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Incidents, &c. in London.

[June 1, merely place things on their present foot- nitted, in the breaking of threshing maing, and tend to relieve the debtor from chines, and the destruction of baris, what would otherwise be an injustice. stacks of corn and hay, by fire. These

May 21, the catholic question was discontents have broken out into acts of brought forward in the House of Com- open riot at Brandon and Norwich, but mons by Mr. Grattan, who proposed a owing to the prompt measures adopted resolution tending to pledge the House by the magistrates of both counties,theze to an early consideration of the penal disturbances are we trust, by this tine, laws affecting his Majesty's catholic sub- totally suppressed. The alleged cause jects in Great Britain and Ireland, in the is the disproportion between the prices course of the next session. The resolu- of provisions and those of labour; and if, tion was copied terbatim from that of as it has been asserted, the wages of the Mr. Canning, in 1810. After a discus- labourer in busbandry in these agriculsion of some lengti), the question was ne- tural districts are under one shilling per gatived upon a division by 172 votes to day, their condition certainly requires 141.

consideration and redress. Considerable dissatisfaction has re- We shall endearour in vur next to discently prevailed among the lower classes charge the arrears due to our readers on of the inhabitants of Suffolk and Nor- the score of the foreign political transacfolk. Various outrayes have been coin- tions of the past months.


With Biographical Accounts of Distinguished Characters.


Builetin of the King's Health. other causes, to the inadequacy of medical
Windsor Castle, May 5.

One of the numerous adran“ His Majesty passed last month in good tages which he anticipated from the probodily health, and in uniform tranquillity, posed institution, was its certain tendency to : but his Majesty's disorder is not much di. reduce the frequency of consumptive comminished.”

plaints, by ultimately leading to a better In the Gazette of April 27th public notice treatment for scrophula. The plan was rewas given that the Bank of England will ceived with enthusiastic approbation, and a continue to receive Bank dollar tokens at the subscription opened for carrying it into extrate of 55. od. each until the first of Novem- cution. It is in contemplation, should the ber next, in sums of not less than eight funds of the institution admit of it, hereafter dollars,

to establish stations in different parts of the On the 27th of April, a most respectable metropolis, that the benefit of this Dispenmeeting, attended by the Dukes of Kent and sary may be the more rapidly and extensively Sussex, the former of whom took the chair, diffused. was held at the London Tavern, for the pur. In the night of May 9th, a most daring pose of taking into consideration the best robbery was committed, near Greenwich, on means of establishing, in a central part of the Coromandel hoy, proceeding down the the metropolis, a Universal Dispensary, for river with seven chests of dollars

, each the exclusive relief of sick indigent children, weighing 4000 ounces.

The vessel was with a view to their being promptly supplied boarded by a party of opwards of 20 men, with effectual medical aid and advice; the who forced those on board into the hold

, want of which is at present attended with while they carried off the treasure. Several the most fatal consequences among the poor. persons have been apprehended on suspicion, Dr. J. B. Davis, a gentleman well known and part of the dollars recovered. by his various able professional and other May 23d, a fire broke out in Exetetpublications, with whom this benevolent court, Strand, between the new English plan originated, took a comprehensive view Opera House and Exeter Change, and was of the great moral effects which such an in

not subdued till it had consumed three stitution is likely to produce. He stated houses, and damaged two others. The it as a positive fact, deducible from the

new theatre, upon which so much skill, laclearest data, that of the infant offspring of bour, and expense have been bestowed, forthe lower classes, one-fourth die under the tunately escaped uninjured, buc the adjcica second, one-third under the fifth, and nearly ing houses, in which the decorations were one-half under the tenth-a proportion ex- deposited, have suffered considerably. ceeding that of any other large capital in Europe. This mortality he ascribed, among Admiralty are to be removed, and the im

The telegraphic frames at the top of the

Promotions - Appointments-Births.

