huil, 61. In the early esq. of Stoney Stretion, to Mary, eldest part of his days, while a fisherman at Scar- daughter of R. Nichols, esq. borough, he was often instrumental at the At Shrewsbury, Mr. H. Hiles, to inn, hazard of his life, in saving those of others. second daughter of Mr. Edward Tipton, disHe was three times overturned in his boat on tributor of stamps for this county. such occasions.

At Whitchurch, Mr. Wm. Bromfied, of NOTTINGHAMSHIRT..

Asli, to Margaret, sccond daughter of Joba Married.j At Scarrington, Mr. Hemsley, Gardner, esq. late of the Domviles, Stafordof Thrumpton, to Miss Flower, daughter of shire. Henry Flower, gent.

Died.] At Newport, Sarah Anne, second At Southweil, Mr. Warwick, of Newark, daughter of Samuel Stanley, esq. 22. to Mary, daughter of the late Mr. Deeping, At Bridgnorih, Mrs. Foresics, sister to d. of Hancon.

Ward, esq. of Stafford. At Grove, the Rev. J. H. Eyre, eldest son At Oswestry, Mrs. Owen, wife of the Rev. cf the Rev. Archdeacon Eyre, to Henrietta, Owen Owen. youngest daughter of A. H. Eyre, esq.

At Whitchurch, Mrs. Naylor, wife of Mr. Died] At Nottingham, J. Bardsley, esq. Naylor, banker. 71,- Within a few days of each other Caroline and Frances, daughters of Mr. Alderman At a late meeting of the inhabitants of Coldham, at the ages of 16 and 14 years. Taunton, it was resolved to form a compa

At Mansfield, Mr. John Savage, sur- ny for lighting that town with gas; the cageon, 49,

pital to be 4,0001. ; of which 2,000). Fas At Worksop, Mrs. Featherstone, wife of immediately subscribed. Mr. Featherstone, of Mansfield, 32.

Murried.] Ac Bath, John George H. G. At Newark, Mr Thomas Moore, 48. Williams, esq. eldest son of Sir George Gril

fies Williams, bart., 10 Mary Anne, only At the anniversary meeting of the Oxford- daughter, of Joseph Shaw. esq.-The Rer. shire Agricultural Sociсty at Dorchester on J. Boudier, vicar of St. Mary's, Warwick, the 11th of June, 67 head of cattle were ex- to Marianne, youngest daughter of the late hibited for the prizes. The total amount of G. Hopke, esq.-J. Kerie, jun. esq. to Em






816.] Staff.--Suffolk - Surrey-Warwick.- Westmoreland.— Wilts. 569 na, eldest daughter of J. Barrow, esq. At East Bergholt, Golding Constable, esq. Henry Arnold, esq. to Anne, youngest 75. daughter of the late R. Dyer, esg. of Bristol. At Sampson's Hall, C. Tennant, esq. 40.

At Bruton, Thomas Stockwell, esq. sur At Bildeston, John Parker, esy. 60. geon, North York Light Infantry, to Leritia, only daughter of Admiral Goldesbrough. Early in the morning of May 29th, the

Died.] Ac Bristol Hurwells, Lady Butler, Plough Inn, at Clapham, was destroyed by wife of Major-gen. Sir Edward Butler, late of fire. The progress of the flames was so ra. the 871h regt

pid, that the family and inmates with diffiAt Bath, Isaac Spooner, esq. of Elmdon culty escaped. House, Warwickshire, 80.--Miss Coles, only Married.] At Sheen, the Rev. Sam. daughter of J. Coles, esq. of Parrock's Lodge, Heathcote, third son of Sir W. H. bart, to in this couny.---Lady Pearson, relict of Sir Anne, eldest daughter of the late Fras. B. Richard Pearson, lieut. gov. of Greenwich Bullock, esq. Hospital, 72.

Died.] At Epsom, Sarah Susanna, eldest

daughter of J. V. Grimstead, esq. 19. Mr. Wedgewood, of Erruria, has instituted a Saving Bank amongst his work-people, Married.) At Brighton, Wm. Pugh, esg. having failed in his wishes to form a more

of Lincoln's Inn, to Beatrice, youngest general one in the neighbourhood.

daughter of Dr. Dennison. Married.] Al Leek, John Cruso, esg, to Died.] At Goodwood, Mr. John RusMiss Badnal, eldest daughter of Richard bridge, steward to the Duke of Richmond. Badnal, esq. of High Fields,

Married.] At Warwick, Mr. Sam. Hill, to Married.] At Bury, Thos. Lumley, esq. Miss Perry, daughter of Mr. P. bookseller. of London, to Miss E. Branwhite,

Died ] At Grandboro', Mrs. Eliz. Ivens, At Bungay. Chaston, esq. of Withers who has left 5 sons and daughters, 56 granddal, to Miss Sheppard.

children, and 40 great grand-children, 81. Fras. D. Mudd, esq. of Geddiog, to Eliza At Birmingham, Mrs. Webb, of the Talbeth, second daughter of the Rev. R. B. Syer, bot Inn, 73. of Kedington.

