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DIGBY, The Reverend JOHN, of Osbertstown, in the county of Kildare, and of New Park, in the county of Meath, m. in 1796, Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Edward Borr, esq. of Spring Park,

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in the latter shire, and by her, who died in 1806, has had

SiMoN, b. 11th November, 1797, m. 7th January, 1830,
Elizabeth-Anne-Ella, only daughter of John Morse,

esq. of Abbots Wooton, in Dorsetshire, and late of Sprowston Hall, Norfolk, by whom he has, with three daughters, a son,

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Mr. Digby m. secondly, in 1818, Miss Borr, daughter of Christopher Borr, esq. of

Ballendoolan, in the county of Kildare, and has also issue by her.

He succeeded

his father in 1824, and has been forty years a magistrate for the counties of Meath

and Kildare.


Of the great house of Digby, which for centuries past has stood preeminent in the rank of British aristocracy, pedigrees are to be found in numerous county and genealogical works. Of these, the fullest, perhaps, is that given by Pennant in his tour from Chester to London, and that writer states, that he derived the information on which he founded it, “from the extensive genealogy of the family, compiled at the cost of fourteen hundred pounds, by the famous Sir Kenelm Digby, in the year 1634, with the use of which, his neighbour, Watkin Williams, had favoured him.” From that valuable compilation, as well as from extensive additional collections, the following details are derived.

The first recorded ancestor,

AElmar, “Anglus Saxonicus qui tenuit terras in Tilton, com. Leicr.” had two sons, Everard and William. The second,

William, by Letitia Dalby, his wife, was father of WAlter de Tilton, and

Robert de Digeby, who is further written, “et de Tilton post mortem Walteri.” He m. his cousin, Christiana, daughter of his uncle, Everard, and had a son and successor,

Robert de D1Geby, who m. Anna Fitzherbert, and was father of

SIR John De DigeBY, who died 53 Henry III. leaving by Arabella Herecourt, his wife, a son and heir, John de DigeBY, father of Robert De DigeBY, whose son, by Sibilla, his wife, was John Digbie, the first named by Collins in his account of the family. He was six times commissioner for the gaol delivery of the county of Warwick, from the 11th to the 33rd of Edward I. and served that monarch in his wars. He lies buried at Tilton, under a tomb adorned with his effigies at full length, and a shield of his arms of the fleur de lys, with the sun and moon thereon, and the inscription, “Johan de Digebie gist icy, praiez pour lui.” He m. Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Walter de Osvile, knt. and had a son and successor, Robert De Digbie, who m. Catharine, sister and co-heir of Simon Pakenham, of Kirby, and had two sons, Simon, who died before 9 HENRY W. and SiR EveRARD De Digbie, knt. of Tilton and Drystoke. He m. Agnes, daughter and co-heir of John Clarke, and relict of Richard Siddrell, by whom he had a son and successor, EveRARD Digbie, of Tilton, Digbie, and Drystoke, who fell at Towton, fighting under the Lancastrian banner, high sheriff for the county of Rutland, and M.P. for that shire. His wife was Jacqueta, daughter and co-heir of Sir John Ellys, of Devonshire, and he had by her, beside one daughter, seven sons, 1. EveRARD (Sir), knt. lord of Tilton and Drystoke, sheriff of Rutland 1459, 1486, and 1499, and M. P. for that shire from the 25th to the 38th of HeNRY VI. He died in 1509, leaving a son and heir, SIR. EveRARD DIGBY, ancestor of the senior branch of the family, the DiGBYs of DRYstoke, of which was the celebrated SIR KENELM D1GBY. 11. SiMo N (Sir), knight, of whom presently. 111. Joh N (Sir), knt. ancestor of the DiGBYs of North LUFFENHAM and Red HALL. 1 v. Rowland, who acquired Welby, in Leicestershire, temp. HENRY VIII. in marriage with Agnes, daughter of Richard Ashley, and relict (or by some accounts, daughter and heir) of John Sheldon. His son and successor, William Digby, esq. of Welby, m. Jane, daughter of J. Ramsey, by his wife, Margaret Danvers, of Hitcham, Bucks, and was s. by his son, William Digby, esq. of Welby, who m. first, Elizabeth Dixwell, of Over, in Warwickshire; and secondly, a daughter of Carlton. By the former he had a son and Successor, Thomas Digby, esq. of Welby, who sold that estate, and is the last of this branch, whose marriage is recorded in the visitations. He m. Ann-Peto, dau. of Henry de Cherterton, and had two sons and three daughters, viz. 1. John, b. in 1597. 2. William, b. in 1598. 1. Elizabeth. 2. Sarah. 3. Penelope. v. Thomas (Sir), who received the honour of knighthood from HENRY VII. at Bosworth, was made a gentleman usher of the king's chamber, and had conferred upon him the baily wick of Oulney, Bucks, and the custody of the park. He m. Dorothy, daughter of Thomas Oxenbridge, and had three sons and four daughters, viz. 1. John, his heir. 2. Simon. 3. Everard.

