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1816.) Intelligence in Literature and the Arts and Sciences. 527 celebrated persons who bave died in graved on sixty double plates in imperial 1816; neglected biography, with bio. 410. graphical notices and anecdotes and ori Mr. HENRY Koster is preparing for ginal letters; analyses of new biogra- the press in one volume 4to. Travels in phical works, and an alphabetical list of Brazil from Pernambuco to Serara, with, persons who have died in the British do- Occasional Excursions and a Voyage to minions.

Maranham; exhibiting a picture of the A native of Bristol is preparing for the state of society during a residence of press a work in 4 vols. 8vo. under the six years in that country, and illustrated title of Bibliophilia, embellished with by plates of costume. fac simile wood-cuts. The first fascicu The Abbé J. A. DUBOIs, inissionary las will appear early next year. Parti- in Mysore, has in the press a Descripcular attention will be paid to an ample tion of the People of India, with a partispecification of some of the rarest early cular reference to their separation into printed books in our language, and a casts, in one volume, 4to. limited number of copies only will be Sir GEORGE Buck's History of Riprinted.

chard III. is printing from the original Mr. WILLIAM YOUNG OTTLEY has M.S in the possession of the editor, just ready for publication in two 4to. with an Appendix of notes and docu

volumes an Inquiry into the Origin and ments, by Mr. Charles YARNOLD, in a Early History of Engraving upon Copper 4to volunie. and in Wood; with an Account of Èn Mr. Aston, author of the Manchester gravers and their works from the inven. Guide, has in a state of forwardness a tion of chalcography by Finiguerra to Picture of Manchester, embellished with the time of Marc Antonio Raiinondi. wood-cuts of the principal buildings.

It is not generally known that Tuomas Dr. ALEXANDER MARCET, one of the HEARNE, the celebrated antiquary, left physicians to Guy's Hospital, will soon upwards of 150 pocket volumes in bis publish an Essay on the Chemical Ilistory own hand writing, containing what may and Medical Treatment of Urinary Cal be justly termed a diary of his pursuits. culi with plates. This diary comprises his opinions on

The Rev.John HEWLETT is preparing books and persons, a considerable por- for publication, Commentaries and Antion of his correspondence, anecdotes of notations on the Holy Scriptures, in five his acquaintance, and of inost of the li- 8vo. volumes. terary and political characters of bis day Mrs. West has in the press Scriptural with a variety of papers on history and Essays adapted to the Holidays of the antiquity. From these volumes it is pro- Church of England. posed to select the most interesting parts

The Rev. Dr. GEORGE GLEIG, one of to be published by subscription in two

the bishops of the Scotch Episcopal volumes under the title of Reliquiæ Church is preparing for publication in Hearniana. It will be printed of the three quarto volumes an edition of Stacks same size as Hearne's own publications; house's History of the Bible, which will not a copy more will be worked than is appear in parts. subscribed for; and it will be ready for A work'selected from the papers of delivery about the first of January next. the late Bishop llorsley is preparing

Mr. CRESWELL, of Trinity College, for publication under the title of Biblical Cambridge, has in the press a Treatise Criticism on the Books of the Old Testaon Spherics, comprising the Elements of ment, and Translations of Sacred Songs Spherical Geometry, and Spherical Tria with Nutes. gonometry.

Mr. BOUTE, German bookseller, of Mr. George KERR, of Aberdeen, will York-street, Covent Garden, who has soon publish Observations on the Har- been attending the Easter book fair at veyan Doctrine of the Circulation of the Leipzig, is expected to return to London Blood.

about the end of June. We understand Dr. JOHN RYLAND has announced an that he has made considerable purchases edition of the Works of the Rev. Andrew of the most esteemned, modern German Fuller, including several new M.S.S. and publications, and of classic, authors a Memoir of the Author in nine or ten printed on the continent: and such of 8vo. volumes.

our readers as are desirous of supplying The Elgin Marbles of the Temple of themselves with either will of course Minerva at Athens, selected from the find their account in an early applica2d and 4th volumes of Stuart and Re- , tion, vete's Antiquities, will soon appear en s'. We mention ic as a matter of some

