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Richard, to whom his father gave

Lynch. He was living 10 Henry V.
and had a son,
Oliver, of Holnicault, in the parish

of Selworthy, whose daughter
and heir m. John Woode, of
North Tawton, and had a daugh-
ter, (represented in some pedi-
grees as an heiress) who m. Wil-
liam Steynings. Other pedigrees,
those of Woode, give her a bro-
ther, John, ancestor of the

Woodes, of North Tawton.
The elder son,

John HUYISH, of Doniford, 10 HENRY VI. left, by Catherine, bis wife, a son,

OLIVER Hewish,* of Doniford, 30 Henry VI. who m.

Johanna, daughter and co-heir of John Avenell, of Blackpoole, in the parish of South Moulton, Devon, and had, with two daughters, Elizabeth, wife of John Doddington, of Doddington; and Anne, m. to Alexander Vernie, son by the third wife of John Vernie, of Fairfield, in Somersetshire, a son and successor,

Oliver Hewish, of Doniford, 10 HENRY
VII. who m, a Cavendish, and had, with a
daughter, m. to Chichester, of Hawle, in
Devonshire, three sons, viz.

1. John, his heir.
II. Humphrey, who m. Jacquet, daugh-

ter and co-heir of John Hawle, of
High Bray, in the parish of South
Molton, Devonshire, and had four

2. John, of Okeford, Devon, whose

will, dated 12th March, 31 ELI-
ZABETH, 1588, was proved at
Barnstaple in the May of the
following year. He m. Wilmot,
daughter of Roger Prescott, and

relict of Gregory Radford, esq.

of Okeford, but d. s. p. 3. Bartholomew, of Studley, De

von, whose will was dated 4th May, 1578, and proved at Barnstaple 9th June in the same year. He had no issue by Mary his

wife, who was relict of Veysie.
4. John, d. upm.
The eldest son of Humphrey,
Henry Hewish, or Huysh, pur-

chased the estate and dwelling
of Sand, in the parish of Sid-
bury, Devon, in 1560 and 1561.
By inquisition taken at Tiverton,
it appears that he died 21st Jan-
uary, 1566. He was buried at
Sidbury. He m. Ellen, daugh-
ter of John Stavely, esq. of East
Buckland, in Devon, by Joan,
his wife, daughter and co-heir os
John Lapflode, and had by her,
who was buried at Sidbury, 27th
May, 1592, three sons and five
1. Thomas, of Axminster, liv-

ing 9th August, 1593. To-
gether with his brother An-
thony, he sold, 26 ELIZA-
BETH, the estates of Higher
and Lower Sand to his cou-
sin, James Huyshe, of Lon-

don. Thomas d. s. p. 2. ANTHONY, also of Axminster,

will dated 17th June, 1598, and proved Prerog. Court of Cant. 5th December. He m. Alice, daughter of Turner, and relict of Alexander Osborne. Administration of the effects of Alice Hewishe, of Axminster, was granted

* The pedigree of Huysh, in the visitation of last day of March, 14 HENRY VIII. it appears that Somerset, and that in Mr. Palmer's MSS, in the he held a third part of Blackpoole, under the manor Dowager Lady Ackland's possession, at Bath, state of Warkley: Roger Holcombe, m. Margaret, that Oliver Huysh married Johanna, daughter and another co-beir. By inquisition, taken after the heir of Richards. This appears to be an error, death of Margaret Holcombe, who d. 7th April, 15 arising from a family of Richards, of Somersetshire HENRY VII. it appears that she held a third of and Devon, having borne the same arms as those Blackpoole, of the Bourchiers, lords of the manor of Avenell. It is probable that they adopted them of Warkley. Her son Charles Holcombe, d. 2nd in consequence of the marriage of their ancestor, January, 19 Henry VIII. and also among other Edward Richards, with Eleanora, one of the daugh- lands held a third of Blackpoole. No positive proof ters and co-heirs of John Avenell, of Loxbeare, in has been found that Johanna, wife of Oliver Devon. Edward Richards died, as appears by in- Huyshe, inherited a third of Blackpoole, as one of quisition, 10th October, 5 HENRY VIII.

three co-heiresses; but Risdon, on South Moulton, The statement in the text is in accordance with (p. 307. ed. 1811;) says, “ Blackpoole ..... is a the old family pedigree, found at Sand, which calls tything of Moulton, where Pollard, Gambon, and her co-heir of Avenell, with her sisters, wives of Huish held lands; some are of opinion that a Weekes and Holcombe; and this is corroborated manor divided between co-heirs, each of them hath by the pedigrees of Weekes, or Wykes, and those

