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LYNES, The Reverend JOHN, L. L. B. and F.S. A. of Tooley Park, in the county

of Leicester, and of Hatton, in the county of Warwick; b. 24th February, 1782 ; m. 17th September, 1822, Caroline Sobieski, eldest daughter of John Wynne, esq. late of Garthmeilio, in the county of Denbeigh, by Sarah Anne his wife, only surviving daughter and heiress of the Rev. Samuel Parr,* LL.D. of Hatton, and prebendary of St. Paul's Cathedral, and has issue,


Emma-Catherine. The Rev. John Lynes is the incumbent of Hatton, and a magistrate for the county of Worcester.



Lineage. Families of this name have been resident | 1561,) several sons, from one of them deat Corley and Fillingley, in the county of scended, Warwick, from a very early period, and John LYNES, of Corley, who, by his wife, they are reputed to be descendants of LE-(who was buried at Corley, 6th May, 1723,) NINNUS, who lived at Fillingley in the Con- had issue, queror's time; for according to Doomsday

1. Thomas, baptized and buried in 1669. Book, Fillingley was at that time rated at

II. John, of whom presently. two hides, and possessed by several per

1. Mary, bapt. 29th December, 1670, Half a hide thereof the bishop of

m. 5th January, 1688, to John Stone, Constance had there, held by Leninnus, and

gent. of Allesley, in the county of valued at xxx*. whereof the woods extend

Warwick. ed to two furlongs in length, and one in

11. Anne, bapt. 2nd April, 1677, m. breadth ; and there is a tradition in this

13th May, 1695, William Ashbourne, family, borne out by the earliest records

gent, of Kearsley, within the city of they possess, that Woods in Corley and

Coventry, and left issue, Fillingley were in their possession in the

1. William, living at Kearsley in time of the Saxons. The one in Corley was

1722. sold some time ago, by the father of the pre- John Lynes was buried at Corley, 7th July, sent representative of the family, the same having been in the possession of his ances- 1727, and was succeeded by his only survitor at the time of the Conquest, and had ving son, been from that period handed down from

John LYNES, of Corley, who was baptized father to son, until it came into the posses- in October, 1698, Sarah, daughter and co

there, 16th September, 1673, and married sion of the late Mr. Lynes. The one in Fillingley was in possession of John Lynes, heiress of William Weaman, gent. of Allesof Heigham, at the time of his decease in ley, and had issue by her, (who was buried

at Corley, 29th November, 1721,) 1824.

THOMAS LYNES, living at Corley, in the John, of Corley, of whom presently. reigns of Henry VIII. and Queen ELIZA William, of Kearsley, bapt. at Corley, BETH, had by his wife, Christian, (whom he 27th January, 1707, and by Mary, married at Corley, on the 10th November, his wife, had issue,

See the pedigree of Dr. Parr, in Nicholl's History of Leicestershire, title Hinckley. The following arms were granted to the Rev. John Lynes, in behalf of his wife, Caroline Sobieski, and to her sister, Augusta Eliza Wynne, (now the wife of Captain Sir John Marshall, R.N. C.B. K.C.H.) as the two representatives of the Rev. D:. Samuel Parr,“ Ermine two bars azure, each charged with as many crosses patee or, a bordure engrailed sable, thereon four escallops and as many roses alternately argent.” And for the crest of Parr, “On a wreath of the colours a mount vert, therefrom issuing in front of a pear tree, fructed proper, a rose tree vert bearing five roses gules, barbed and seeded, also proper."

1779, s. p.

John, bapt. 14th April, 1733. He married secondly, Miss Sarah Lant, of
A daughter married to Mr. Darby, Coventry, and had
of Atherstone.