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528 Intelligence in Literature and the Arts and Sciences. (July 1, importance to literature, that a complete persons represented; all which were change has taken place both in the pro- written expressly for this publication, by prietors and conductors of the Critical the late Mr. Malone, Mr. Waidron, and Review. The numbers of the last and Mr. Brayley. present inonth bave been wholly under Mr. GRIFFITIS, whose indefatigable this new direction, and we observe some spirit in exploration; unwenried industry important alterations in respect to it: in research; judicious employment of tis we see that foreign productions have not own labour; successful accumulation of been disregarded, that recent publica- minute knowledge ; unrivalled stores of tions of the most valuable description facts, and masterly illustrations, sufhave been comprehended, and that a ported by the exhibition of the most acnovelty to periodical works of this kind curate models, drawings, and real specihas been introduced, which in the pre- mens, are highly creditable to him, has sent state of the public taste will not be lately been delivering a course of eight unacceptable: we mean, a department lectures on Irish geology at the Dublin entitled Bibliotheca Antiqua, or a review Society's House. It is with more than of old works of much interest and curi- amazement that the student in geology osity which are not easy of access, either has seen it demonstrated that Ireland from the great expense of the originals, contains slate quarries, far surpassing or of the reprints. For this part of the those of North Wales, which hace been undertaking we are informed the editors so justly celebrated-in the size of their have ample resources, and it is their exfoliations, in beauty of appearance, intention not to rake from its dust the and in durability-being, from the nature forgotten trash of early times, unless for of their constituent parts, infinitely less the sake of illustrating some interesting exposed to decomposition from the exquestion connected with the researches ternal air; and that within a very short of the antiquary or the historian. The distance of Dublin there is now a quarry, Critica E. Review bas now been sixty producing marble, which is very little, if years before the public, during which any thing, interior to the celebrated many of the best writers of the age have Verd Antique, which it very closely re contributed to it; and we trust it will sembles in colour and general appearregain, under the present conductors, its We should be happy to receive a former station in the republic of letters. notice of any other important points core

The author of the “ llistory of the nected with Ireland embraced in the leeHouse of Romanof," has in the press tures of Mr. Griffitlis. Thoughts on the Poor Laws, and on the Convinced as we are that an extensive Improvement of the Condition and Mo- system of education alone can aford the rals of the Poor.

means of civilizing the lower orders of A work on the Beauties and Defects the people of Ireland, we learn with the of the Horse comparatively delineated in greater pleasure that about 300 Sunday a series of coloured plates from the pen- Schools have already been opened in dit cil of Mr. H. Alking with references ferent parts of the island, and that 80,000 and useful instruction to young purchas- children are receiving instruction in ers, or to those who wish to pursue the them. st is added that many of the Castudy of that noble animal, is in the tholics shew a willingness to accept the press, and will soon make its appear- benefits of this kind of education.

Our classical readers will learn with Mr. Thomas Wilson will publish, considerable interest that Mr. WüEtz, early in August, A Complete System of of the highly respectable house of TreutEnglish Country Dancing, with upwards tel and Würtz, booksellers, Paris, is at of 150 diagrams, and also a Companion present in London, for the purpose of to the Ball Room, containing about 250 extending the connexions of that hoase, of the most popular Scotch, English, and but chiefly to superintend the supply of Irish Country Dance Tunes.

the trade with a new and complete ediThe long - expected completion of tion of Herodotus, by M. SchweiGNärHarding's Biographical Alirror is at ser, whose eminent qualifications for the length announced by a sixth and con- task have been so clearly demonstrated cluding part, containing twenty-five por- by his editions of Appian, Polybius, traits from original paintings, of cele- Epictetus, Athenæus, and Seneca. I brated and illustrious persons who have will consist of six parts, each divided into never been previously engraved. The two volumes 8vo. The first divisions of whole work contains 150 prints, accom- the four first parts contain the Greek panied by Biographical Sketches of the text carefully revised and corrected,




French Literary Intelligence. .