This shews that the manor of Blackof Holcombe; and by the following inquisitions, poole was divided into three shares, by the marpost mortem : Richard Wykes, of North Wykes, riage of co-heiresses, and that one share continued Devon, m. Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of John in the name of Huish, after those of Wykes and Avenell, of Blackpoole. By inquisition taken after Holcombe were lost. the death of his son, William Wykes, who died

a manor.

in September, 1612, by the Archdeacon of Exeter's Court, but owing to the careless manner in which these records have been kept, the document is not to be found. The son and heir of Alice and Anthony, HENRY, m. Marcella, el

dest daughter and coheir of William Symonds, of Exeter, and by her, whom.secondly, Richard Herbert, of Exeter; and thirdly, Thomas Duke, of Exeter, had an only son, Southcott, of Exeter, who d. unm. Administration to his effects was granted by the Prerog. Court of Cant. to his mother, Marcella Duke,

18th June, 1642. 3. William, Rector of Kilk

hampton, in Cornwall, will dated 5th Jan. 1610, proved in Bishop of Exeter's Court, 4th May, 1611. He m. Joan, daughter of William Perrie, and relict of - Osborne, by whom he had two daughters, Elizabeth, m. to William Weston; and Hazar, m. to George Lippincott, of Wib

bery, in Devon. 1. Ellen, m. to Richard Cooke,

esq. and had Mary and He

len. 2. Joan, m. to William Sto

ford, of St. Mary Ottery,

and had issue. 3. Elizabeth, m. first, to Peter

Drayton, of Exeter; and secondly, to John Doughtye,

Incumbent of Alphington. 4. Grace, m. to Richard Nor

reys, of Lyme, and had is5. Jane, m. to Richard Bevys,

of Exeter, and from her descend the Bevys, of Clift House, Dartmouth, Barnstaple. Mr. Westcote, in his pedigrees of Devon families, (Harl. MSS. 2297), states, that she m. secondly, William Martin, Recorder

of Exeter. Jl. Thomas, who was, according to the

family pedigree, found at Sand, the ancestor of the Huyshes, of Tetton, in the parish of Kingston, and of “thos other Huyshes about Taunton; and so of RICHARD Huyshe, who

Iyeth buried in Taunton.” There seems no reason for doubting the truth of this statement. Richard Huyshe's will proves his affinity to the Huyshes, of Doniford and Sand, and the rest of his pedigree is fully confirmed by substantial evidence. The above named RICHARD HUYSHE was of New Inn

in 1589. He died without issue, and bequeathed his property in the Blackfriars, London, and in Taunton, to trustees, for the maintenance of an Alnis House in Taunton, for aged men,

with preference to any poor among his kindred, and for exhibitions at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, to young men of his name and kindred, or of his kindred only, and in default of these, to young men born in the counties of Somerset and Devon.

The full particulars of this charity are to be found in the fifth volume of the Charity Commissioners' Reports. The privileges thus attached to his kindred, make it an act ofjustice to record all that can be gathered respecting his connections. But no detailed pedigree of this branch of the family appears ever to have been formed, and those interested in the enquiry must be referred to the collections that are to be deposited in the Alms House, Taunton, by the Rev. Francis Huysbe, and to some MSS. recently added to the library of the College of Arms, where the result of an examination of wills and parish registers will be found. Richard Huyshe married Ebbot, daughter of William Lovel, esq. of Bishops Lydiard, in Somersetshire, and heir to her brother, John Lovel. She was relict of James Clarke, esq. of Norton Fitzwarren. Her will, in which she is described as of Norton Fitzwarren, was proved in the Archdeacon's Court, Taunton, in 1628, but is lost. Richard Huyshe, d. 23rd February, 1615, and was buried in St. Mary Magdalen, Taunton, on the 21st March following. A tablet to his memory, with the arms of Huyshe and Avenell quarterly, is fixed on the wall of the south aisle of the church. By inquisition, taken 14th July, 18 JAMES 1. it appears that his next heirs



Johanna, wise of John Mount

Huish, whose will, dated steven.

28th November, 1558, was Margaret, wife of Henry Web

proved in the Archdeacon's ber.

