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Great, however, as was his reputation as a Professor, and as a man of science and literature, it was yet inferior to that which his character had acquired among his personal friends. Descended by the father's side from a long and memorable line of ancestors, among whom the friend and contemporary of Newton is numbered; and by the mother's from one of the most ancient noble families of Scotland, his character was early formed on an elevated model, and throughout his whole life he combined, in a degree seldom equalled, the studies and acquirements of a man of science, with the tastes and honourable feelings of a high-born gentleman. While his name, in consequence, was respected throughout Europe, his society sought after by the first persons of rank and eminence in this country; and, like his lamented friend Mr Playfair, he maintained, in no ordinary degree, the import


ant communication between the aristocracy of rank and of talent. The brilliancy of his wit, and the epigrammatic force of his conversation, will long be remembered by those who had the good fortune to enjoy his acquaintance; while among a numer ous circle of relations and friends the kindness and generosity of his character have rendered his death an irreparable loss. To the poorer classes, his professional advice was at all times gratuitously open; and such was the disinterestedness of his conduct, that his income never was nearly so great as the celebrity of his name might have procured.

We know of no one to whose life and conduct we can more truly apply the clas sical words which he himself inscribed on the tomb of one of his earliest and most valued friends: "Vir priscæ virtutis, per omnes vitæ gradus, et in omni vitæ officio, probatissimæ."-Edin. Courant.

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Feb. 2. At Springkell, the lady of Lieutenant-General Sir John Heron Maxwell, Bart. a son.

11. At Largs, the lady of Captain Charles Hope Reid, Esq. of his Majesty's ship Driver, a son.

20. At Aberdeen, Mrs Gordon Forbes, Towie, a daughter.

21. The Right Hon. Lady Harriet Paget, a daughter.

22. At Lockerby House, the lady of Henry Douglas, Esq. a son.

23. At Brightmony, Mrs Mackintosh, of Nairn Grove, a daughter.

24. Mrs James Campbell, Northumberland Street, Edinburgh, a daughter.

27. At Marygold, Mrs Murray, a son.

At Edinburgh, the lady of Major Menzies, 42d regiment, a daughter.

March 1. At Brixton, Surrey, the lady of Mr James Grant, a son.

3. At Hopetoun House, the Countess of Hopetoun, a son.

Mrs W. Buchanan, Duke Street, Edinburgh, a son.

At Levenside House, Mrs Blackburn

of Killearn, a son.

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Mrs Douglas, Drummond Place, Edinburgh, a son.

20. At Clifton, the lady of Arnold Thompson, Esq. of the 81st regiment, a daughter.

22. At Paris, the Countess of Airly, a daughter.

25. Mrs Mowbray, Howe Street, Edinburgh, a son.

Lately, At 25, Gayfield Square, Edinburgh, Mrs Thomson, a son.

At the Commercial Road, London, the lady of Captain Alexander Scott, of the Lady Lushington Indiaman, a son.

At Kew, the lady of Captain Archibald Buchanan, R. N. a son.

Mrs McCulloch, Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, a son.


Feb. 24. At Morpeth, William Lawson,

4. At Eaglesham, the Countess of Cavan, Esq. of Langhirst, Brocks, Northumber

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ter of the late Mr John Graham, merchant.

27. At Edinburgh, Mr James White, surgeon, to Rachael, eldest daughter of the late Major James Douglas, Hon. East India Company's Service.

At Foul Waste, St Andrew's, William Clerk, Esq. of Gaupy, in his 80th year, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late John Adamson, Esq. of Croftangry.

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At Spott House, Captain Alexander Renton Sharpe, R. N. C. B. to Catherine, eldest daughter of Robert Hay, Esq. of Spott.

March 1. At Aberdeen, the Rev. Patrick Cheyne, minister of St John's Episcopal Chapel, to Miss Eliza Annand, youngest daughter of the deceased John Annand of Belmont, Esq.