401 proved semaphore, consisting of a hollow Rev. JAMES BEEEEE, to the living of nast, from which two arms project in differ- Presteign, Radnor. ene directions, will be erected in their stead. Rev. SAMUEL BENNETT, to the chaplaincy The utility of this invention is to be tried by of the London and Middlesex Penitenciary, way of experiment from London to Sheer- Milbank. ness. The number of stations, it is said, Rev. JAMES STANIER CLARKE, to the will not exceed nine ; several are erected. rectory of Tillington, Sussex.

in account laid before the House of Com Rev. E. Foster, to be one of the domesmons estimates the sum necessary for re tic chaplains to the Duke of Cambridge. instating the buildings damaged or destroyed Rev. W. W. GRETTON, to the vicarage of by the late fire at the Mint, at 13,000l. Withington, Hereford. Promotions and Appointments.)

Rev. CHARLES JERVIS, to the vicarage of

MAS Bell, esq. sheriff of London;

Rev. R. KEDINGTON, to the rectory of

Bradfield Combust, Suffolk.

Rev. CHARLES KEKEWICH, to the perpe-
Captain Sir Wm. Rich. OWEN, R.N.;
CHARLES Aerott, esq. one of the Judges

tual cure of Linton and Countisbury, Devon.

Rev. John Lowndes, to the rectory of of the court of King's Bench; GEORGE Sowley HOLROYD, esq. one of

Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset. the Judges of the court of King's Bench;

Rev. F. Mills, to be one of his Majesty's JAMES BURROUGH, esq. one of the chaplains in ordinary.

Rev. Mr. Nort, to the rectory of Weck,
Judges of the court of Common Pleas;

JAMES ALLAN Park, esq. one of the

Rev. HERBERT OKELEY, to a prebend in
Judges of the court of Common Pleas;

Litchfield cathedral.
Lieut, Col, Philip KEATING ROCHE;

Rev.Jonn ORMAN, to the head masterhave received the honour of knighthood.

ship of the grammar school, Beverley, York. Prince LEOPOLD of Saxe-COBURG-SAAL

Rev. JAMES PHILPOT, 10 the mastership FELD, to be a general in the army.

of St. John's, Bath. Join Hall., esq. to be consul for the

Rev. Charles PROWETT, to the rectory kingdom of Hanover in London.

of Topcroft, Norfolk. Rear Admiral Sir GRAHAM MOORE, to be

Rev. BENJAMIN RICHINGS, to the living a lord of the admiralty, vice Lord Henry of Manceter, with the chapelry of Ather.

stone, Warwick.

Rev. Eric Rudd, to the perpetual curacy
The Gazette of May 14, declares that
Prince LEOPOLD shall take precedence be-

of Thorne, York.
fore the archbishop of Canterbury, the lord

Rev.SAMUEL SETTLE, to the vicarage of chancellor, and other great officers, and be.

Winterborne Stoke, Wilts. fore all dukes (excepting those of the blood

Rev. William STABBACK, to the rectory royal) and peers of the realm.

of St. Stephen's, Exeter, Lørd Fitzroy SOMERSET to be secretary shop of Nova Scotia, in America, in the

Rev. ROBERT STANSER, D.D. to be hiof embassy at the court of France. Rear Admiral Sir Philip CHARLES DUR

room of the Right Rev. Charles Inglis, D.D. .

HAM, to be a knight commander of the

Rev. SAMUEL TUENER, to the vicarage of
Vice Admiral FRANCIS PICKMORE, to be Tealby, Lincoln.

Rev. William Tyson, to the perpetual governor and commander in chief of Newfoundlaud.

curacies of Rumburgh and South Elmham, James CRAUFURD MACLEOD, esq. to be

Norfolk. conservator of the privileges of the royal bo

Rev. EDWARD VINCENT, to the vicarage

of Rowde, Wilts.
roughs in Scotland.
George Cooke, esq. to be judge of

Rev. William WEATHERUE AD, to the
Prince of Wales's Island, vice Sir Edmund

rectory of Wolferton, Norfolk, Stanley, on which occasion he received the

Rev. CARUS Wilson, to the living of honour of knighthood.

Tunstall, Westmoreland.

Births.] In Montague-square, the Right
Members returned to Parliament.] Ro- Hon. Lady Fitzroy Somerset, of a son.
PERT LATOUche, esq. for the county of In Grosvenor-place, the Lady of Patrick
Carlow, vice David Latouche, esq. deceased. Maitland, esq. of a sun.

