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403. To Eternal Life. S. M. Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.-MAT. vii. 13, 14.


DESTRUCTION's dangerous road
What multitudes pursue!

While that which leads the soul to GOD
Is known or sought by few.
Believers enter in

By CHRIST, the living gate;

But they who will not leave their sin,
Complain it is too strait..

3 If self must be deny'd,
And sin forsaken quite;

They rather choose the way that's wide,
And strive to think it right.

4 Obey the gospel call,

And enter while you may;
The flock of CHRIST is always small,
And none are safe but they.

5 LORD, open sinners' eyes,

Their awful state to see;

And make them, ere the storm arise,
To thee for safety flee.

404. To admit Christ into our Heart.C.M. Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, 1 will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.-REV. iii. 20.

AND will the LORD thus condescend
To visit sinful worms?

Thus, at the door, shall mercy stand
In all her winning forms?

2 Surprising Grace!—and shall my heart
Unmov'd and cold remain ?
Has this hard rock no tender part?
Must mercy plead in vain ?
3 Shall JESUS for admission sue,
His gracious voice unheard?
And this vile heart, his rightful due
Remain for ever barr'd?...

4 'Tis sin, alas! with tyrant pow'r,
The lodging has possest,

And clouds of traitors bar the door
Against the heav'nly guest.

5 LORD, rise in thy all-conqu'ring grace, Thy mighty pow'r display;

One beam of glory from thy face
Can drive my foes away.

6 Ye dangerous inmates, hence depart, My SAVIOUR, enter in;

And guard the passage to my heart,
And keep out ev'ry sin.

405. To the Living Waters. C. M. Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy and eat: yea, come, buy wine and milk without money, and without price, &c.-ISAIAH lv. 1, &c.

LET ev'ry mortal ear attend,
And ev'ry heart rejoice,

The trumpet of the Gospel sounds
With an inviting voice.

2 Ho! all ye hungry starving souls,
That feed upon the wind,
And vainly strive with earthly toys
To fill an empty mind.

3 Eternal wisdom has prepar'd
A soul-reviving feast,

Like wine and milk salvation flows
For every willing guest.

4 Here, ye that pant for living streams, And pine away and die;

May freely quench your raging thirst,
With springs that never dry.

5 My God! the treasures of thy love
Are everlasting mines,

Deep as our helpless mis'ries are,
And boundless as our sins!

6 The happy gates of Gospel-grace
Stand open night and day :
LORD, we are come to seek supplies,
And drive our wants away.

406, To the Marriage Supper. C. M.
Come ; for all things are now ready.-LUKE xiv. 17.
HOW sweet and awful is the place,
With CHRIST within the doors,
While everlasting love displays
The choicest of her stores!

2 While all our hearts and all our songs Join to admire the feast, buk Each of us cry with thankful tongues, "LORD, why was I a guest?

3 "Why was I made to hear thy voice, "And enter while there's room; "When thousands make a wretched choice,


"And rather starve than come ?"

4 'Twas the same love that spread the That sweetly drew us in;

[feast, Else we had still refus'd to taste,> And perish'd in our sin.

5 Pity the nations, O our GOD,
Constrain the earth to come;
Send thy victorious word abroad,
And bring the strangers home!
6 We long to see thy churches full;
That all the chosen race

May, with one voice,and heart, and soul,
Sing thy Redeeming Grace.

407. To the Marriage Supper. L.M.

All things are ready: come unto the marriage. MAT.


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xxii. 4. SINNER, obey the gospel word, 2992 S Haste to the supper of your LORDS Be wise to know your gracious day, All things are ready, come away


2 Ready the FATHER is to own?ks
And kiss his late returning son
Ready the loving SAVIOUR stands,
Andspreads for you his bleeding hands.
3 Ready the Spirit to impart

His gracious influence to your heart;
T' apply and witness with the blood,
And seal you of the sons of GOD.

4 Ready for you the angels wait,
To triumph in your blest estate;
Tuning their harps they long to praise
The wonders of redeeming grace.

5 Come then, O sinner, to your LORD,
To happiness in CHRIST restor'd;
His proffer'd benefits embrace,
And taste the fulness of his


408. To the Marriage Supper. C. M.

And yet there is room.-LUKE xiv. 22.

YE wretched, hungry, starving poor,
Behold a royal feast!

Where mercy spreads her bounteous
For ev'ry humble guest.

2 See JESUS stands with open arms;


He calls, he bids you come; 11 Guilt holds you back, and fear alarms; But see, there yet is room;

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