2. At Edinburgh, Andrew Fyfe, M. D. to Eliza, eldest daughter of Ambrose Charles, Esq. late wine merchant, London.

6. At Glasgow, Mr Charles Kennedy, surgeon, Edinburgh, to Isabella, youngest daughter of the late Rev. Mr Gilbert Dick


9. At St Patrick Square, Edinburgh, Lieutenant Grant, late 92d regiment, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of the late Captain Watson.

10. At the Abbey Church, Bath, Lieutenant-Colonel James Johnstone Cochrane, 3d regiment of guards, to Charlotte, daughter of John Wiltshire, Esq. of Shockerwick House.

12. At London, Mr Janies B. Scott, brewer, Leith, to Jane, eldest daughter of John Donaldson, Esq. of Thomas Street.

16. At Gilmore Place, Edinburgh, Mr Robert Gilmour, to Mrs Elizabeth Beatson, daughter of David Boswell Beatson, Esq. late of North Glassmont, and relict of Dr O'Flaherty, late of the island of St Eustatia.

19. At Queen Street, Edinburgh, George Augustus Borthwick, M. D. to Janet, daughter of George Kinnear, Esq. banker. John, son of John Fraser, Esq. of Achnagairn, to Caroline, daughter of the late Thomas Malton, Esq.

20. At Ealing, the Hon. Edward Perceval, second son of Lord Arden, to Jane, eldest daughter of the late Right Hon. Spencer Perceval.

21. At Oatridge, the Rev. John Geddes, one of the ministers of Paisley, to Dora, eldest daughter of the late Mr James Thomson, Oatridge.

24. In Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, Major William Power, of his Majesty's 7th dragoon guards, to Miss Anne Horner, youngest daughter of John Horner, Esq.


June 21, 1820. At Hydrabad, Captain Pringle Fraser, 7th regiment Madras na

tive infantry, aged 33 years, eldest son of the late Rev. John Fraser, Libberton, La narkshire.

July 27. At Mullye, on the Nepaul frontier, Major Charles Peter Hay, of the 22d regiment Bengal infantry, commanding the Champarur light infantry.

Aug. 23. At Bandah, Bengal, Mr Hay Macdowall, youngest son of the late D. H. Macdowall of Walkinshaw, Esq.

Sept. 3. At Calcutta, Robert Campbell, Esq. of the civil department there.

12. At Calcutta, Walter Davidson, Esq. 22. Alexander Arnot, Esq. On his way from Calcutta to Poorneah he was seized with the cholera morbus, which proved fatal in a few hours.

Oct. 4. At Calcutta, Lieutenant William Forbes, R. N. third son of the late Sir William Forbes, Bart. of Craigievar.

7. At sea, on his passage to Bombay, Mr James Nicol, aged 23, late of Montreal, and second son of Mr Nicol, Surveyor of Customs, Banff.

Nov. 20. At Port Maria, Jamaica, Captain James Gordon, late of the Aberdeenshire militia.

Dec. 1. At Demerara, in the 21st year of his age, Mr Thomas Dickson Goldie, sixth son of Mr James Goldie, Bonnyriggs.

14. At Demerara, after a short illness, Thomas Martin, Esq. merchant.

17 At St Helena, Robert Grant, Esq. R.N. second son of the late Francis Grant, Esq. of Kilgraston.

26. At Berbice, Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Dr Archibald Johnston, of that colony.

27. At Madeira, Captain Jonathan D. Michie, 2d regiment cavalry, Hon. East India Company's service, Bombay Establishment.

1821. Feb. 2. At the Manse of Snizart, Mrs Mary M'Leod, spouse of the minister of that parish.

3. In the Island of St Lucie, John M'Call, Esq. of Cocoa Nut Point.

At his house, in Eaton Terrace, Lower Grosvenor Place, London, John Dunmore Napier, Esq. of Balkillrain, Stirlingshire.

4. At their house, near Pinkie, Miss Jean; and on the 28th, Miss Ann, her sister, daughters of the deceased Mr Francis Main.