JOHN MABERLEY, esq. for Rye, vice Tho In Cadogan-place, the wife of R, B. Pol. mas Philips Lamb, esq. who has accepted lard, A.B. of Si. John's college, Cambridge, the office of steward of East Hendred. of a daughter.

Lieut,Gen. JOHN MICHEL for Belfast, vicc In Saville-row, the lady of George Wal-
Sir Stephen May, bart. appointed collector son Taylor, esq. of a son.
of the customs at that port.

Ai Fulham, the lady of Major General
Ecclesiastical Preferments.) Rev. Dr. Sir H. Torrens, of a son.
BARTON, to the deanery of Bocking, Essex. The Hon. Mrs. Lushington, of a daugh-


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Lady Catherine Halket, of a son.

Rev. Thos. P. Symonds, to Elizabeth, Countess Talbot, of a son.

youngest daughter of the late A. H. Tayic, Njarried.] Thos. Gill, esq. of King-street, esq. of Edward-street, Cavendish-square. Finsbury, to Miss Charles, of Calvert-street. Sam. H. Russell, esq. to Cecil Charlotte,

Henry Lecky, esq. 20th light dragoons, to eldest daughter of Dr. Pemberton, of George Gertrude, youngest daughter of the late street, Hanover-square. Alex. Wallace, esq.

Bevis Thelwall, esq. to Mary Elizabeth, Godfrey Meynell, esq. of Meynell-Lang- second daughter of L. B. Buckle, esq.of Upley, Derby, to Miss Balfour, only daughter of per Seymour-street. the late Dav. B. esq. of Edinburgh.

Mr. Wm. Yockney, of Bedford street, John Eicke, esq. of Doughty-street, to

Covent Garden, to Elizabeth, daughter of Anne, third daughter of John Bannister, esq. Geo. Roberts, esq. of Newington. of Gower-street, Bedford-square.

At Greenwich, Rob. Pecknell, esq. of the William, youngest son of the late H. R. New Legacy Office, Somerset-place, to Mrs. James, esq. of Bruton-street, to Maria, C. Mathews, of Blackheath Road. daughter of the late John Heathcote, esq. of At Chelsea, Lieut. T. H. Edwards to Tottenham.

Georgiana Meadows. Mr. Benj. Chandler, of St. Paul's Church At Lambeth, Rich. E. Hyde, esq. of the Yard, to Mary, daughter of Sam. Whitty, Crescent, near Manchester, to Anne Isa. esq. Sherborne, Dorset.

bella, eldest daughter of Thos. Ashby, esq. Rich. Cooper, esq. of Dulwich, to Caro- At Fulham, Thos. Betts, esq. to Sarah, line, eldest daughter of W. A. Hay, esq. of widow of the late J. Jones, Historiographer Princes-street, Hanover-square.

to the King. Wm. Clark Johnston, esq. to Eliza, eldest Fras. B. Head, esq. of the Royal Engineers, daughter of James Daniell, esq.

to Julia Valeriza, youngest sister of Lord SoRev. Thos. Robinson, of Trinity College, merville. Cambridge, to Miss Dornford, only daughter Richard Riley, esq. of the Admiralty, to of the late Josiah D. esq. of London. Harriett, third daughter of Sir Wm. Beechey,

Sir Jas. Montgomery, of Stanhope, bart. At Twickenham, J. T. Brooks, esq. of M. P. to Miss Helen Graham, second daugh:- Flitwick, Beds, to Mary, eldest daughter of ter of Thos. G. esq. of Kinross, N. B. A. Hatfield, esq.

Rev. J. C. Clements, of Cheam, to Mary, At Islington, the Rev. Henry Howard, of second daughter of George Jubb, esq. of Sawbridgeworth, Herts, to Julia, second Winchester-street.

daughter of Sir Thomas Beevor, bart. F. H. Pedder, csq. of Gould square, to Died.] In New Ormond-street, Berj. Aline, eldest daughter of J. L. Storder, esq. Bewicke, esq. of Austin Friars.

In White Lion-court, Cornhill, Wn. John Cattley, esq. of Queenhithe, to Wilson, esq. 85. Frances, fifth daughter of the late John Gar- In York place, Frances Martha, youngest ratt, esq. of Newington Green.

daughter of Lieut. Col. Graham, of Chailey, Martin Ware, esq. of New Bridge-street, Sussex, 11. eldest son of the late James W. esq. to Anne, In Old Brompton road, Licut. Gen. Sonyoungest daughter of the Rev. Thomas Tay- tag, 69. lor, of the King's-road.