1. Anne, m. to Libaeus Derby, of Gadsby. 2. Katherine, m. first, to Simon Wheeler, esq. of Kenilworth ; and secondly, to John Fisher, esq. of Packington Magna. She was mother, by her second husband, of Sir Clement Fisher, bart. of Packington, and lies buried in the church there, under a monument with the arms of Fisher and Digby impaled. 3. Bridget. 4. Elizabeth. The eldest son, John DiGBY, esq. of St. Julian's, Herts, m. Elizabeth Beck, and had a son and successor, EveRARD DiGBY, esq. who married Alice Fulbram, and had two sons, John and Thomas. The latter m. Maria, dau. of Francis Nele, and relict of Sampson Erdswick, and previously of Everard Digby, esq. of Drystoke. The former, John Digby, esq. had a son, Simon, the last of this branch of whom we have any account. vi. LIBEUs (Sir), knt. of Coates and North Luffenham, whose son and heir, THoMAs, of Coates, had an only daughter, ANNE, m. to John Burton, esq. of Stockerston, in Leicestershire, to whom she carried a large estate, and by whom she had Sir Thomas Burton, knt. created a BARonet 20 JAMEs I. vii. BeNJAMIN, of London, ancestor of the D1GBYs of Ravenstone, Leicestershire. The second son of Sir Everard, SiR SIMoS Digby, knt. of Coleshill, in Warwickshire, a lordship which was among the extensive grants with which he was rewarded, after the accession of HENRY VII. for his services at Bosworth, married Alice, daughter and heir of John Walleys, esq. of East Haddon, in the county of Devon, by whom he left, with three daughters, Sarah, m. to Nicholas Strelley; Alice, m. to Ro. bert Clifton, esq. of Clifton, Notts; and Agnes, m. to William Tracy, esq. two sons, namely, REGINALD, his heir. Thomas, of Mansfield Woedehouse, Notts, whose descendant, John Digby, esq. M.P. for East Retford, in the reigns of ANNE and George I. left a son, John, who d. s. p. and two daughters, co-heirs, viz. FRANCEs, m. in 1726, to Sir Thomas Legard, bart. of Ganton, in Yorkshire. Philadelphi A, m. to Sir George Cayley, bart. of Brompton. Sir Simon Digby d. in 1519, and was s. by his eldest son, RegiNAld Digby, esq. of Coleshill, sheriff of Leicestershire 26 and 36 HENRY VIII., who m. Anne, daughter and co-heir of Sir John Danvers, knt. of Calthorpe, in Oxfordshire, by whom he had a son and successor, John Digby, esq. of Coleshill, who m. Anne, eldest daughter of Sir George Throgmorton, knt. of Coughton, in the county of Warwick, by Catherine, his wife, daughter of Nicholas, Lord Vaux, of Harrowden, and was father of SiR GeoRGE DiGBY, knt. of Coleshill, who received the honour of knighthood from Robert, Earl of Leicester, for the gallant services he performed at the siege of Zutphen, in Flanders. He m. Abigail, daughter of Sir Arthur Heveningham, of Kettering, in Norfolk, and had, with other issue, Robert, his heir. GEORGE, created EARL of BRistol. . (See BURKE's Extinct Peerage.) The eldest son, SiR Robert DiGBY, knt. of Coleshill, was knighted at Dublin by Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex, in 1596, and returned to parliament for Athy, in the county of Kildare, in 1613. He m. Lettice, daughter and heir of Gerard, Lord Offaley,” which lady was created Baroness of Offaley for life, and had issue, 1. Robert, advanced to the peerage of Ireland in 1620, as BARON DIGBY, of Geashill; and from him lineally descends the present EARL of D1GBY. (See BURKE's Peerage.) 2. George. 3. Gerald. 4. John. 5. Simon, M.P. for Philipstown. 6. Essex, of whom presently. 7. Philip, who married Margaret, relict of Sir Thomas Moore, of Croghan. 1. Lettice, m. to Sir Roger Langford, knt. 2. Mabel, m. first, to Gerald Fitzgerald, esq. of Dromana, in the county of Waterford; and secondly, to Donagh O'Brien, of Arragh. 3. Abigail, died in infancy. Sir Robert Digby d. 24th May, 1618, and was buried at Coleshill. His sixth son, who