Court, by his son, Richard Thomazine, wife of John Cox,

Huish. being the daughters and co Oliver Hewish's eldest son, heirs of John Huish, son and John Hewyshe, gent. of Doniford, whose heir of Richard Huish, son will, dated 24th July, 1551, was proved in and heir of Robert Huish, the Prerog. Court of Cant. 8th February, brother of his father, Tho- | 1552, m. Grace, daughter of Richard Walmas Huish.

rond, esq. and had issue, This Thomas Huish, and 1. WILLIAM, of Doniford, who m. first, Robert Huish, must have Ellen, daughter and co-heir of John been sons of Thomas Huish, Gaunt, esq. of Dorsetshire; and sethird son of Oliver Huish; condly, Johanna, daughter of John and Thomas is probably the Sydenham, esq. By the former he Thomas Huysh buried in St. bad two sons and two daughters, Mary Magdalen, Taunton, namely, Silvester, John, Honora, 12th March, 1556; and Ro and Dorothy : by the latter, one son, bert is probably the Robert John, ancestor of HuYSH, OF WELLS.

According to Mr. Palmer's MSS. John care of some charitable persons; and finally, in Huyshe, son of William Huyshe, of Doniford, by 1650, he was dispossessed of his living. By the his second wife, was father of the eminent divine, Royalist Composition Papers (State Paper Office)

ALEXANDER Huish, born in the parish of St. it appears, that the value of his estate was £40. Cuthbert's, at Wells, about the year 1594, for ac on which a fine of £13. 6s. 8d. was imposed. cording to his own testimony (vide Greek Hymn His writings are, “ Musa Ruralis in advent Car. in the Polyglott) he had attained his sixty-third 2di 4to. Lond. 1660." “ Lectures on the Lord's year in 1658. He was a commoner of Magdalen Prayer, in 3 Parts, Lond. 1626.” The notes of Hall, Oxford, in 1609 ; B.A. 10th February, 1613; John Flavel having come into his possession, he original scholar of Wadham College, 20th April, published them under the title of “ Tractatus de 1613; M.A. 17th December, 1616; B. D. 2nd Demonstratione methodicus et Polemicus. Oxon. December, 1627 ; presented to the rectory of Beck- 1619.” He was twice married : by Margaret, his ington, in Somersetshire, in 1627 ; and to that of first wife, buried at Beckington, 4th October, 1642, Hornbloton, in the same county, by Thomas Mil- he had two sons and a daughter, viz. bourne, esq. in February, 1638. Of this living he 1. ALEXANDER, who by Dorothy, his wife, buwas dispossessed in 1650, but restored in 1660, in ried at Beckington, 8th August, 1686, had which year (12th September) he was collated to issue, the prebend of White Lackington, in Wells, of

1. Alexander, bapt. 21st August, 1673. which he had had the gift before the rebellion. He

2. Anthony, baptized 16th June, 1676. died 15th April, 1668, and was buried in the

3. James, bapt. 31st August, and buried chancel of Beckington, where a brief inscription

15th March, 1681. was placed to his memory, recorded by Collinson

1. Sarah, bapt. 6th October, 1669, living in his History of Somersetshire. His will was

in 1670. proved 6th June, 1668, in the Prerogative Court 11. James, bapt. 29th October, 1637, living of Canterbury, by his relict, Deborah, who was 1667. his second wife: in the preface he shortly but 1. Margaret, wife of Thomas Milbourne, of earnestly expresses his thankfulness to God for London, printer. his restoration to his living. He was a man dis- By Deborah, his second wife, who was relict of tinguished for theological learning, accurate criti – Bryant, and whose will was proved in the Precism, knowledge of languages, especially the ori- rogative Court of Canterbury, 3rd June, 1671, he ental tongues, sound divinity, and excellence in had issue three daughters, preaching, and he was well known among the 1. Anne, baptized 29th February, 1643, living learned throughout Europe. The prominent part

1671. he took in the preparation and revision of Walton's 11. Deborah, baptized 2nd May, 1645, died an Polyglott Bible, is gratefully acknowledged by infant. Walton himself; and subsequent critics have men 11. Dorothy, co-executrix with Anne of her tioned with praise the accuracy and fidelity with

mother's will. which he executed the part of that great work The occurrence of a daughter, Petronell, and committed to his care and superintendance, par- of a son, Alexander, at the same time, in two disticularly his celebrated collation of the Alexandrian tinct families of Huyshe, settled in the parish of MS. of the Bible.

St. Cuthbert's, seems so bighly improbable, that His sufferings during the rebellion are evidence little or no doubt can be entertained that the of more than common attachment to the king, and learned assistant of Walton was the Alexander of his exertions in his cause. He was driven from mentioned in the following descent, as brother of one place to another; imprisoned for a few days at James; and that Petronella Rouse, widow in Alex. Chadfield, in Wiltshire, where he narrowly es ander's will, was the Petronell stated below to caped starration, through the pious but accidental have married Thomas Lowe, in November, 1625.

