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deavoured, by comparing one Scripture with another, to know what was Revealed, and what they found ReveaFd they firmly believed.

We mould not dare to argue about the Equity of God's Reveal'd will, or the Certainty of what he hath declared shall be, but rest in a firm Belief, that whatsoever he hath determined is Unexceptionably Just and Equitable, because he hath determined it, and whatsoever he hath declared that he wiil do, shall unquestionably be performed, because he hath declared it. We may by our Reason examine, and satisfy our selves in the motives of Credibility, the evidence which God hath given, that the Holy Scriptures are his Word and Will; but all Scruples and Uncertainty, about the Reasonableness of what he hath thus Revealed, are Foolish and Unlawful, Impious and Destructive.

3/y, and lastly, We may hence learn what are the proper Grounds of our obligation to conform our lives to the Gofpel of Christ.

E 2 Doubtless

Doubtless after some time spent in Sincere and Industrious endeavours to correct and subdue our Inordinate and Impetuous passions and inclinations, the satisfactions of a Virtuous life do abundantly exceed the pleasures of Sin. But Arguments drawn from this consideration, though ever so artfully contrived and recommended, are of no great force with Habitual Sinners. The excellency of Virtue limply and absolutely confider'd, without any relation to God's commands, Conscience and a Future state, is commonly flighted and rejected by thofe, whose daily enjoyments and delights do, at least in their own opinion, contradict all the fine characters and descriptions of it. Under the Gofpel we have no occasion for these empty and ineffectual Arguments, grounded upon the beauties of Virtue in this Absolute sense confider'd; and by the use of such Arguments alone, or perhaps by the frequent use of them, we should not a little derogate from the Honour of the Gofpel; in which are reveal'd Principles unspeakably

ably more Excellent and Effectual, motives equal to the utmost of our Hopes and Fears, the Engaging expectation of' Eternal Happiness, and the Dreadful apprehensions of Eternal Misery.

We now know Assuredly, that the time will come, when all Profane and Irreligious Wit, which is now carefs'd with so much Approbation and Delight, will plainly prove the grossest and most wretched Folly. The time will come, when all the Pleasures of sinful enjoyment will be past and gone, and as if they had never been, upon all accounts but that they will be succeeded with Endless misery. The time will come, when all the Troubles and Difficulties of an Holy life shall be Rewarded, at God's right hand, with Joys abundantly surpassing all that we can now Describe or Imagine; with all the Happiness that we shall even then, when our Faculties are Refined and Improved, be capable either of Enjoying or Desiring. To which Blejsed and Glorious state God of his Infinite Mercy bring us all, by the Continual Influence of his Holy Spirit upon us y through the Merits and Intercession of Jesus Christ our Saviour; To whom he afcribed all Honour and Glory henceforth and for Evermore, Amen.



The Resurrection of the same Body.

Matth. Xxii. 31, 32.

As touching the Resurrection of the dead, have ye not read that which was spoken unto you by God, saying, I am the God os Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God os Jacob? God is not the God of the dead, but of the Irving.

PRejudice is so strong a Biass upon the Thoughts, that thofe, who are {waved by it, do generally become as Tenacious of a False opinion, as of a True one. And that unhappy Turn, which it gives to the Mind, does not only appear in matters of little moment, v . E 4 but

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