Sarah, who married William WorA daughter, married to Mr. Gee, thington, gent. of Norton by Twyof Coventry.

cross, and left issue. Thomas, bapt. May, 1712, and died at Mr. Lynes was succeeded by his only son Coventry. He married Miss Kiss,

and heir, of Red Hall, near Barwell, in the

John Lynes, esq. of Corley and Kirkby county of Leicester, (who was buried Mallory, b. 25th March, 1749, married Saat Corley, 1st August, 1756,) and had rah, daughter and co-heiress of Thomas issue,

Webb, gent. of Lillington, in the county of John, of Higham, in the county of

Warwick, (whom he survived,) and had Leicester, bapt. 19th April, 1750,

John, L.L.B. bis heir. married 8th September, 1790,

Thomas, of Great Oxenden, in the Miss Ann Salisbury. He died

county of Northampton, born 14th November, 1824, s. p.

May, 1794, married Francis, third Thomas, bapt. 1752, and buried in

daughter of the Rev. George Boul

ton, rector of Oxenden, (see vol. ji. William, bapt. 1755, and buried in

p. 378,) and had issue, 1756.

John. Ann, bapt. 1699, and buried in 1700.


Sarah, bapt. 5th April, 1701, married

John Geary, gent. of Atterton in the

county of Warwick, and had issue,

Frances. 1. John Geary, of Atterton.

Caroline. John Lynes married secondly, 16th Octo

Laura. ber, 1722, Miss Eliza More, of Coundon,

Elizabeth, born 1st August, 1783, and and thirdly, Mary

who survived

died 8th September, 1801, unm. him, and afterwards married Mr. Chater. Mr. Lynes died 29th December, 1833, and He was buried at Corley, 10th March, 1747, was succeeded by his eldest son, the preand was succeeded by his eldest son, John Lynes, of Corley, who was bapt. Hatton.

sent Rev. John Lynes, of Tooley Park and 4th April, 1702. He married in 1722, Mary, relict of Jeffery Dixon, gent. of Twy

Arms—(Granted to John Lynes, esq. of cross, in the county of Leicester, and had Kirkby Mallory, son and heir of John issue,

Lynes, gent. of Corley.) Argent on a bend John, of whom presently.

azure between two lions rampant, gules, Thomas, who was bapt. in April, 1725, a fleur-de-lis, between two gryphons' heads and buried at Corley, 23rd February, erased or. 58.

Crest-In front of a fleur-de-lis argent, a William, of Kearsley and Coventry, lion rampant gules. buried October, 1775, s. p.

Motto-Foi, Roi, Droit.
Mary, m. 18th July, 1747, Mr. Richard
Carr, of Marston, near Coventry.

EstatesTooley Park, (in Peckleton,) in Catherine, bapt. 27th May, 1727, mar

the county of Leicester, an ancient park forried 5th August, 1749, Mr. Stafford, merly connected with the castle of Earl of Exhall, near Coventry, and left Chilton, once the residence of the Earls of issue.

Mercia, and here the Boothby family lived

in great splendour for a century, but the John Lynes died about 1728-9, and was suc

house has been recently pulled down by ceeded by his eldest son,

Mr. Lynes; Wymondham Hetherset, in the JOHN LYNES, of Corley, who married 7th county of Norfolk, (of which he is lord of May, 1748, first, Miss Ann Harding, and the manor,) at Fenny Crompton and Naphad issue an only son,

ton, in the county of Warwick, and Pinner, John, of Corley and Kirkby Mallory, in the county of Middlesex. of whom hereafter.

Residence-Hatton, near Warwick.


BABINGTON, THOMAS, esq. of Rothley Temple, in the county of Leicester, b.

18th December, 1758 ; m. in 1787, Jean, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Macaulay, M.A. minister of the church and parish of Cardross, in Dumbartonshire, and had issue,

THOMAS-GISBORNE, b. 24th July, 1788, m. 27th April,

1814, Augusta, daughter of Sir Gerard Noel, bart. and the Baroness Barham, and by her, who d. 19th June,

1833, had issue. John, b. 6th September, 1791, in holy orders; m. in 1818,

Maria-Francis, daughter of the Rev. J. S. Pratt, preOO

bendary of Peterborough.
Matthew, b. 5th September, 1792.
George-Gisborne, b. 22nd January, 1794.
William-Henry, b. 30th January, 1803.
Charles-Roos, b. 11th July, 1806.
Lydia, m. Ist May, 1809, to the Rev. Joseph Rose, of
Carshalton, Surrey, son of the Rev. Mr. Rose, by Eli-

zabeth, his wife, dau. of Joseph-Foster Barham, esq. Jean.