Died.) At Honington, Mrs. Catherine Died.) At Kendal, Mr. Thos. Sowerby,66. Bloomfield sister to the author of the Farmer's At Gatebeck, Mr. Thos. Robinson, 03. Boy, 51.

At Slowmarket, Mrs. Lambert, 42.--The Married.) At Collingbourn, John Patient, wife of Mr. E. Orams, 27.

esq. to Miss Barnes. At Bury, Sophia, daughter of Mr. Isaac Died.)At Farnham, Lady Mills, relict of Carter, 21.–The Rev. Jas. Tillbrook, of Pe- Sir Thos. M. niece to the Countess Dowager terhouse College, Cambridge, 26.

of Elgin, and co-heiress of And. Moffatt, esq. of Cranbrook, Essex.





COMMERCIAL REPORT. COMMERCE has experienced very considerable disappointments, in the course of last month, by the failure of several houses, whose foreign intercourse has been extensive ; and ibe deficiency of remittances from the United States of America, to an unprecedented extent, presses with peculiar hardship upon that portion of our manufacturing interest more immediately dependent upon the intercourse with that part of the world. Indeed the whole extent of our foreign commerce is still subject io very considerable enibarrassments. It is, however, a consoling retlection, that notwithstanding the shock which commerce has experienced, and the total extinction of several branches of operations within the last twelve months, a calm and comprehensive investigation of our present resources will justify the belief, that our velative situation with the rest of the civilized world, not only as respecting commerce, but every branch of industry connected with it, agriculture, manufactures, arts, the useful as well as the liberal and elegant, literature, science, real wealth, and, above all, character, is superior to what it was at any foi mer period of our national existence. We, therefore, conceive that we have just reasons for indulging the hope, that our commerce is on the eve of a long season of progressive prosperity. Persons whose sphere of commercial operations confines iheir views io the channels in which they have been accustomed to act may probably conceive that we have taken too favourable a view of the subject: we shall, therefore offer one or two remarks in explanation of our sentiments. On a minute investigation, of the present state of commerce, it will be found that all articles of merchandize

670 Commercial Report.

(July 1, inore immediately dependent upon the regular consumption of our oto coastry, have experienced a less depression than those more dependent on foreiyn consenstion. Tea, for instance, still meets with the same regular demand, and at scila prices to what it has done for several months past; and perhaps there is no art ce so well calculated to put the question to the test: for it must be kept in view tha: this is an article which admits of no wanton speculation; it is only to be obtained by money before delivery; and to the credit of the parties be it said, that there is ao body of men in the whole commercial world whose transactions are monte governed by consistency and prudence, or whose operations in point of anouat sre nuore respectable, than the wholesale cea-dealers of London: the annual anouni Lp to this period being equal to seven millions of pounds sterling, and the consompica of sugars will be found equal to about ten millions sterling. Here then are ta articles only, in which the consumption of Great Britain is more than equal to that of all the countries of Europe collectively, and equal to one-third of the amount of our export trade of every article to all parts of the globe. We have no doubt that a due cultivation of our intercourse with the colonies, at the present time conaccted with us, would produce a commercial interest, both for extent and advantage, greatly superior to any thing we shall ever derive from any foreign state.


FROM MAY 22, TO JUNE 22, INCLUSIVE. Where the address of the Solicitor is not mentioned, he must be understood to reside of the

same place as the bankrupt. The Solicitors' names are between Parentheses. ACTON C. Lichfield, biacksmith (Simpson

thergill & Ferard, Austin friars Adanis J. Southwark, ship broker (Lamb & Co. Bullock T. New Laith, Lancaster, colton spinser Princes Street, Bank

(Smith, Manchester Adams T. P. Rood lane, merchant (Haynes, Fen- Byrchmore T. Caddington, farmer Willis, Lotos, church-street

Bedford Allanson W. Castle street, Holborn, silversmith Curlite W. Bolton le Moors, cotton manufacturer (Few & Co. Henrietta street

(Edge, Manchester Andrew M. Mauchester, brush maker (Ilalstead & Carpentei J. P. & J. Webber, Wellington, drapers Ainsworth

(Daniel, Bristol Andrews W. Minories, ship broker (Tilson & Pres. Carter G. Wheathamstead, farmer (Smith, Dorset ton, Coleman street

street Apsey T. sen. Stamford, brazier (Fisher, St. Ives Cayzer, J. Maker, Cornwall, lanner (Leach, Pije Arnold T. Rochester, grocer (Wilde, Warwick mouth dock square