529 with the most essential variations which April, the anniversary of the day on seemed necessary to restore the real which he entered Paris. In consequence meaning of the historian; and a new and the next exhibition, which would bave very faithful Latin version. The second been in October 1816, is deferred to division of each of these parts contains April 1817. the different variations with brief critical Proposals have been circulated at discussions and a justification of the Paris for the establishment of a new readings admitted into the text. The academical institution in that city, under index rerum et verborum is placed at the the immediate patronage of the Duke end of the fourth division. The fifth DE RICHELIEU, and under the direction and sixth comprize the notes of Wesseling 01 M. DE MIELLE, an officer of the Uniand Valkeuaer, to which the learned edi- versity of France, and M. DE SALGUES, cor has subjoined his own. It is bis in- formerly censor-royal and professor of tention to follow up this work with a eloquence. “ It is intended," says the Lexicon Herodoterm, similar to the Leri- prospectus, “ to receive into this insticon Ionicum of Æmilius Portus, which tution 100 pupils belonging to families will be adapted to all the Greek editions most distinguished for rank and fortune of Herodotus. Messrs. Treuttel and among the allied nations; to initiate Würtz are also the proprietors of the them not only into the departments of Deuxponts Collection of Classics ; the ordinary instruction, but into the higher Latin authors of which form 115 volumes, literature of the principal nations of and the Greek 62 volumes. For the Europe; into civil, political

, and comconvenience of those who may wish for mercial history; that of the arts, and of the further information on these subjects we natural, physical, and mathematical sciadd that Mr. Würtz, during bis stay in ences, from their rudiments to their most London, which is likely to be prolonged elevated theories; the law of nations, some weeks, resides at Brunei's Hotel, their civil codes, their diplomatic, agriLeicester-square.

cultural, and commercial relations; gee

neral grammar, physiology, and anatomy; M, FOURNIER has announced an edi- to embellish the study of these branches tion of the complete Works of Cicero, of education with that of the useful and accompanied with a translation on the agreeable arts, writing, drawing, paintopposite page. It will form 22 octavo ing, music, declamation, dancing, equivolumes, and will embrace the existing tation), fencing, swimming," &c. The translations of a great number of his masters selected for the different departworks which have been favourably re- ments are: for grammar, the Abbé Siceived by the public; those of which no CARD; for French literature, M. LEMERFrench version has yet been given will cier; for reading and elocution, M. VIbe translated expressly for the purpose. GEE; for geography, M. MALTE-Brun; The Latiu text will be that of Ernesti; for natural philosophy, M. TREMERY; co which will be subjoined the Clavis for chemistry, M. Orfila; for philosoCiceroniana of the same author,

phy, M. SALGUES; for music, M.KREUTZCRAPELET is printing a new edition ER, sen. of Laharpe's Abridgment of the Gene- We alluded in our last to a notorious ral History of Voyages and Travels, in English empiric, who styles himself a 34 volumes 8vo. which will be completed celebrated oculist, and is at present gullduring the present year.

ing the good people of Paris. In a late A new edition of the complete works paper of that city we find the following of BUFFON, without notes or additions anecdote, relating, as we presume, to by any other person, has been printed this person :--- We are told that there in 34 vols. 8vo. The inaps and figures, is ai Paris an eminent oculist named to the number of more than 1,000, are W---, who never shuts his eyes to his copied from those of the 12mó. edition own interests. A short time since a muof the Louvre. Only 300 copies, and 25 sician went to consult him on a disorder on fine paper, are printed.

in his eyes which gave him great uneasiThe French papers have contradicted ness. Haring informed bim of his erthe statement that M. DE CHATEAUBRIA rand, the doctor asked : 'What is your AND, is engaged upon a novel entitled profession?'-'I am a musician,'- Is The Abencerrages.

your salary large?~One hundred louis.' The King has directed that in future "Bring me ten French guineas in two the exhibitions of the works of living days, and I will answer for a perfecc artists at Paris shall take place every cure. – Ten louis !-Yes; or in three second year, and open on the 24th of days you will be blind-Blind! I


State of Literature in the Ionian Islands. (July 1, kave nothing more to say.' The demand in the Ionian Islands two newspapers of of ten guineas opened ihe eyes of the totally opposite sentiments. The Gazette sou sician, who related this anecdote to of Corfu appeared under the influene er the writer a month after his visit. It the French government, with a French seems that eminent oculists are not always translation; and, like the Westphaliza the best prophets.

and Neapolitan Moniteurs, it was an The celebrateri ant:quary, the Cheva- echo of that of Paris. I had an extenlier Mulin, has just published, as a sive circulation in the Levant, and cousequel o his Collectio: s1 Antique Mo- tributed not a little to make known the numerts, whico appeared some years name of Buonaparte among the Oriensince, a Collection of Egyptian Monu- tals. When our arms had reduced some ments belonuing to the Royal Museum of these islands, a new paper in modern of France. This work, entitled Ægyp- Greek was begun at Zante, in addition tiaques, is printed in 4to., and contains to the Italian journals previously printed 12 plaies with descriptions.