* GERARD, Lord Offaley, predeceased his father, the eleventh Earl of Kildare, having m. Frances, daughter of Sir Frances Knolleys, K. G. and sister of Lettice, Countess of Leicester, which Lettice, by her first marriage with the Earl of Essex, was mother of the distinguished and illfated favourite of Queen Elizabeth.

with the eldest son, have alone left male descendants. Essex DiGBY, an eminent churchman, rector of Geashill, in the King's county, and of Ballycomman, in the diocese of Kildare, was made Dean of Cashel at the Restoration, and in 1670 consecrated Bishop of Dromore. He m. first, Thomasine, dau. of Sir William Gilbert, knt. of Kilminchy, in the Queen's county, governor of the fort of Leix; and secondly, Lettice Brereton. By the latter he left a son, William, of Newton ; and by the former, two sons, Robert and S1MoN. The latter, S1Mon DiGBY, being also bred to the church, attained the mitre, and was consecrated bishop of Limerick in 1678, from which see he was translated to Elphin in 1690. His lordship m. Elizabeth, daughter of Warner Westenra, esq. of the city of Dublin, ancestor of Lord Rossmore, and had issue to survive him, Joh N, of Landanstown, in Kildare, M.P. who m. in 1717, Mary, only child of Dean Jeremy Marsh, and was ancestor of the DiGBYs of Landanstown. William, of Lackan, rector of Ahaskera, in the diocese of Elphin, m. Oliva, daughter of John French, esq. of French Park, in the county of Roscommon, and had issue. BENJAMIN, of whom presently. Elizabeth, who m. the Rev. Jeremy Marsh, dean of Kilmore, and treasurer of St Patrick's, and had one son, Jeremy Marsh, who m. Jane, dau. of Patrick French, esq. of Monivae, and one dau. Arabella-Frances Marsh, married in 1732, to the Rev. William French, of Abby Boyle, in the county of Roscommon. Abigail, m. in 1721, to the Rev. Joseph Graves, rector of Geashill, and vicargeneral of the diocese of Kildare. Mary, m. to Edward Birtles, esq. of Ardnegrath, in Westmeath. Jane, m. to Patrick French, esq. of Monivae, in the county of Galway. Rebecca, m. in 1721, to John King, esq. of Charlestown, in Roscommon. The third son, The Rev. BeNJAMIN Digby, prebendary and rector of Geashill, in the King's county, married 26th September, 1734, Mary, dau. and heir of Lewis Jones, esq. of Osbertstown, in the county of Kildare, descended from the Right Hon. Sir Theophilus Jones, son of the bishop of Killaloe, and brother of the bishops of Meath and Kildare. By this lady he left at his decease, in May, 1769, a daughter, Mary, m. to the very Rev. William Digby, dean of Clonfert, and several sons, of whom the eldest. The Rev. SiMo N DiGBY, of Osbertstown, in Kildare, m. Elizabeth, daughter of the

