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5. Paradise,' abode of the blessed.

6. 'To-day,' no delay, now is the accepted time.

III. The marks and effects of true faith.

1. It judges not by appearances. cified, yet he was Lord and King.

Christ was cru

2. It sees Christ glorious, though before it valued him not.

3. It prays,

'Remember me,' humbly.-Not, 'Let me sit down with thee on thy throne.'

4. It takes Christ's part, and sees his righteousness: 'He hath done nothing amiss.'

5. Hatred of sin.-Fear of God. Reproof: 'Dost thou not fear God, seeing thou art in the same condemnation?'

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6. A vindication of justice: We indeed justly.'

7. An open confession: We receive the due reward of our deeds.'

8. He had but a heart and a tongue at liberty: Both are used.

APPLICATION.-Sinners. He is exalted still to give repentance and pardon. Abuse not God's goodness that leads you to it. You cannot outwit God-Thou fool-Wicked servant. (Matt. xxiv. 48.)-God will harden you as the other thief.-Apoplexy, fever in the brain. As a thief he comes.-How will you escape hell and damnation ? O be concerned, rise against sin, go as far as the thief.

Mourners.-Ask, seek, knock.-See Christ's readiness to receive sinners, to grant petitions, and to exceed them. He upbraids not.

OBJECTION.-"The thief had never heard Christ before." Peter had.

Self-righteous.--Be not angry at this prodigal entering into paradise at the same door.-One way and door.

Believers.-See your privilege. Assurance. Answer to prayer. Knowledge of pardon, and certainty of paradise. Make the best of a short life. Speak for Christ on a death-bed. Esteem him the more, for the revilings of sinners. Make a stand against sin. Be patient on the cross. Be humble.


Beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me.—

ΜΑΤΤ. Χίν. 30.

INTROD.-Woman drowned.*

1. Power of faith.

It walks

1. Upon a sea of iniquity.

2. A sea of temptations.

3. A sea of tribulation and danger.

4. It crosses the Jordan of death.

5. It stands the storms and billows of judgment.

II. The behaviour, in danger, of one who hath little faith. O thou of little faith.'

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1. He walks on no more; but begins to sink.

2 He cries out to Jesus, 'Lord, save me!'

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3. He is happily saved: Jesus stretched out his hand, and caught him.'

III. The misery of unbelievers, those that sink and cry not.

1. The floods go over their head.

2. They are in the most deplorable condition. 3. They sink as easy as the corpse of the drowned.

*This sermon appears to have been delivered soon after the interment of a woman who was drowned by crossing the Severn in a boat.

4. O that you might lift up your head above the floods of worldliness and ignorance. See your danger and cry out.

IV. The misery of applying to any but Christ. 1. No help in the rotten boat of the flesh.

2. No help in many worldly goods, or works, or self. 3. No help in our fellow sinners.

4. No catching at man without disappointment. 4. No crying to man with success.

V. How happy the case of those who fly to Christ. 1. He hath come out of sin, flesh, world, grave. 2. Christ is every where, all love and power.

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3. If we lay hold of him, he will not be angry :Consider the woman with the bloody issue. comes to ME, I will in no wise cast out.'

He that

4. If we cannot catch him, he will catch us. Therefore cry to him now. Lay hold on, and stand in, his strength, prepared for the worst.


There is yet one man by whom we may enquire of the Lord! But I hate him, for he does not prophesy good concerning me, but evil.-1 KINGS xxii. 8.

INTROD.-False prophets multiplied. They were destroyed by Elijah. Now again they are four hundred to one. Micaiah.

I. The difference of the prophets of God and the world.

1. False prophets and wicked people talk of enquiring of the LORD; but they enquire of their own heart, of one another, and seek to please, and dread to offend, by the disagreeable truth. Therefore, they are many.

2. True prophets have God and the truth on their side; but are rejected by men and hated.

II. Concerning whom we must prophesy good and evil.

1. We cannot but prophesy EVIL

(1.) To impious worldlings.—Jonah, Noah, Lot. (2.) To formalists and self-righteous Pharisees.— Christ.

(3.) To hypocrites.—Ananias and Peter. Paul and High Priest.

(4.) To Babel-builders.-They build off the rock, are daubers, build house on sand.

2. We prophesy GOOD

(1.) To those who are convicted of their sin. (Matt. xi. 27.)

(2.) To mourners in Zion. (Isai. Ixi.)

(3.) To conscious unbelievers, and lost sheep. (4.) To tempted souls. He breaks not the bruised reed,' &c.

(5.) To the persecuted for righteousness' sake.
(6.) To those who wrestle with sin.

(7.) To those of little faith.

(8.) To despairing, self-condemned sinners.

Saying, "All is ready, pardon, holiness, glory. We prophesy the good things of the promises, gospel, Canaan."

APPLICATION.-To those who are of Ahab's mind. Those who prophesy smooth things to you, are your enemies.-God's prophets speak evil, that you may avoid it. You will know it in the end.

2. Believe, ye mourners.—When we prophesy good, reject not the delightful testimony.-Hate us not.


Even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations, but now is made manifest to his saints: To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.-Colos. i. 26, 27, 28.

1. A great mystery, 'Christ in us.'

1. Christ in our flesh and nature; living, dying, or rising.

2. Christ in us.

Our life, motion, being, preservation.

3. Christ in us.

As our wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, redemption, Comforter.

4. Hope of glory.'

Present Saviour, purifying.-(1 Tim. i. 5.)

II. This mystery was hid from ages and generations. Especially those of stupid sinners, Pharisees, and unbelievers of all sorts.-Hid from their eyes, hearts, by the curtain of ignorance, sin, and unbelief.—(See Rom. xvi. 25; Eph. i. 18, and iii. 9; 2 Tim. i. 10; Tit. i. 3.) 'Now made manifest' to sinners, who became saints, by believing it, by the rending of the three-fold veil.

III. The riches of the glory of this mystery.'

1. It is glorious, to know God with us, and in us.To be the temple of God, the members of Christ.

2. Glorious to Christ, to be acknowledged All in All. 3. It fits us for, and gives a sure hope and taste of glory.

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