there, under the title of Ephemerides of PRUSSIA.

the Delivered lonian Islands. It still The well-known dramatic writer, Kos- continues to be published once or twice ZEBUE, whose death has been so often a week, and is conducted by a wellannounced, is still living, and is expected informed young man, a native of Corfu, to pass the summer at Berlio.

named ZEREVO. It is far superior :: ITALY.

that of Corfu for paper, type, accuracy, The Pope has become the proprietor and style, which is rarely deformed by of Raphael's Madona di Foligno, reco- foreign expressions. A third paper in vered from the Museum at Paris, and modern Greek appears at Vienna, under which belonged to the Convent delle the title of The Greek Telegraph. It is Contesse at Foligno. That town still ably conducted, and has a great circulapossesses another picture by this great tion, on account of the commercial te anaster: it is a Holy Family, half finished, lations between the Greeks and the subin the private chapel of the family of jects of Austria. Lastly, The Instructie Gregori, which is not much visited by Mercury, a literary paper, is also printtravellers. The town of Perugia refuses ed at Vienna, under the direction of the to sell its pictures; which, however, are learned Greek archimandrite ANTONIO yet at Rome.

Gazi. Upon the recommendation of

Sir William Gell, the Ionian Ephemerides The interest felt for whatever con- will in future contain intelligence rela cerns modern Greece, will render the tive to the continent of Greece. The following particulars respecting the pub- conductors of that journal have a direct lications in the native language of its communication with Athens, and will inbabitants, designed to rouse the spirit give an account of the proceedings and of their forefathers, acceptable to the discoveries of travellers who devote reader. Under Buonaparte there were their attention to the sciences.



To John Christian Curwen, M.P. Work or the Encouragement of Arts, Manu- furnish good beef in much less time than

THE rewards adjudged by the Society ington Hall, Cumberland, for his nethod of factures, and Commerce, were, on Friday heretofore known, the gold medal. May 31, presented by H.R. H. the Duke of Sussex, president, at Freemasons' Hall, House, Berks, for planting 147 acres with

To William Congreve, esq. Aldermasta Great Queen-street, to the respective acorns, the gold medal. candidates, in the presence of upwards To Michael Meek, esq. of Sober, der of 2,000 spectators; for whose accom- Northallerton, for planting 134 actes with modation the place of distribution was 588,763 forest trees, the gold medal. changed from the great room of the So- To Bache Thornhill, esq. of Stanton, nes ciety, which, though in other respects Bakewell, Derbyshire, for planting 116 aries more appropriate, will not conveniently with 315,000 forest trees, the silver medal. admit of more than one-third of that

To J. G. Hall, esq. of Mixbury, the number.

Buckingham, for protecting 1,260 Metro In Agriculiure.

sheep, the gold medal. To her. Grace the Duchess of Rutland,

In Chemistry 'for ascertaining the best method of raising Hounslow, for his apparatus for preparing

To Mr, George Field, Heath Cottage caks, the gold medal.

coloured lakes, the gold lsis medal.

1816.) Prizes presented by Society of Arts.

531 To Mr. James Ryan, Netherton Colliery, for an original miniature of a Gentleman, rreas Dudley, for his method of ventilating the silver palette: coal mines, the gold medal and one hundred To Masier Hugh Ross, Macclesfield-street, guineas,

for a miniature on hi Giace the late Duke To Dr. Clanny, Bishopwearmouth, near of Norfolk, the silver palette. Newcastle, fur his safety-lamps for mines, To Mr. Thos. Smit! , Upper Nortonstreet, the silver medal.

for a druwing of a Dead Christ, a copy, the To Mr. C. Pye, Euston-place, Euston- silver Isis medal. square, for preparing charcoal to answer the To Mr John Hayter, Woodstock -street, purpose of black chalk for drawing, the silver Bond-street, for a copy of the Transfigura Isis medal.

tion, the silver Isis medal. In Polite Arts.