Chapman H. New road, St. George's in the East, Barber W. Bishop Stortford, butcher (Gee

carman (Carter, Temple Barker J. Broad street, merchant (Holt & Farren, Charman J. Norton falgale, linen draper (Paszpore, Threadneedle street

Warnford court Barker J. &. C. Graver, Broad street, merchants Chesney H. Holborn, fringe manufacturer (Platz, (Wilde, Warwick square

New Boswell court Barnard G. Wantage, brewer (Miller, Abingilon Clarke R. Warwick Bridge, Cumberland, dealer Barnes W. New Sarum, ironmonger (Arney, Salis- (Mounsey & Sisson, Carlisle bury

Clarke T. Worsley, cotton manufactarer (Chaet Bean W. Newington, horse dealer (Partridge&Co. tham, Stockport Southwark

Cobden, T. Chichester, carpenter (Hoskins, Go Beaver J. Redcross street, linen draper (Mowbray, port Charlotte street

Coburn T. Newland, woolstapler (Clutton &Carter, Becher H. Pownill's terrace, Kensington road, ma. Southwark

riner (Kearsey and Spurr, Bishopsgate street Cockrill, w. Hull, butcher (Dickinson & Thoop Bennet J. Manchester, woollen cord manufacturer (Johnson & Lonsdale

Collier J. Bedford, Lancaster, muslin manufacture Biuyon B. jun. & G. Inglis, Manchester, ware. (Boardman, Bolion housemen (Woodburne

Cooper T. Nantwich, currier (Edleston Blakey R. Leeds, druggist (Nicholson & Heming- Copestick S. Stafford, coal dealer (Smith, Wolve. way

hampton Bloore S. Birmingmam, cabinet maker (Smith,Kid. Coriass W. Recdiford Mill, and S. Bolton, Emmett derminster

hall, Lancaster, cotton spinners (Johnson & Bluck C. Exeter, brush maker (Terrell

Lonsdale, Manchester Bowler W. Hurst, hat manufacturer (Irigginbottom, Cowie J. Aldermanbury, jeweller (Povers, Castle Ashton under Lyne

strect, Falcon square Brereton J. Whitchurch, brewer (Lowe

Dixon I. Welling, Keat, innkeeper (Asiafield, Mark Brierley W. Halifax, grocer (Stead

Jane Brown J. jun. Rodborough, clothier (Hurd & Co. Doeg A, Newcastle upon Tyne,ship builder Baru. King's Bench Walk

bridge Brown W. & A. Walter, Bristol, merchants (Leman Donne J. Old street road, auctioneer (Howard Browning W. St. Mary axe, wine merchant (Po. Barnard's inn

son, York




Boughty J. Leadenham, jobber (Cheales & Forbes,

Sleaford. Dronet W. L. Limpe street, ale merchant (Holt &

Farren, Threadneedle street Dudley R. Worcester, thread manufacturer (Bourne

& Son, Dudley Dunn J. White Lion court, Birchin lane, inerchant

(Nind, Throgmorton street Duveluz P.E. Size lane, merchant (Cranch, Union

court, Broad street Farle J. & W. Lion, Old 'Change, warehousemen

(Bourdillon and llewitt, Little Friday street Ediss N. Porisea, victualler (Howard Ellis W. II. Christchurch, linea draper (Clarke,

Bristol Etches V. Doncaster, broker (Stringer Farthing J. St. John street, victualler (Flashımdan,

Ely place Fell H. Bolton, cotton merchant (Boardman Fidgeon T. & Co. Birmingham, merchants (Whate.

ley & Son Fisher T. Batty Mills, York, oil crusher (Wads.

worth, Millbridge Flicker A. Erith, Kent, shopkeeper (Fooks, Dart

ford Ford W. Manchester, bookseller (Higson & At

kinson Forster J. Carlisle, brass founder (Pearson Forster W. St. Martin's lane, silversmith (Stokes,

Golden square
Foster J. & J. S.lby, merchants (Parker
Frosi L. jun Liverpool, merchant (Radcliffe
Furniss J. Liverpool, draper (Ilinde
Gail B. jun. Woodbridge, tailor (Jackson
Gardner J. Bristol, carpenter (Ilare & Winwood
Gibbs J. Ledbury, liven draper (Reece
Gill B. Manchester, tailor (LaAv
Gillmau J. Hammersinith, inukeeper (Shepherd,

Ilgde street, Bloomsbury
Goweu J. Mark lane, wine broker (Burnley, Church

court, Walbrook. Green T. Birmingham, upholder (Dicken & Benson Guoston J. Percival street, cheeseinonger (Bugby,

St. Johu street
Haiglı W. Barnsley, grocor (Birks, Ilenvingfield
Hall T. jun. Evesham, grocer (Parnell & Rafles,

