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together with the artillery, ammunition, John Borlase Warren, K. B. to Evan and provisions, existing in those places, Nepean, E,9: dated on board bis Ma. of which an inventory is to be drawn justy's Ship La Pomone, at Sea, April up: The same thall be done with regard

8, 1796. to the town and citadel of Alessandria,

I beg you will inform their Lordships, which are provisionally to be occupied that on the oth inftant, Le Bec du Raz by the French, until they fall be put bearing N. E. by E. leveral fail were feen in possession of the town and citadel of in the N. E.quarter; and, upon the signal Tortona.

for a general chace being made, it was IV. The French army hhall be at libero foon perceived that they were a small ty to cross the Po under Valence.

convoy ftanding through the straits beV. All extraordinary couriers, Aidesp tween the S.raies and the Continent. As de-camp, or other Officers, whom the the weather appeared letiled and fine, I Commander in Chief may think fit to considered that it was a proper opportusend to Paris, fhall be allowed to pals and nity to obtain a knowledge of the pafrepass by the Mortest way.

fage, and continued working through, VI. All the troops and cfficers in the with the tide in our favour, alter them ; pay of the King of Sardinia, who ferve but the wind falling when we were in in the Auftrian Army in Italy, are to be the Bay on the other fide, I found it was comprised in the said suspension of hofi- imposible to cut off the brig who eflities,

corted them, as the stood close in 10. VII. The citadel of Ceva fall be sure wards Camaret Point, at the entrance of rendered, together with all its artillery, the Goulet, going up to Breft, and aammunition, and provisions, and its garo' mong the rocks. The boats of the squarison is to retreat into Piedmont,

dron however cap:ured the veíTels in the VIII. In the fortresses of Coni and incloled list, who were all laden with Tortona, as well as that of Alessandria, corn and flour. A floop belonging to inventories shall be drawn up of all the the convoy got off with the corvette, artillery, ammunition, and provisions, which I understand was Le Vorigeur of delivered up to the French troops, for 16 guns. which the French Republic fall remain answerable to the King of Sardinia, by Lift of the Vefsels belonging to the French reftoring the artillery, and paying the Republic, captured by the Boats of the value of such part of the ammunition Squadron under the command of Sir and provisions as shall have been consum- John Borlase Warren, K. B. within cd.

the Straits on the Coast of France, on The same fail be done respecting the April 7, 1796. citadel. The troops who occupy there A brig, La Marie, of St Maloes, 150 places, shall draw into Piedmont with tons, laden with wheat-seat to Eng. their arms, baggage, and all the honours land. of war.

A brig, name unknown, 100 tons, la-
(Signed in the minutes) den with flour, ditto.

Lieui-Gen. De La Tour. A brig, name unknown, 120 tons, la-
Colonel Costa and den with wheat, ditro.

A Noop, name unknown, 70 tons, id,

den with wheat, dirto.

A brig, nane unknown, go tons, la-
London Gazettes.

den with wood and wine, Icuntled and

funk. From the London Gazette, April 26.

7. B. Warren. Extract of a Letter from Vice-Admiral

Admiralty Office, April 26, 1795. Murray, Commander in Chief of his Extract of a Letter froin Commodore Sir Majesiy's fhips and vefsels in North A

John Borlofe Warren, to Evan Nepron, merica, to Evan Nepean, Ejg. Secretí-. Esq. dated on board bis Mejesty's Ship ry to the Admiralty.