Margaret-Anne. Mr. Babington, who represented the town of Leicester in several parliaments, succeeded his father 20th June, 1776.

Lineage. Sir John BABINGTON, knt. of East Brig

knight, and had two daughters, ford, in the county of Nottingham, (grand

Elena, wife of Sir Robert Shefson of Sir Bernard de Babington, Lord of

field, and Jane, of Sir James Babington, in Northumberland, and son of

Blount, provost marshal. Sir John de Babington, chief captain of Mor

2. Thomas, recorder of Nottinglaix in Bretagne, under EDWARD III.), died

ham, died s.p. in 1409, leaving, by Benedicta, his wife,

3. Edward, died s. p. in 1498. daughter and heir of Sir Simon Ward, of

4. Robert, of Lower Kiddington, Canıbridge,

and Asterley, in Oxfordshire, 1. THOMAS, his beir.

who m. Maulde, daughter and 11. William, (Sir), knt. of Chilwell, in

heir of Roger Archis, esq. by Notts, and of Kiddington, in Oxford

Alice, his wife, daughter and heir shire, was an eminent lawyer: in

of Roger Venoure, heir of the 1413, he became attorney-general, in

Fleet, London, and dying in 1420 chief baron of the Exchequer,

1464, left, with a daughter, Joan, and in 1423, chief justice of the Com

m. to John Fitzherbert, esq. of mon Pleas. He had been made a

Etwall, a son and successor, knight of the Bath at the coronation

William BABINGTON, esq. of of HENRY VI. Sir William died in

Kiddington, who m. Ellen, 1455, leaving by Margery, his wife,

dau of Sir Richard Ildaughter and heir of Sir Peter Mar

lingworth, K.B. chief baron tell, knt. of Chilwell,

of the Exchequer, and had 1. William, of Chilwell, sheriff of

a daughter, Dorothy, wife of Derbyshire and Notts. in 1456,

John Fitzherbert, esq. of who m. Elizabeth, daughter and

Etwall, and a son, heir of John Gibthorpe, esq. of

SIR WILLIAM BABINGTON, knt. Lincoln, and left, at his decease

of Kiddington, sheriff of Oxin 1474, a son, John, (Sir), knt.

fordshire in 1574, whose son, who died s. p. in 1501, and one

by Elizabeth, his wife, dau. daughter, his eventual heiress,

of C. Clarell, Etheldena, who ar ried, for her

THOMAS BABINGTON, esq. of second husband, Sir John Delves,

Kiddington, was the first


had issue,


warden of the Fleet. Hem. m. Isabel, daughter and heir of Henry BradMargaret Haslewood, and burne, esq. of the Hough, in the former

shire, and by her, who d. 18th March, 1486, WILLIAM, (Sir), knt. of and was buried in Radcliffe Church, Notts.

Kiddington, who d. in had issue,
1577, leaving several

THOMAS, bis heir.
children. His grand Beatrice, m. to_Ralph Pole, esq. of
son, Henry Babington,

Wakebridge, Derbyshire.
esq. sold his estates in Anne, m. to James Rolleston, esq. of
Oxfordshire in 1613.

Lea, in Derbyshire.
Edmond, who m. Joan, Elizabeth, m. to Ralph Frauncis, esq. of

daughter and heir of Foremark, Derbyshire.
Fortescue, of Knights Margaret, m. to Edmund Pilkington,
bridge, in Middlesex,

esq. of Staunton, Derbyshire.
and had issue.

Isabell, m. to John Rosell, esq. of RadEdward.

cliff, Notts.
Anne, m. to Sir Avery Cecily, m. to Thomas Samon, esq. of

Vnydale, knt. of Man Annesley Woodhouse, Notts.

Sir John Babington was slain at the battle
Elizabeth,m.FoulkeHasle- of Bosworth, by Sir James Blount, provost

wood, esq. of Weeke, in marsbal, in 1485, and succeeded by his son, Worcestershire.