The eldest son,
Silvester Huysh, esq. of Doni-

ford, 18 and 32 ELIZABETH, m.
Alice, daughter of William Mor-
ris, esq. of Milverton, and had

WILLIAM, his heir.
Giles, d. 6th July 1625: see

proceedings of Suit Wynd-
ham v. Huysh, court of

Wards and Liveries.
Annias, living in 1599.

Elizabeth, living in 1599.

} named in MSS. Palmer.
The eldest son, was
William Huysh, esq. of Doniford,

whose nuncupative will, dated
11th October, 1599, was proved
in six days after. By inquisition
taken at Bridgewater, 16th Jan-
uary, 2 JAMES I. it appears that
he died 16th November, 42 ELI-
ZABETH He m. Elizabeth Mor-
gan: and Thomas Morgan of St.
George's, in Somersetshire, is
the guardian of their son, a mi-

ber preceding. He m. Joan,
daughter of John Manninge, of
Hackland, in the parish of Cul-
eumpton, Devon, by Dorothy,
his wile, daughter of Sir John
Strangways, of Melbury, and
Dorothy, his wife, daughter of
Sir John Thynne, knt. of Long-
leat. By her John Huyshe had
four sons, namely,
John, aged more than six

years at his father's death, baptized at St. Decuman's, May, 1621. His will is dated 27th November, 1648, and proved 4th May, 1649, but in it he makes no mention of either wife or issue ; though from a monument in St. Decuman's church, which is much defaced, it appears probable that he had a wife, Dorothy, who was buried

27th April, 164-. Edward, of Doniford, baptized

at St. Decuman's, December, 1622, was buried at St. Cuthbert's Wells, where his monument, a flat stone in the south aisle, yet remains. He d. 16th August, and was interred 19th August, 1669.

The arms on the stone are Huysh, impa

nor, viz.

John Huyshe, or Huish, of Doni

ford, aged seven years at his
father's decease. By inquisition,
post mortem, taken at Sowton,
2nd April, 3 CHARLES I. it ap-
pears that he died 2nd Novem-

There is certainly, primâ facie, a strong objection

James, baptized 1st November, 1637, to the hypothesis of this James being brother of

probably the same who was buried in Alexander, Walton's assistant, from the proof that

the cathedral, 10th August, 1675. Edward was the father of James; whereas John,

Christian, baptized 28th November, 1622. son of William Huyshe, of Doniford, is stated to

Martha, baptized 26th December, 1623, have been father of Alexander ; on the authority

dead in 1684. of Mr. Palmer's MSS. which probably were not

Hester, baptized 8th April, 1625. founded on any trustworthy document. Mr. Pal

Bridget, baptized 15th June, 1626. mer may have mistaken John for Edward ; or he

Sarah, baptized 7th December, 1628, died may have omitted a generation in his pedigree ;

23rd January, 1694-5. and so, if there were this John, the son of William,

Mary, wife of Broderick, and mother of Doniford, he may have been the grandfather of

of George Broderick, living in 1684. James, and of Walton's assistant.

11. Alexander, EDWARD Huis, of Wells, notary public, whose will, dated 4th March, 1623, was proved 14th

II. Anthony, living 1624 and 1638.

iv. Edward, June, 1624, appears, from that document, to have

1. Peternell, m, at St. Cuthbert's, 14th Nobeen twice married. The marriage ring of his first

vember, 1625, to Thomas Lowe, and was wife he leaves to bis son James. His second wife,

living in 16. who survived him, was named Christian. He was buried at St. Cuthbert's, 25th March, 1624. He

There is now, 1837, at Wells, a poor family of had issue,

Huish, which has resided in St. Cuthbert's pa1. James, notary public and registrar to five rish, and descended from a Henry Huish, of War

Bishops of Bath and Wells. He died 10th minster and Hillhouse, who died in 1726. A widow
February, 1639, aged forty-seven, and was

Huish, of Hillhouse, was buried 26th September, buried in the south aisle of the cathedral,

1610. where a flat stone, to the memory of him + This lady had licence to re-marry from the self, his wife, and daughter, still remains. court of wards and liveries, 30th November, 5 His will was proved 9th April, 1640. By Charles I. a liberty she does not appear to have Sarah, bis wife, who m. secondly, John availed herself of, 'for the administration of the Prickman, gent, and d. 27th May, 1670, effects of Joan Huish, was granted 15th April aged seventy-three, he had issue,

1649, by the Prerog. Court, to her son, Edward Edward, baptized 3rd January, 1634. Huish.

ling a chev. between three 11. Anne, baptized 3rd November, mullets pierced.