To Miss Leonora Say, Norton-street, To Miss Emma Eleonora Kendrick, Upper Mary-le-bone, for a drawing of Andromache, Marylebone-street, Fitzroy-square, for an a copy, the silver medal. original miniature of Dido on the Funeral To Miss Anne Powell, of Manchester, for File, the gold Isis medal.

a drawing ot Samuel and Eli, a copy, the To Miss Caroline Huoning Evart, East silver Isis medal. Hill, Wandsworth, Surrey, for a copy of the To Miss Emma Swinley, Crescent, BrighHead of our Saviour, an vil painting, the ton, for a drawing of Angels receiving a good silver medal.

Spirit, a copy, the silver palette. To Miss Henrietta Sutherland, Sloane- To Mr. Thomas Lee, jun. Devonshiresquare, for an original drawing of the Keep- street, for an original architectural design for er's Corage in Hyde Park, the silver Isis a British Senate House, the gold medallion, medal.

in conformity to the will of the late John To Miss Louisa Ann Phillipps, Wands- Stock, esq. of Hampstead. worth-road, for an original View of the In- To Mr. John Winckworth, Upper Nortonterior of a Castle at Putney, the silver palette. Street, Fitzroy-square, for an original archi

To Mr. W. C. Ross, Macclesfield-street, tectural design for a British Senate House, Soho, for an original portrait of his Grace the silver medallion, in conformity to the the late Duke of Norfolk, the gold Isis me- said will. dal.

To Mr. H.W. Inwood, jun. SouthamptonTo Mr William Harris, jun. Norton-street, place, Euston-square, for an original View Portland place, for an original drawing of of an Architectural Public Building, the silver Part of the Interior of Waltham Abbey, the Isis medal. silver Isis mer

To Mr. Robert Huilson, Duchy-place, To Lieui, Rob. Smith, Queen's-buildings, opposite Catherine-street, for a drawing of Brompton, for an original View of the Ma- Ajax's Head from a cast, the silver palette. rina of Palermo, the siiver medal.

To Mr John Henning, sen, GlasshouseTo Mr. William Ensum, Swinton-street, street, Piccadilly, for an original die engrar. Gray's Inn-lane-road, for a pen-and-ink ing of Vulcan and Attendants, the silver drawing of one of Lebrun's Battles, the silver medal medal

To Mr. John Henning, jun.of GlasshouseTo Mr. John Carver, Great Russell.street, street, Piccadilly, for a bas relief of the Bloomsbury, for a copy of a print from Sir Good Samaritan, the silver Isis medal. Joshua Reynolds, (the effect produced by a To Miss Janet Ross, Martlett-couri, Bowpen-knife from wood ci arred on the surface, street, for an original chalk drawing of Venus, the silver Isis medal.

from the statue in the British Museum, the To Master Frederick Yeates Hurlstone, silver medal. Orcat Queen-streer, Lincoln's Inn-fields, for To Miss Emma Tomkins, New Bondan oil painting of Our Saviour and the Three street, for a chalk drawing of the head of Marys, the silver medal.

Apollo, a copy, the silver Isis medal. To Miss Emma Garley, Margaret-street, To Mrs. M. Muchal Griffith, Holt-street Cavendish-square, for a drawing of Flowers, House, Wrexham, for her copy and coloured a copy, the silver medal.

drawings of the thirteenih volume of the To Miss B. Cotton, Chichely, Newport Botanical Magazine, the silver medal. Pagnell, Bucks, for an original drawing of To Miss Landseer, Foley-street, PortlandFruit and Flowers, the silver medal. place, for an oil painting of the village of

To Mis, Dutton, Gracechurch-street, for Polstead, Suffolk, the silver medal. an original oil painting of Kenilworth Castle, To Mr. William Scoular, Clarendon the silver palette.

street, Somers' Town, for a copy of the large To M. Henry Douglas Craig, Charlotte- antique statue of the Faunus, the silver street, Fitzroy-square, for an original draw. medal. ing of a Lady and a Hare, the silver Isis To Mr. Frederick William Smith, Bridgemedal.

row, Chelsea, for an alto relievo of the death To Mr. Edwin Landseer, Foley-street, for of Pallas, the silver bo medal. ab original painting of the Stable Guardian, To Mr: Henry W. Peck, Union-piace, che silver medal.

Shoreditch, for a plaster cast of Adam and To Master George Pasten, Ladgate-hill, Kve, the silver medal.

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