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Sir EveRARD DIGBY, knt. Lord of Tilton and Drystoke, eldest of the seven sons of Everard Digby, of Tilton, by Jacqueta, dau. and co-heir of Sir John Ellys, of Devonshire, was sheriff of Rutland in 1459, 1486, and 1499, and M.P. for that county from the 25th to the 38th HENRY WI. He fought gallantly at Bosworth in support of HENRY VII. and d. in 1509, leaving a son and heir, SIR EveRARD DIGBY, knt. of Drystoke, sheriff of Rutland in 1513, 1518, 1528, and 1532, and for Leicester and Warwick in 1511. He m. Margery, daughter of Sir John Heyden, knt. of the county of Norfolk, and dying in 1540, was s. by his son, KENELM D1GBY, of Drystoke, sheriff of Rutland in 1541, 1549, 1554, 1561, 1567, and 1585, and M. P. for that county from 1 EDwARD VI. to 14 Elizabeth. He m. Anne, dau. of sir Anthony Cope, knt. of Hanwell, in Oxfordshire, vicechamberlain to Catherine, Queen of HENRY VIII. and died in 1590, leaving issue, 1. KENELM, who succeeded his father at Stoke Dry, and had a daughter, Katharine, who m. her kinsman, James Digby, esq. of North Luffenham, by whom, as will hereafter appear, she was ancestor of the late James Digby, esq. of Red Hall, heir male of that branch, whose nephew and heir was the late John-Digby Fowell, of Black Hall and Diptford, in Devon, who thus derived from the eldest, as well os. from a younger, branch of the Digby family.

ii. GREGoRY, who d, young.

III. EveRARD, who s. his brother, Kenelm, at Stoke Dry.

iv. ANTHoNY, of Ashton, in Rutland, who d. s. p.

v. Joh N, of Luton, in Rutland, who m. twice, and had issue two sons and four daughters, of whom KENELM, the eldest son, was twenty years old in 1618.

vi. ANNe, m. in April, 1567, to Sir Edward Watson, of Rockingham Castle, in the county of Northampton, and d. 17th February, 1611, leaving a son and heir,

LEwis WATson, created Lord Rockingham, in 1645, ancestor of the Earls and Marquisses of Rockingham, the Barons Sondes and Monson. (See BURKE's Extinct Peerage.)

EveRARD D1GBY, third son, and heir to his brother, Kenelm, at Drystoke, was fellow of John's College, Cambridge, a man of learning, and publisher of several works. He d. in 1592, leaving issue by Mary, dau. and co-heir of Francis Neale, of Keythorpe, in the county of Leicester, (and greatgrandaughter of Sir Thomas Neale, of Keythorpe, by his wife, Mary, daughter of John Digby, of Walby,) beside a younger son, John, of whom no account is given, and two daughters, Mary, m. to Sir Robert Wright, of Suffolk, and Elizabeth ; two sons,

1. SiR EveRARD, his heir. 11. George, of Sandon, whose only surviving child, Jane, m. Charles, fourth Lord Gerard, of Gerards Bromley, and had an only son,

DiGBY, fifth Lord Gerard, who by his cousin, , Elizabeth, daughter of Charles Gerard, Earl of Macclesfield, left an only daughter,