1555. William, baptized at St. De JII. Sibil, baptized 7th November, cuman's, Ist March, 1623 :

1557. according to Mr. Palmer's IV. Grace, baptized 14th November, MSS. it was this William

1558. who sold the family estate v. Martha, baptized 28th October, 1565, to the Wyndhams, in 1671 ; buried 28th April, 1569. but this statement must be James Huyshe's second wife was Mary," erroneous, as the Wyndham daughter of — Moffytt, of Barnett, in Herts, title deeds state the vendor and by her he had to have been John Huish.

1. William, baptized 9th August, 1570. Lewis.

He was of the City of London, GroII. Roger, whose son,

cer, 33 ELIZABETH, and is styled of WILLIAM, was of Aller, in Somer

London, gentleman, 27th November, setshire. His will dated 9th

42 of the same reign. June, 1611, proved in Prerog.

II. James, baptized 20th January, 1576, Court, Canterbury, 12th June,

of Gray's Inn, gent. living 17th Defollowing, mentions his sister,

cember, 1606. His widow was wife

in 1626 of a Mr. Farrer.
Grace Parker; his brother-in-
law, Nicholas Parker; his sister,

DI. John, baptized 20th July, 1582.
Elizabeth Blake; his sons, Wil-

IV. Thomas, of London, baptized 17th liam, George, and John Huysh ;

July, 1583, living 17th December,

his daughter, Grace; and his
sons-in-law, John Marshe, and

v. Christopher, baptized 21st June,

1584. Nicholas Sellacke. !11. James, of whom presently.

VI. John, baptized and died 4th August,

1586. 1. Dorothy, m. to Edward Hensley, of Devonshire.

1. Elyn, baptized 9th October, 1572.

II. Alice, baptized 17th January, 1574, II. Alice, m. to John Borne.

wife of Robert Brett, esq. The youngest son of John Hewyshe, of The eldest son, Doniford,

Rowland Huyshe, sometime of south James Huyshe, was sometime of Cheap- Brent, in Somersetshire, and afterwards of side, London, and a member of the Grocers' Sand, in the parish of Sidbury, Devon, was Company. He d. 20th August, 1590, and baptized 11th April, 1560, and named after was buried in St. Pancras, Soper Lane. His his godfather, Sir Rowland Hill. He had will, dated 7th July, 1590, was proved in livery of his father's lands, 8th June, 1591, the Prerog. Court of Canterbury, 27th Oc- and by inquisition taken at Sherborne, 29th tober, 1590. His monumental inscription is August, 9 Charles I. appears to have died preserved in Stowe's London. By his first | 19th January in the preceding year. Hem. wife be had eleven children, and by the se- Anne,t daughter of John Wentworth, esq. cond eighteen. Of these, Rowland, Wil- of Bocking, in Essex, by Elizabeth, his wife, liam, James, and Thomas, are the only sons daughter of Sir Edward Capel, knt. and named in bis will; and the others here re- bad, by her, who was buried at Sidbury, corded, are taken from the parish register 7th October, 1629, a son and successor, of St. Pancras, Soper Lane. His first wife

James Huyshe, esq. of Sand, baptized was Margaret, daughter and heir of Robert at Sidbury, 2nd May, 1604, who had livery Bowser, or Bourchier, of London, and by of his father's lands, granted him 25th June, her, who was buried in St. Pancras church, 1634. During the civil wars, Mr. Huyshe 12th May, 1568, he had issue,

engaged most actively in support of the royal 1. RowLAND, his heir, baptized 11th cause, and thereby sacrificed a considerable

April, 1560. 11. John, baptized 4th August, 1556, d. She died, after having married two other hussoon after.

bands, and was buried at St. Pancras, 25th SepII. Geffry, baptized 17th August, 1561.tember, 1601. Her second husband was Sir Wil

He was living at the visitation of liam Rowe, knt. lord mayor of London. He died
London, in 1568.

3rd October, 1593, and was buried in St. Laww. Lawrence, baptized in March, 1562, Her third husband's arms, on the banners borne at

rence, Jewry, leaving no issue by his second wise. buried 28th May, 1564. 1. Mary, baptized 7th September, 1554, Herald's College. Arg. on a chev. sa. betwixt

her funeral, appear in the funeral certificates at the m. 2nd December, 15, to Nicholas three martlets of the second, three mullets or, but Pendlebury, He was buried 19th his name is not recorded. January, 1596, and she 29th August, + This lady, through Spencer and Clure, was 1616, leaving issue.

descended from King Edward I.

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