Church street, Spitalfields
Hamilton W. & M. Agar, Riches court. Lime street,

merchants (Healios, Lawrence lane
Harrison J. Sheffield, grocer (l'hompson
Harricon T. North Shields, block maker (Dale
Hart R. Ormskirk, cotton inanufacturer (Hadield,

Hayes C. Fenchurch strect, wine merchant (Haynes
Hayton, T. Liverpool, merchant (Kidd
Henry J. Liverpool, dreper (Davies
Herbert W. sen, Llanidloes, Alannel manufacturer

(Bigg, Scuthampion buildings
Heseltine B. Huil, merchant (scholeficid
Hey, J. Mauchester, cotton spinner (Burrell &

Hill J. Reading, barge builder (Ilannan, Piazza

Chambers, Covent Garden
ILI M. A. & E. Pratt, Manchester, milliners (Fearo.

shav, Nottingham
Hirst J. Wapping wall, cloth factor (Blandford &

Murray, Temple
Mooul W. Crosby square, and S. Grove, Taunton,

merchants (Shawe & Co. Tudor street, Black.

friars Hopkinson W. Chiswell street, merchant (Courteen

& Robinson, Walbrook Hudson J. High Wycomb, Jinrn draper (Davies,

cottury Jackyou J. Windrushi, Gloucester, stone mason

(Tara, Stow on the Wold

Jefferies, T. Hanley, grocer (Dent, Stone
Jeunings E. W. Spilsby, shopkeeper (Walker
Jolinson P. St. George's place, Back lane, timber

merchant (Kearsey & Spurr, Bishopsgate st. Jones T. Dudley, iron manufacturer, (Parker,

Stafford King J. Tonbridge, carpenter (Bigg, Southampton

buildings King 'T. Leicester, grocer (Lawton Kaight W. Marsden, grocer (Brown, Huddersfield Labrow V. Smithfield, druggist (Adlington & Gre

gory, Bedford row. Lancefield T. C. Piccadilly, turner (Coote, Austin

friars Levi A. Westgate, Kent, broker (Peirce, Carter.

bury Livock W. J. Recienhall within Harleston, inn

keeper (Sharpon, Beccles Lord J. & R. Halliwell, cotton spinners (Board

man, Bolton Lubbock J. W. Potter Heighan, Norfolk, miller

(Francis, Norwich Lynnell S. & Co. Chatham, grocers (Debary & Co.

Gate street, Lincoln's iun fields Machin S. Lincoln, milliner (Moore M'Quoid W. Leadeaball street, merchant (Hackett,

Xew court, Swithin's lane Masterman J. Hatton Garden, music seller (As.

pinal, Quality Court Matthews T. Bishopwearmouth, spirit merchant

(Laws, Sunderland Matthews W. Birmingham, glazier (Foster, Wolver.

laistnpton Medland W. Goswell strect, oilman (Walker,

Chancery lane Middlehuist J. Liverpool, corn dealer (Stanistreet

& Eden Milburn T. IIammond's court, spirit broker (Haynes

Fenchurch street Miller J. Liverpool, distiller (Blackstock Mitchell D. Collum street, tailor (Knight & Free.

man, Basinghall street Moore J. Coventry, watch case maker (Laing Morse J. Downfeld, Gloucester, clothier (Huru

& Co. King's bench walk Moseley, W. & J. Portsea, glass merchants (Glen.

dining Newey J. Harborne, dealer (Dineley, Pershore Nias T. & J. White,'Old Broad street, insurance

brokers (Nind, Throgmorton street Nobes J. Old Bond street, whalebone carriage ma.

nufacturer (Stevenson, New square Noble W. A. Limehouse, brass founder (Pearson,

Fen court, Fenchurch street Oswin J. Loughborough, and J. Oswin, Sileby,

hosiers (Pilkington, Leicester Owen J. Stourbridge, ironmonger (Ilunt Parfet T, Bath, mason (Langley Platts J. Oxford street, music scller (Eldred,

Temple Potts E. Mhiton Ferry, Durham, ship builder

(Thompson, Bishopwearinouth Radcliffe A. Swansea, grocer (Cross, Bristol Randall R. Coleman street, Blackwell hall factor

(Weston & Teesdalr, Fenchurch str. Ranney J. North Shields, ship owser (Fenwick Reid J. Newcastle upon Tyne, saddler (Forster Roberts R. Elder street, Spitalfields, mero

(Blunt & Pouman, Old Bethlem Robertson R. & J. Andrews, Axminster, druggists

(Knight Robinson W. Grays, Essex, victualler (Risus,

Haydon squats Bobson E. Morpeti, saddler (Wilson Rochery J. Whitehavčo, increer (eldimson and


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