La Pomone, of the Saints, April 16, On the sith infiant, arrived L'Au- 1796, sore, (French Corvette) prize to his Majefty's thip Cleopatra. She had only so that on ihe 15th inftant, at 11 P. M. a

I beg you will inform their Lordships, men on board when taken.

fail being discovered in the N. E. quarAdmiralty-Office, April 26. 1796. ter, I inunediately gave chiace, and at 3 Copy of a Litics from Commodore Sir A. 11. I cam: up with her in this ship


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She proved to be La Robuste ship cor- Inclofed is a return of the wounded verte, mounting 22g uns and 145 men, Officers, Seamen, and Marines : jull come from Bref bound to L'Orient. Return of the Wounded on board of his The squadron under my command al

Majesty's Ship Niger, April 26. 1796. So captured a brig loaded with salt, from

Lieut. Long, ift Lieutenant, feverely Croisie, on the 13th intant.

wounded on the head and band. From the London Gazette, May 17. Mr James Patton, Midshipman, on the

head. Admiralty-Ofice, May 17, 1796: Three Seamen and two Marines flightly Extrait of a Letter from Vice- Admiral wounded. (Signed) E. 7. Foote.

Colpogs, dated on board his Majesty's SIR, Niger, at Sea, May 8. Ship, London, at Spithead, on the 14th anfit to Mr Nepean, Secretary to the I had the honour to receive from you

In compliance with the orders which Admiralty.

on the 4th inftant, I food for the French I herewith tranfinit you, for the infor- 'coast, and by seven next morning fetche mation of my Lords Commissioners of ed close in with the eastern part of Inc the Admiralty, copies of two letters re- Dieu, where I discovered, and immediceived from Captain Foote, of his Ma. arely gave chace to, and ran a-hore, a j fty's ship Niger, giving me an account French Schooner and Sloop. The schoonof his proceedings at different times ! er was completely bulged; the floop, la. detached him in fhore on the coast of den with wine and brandy, was brought France.

off and taken in tow : but in a short

time the became so water-logged that I Niger, near the Penmarks, April 27,

scuttled her. SIR,

Admiralty-ofice, May 17, 1796. I have the honour to inform that from the time I made the signal of the Copy of a Letter from Admiral Peston,

Commander in Chief of bis Majesty's chace being an enemy's cruizer, I conti

Ships in the Downs, to Mr Nepean, nued working towards her. By sunset our shot reached her; and shortly after,

Secretary to the Admiralty, dated May the fignal being made for three fathoms,

15, 1796. I anchored within half cable's length of SIR, a rock, (most of which was covered at You will be pleased to acquaint their high water) ard a mile from the main Lordships, that the Flora armed cutter, land; a spring was got upon the cabi, Lieutenant Reddy, is just returned here and a confiant fire kept up till near nine from looking into Dunkirk, and has o'clock, when I lent Meff. Long and brought in with him L’Epevier French Thompson, the first and third lieutenants, lugger, mounting two 2 pounders and 6 Mr Morgan, master's mate, and Mr Pate swivels, with 26 men, which she captured ton, midfipman, in the barge and cut- close in with Dunkirk. She sailed from tors, with their crews and fix marines, Havre de Grace on the Toth inftant, and giving directions to Lieutenant Long to had taken nothing. let fire to the veffel, if he could not bring her off. At half past ten the boats

From the London Gazette, May 21. returned, with the second Captain, a WEST INDIES.-YAMAICA. Midshipman, and twenty-fix men, hav, ing so eficctually performed this service,

Whitehall, May 21, 1796. that at twenty minutes past twelve me A Letter, of which the following is an blew up. It was with great difficulty Extract, has been received by his Grace they get alongside the enemy, the tide the Duke of Portland, one of his Majefo having ebbed confiderably, and they ex- ty's Principal Secretaries of State, from perienced a very obstinare refiftance, the Major-General Earl of Balcarras, dated greatest part of her crew having remain, Jamaica, March 26, 1796. ed on board, feveral of whom left their I have the satisfaction to inform your lives. She proved a corvette lugger, Grace of the termination of the Maroon pixged, called L'Ecureil, mounting 18 four-pounders, commanded by M. Rouf: Thirty-fix Trelawny Maroons, and all frau, having ios men on board : She the run-away Negroes who had joined was copperid, and had only been launch. them in rebellion, surrendered their arms (S gned) E. 7. Frute. on the sgth and 231 of March.



ed two years.

