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AMERICANA (Continued).

40 6210 MILLER (S.) calf. 10.50, 6211 NEW YORK.

Letters on Unitarianism.

8vo, half. Trenton, 1821

Natural History of the State. Comprising: Zoology, 5 vols. (Ornithology colored); Botany, 2 vols.; Mineralogy, 1 vol.; Geology, 4 vols., some colored; Agriculture, 2 vols., colored; Paleontology. Many hundred plates. Together 15 vols. thick royal 4to, cloth. Albany, 1843, etc. "The preparation of this splendid work, by the ablest scientific men of the country, has cost the State upwards of $200,000, and is a brilliant example of enlightened legislative liberality."

50 6212 NEW YORK. Sketch of the Resources of the City of New York, etc. 8vo, boards, uncut.

New York, 1827 2.00 6213 PAINE (THOMAS). Rights of Man: an Answer to Mr. Burke's Attack on the French Revolution. 8vo,

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3.25 6214 PANAMA. Original Papers relating to the Expedition to Panama. 8vo, calf.

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London, 1744. 1.25 6215 PENNSYLVANIA. Historical Review of the Constitution and Government of, from its Origin, etc. 8vo, calf.

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London, 1759 6216 PHILLIPS. Sermon on the Trinity, by the Rev. J. Phillips, late Master of the C-te HAcademy on Black-Heath, Kent. Post 8vo (pp. 34).


Sold by Mr. Mitchell, bookbinder, Maiden lane, New York; Mr. Pike, storekeeper, John street, do. ; and Mrs. Mary Davis, storekeeper, New Brunswick.

26 6217 PHRENOLOGICAL JOURNAL. Vols. 8 to 12. Wood-cuts.

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maps. 8vo, cloth.

London, 1817 Portraits and London, 1845

1.12 6223 Q. (T) A Wall-Street Bear in Europe. Post 8vo, 1./2ˇ6223


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6224 Q. (T.) Another copy. Crown 8vo, cloth, uncut. New York, 1855

AMERICANA (Continued).

1.266225 Q. (T.) A Wall-Street Bear in Europe. Paper covers.



New York, 1855

New York, 1855

6226 Q. (T.) The same. Sheets.
6227 RAFN (C. C.) America Discovered in the Tenth
Century. Svo, paper, (pp. 32). New York, 1838
6228 [RALPH (JAMES).] Use and Abuse of Parliaments.
2 vols. 8vo, calf.
London, 1744

Ralph was originally a schoolmaster at Philadelphia.

62 6229 REED (H.) Two Lectures on the History of the American Union. Post 8vo, cloth.

Philadelphia, 1856

6230 RUSSELL (R.) North America: its Agriculture and
Climate. Map.
etc., of New York City.


8vo, cloth.

Edinburgh, 1857

3.75 6231

the Streets, Avenues, Royal folio, half bound. New York, 1872



on the Iroquois; or, Contributions to American History, Antiquities, and General Ethnology. Colored Frontispiece and wood-cuts. 8vo, cloth. Albany, 1817 3.26 6233 SCHOOLCRAFT. Personal Memoirs of a Residence of Thirty Years with the Indian Tribes on the American Frontiers, 1812-42. Portrait. Royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. Philadelphia, 1851

76234 SMITH (H. W.) Nuts for Future Historians to Crack.

Svo, cloth.

Philadelphia, 1856 1.766235 SMITH (J. T.) Discovery of America by the Northmen in the Tenth Century. Maps and plates. London, 1842

8vo, cloth.

30 6236 SMITH (REV. SYDNEY). Letters on American Debts. 8vo, paper, (pp. 24.)

London, 1843

10 6237 STRYKER (J.) American Register and Magazine. Vols. 4 and 5. 2 vols. Svo, half morocco.

New York, 1850-1 6.50 6238 TARLETON (LIEUT.-COL.) History of the Campaigns of 1781, in the Southern Provinces of North America. Maps and plans. 4to, half calf.

London, 1787

1.67 6239 THEVET (ANDRE). Les Singularitez de la France Antarticque autrement Nommée Amerique, etc. Curious cuts. Small 8vo, vellum. Auvers, 1558 J. 6240 TRACY (WM.) Notices of Men and Events connected with the Early History of Oneida Co. 8vo, paper, Utica, 1838

(pp. 45.)

AMERICANA (Continued).

3.25 6241 TRACTS. An Oration commemorative of the late Alex. Hamilton, by J. M. Mason; Eulogy, by H. G. Otis; and Discourse by E. Nott. New York, 1804; Án Oration on the Election of President Jefferson. Sidney's Press, 1804; An Examination of the Charges against Aaron Burr, by "Aristides." New York, 1803; etc., etc. 8vo, boards, uncut.

v. d.

The other Tracts in this vol., are Hogg's Scottish Pastorals, Poems,
Songs, etc. Edin. 1801; Sketch of the Battle of Alexandria, etc.,
by Robt. Ker Porter. Edin. 1802; and The Folly, Guilt, etc., of
Suicide, by S. Miller. New York, 1805.

5.00 6242 TRACTS. Discourse, intended to Commemorate the Discovery of America by Columbus. By Jeremy Belknap; and 5 others, as under. 8vo, calf, gilt.


Apollo Press, Boston, 1792

Arbustrum Americanum. Phil. 1785; Rumsey, on the Application
of Steam. Phil. 1788; Fitch, Original Steam-boat Supported.
Phil. 1788; and 3 other Tracts on the same subject.