Elizabeth, who married James, fourth Duke of Hamilton,and first Duke of Brandon, K. G. to whom she carried large estates in the counties of Leicester and Stafford; in consequence of disputes respecting the inheritance with Charles Lord Mohun, also descended from Gerard, his grace fought a duel with that nobleman in Hyde Park, on Sunday, 13th November, 1712, when both fell. From this marriage descends the present AlexanderHamilton Douglas, 10th Duke of Hamilton, &c. in Scotland, and 7th Duke of Brandon, &c. in England. (See BURKE's Peerage for those titles.) The eldest son, SiR EveRARD Digby, knt. of Drystoke, b. in 1581, and knighted by JAMEs I. was one of the handsomest men of his time, and by the accomplishments of his mind reputed one of the finest gentlemen in England. Being led by religious motives to engage in the Gunpowder Plot, he was convicted on the 27th, and beheaded 30th January, 1605, at the west end of St. Paul's Church, at the early age of twenty-four, leaving by his wife, Mary, daughter and heir of William Mulsho, esq. of Gothurst, in the county of Bucks, with whom he had a large fortune, two sons, 1. KENELM (Sir), his heir. 11. John (Sir), who served on the royal side through the civil wars, was a major-general in the western part of England, and killed in his majesty's service. The elder son was the celebrated SiR KENELM DiGBY, knt. of Gothurst, b. 11th June, 1603, reputed one of the most faithful adherents of the royal cause during the civil war, and an exile in consequence during the Commonwealth. “He was born,” says Aubrey, “to 3000l. a-year. His seat was Gothurst, in Bucks, but he had a fair estate also in Rutlandshire. By the expenses of the civil war and his generous mind he contracted great debts.” This ORNAMENT of ENGLAND, as he has been styled, wrote several learned books, was a great benefactor to the Bodleian Library, by presenting it, in 1633, with a large collection of MSS., increased the reputation of his family, and rendered it famous throughout the Christian world. He returned to England in 1661, was appointed one of the council on the first settlement of the Royal Society, and died at his house in Covent Garden 11th June, 1665; “and,” says Aubrey, “ in consequence of a great falling out between him and his then only surviving son John, he settled his estates upon one Cornwalleys, a subtle solicitor and a member of the House of Commons, who put the son to much charge in law.” He m. the renowned beauty Venetia," youngest of the three surviving

* There is a picture of Sir Kenelm Digby in Lodge's Portraits, and many painted portraits of him exist. There is one also of this Venetia Lady Digby, and another of her mother, Lady Lucy Hanby, in Harding's Biogr. Mirror, vol. iii. See Venetia Lady Digby's character in Clarendon; also the more extraordinary account given of her by Aubrey.

daughters and co-heirs (by Lady Lucy Percy, daughter and co-heir of Thomas, seventh Earl of Northumberland) of Sir Edward Stanley, K. B. of Tong Castle, in the county of Salop, son and heir by his wife Margaret, daughter and co-heir of Sir George Vernon, of the Peak, county of Derby, of Sir Thomas Stanley, knt. of Winwick, in Lancashire. second son of Edward, the great Earl of Derby, K. B. K. G. by his first wife Dorothy, daughter of Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk. By Venetia, Sir Kenelm had, with a daughter, Margery, two sons, 1. KENELM, who also served actively on the royal side in the civil war, and was killed in the faint struggle made by Henry Rich, Earl of Holland, on the part of CHARLEs I. 7th July, 1648. He died unm. it. John, heir to his father. John D1GBY, esq. of Gothurst, second son and heir, inherited under many disadvantages and vexations the most part of his father's estates. He m. twice: first, the Lady Catharine Howard, eldest surviving daughter of Henry Howard, Earl of Arundel, Norfolk and Surrey, and sister of Thomas Howard, restored to the Dukedom of Norfolk; and secondly, Margaret, fourth daughter of Sir Edward Longueville, first baronet, of Wolverton, in Bucks, by Margaret, daughter of Sir Thomas Temple, of Staines, and had issue by her two daughters, his co-heirs, 1. Margaretta-Maria, who m. twice: first, Sir John Conway, bart. of Brodry than, in Flintshire, by whom she had one son and one daughter, 1. Henry Conway, esq. who d. v. p. having issue by his wife Honora, daughter and heir of — Ravenscroft, esq. of Britton, in Flintshire, an only child, Honora Conway, m. to Sir John Glynne, of Hawarden Castle, county of Flint, sixth baronet, and ancestor, by her, of the present Sir Stephen - Richard Glynne, of Hawarden Castle, ninth baronet. (See BURRE's Peerage and Baronetage). 2. Margaretta Conway, m. to her kinsman, Sir Thomas Longueville, third baronet, of East Mesham, in Denbighshire, and of Prestatin, in Flintshire, both of which properties she took to him, and had issue three daughters, 1. Maria-Margaretta Longueville. 2. Conway Longueville. 3. Harry Longueville. ii. Charlotte - Theophila, m. in 1687, Richard Mostyn, esq. of Pembeddus.

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