The Maroons to windward, who had the Higblands of Scotland were read, Thewn a moft refractory and disobedient and ordered to be recorded. After {pirit fince the commencement of the re. which his Grace the Commissioner o-, bellion, have made their submission, and pened the Assembly with an elegant on thçir knees, in the presence of Com- ipeech from the throne, to which the miflioners, have sworn allegiance to his Moderator made a suitable reply. Majesty: I fall, by the Packet, inclose May 23. The Assembly proceeded to the Commission, and the return upon it. confider the reference from the Synod

The moft perfect internal tranquillity of Aberdeen, respecting Ministers of Chais restored to the Illand: The Slaves on pels of Ease being elected Members of every plantation are obedient; contented, Church Judicatories. After reasoning, and happy.

it was moved and seconded, " That Our operations against the Rebels have the General Assembly fhall declare, that been carried on with unremitting vigout. it appears to this Assembly, that MinifIn following the enemy into their new ter's of Chapels of Eafe, being in the haay recef|cs, the troops have undergone fa- bitual exercise of the functions of the tiguc hardly to be credited; the last co- minifterial office, are thereby disqualified. lumn which moved against them were from fitting as lay members in Judicato fve days without one drop of water, ex- ries of this church." And another mocept what they found in the wild pines. tion was made and seconded, “ That a

The Rebels, worn out with fatigue, Committee shall be appointed to prepare continually harasied and disturbed in an Overture on this subject, to be tranfcvery new settiement, have been con. mitted to the different presbyteries of the quered in a country where no European Church.” The Affembly, after reasonhad ever thought of penetrating. ing,' agreed to the following fate of a

The very fortunate close of this war vote, first, or second ; it being understood, is to be ascribed to the activity and good if it carried first, that the state of the vote conduct of Major General Walpole, and then Mould be, approve of the first moI moft humbly recommend him to bis tion or not ; and it it carried second, that! Majesty's favour.

then the fate of the vote fould be, ap

prove or transmit. And the roll being SCOTLAND.

'called and votes marked, it carried first ;

but a second vote not being inlifted on, General Assembly of Scotland.

the Assembly, without a vote, approved Edinburgh, May 19. The General of the first motion. Ailembly of the Church of Scotland met May 84. The Assembly procedded to here this day. The Right Honourable the confideration of the cause of the the Earl of Leven, his Majesty's Com- Rev. Mr Gillanders, minister of Fern, miffioner, aitended by several Noble- transmitted to them by their Committee men and Gentlemen, (amongst whom of Bills. Parties being fully heard, after were Earls Caflilles, Moray, Dumfries, reasoning among the members, upon a Dalhousie, and Hopeton ; Viscount Ar. motion made, the Affembly Reversed the buthnot, Lord Napier, Lord Adam Gore sentence of the Presbytery of Brechen, don, &c.) walked in procession to the which had been affirmed by the Synod High Church, the Hop oun Fencibles of Angus and Mearns, and disapprove of and the City Guard lining the fireefs ; trie manner in which the Presbytery have where his Grace was received by the conducted their vification in the parish Lord Provost and Magistrates, in their of Fern ; Remit this cause to the Presbyrobes. The Rev. Dr Meek, minister of tery, and ordain them at their firit orCombuslang, preached an excellent dif. dinary meeting to pronounce judgment course, from Proverbs, ch. xiv. ver. 34. on the accusation brought against Mr " Righteousneso cxalteth a nation.” Gillanders by Martha Lighton ; and

After Divine Service, his Grace the thereafter to summon the other persons, Cominiffioner went to the Assembly accusers of Mi Gillanders, to come forRoon, and proceeded to chuse a Moder- ward, in terms of the form of process, ator. The Rev. Dr Greenfield, Profes- with such of their charges as they shall for of Rhetoric in the Univerfity of E. think proper, in form of a libel; on dinburgh, and one of the Minifters of which libel the Presbytery are to judge, that city, was unanimously elected. His enjoining the Presbytery, not withiftandMajefty's commition, and warrant for ' ing any appeals that may be taken from one thousand pounds, to be employed in their sentences, to pronounce judgment prop gating the Chriftian Knowledge in on the relevancy of the libel, it any such