Thomas BABINGTON, esq. of Dethick, sheJane, m. to Richard Tur-riff of Derbyshire and Notts in 1498, who vile, esq. of Thurleston.

m. Editha, daughter of Ralph Fitzherbert, Mary, m. William

esq. of Norbury, and had issue, Brett, esq. of Rotherby.

1. Anthony, (Sir), knt. of Dethick, she1. Agnes, m. to Robert Leek, esq. riff of Derby and Notts in 1534. He of Kirketon, in Notts.

m. first, Elizabeth, daughter and co2. Margaret.

heir of Jobo Ormond, esq. of Alfre3. Joane, m. to Sir John Port, knt.

ton, by Joane, his wife, daughter and 4. Elizabeth, m. to Sir Thomas heir of Sir William Chaworth, and by Nevile, of Rolleston, Notts.

her, who died 28th November, 1505, 11. Arnold, a citizen of Norwich, and

had issue, merchant of the Staple.

1. THOMAS, of Dethick, who m. IV. Norman, of East Brigford, Notts.

Catherine, daughter of Sir Henry sheriff of Derbyshire and Notts, in

Sacheverell, knt. of Morley, and 1428; m. Mary, daughter of John

dying, 21st April, 1560, left two Lord Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk, but

sons and a daughter, namely, d. s. p. in 1437.

HENRY, of Dethick, b. in 1530, V. John, of Aldrington, in the county

who m. first, Frances, dau. of Devon, m. Emma, daughter and

of Sir John Markham, and heir of Sir Robert Knowle of Knowle,

secondly, Mary, daughter of in that shire, chief captain of the

George, Lord Darcy, of AsEnglish adventurers into France, in

ton; by the latter he had no the service of HENRY IV, and had,

issue to survive ; by the forwith two daughters, a son, John, of

mer, three sons, Knowle, ancestor of the Babingtons

ANTHONY, of Dethick and of Ottery St. Mary.

Kingston, attainted in 1. Sidonia, died 6th May, 1448.

1586:* by Margaret, his Sir John Babington's eldest son,

Thomas BABINGTON, esq. sold his patri * ANTHONY BABINGTON. This gentleman was mony of East Brigford to his brother, Sir attainted in the time of ElizABETH for conspiring William, and after serving with HENRY V. to release Mary, Queen of Scots, and is a conspiin the French wars, returned home, and cuous person at that period of our history. Sir purchased the manor of Kingston, Notts. Walter Scott describes him as “a young gentleThe sword and bow he wore at Azincourt man of good parts, large fortune, and an amiable are still preserved. He m. Isabel, daughter disposition, but addicted to romantic ideas on the and sole heir of Robert Dethick, of Dethick, subject of love and friendship, and an unhesitating in Derbyshire, and by her, who d. in 1435, plot originated with three Catholic priests, two of

zealot in the cause of the Catholic religion.” The left, at his decease in 1467, (being buried at the narse of Gifford, and the third Hodgson; and Ashover), a son and successor,

it contemplated the death of Elizabeth, with the Sir John BABINGTON, knt. of Dethick consequent enfranchisement of Mary: It was first and Kingston, who was sheriff of the coun determined that Savage, an English Catholic, holdties of Derby and Nottingham in 1480. Heing a commission in the Spanish service, should

wife, daughter of John
Draycot, of Penisley,
in Staffordshire. He
appears to have left

Francis, who became pos-

sessed of Kingston by
his brother's death, and
sold it to Gilbert Earl
of Shrewsbury. Hem.
Juliana, dau. of Tho-
mas Rowe, alderman of