In Lincoln's Inn, Hardinge Stracey, esq. Chas. Thos. Haden, e q. of Sloane-street, In Manchester-street, Mrs. Mary Aonc .to Emma, youngest daughter of the late Synge, fourth daughter of the late Sir Rob. Sam. Harrison, esg. of Percy-street,

S. bart. Captain Edw. Lowther, R. N. to Mary, In Welbeck-street, Dr.John O'Donnel, 5€. eldest daughter of William Leader, esq. M.P. In Upper Grosvenor-street, Mrs. Fre

Mr. Peter Poland, of the Strand, eldest mantle, widow of the late J. son of Peter Raymond P. esq. of Highgate, In Piccadilly, Cortis Telfair, esq.63. to Sarah Selina, third daughter of Mr. T. In Duke-street, West Smithfield, Mr. SaJackson, of Fleet-street.

muel Major, 69. The Hon, and Rev. Geo. Neville, Master In Golden-square, Osmond Venn, ninih of Magdalen College, Cambridge, and surviving son of John Pearson, esq. g. youngest son of Lord Braybrooke, to Lady In New Burlington-street, Pole, third son Charlotte Legge, second daughter of George, of the Rt. Hon. Charles B. Bathurst. Earl of Dartmouth.

In Park-street, Richard Warren, esq. The Earl of Normanton to Lady Diana In Janics-street, Covent Garden, Mrs. SzHerbert, daughter to the Earl of Pembroke. rah Embry, sister to the Rev. Mr. E. rector

The Hon. H. Grey Bennet, second son of of that parish, 74. the Earl of Tankerville, to Miss Russell, At Charing Cross, Edward, eldest son of daughter of Lord Wm. R. and niece to the E. Briscoe, esq. of Waterford, Ireland, 20. Duke of Bedford.

In Newgate-street, White Newman, esq. John Cuming, esq. to Anna Frances Bi- 80. shop, of Gray's Wood, Chiddingfold, Surrey, In Doughty-street, Rob. Storks, esq. 74. youngest daughter of the late Henry B. esq. In Bernard-street, Russell-square, Janet;


Account of the Earl of Warwick & Mr. T. Johnes.


esq. 68.

relict of the late W. Barclay, esq. of the lish, Tuomas Jounes, esq. M.P. for CarNavy Pay Office.

diganshire, and lord lieutenant and custos At Teddington, Mary Amelia, wife of Jas. rotulorum of that county, 67. This gentleWm. Lukin, esq. of Fludyer street.

man was bred at Eton, and first sat in ParAt Pentonville, Sarah, wite of Thos, Teb. Jiament for the county of Radnor. His first butt, esq. 55.

wife was Miss Bird, of Monmouth; and for At Lambeth, Rich. Wordsworth, esq. of his second, he took his first cousin, Miss Staple Inn and Stockbridge.

Johnes, of Dowla Colty, Carmarthenshire, At Kentish Town, Louisa Elisabeth, wise The benefits conferred by this gentleman on of Mr. Mich. Nugent.- Robert Wedd, esq. all the country around his princely domain

At Highgate, John Fred. Poland, esq. of of Hafod, will entitle him to the respect of Bush-lane.

distant posterity. Previously to 1783, when At Pimlico, Mr. Patrick M‘Manus, of Mr. Johnes began to erect his first residence, Bow-street-office.-Mrs. Ann Hedgley, 74. the roads were impassable ; there was not a

At Camden Town, Miss Ann Jackson, post-chaise in the county : the miserable daughter of John J. esq. of the same place. huts of the peasantry he transformed into

At Hampstead, Mrs. Theobald, widow of comfortable habitations, and supplied nieJas. T. esq. of Great James-street, Bedford- dical attendants; he einployed the popuIOW.- Isaac Johnstone, esq. barrister-at-law. lation in planting millions of forest trees At Chelsea, Mr. James Peltram.