M.ll be offered, before the meeting of them into confideration, and report the the Synod in April next,

result of their inquiries to the next Go. 25. The report of the Committee on neral Assembly." the Orkney grievances was read. The Another motion was made and fem General Assembly unanimously approve conded, " That the General Adembly ed of the report of the Committee, with considered the overtures, and judging it this addition, That if the grievances in highly inexpedient at this time to apthe parish of Evie and Rendal, as the point a collection over Scotland by the Houle has been led by the information authority of the General Assembly, and of a Member to hope, be redressed with not considering the circumstances of the out a process before the Court of Scfsion, times as favourable for the General Af The Procurator be instructed to com- fembly's adopting any particular meam mence and carry on a process, according sure in relation to the object of the overto his discretion, in either of the other cures, Dismiss the fame. At the farne two casts selected by the Synod of time recommend to all the Members of Orkney. And upon motion, appointed the Church of Scotland, in their differa Committee to prepare a distinct state- ent Itations, to take every competent Taent of the grievances complained of, in method of promoting, within the sphere the Synod of Orkney, and to report on of their influence, the knowledge of the Saturday.

Gospel, a just sense of the inestimable The G:neral Assembly proceeded to benefits which it conveys to all who cme confider the report of the Committee on brace it, and the practice of these vira Chapels of Ease appointed by the last rucs, by which Christians make their General Assembly, which was agreed 10. light to shine before others; and while Some difference of opinion arole about they offer their fervent prayers to Althe concluding clause of the repórt, which, mighty God for the fulfilment of his after a vote, was agreed to. From this promise, in giving his Son the Heathen judgment Dr Erfine diflented, as unne- for an inheritance, they resolve that they cessary, as it deprived Presbyteries and will embrace with zeal and with thank Synods of their radical power of judg, fulness any favourable opportunity of ing in an important matter.

contributing by their excitions, to the Yesterday the Assembly ordered an ac propagation of the Gospel of Chrift, to be printed, and to be transmitted to which Divine Providence may hereafter all the Prefbyreries of the Church, about open.” the mode ot letiling Chapels of Ease, to- The Assembly agreed to state the vote, gether with the regulations made by last Appoint a Committee in terms of the General Assembly. About this buliness firit motion ; or, Dismiss the overtures, there were many long speeches, and with the recommendation in the second such keen debate, 'The General Ali morion -- and the roll being called, and sembly, after this matier was finished, votes marked, it carried, Difmifs, 58,took an

overture from the Synod of Appeint, 44.The Allembly, therefore, Perth and Stirling, requesting the Al Pir-rifled ihe overtures, with the above fembly to enadi á law that no Clergy- recommendation, man who was a Professor in an Univer- Saturday the report of the Committee fity, should be allowed to have a parish, appointed to draw up a dihinct fate of unless he could reside in it. After a short, Orkney grievances (rney consist of a debare, this overture was dismissed as un- want of churches, public schools, &c.} necessary,

being read and considered by the Adem27. The Affembly proceeded to con, bly, they did approve thereof, and au: Gider the overtures from the Synods of thorized the Moderator to-tranimit copies Fife and Moray seļative to the diffusion of the said statement to the principal he. of the Gospel. After reasoning, a mo- ritors of the different parishes concerned, tion was made and seconded, “ That accompanied with a respectful letter the Assembly are of opinion, that the ob- and appoint him to report to next Ali ject proposed in the overtures is of the sembly any answers which he highest importance; but, in refpect the received. And the Affembly enjoin the facts and circumstances which are necef- presbyteries within the bounds of the sya fasy for the General Assembly to come nod of Orkney to lay before next Affema to any resolution on this fubject at pre- bly a state of the churches and parochial fent, are not fufficiently explained and schools within their bounds, that the Are inftructed therefore, the Assembly ap- sembly may take such ficps as to them point a Committee to take the subject of in their wisdom may seem belt caiçulated FH. Mog. June 1996. P



may have

for redressing the grievan

ances which may following interlocutor -" Finds that the 'then exift.