George, of Dethick, who

m. Helen, daughter of

H. Vine, of Ash, in
Surrey, and had a son,

Edmund, who m. Mary, daugh-

ter of George Zouch, ol Cod

nor, in Derbyshire. Anne, married to John, son of

George, Lord Darcy.
2. Edward.
3. Bernard, who m. a daughter of

Sir Gervaise Clifton, K.B. and
had issue,
GERVAISE, F A.B. of Trinity

College, Cambridge, DD.
consecrated Bishop of Llan-

This was

put Elizabeth to death with his own hand; but it bourne, Savage, and four associates, undertook being considered afterwards as rash in the extreme the assassination of Elizabeth." The plot was to entrust an object so important to a single arm, discovered through a person named Polly, a spy of Babington undertook to carry the plot into execu- | Walsingham's, who had engratiated himself with tion with a band of ten gentlemen, with whom he the conspirators: and one of the Giffords having was connected by the closest bonds of community turned informer, Babington was arrested with the in studies and amusements. The names of these whole of the band, excepting Salisbury, who efpersons were, Windsor, Salisbury. Tilney, Tich- fected his escape abroad, and lodged in the Tower. bourne, Gage, Travers, Barnewall, Chaswick, Being separately examined, they confessed their Dunn, and Jones. The number was more than guilt, were tried, condemned, and executed. double that deemed requisite, but the rash and ro + Gervaise Babington was born in Nottinghammantic mind of Babington totally unfitted him to shire, according to Fuller, but in Devonshire, aclead such a band of conspirators. His imagination, cording to Isacke and Prince. After having reexcited in an extraordinary degree, displayed by ceived the first rudiments of learning, he was sent one single act his utter incapacity.

to Trinity College, Cambridge, of which he benothing less than the causing to be painted a pic came fellow. On the 15th of July, 1578, he was ture, representing six of the principal associates, incorporated M.A. at Oxford, as he stood in his with his own portrait in the centre, the whole own university. After studying other branches bearing a motto expressive of some hazardous pur- of learning, he applied bimself to divinity, and pose in which they were engaged. Babington, in became a favourite preacher in Cambridge, the the arrangement of the special part which each place of his residence. When he was D.D. he conspirator was to perform, as might have been was made domestic chaplain to Henry, Earl of expected, assumed for his own share the most ro Pembroke, president of the council in the marches mantic and least guilty portion of the enterprize, of Wales, and is supposed to have assisted Lady by undertaking the liberation of Mary from the Mary Sidney, Countess of Pembroke, in her verplace of her confinement. “What a man (says sion of the Psalms into English metre. By his Sir Walter Scott) of such romantic character might | lordship's interest, however, he was constituted hope from the gratitude of a queen released from treasurer of the church of Llandaff, and in 1588 prison, raised, as his extravagant plan inferred, to was installed into the prebend of Wellington, in à crown far richer than that which she had lost, the cathedral of Hereford. Through his patron's besides the great chance of recovering the govern- further interest, he was advanced to the bishopric ment of her native kingdom, we can only guess of Llandaff, and was consecrated, August 29th,

Thus far is known, that Queen Mary, ex 1791. In February, 1594, he was translated to hausted by imprisonment, disease, and suffering, the see of Exeter, to which he did an irreparable no longer possessed those personal charms which injury by alienating from it the rich manor of might once have infamed to feats of the most ardent Crediton, in Devonshire. In 1597 he was transand extravagant valour in her cause the sons of lated to Worcester, and was likewise made one of that chivalry which was not yet quite extinguished. the queen's council for the marches of Wales. To When she was permitted to repair for the advan the library of Worcester Cathedral be was a very tage of her health to the hot baths of Buxton, she great benefactor, for he not only fitted and repaired is described as an elderly, lame, and bloated woman, the edifice, but also bequeathed to it all his books. altogether deprived, by long years of restraint and After having continued Bishop of Worcester near misery, mental and bodily, of those personal at

thirteen years,

he died of the jaundice, May 17, tractions which she once possessed in such an 1610, and was buried in the Cathedral of Worceseminent degree. She was however sequestered ter without any monument. from public view; and a warm imagination, like As to his character, it is agreed, that in the that of Babington, might figure her in his idea as midst of all his prefermeuts, he was neither tainted still possessed of her unrivalled charms; or per- with idleness, pride, nor covetousness; and was haps, her high rank as queen might, in his opinion, not only diligent in preaching, but in writing compensate for advanced age and personal defi- | books for the understanding of the Holy Scrip. ciencies. Salisbury, with others, were to assemble tures. He was an excellent and animating preacher. forces in the neighbouring counties, while Titch His works were printed, first in quarto, then with


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