upon the cheerless barrenness of the waste In Camberwell-terrace, Henry Blaxland, and mountains, as well as in other improve

ments; and instituted schools, which he and Ac Fulham, Captain J. Turner, R. N.- Mrs.Johnes personally attended. Having in Mrs. Cleaver, wife of the Archbishop of view the two-fold design-0 patronise liteDublin.

rature and the arts, and to combine objects, At Stoke Newington, Mrs. Eliz. de Valan- which, together with the natural grandeur gin, widow of the late Dr. de V.76.

of the scenery, might induce travelling to In the Edgeware-road, Capt. Chas. Ro- this remote part of the Principality, and berts, of the 4th royal veteran battalion. thereby ameliorate the condition of the na

At Frognal, Mrs. Abel, wife of James A. tives-he enriched his residence with paintesq.

ings and sculptures by the best mastersIn Durham-place, Hackney-road, Wm. stored his library with the most valuable liHenry Staveley, esq.

terature, ancient and modern ; and in his At Norwood Green, Wm. Spencer, esq. pleasure grounds he developed and enhanced one of his Majesty's justices of peace for the the sublime scenery of Nature. So intent county of Middlesex, 70.

was he on improving the agriculture of this At Pentonville, Thomas Collier, esq. 85. forlorn county, that he brought farmers from At Brompton, Gilbert, only son of G. Scotland and other districts, and proposed, at Macleod, esq. of the E. I, C. Bengal Medi- one time, to introduce 100 Grison families, cal Establishment, 9.

and to place them on the high uncultivated In, Martha Sadelbia, grounds; but various circumstances and third daughter of John Nichols, esq. objections prevented the execution of this

In Curzon-street, May Fair, BARRINGTON latter plan. An Agricultural Society was POPE BLACHFORD, esq. M, P. one of the commenced for the purpose of encouraging lords commissioners of the Admiralty. "He cottagers, by giving premiums, and purchaswas married to a sister of the present Duke ing their productions; and he distributed an of Grafton.

excellent tract, entitled, “ A Cardiganshire In Green - street, Grosvenor - square, Landlord's Advice to his Tenants." While GEORGE GREVILE, Earl of Warwick and Mr. Johnes was thus employing his talents BROOKE, which titles were conferred on his and fortune for the benefit of his country, a father by King George II. His lordship destructive fire, in the year 1807, consumed was born in 1746, and succeeded his father his house, with much of its valuable contents; in 1773. He married, in 1771, Georgiana, the loss amounted, it is said, to upwards of only daughter of the first Lord Selsey. This 70,000l. Notwithstanding this disaster, Mr. lady died in 1772, leaving him a son, Johnes still " resolved to inhabit his Eden, who died at the age of 14 years. In 1776, although driven out by the flaming minister." his lordship married Henrietta, daughter Haford was once more rebuilt and adorned of Richard Vernon, esq.. by whom he had anew.-Amid these various occupations, and issue: Henry Lord Brooke, born 1770, co- his business in Parliament, Mr. Johnes translonel of the Warwick militia, who succeeds lated the Travels of Brocquière, 1 vol. 4to.; to the family titles and estates; Robert; the Chronicles of Froissart, 4 vols. folio; Elizabeth, died in 1806 ; Henrietta, married Monstrelet, 4 vols; and Joinville, 2 vols. in 1805 to the Earl of Clonmel ; Caroline, 410.; the three latter were printed at his Augusta Louisa, and Charlotte. His lord- own press at Hafod. During the last few ship never took any active part in public years, he continued indefatigable in his imaffairs.

provements at Hafod, and in making roads At Langstone Cliffe Cottage, near Daw and erecting bridges for the accommodation

4to. 1804.