6243 TRACTS. Essay on Government, by Priestly; auto-
graph of Jeremy Bentham, 1768; Price, on Lib-
erty, Government, and the American War, 1776;
Anderson, on the American Colonies, 1782; and
Justice and Policy of the Quebec Act, 1774. 8vo,
half calf.
London, 1768-82

2.25 6244 TRACTS. Appeal from the New to the Old Whigs;
Paine's Rights of Man; and Boothby's Observa-
tions on both these works. 3 vols. in 1, 8vo, half
London, 1791-2


6245 UMFREVILLE (E.) Present State of Hudson's Bay, with an account of the Fur Trade. 8vo, boards, uncut. Geo. Chalmers' copy, with his book-plate. London, 1790 30 6246 UPHAM (C. W.) Life, Explorations, etc., of Colonel Fremont. Illustrated. Post 8vo, cloth.

Boston, 1856 10 6247 VACHE (A. F.) Letters on Yellow Fever, Cholera, and Quarantine. Frontispiece. 8vo, cloth.


tural Survey of the Erie
map and plate. Part 1.

1.00 6249 VAN RENSSELAER. The same.


New York, 1852 Geological and AgriculCanal District. Large 8vo, boards.

Albany, 1824

Half calf. Albany, 1824

6250 WASHINGTON (GEORGE). Farewell Address to the
People of the United States. Portrait. 12mo,
half morocco.
New York, 1809

AMERICANA (Continued).

1.00 6251 WASHINGTON (G.) Reprint of the Original Letters from Washington to Joseph Reed, during the American Revolution. 8vo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1852

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6252 WASHINGTON. The same. Cloth. Philadelphia, 1852

1.25 6253 WASHINGTON.

1.75 6254 WATSON (E.)

The same. Cloth. Philadelphia, 1852 History of the Western (N. Y.) Canals from 1788 to 1819, etc. Portrait and plates. 8vo, boards.

Albany, 1820 3256255 WESLEY (JOHN). Narrative of the late Work of God at and near Northampton, in New England, and two other Tracts. Post 8vo, half calf, gilt.

London, 1755

The other items in this vol. are, "Thoughts concerning the Present Revival in New England," by Jonathan Edwards. London, 1745; and the Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God! extracted from Mr. Edwards by John Wesley. London, 1756.

3.50.6256 WESTCHESTER. County Atlas of, by J. B. Beers. 80 colored maps. Imp. 4to, half morocco.

New York, 1872 137 6257 YATES AND MOULTON. History of the State of New York. Vol. I., Part 1. 8vo, boards, uncut. New York, 1824 6. 6258 YOUNG (ALEX.) Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers of the Colony of Plymouth, 1602 to 1625. Portrait. Svo, cloth.

Boston, 1841

3.50 6259 ANALECTA SCOTICA. Collections

illustrative of the Civil,

Ecclesiastical, and Literary History of Scotland,
chiefly from Original MSS.
ment. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth.

[blocks in formation]

Post 8vo, cloth.

Edited by James Maid-
Edinburgh, 1834–7

First Series only. 8vo,
Edinburgh, 1834.
Literature and Drama.
London, 1818

80 6262 ANDERSON (C.) Native Irish, and their Descendants.

London, 1846

6.00 6263 ANDERSON (JAMES). Essay Showing that the Crown and Kingdom of Scotland is imperial and independent.

8vo, calf.


Edinburgh, 1705

Anderson not only received a monetary reward for this Essay, but the
Lord Chancellor was commanded to thank him.
Duplicate from the British Museum.

2.6264 ANDERSON (JAMES). Prize Essay on the State of Society and Knowledge in the Highlands of Scotland, 1745 to 1825. 8vo, cloth. Edinburgh, 1827

Presentation copy "to Miss E. Thomson from her affectionate cousin, the author."



The same. Cloth.

Royal Genealogies, from times (including the British Isles). calf.

Edinburgh, 1827 Adam to these Thick royal folio, London, 1736

"The most useful and valuable work of the kind, and probably the most difficult and laborious one ever undertaken by author, or printer; it may be considered as an abridgment of Universal History." -MOULE.

6266 ANDERSON (W.) Philosophy of Ancient Greece investi-> gated. 4to, calf.

Edinburgh, 1791

A work of much learning, written with a view to supply the deflciencies of Stanley's History of Philosophy.

25 6267 ANE ORATIOUNE set furth be Master Quintine Kennedy ye Zeir of Gode, 1561. 4to, paper, (20 pp.)

Edinburgh, 1812




6268 ANGLER'S Almanac and Pocket Book for 1855. Wood-cuts. Post 8vo, unbound. London, 1855 6269 ANGLER'S SOUVENIR (THE). By R. P. Fisher, assisted by several Eminent Piscatory Characters. Upwards of 60 beautiful steel engravings, by Beck with and Taylor, and every page bordered withwood-cut devices. 8vo, cloth, uncut.

London, 1835 4.75 6270 [BLAKEY (R.)], ( Palmer Hackle.") Hints on Angling. 8vo, cloth. London, 1846

10.50 6271 BOUSSUETI (FRANCISCI). Natura Aquatilium carmen in universam Gulielmi Rondeletii. Curious plates of Fish. Both Parts complete. 4to, calt, gilt. Rare. Bonhome, Lugduni, 1558 2.50 6272 BOWLKER (C.) Art of Angling; or, Compleat FlyFisher. Frontispiece. Post 8vo, calf.

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Birmingham, 1788 6273 BROWNE (MOSES). Angling Sports, in Nine Piscatory Dialogues. Frontispiece. Small 8vo, calf.

London, 1773

2.50 6274 COLQUHOUN (J.) The Moor and the Loch, with an
Essay on Loch-Fishing. Illustrated.
Illustrated. 8vo, cloth.
Edinburgh, 1840

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