“ quartering of soldiers in the town of May 31. This day, the following im. “ Hadington should be equally upon the portant cause was determined in the 66 whole of the inhabitanis, without dir Court of Session :

66 tinction." In the Burgh of Haddington, the Ma- Upon a representation, the Lord Or. giftrates have hitherto been in use to dinary adhered to his former interlocu, issue the following orders to their billet- tor, with this variation, " That schoolmasters :

matters, unmarried women, and paupers, “ 1. You are to quarter upon áll per- should not be quartered upon.' fons, who are either bakers, butchers, These interlocutors the Magiftrates brewers, distillers, alc-sellers, or male brought under the review of tiic whole fers.

Court. 2. In case the houses of those per. Many ingenious arguments were ftatfons, at the rate of two men to eached on both sides of the question. The boule, cannot contain the number of fol- Court pronounced judgment, by Affirmdiers allocated to this town by the Com- ing the Lord Ordinary's interlocutore marder in Chiet, you are next to quar

above recited. ter two men on each person who shall let out lodgings or rooms to military officers,

Glasgow, June 8. and grocers.

“ This morning arrived in Clyde, the 3. After which, if there shall be Dutch frigare the Jafon, of 36 guns, and more billets wanted, you are to quarter 201 men, Captain G. Donckum, com. upon the persons whose names are, or mander. This veíTcl, which failed from Thall be contained in the lift of dry quar- the Texel on the 23d of February last, ters, taking care to remove the men bil- was, as appears from the deposition of Jered upon persons in this class every the Captain now before us, one of a fleet two or three weeks, aš occafion Mall rio of ?) lail, tour or five of which were of quire.

the line, and twelve of which were It is recommended to you, not bound to the Eaft Indies, under the com to give billets to any married soldiers, mand of Rear Admiral Lucas; the rewhen you know them to be such, as they mainder to Suriram, under the comare entitled to dry billets.

mand of Admiral Braak. On the 8th of “ Lastly, with regard to the list of March, between the islands of Shetland fransient quarters, it is our opinion that and Terro, Captain Donckum met with the proreft fort of people whose names a gale of wind, which fhited his ballait, are mentioned therein, should not be separated him from the rest of the flect, quartered on except in cases of extreme and obliged him to hear away for Dronnec. fity, and that none of the Magif- theim, where he arrived about the 20th trates or Treasurer should be quartered of the fame.month. After refitting at on tor a year after they are out of of- Drondheim, Captain Donckum, on the fice."

20th May, profecuted his voyage towards And by a late regulation in 1780, per- Surinani, without any remarkabic océur. sons letting out ftabies to dragoon horses, rence, till the 311 of that month, when, who are always anxious to get them so leagues to the westward of Broadhafor the sake of the dung, are to be quar. ven in Ireland, he tell in with the Mary tered on in the same mariner as those Ann of this port from Nevis, which he who lee lodgings or rooms to military of- captured and lunk, after taking out of ficers.

her tone rum and fores. Capı. Donckum John Aitchison, James Nicolson, and then beat about by contrary winds in the several others, bakers, brewers, vinipers, fanie latitude, tili the 4th inftant, when ale-sellers, grocers, fpirit' dealers, and his crew, diliatisfied, perhaps, with the butchers, conceiving themselves oppref. new order of things in their own couisfed thereby, and that fuch mode of bil. fry; or displeased at the finking cithe Jeting was contrary to law, because a Mary Ann, which deprived them of their very numerous class of inhabitants were prize-17.oney, or it may be, incënied at entirely «xnptec, preltnied a Bil of iheir officers for appropriating to their Suspension for having the queflion fairly own 'vie the rum and forts taken from tied, and a general ruic chablifhed. The Mary Anre, murinied, confined Cap. The cause came before Lord Justice tain I'onckum anı his principal officers, Cluk, as Ordinary, n do proacunced the suitdie ingaii Ludcitie calcue of Car


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