G. Hardinge, Esq., & Rev. C. Dunster,

(June 1, of the public. He lately succeeded in esta- the constitutional existence of an impeach. blishing a fund for the relief of the families ment against Mr. Hastings," svo. 1791of seamen and others who may suffer by câ- “The Essence of Malone, or the Beautis sualties; and he conceived the idea of esta- of that fascinating writer extracted from his blishing a fishery on an extensive scale. In immortal work, entitled, 'Some Account ci the winter of 1814, Mr. Johnes had an alarm- the Life and Writings of John Dryden,'* ing illness, from which, however, he ap- 8vo. 1800_“The Russian Chiefs, an ode," peared to have recovered; and purchased a residence in Devonshire for his winter resort, At Petworth, the Rev. CHARLES Dtr. or, as he expressed it, “a cradle for his STER, rector of that parish, and rural dean age.” Here it was that the hand of death of West Sussex. He was the son of the arrested him, after a short illness. His re. Rev. Chas. D. the translator of Horace, and mains were deposited in the church which received his education at Trinity College, he built at Hafod, in the same vault with Oxford, where he proceeded to his degree of those of his beloved and only daughter, for M. A. in June, 1775. He possessed cons. whom a marble monument of most in- derable literary and critical abilities, which teresting design and exquisite workmanship he evinced in the following publications:has long been executing in London.

“The Frogs, a comedy from the Greek of At Presieigne, April 20, Geo. HARDINGE, Aristophanes," 410. 1785 –“ Phillips' Ci. esq. first justice of the counties of Brecon, der, a poem, with notes," 8vo. 1791 Glamorgan, and Radnor, and attorney-ge

“ Milton's Paradise Regained, with noies," neral to the Queen, 71. He was the son of 4to. 1795

Considerations on Milton's Nicholas H. esq. of Canbury House, Surrey, Early Reading, and the prima stamina of his tormerly clerk to the House of Commons- Paradise Lost, together with Extracts from a distinguished for his virtues and literary at- Poet of the 16th century," gro. 1800—"A tainments ; nephew to the late Earl, and Letter to the Bishop of London, suggesting cousin to Marquis Camden. He was edu. a farther Consideration of a Passage in Si. cated at King's College, Cambridge ; after Matthew," 8vo. 1804—"A Letter to Granwhich he entered at one of the inns of court, ville Sharp, respecting his Remarks on the iFQ and became eminent as a counsel. He pos- last Petitions in the Lord's Prayer," 12030, sessed a refined classical taste, brilliant wit, 1807.--To those which follow he did not and the most powerful and varied eloquence, affix his name:-"Discursory Considerations which lie uniformly displayed in the charges on St. Luke's Gospel," 8vo. 1805—"Condelivered by him after his elevation to the siderations on the supposed Evidence of the bench. His benevolent temper and active early Fathers that St. Matthew's Gospel was philanthropy will long live in the recollec- the first written,” svo. 1806_"Consideration of his friends, and of the many who tions on the hypothesis that St. Luke's Goshave been henefited by his zealous exertions. pel was the first written," svo. 1808 He was the author of the following tracts :- « Points at issue between the editor of Dr. “ Speech delivered at the Bar of the House Townson's Works and the author of Discurof Lords against Mr. Fox's East India Bill, sory Considerations on St. Luke's Gospel," Dec, 16, 1783" “ Letters to Edmund 8vo. 1811. Burke, in which are contained Inquiries into



Died.] At Bill Hill, near Wakingbar, Died.) At Henwick House, Nathaniel Frances, second daughter of Lieut. Gen. Bogle, third son of N. B. French, esq. Leveson Gower, 15.

Ai Old Warden vicarage, the Rev. John At Windsor, Mr. Chas.Secker, 53:-Mrs. Smyth, vicar of the united parishes of Southill Marshall, 33.-Mrs. Simmons, 62. and Old Warden, and perpetual curate of At Oakingham, Mrs. Grace Harrod, 76. Hampton, in the diocese of Worcester, 50. At Newbury, John Haskin, esq. 72.

At Clifton, the wife of the Rey.D.S. Oli- At Stroatley, Mrs. Sheppard, 43. vier,


Married.] At Aylesbury, Mr. W. Robert, Married.] At Wallingford, Mr. Thos. to Arne, eldest daughter of Mr.John Wheeler. Bond, of Mackney, to Ann, third daughter Died.] At Lamport House, Edmond of Mr. R. Brooker.- Mr. E. Hobson, of Dayrell, esq. of Lincoln's Inn, barrister, 74. Northampton, to Miss Mary Greene, of


Married.] At Cambridge, Wm. Herbert, At Sunningwell, Mr, Jas. Collason, to esq. of Huntingdon, to Mary, second daugh. Miss Sarah Deane.

ter of Thos, V. Oakes, esq.


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