6. At Rockdale Cottage, near Perth, Mr William Rhind, factor to the Right Hon. Lord Gray, Kinfauns Castle.

10. Major James T. Cowper, of the Royal Artillery.

12. At Inverco, Capt. Donald Macdonald.. 13. At Lisbon, Mr George Ainslie, Assistant Commissary-General.

14. At Billesden, in Leicestershire, Hugh Phipps, aged 103 years.

At Aberdeen, George Gordon, Esq. of Spenziedale, Sutherlandshire.

14. At Dalreoch, the Rev. James Clark, about the 60th year of his age, and the 26th of his ministry.

- At York Place, Edinburgh, Edward, the youngest, and on the 26th ult. William, aged 20, the eldest son of Mr Peter Lorimer, builder.

17. At Nether Currie, in the parish of Currie, where he was born, and spent most of his days, John Dawson, gardener, aged 100 years, all but a few weeks, being born 14th March 1721. The placid and cheerful disposition of this venerable old man rendered him interesting to all who knew him. He was of religious, sober, and industrious habits, and evinced to the last that tranquillity of mind which a well spent life only can shed over the remotest period of old age. This parish has long been remarkable for the longevity of its inhabitants; William Napier, a native of it, died some years ago, at the advanced age of 113, and William Ritchie at 105; and there are some old people belonging to it just now above 90 years of age.

18. At Manse of Dyce, the Rev. Mr William Wilson, minister of that parish.

At Glasgow, Miss Ferrier, eldest daughter of the late Archibald Ferrier, Esq. W. S. Edinburgh.

20. In York Street, London, Lieutenant-General William Popham, many years in the East India Company's service.

At Bath, Thomas Macdonald, Esq. formerly of Hind Street, London; late First Commissioner of the Board appointed by Act of Parliament for deciding on the claims of British subjects upon the American Government.

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At Perth, Mr George Clark, writer, in the 42d year of his age.

At Rockingham, county of Roscommon, the seat of Viscount Lorton, in the 88th year of his age, the Right Hon. Col. King, of Ballina, brother of Edward, Earl of Kingston, and uncle of the present Earl, of Viscount Lorton, Lord Howth, &c. His charitable donations in the town of Ballinat alone, for many years, and at the period of this lamented death, amounted to L. 2000 a year. Col. King was a Governor of the county of Sligo, and many years Colonel of its militia.

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Of apoplexy, the Elector of Hesse. There being no longer any German Empire, the title of Elector falls to the ground.

At Kingston, Jamaica, William Gardner, Esq. aged 79, a native of the parish of Drymen, Stirlingshire, after a residence on that island of 56 years.

At Paisley, where he had returned for the recovery of his health, George Hogg, Esq. merchant, Antigua, second son of Mr Wm. Hogg, late draper, Paisley.

Mr Robert Callender, accountant in Edinburgh.

28. At Bellabeg, Mrs Stuart, daughter of James Gordon, Esq. late of Croughly. At Edinburgh, in the 12th year of his age, Ilay Campbell Tait, son of Crau ford Tait of Harviestoun, Esq. W. S.

March 2. At Edinburgh, Mrs Ann Gardiner, wife of Mr Sylvester Reid, accountant, and deputy clerk of teinds.

3. Drowned in the ship Guadaloupe, on his passage from Jamaica, Ensign Alex. Amsinck, 92d regiment, or Gordon Highlanders, in the 19th year of his age.

At Moor Park, Richard Alexander Oswald, Esq. aged 36.

M. D.

At Glasgow, aged 58, James Watt,

At Montrose, Mrs Major Gardyne. 4. At her house in Elder Street, Mrs Magdalene Lythgow, relict of John Young, Esq. architect, Edinburgh.

4. At Linlithgow. Mary Martin, relict of Alexander Jamieson, in the 99th year of her age. Retaining to her latest moments the entire possession of her mental faculties, she was endeared to all who knew her, by a cheerfulness of manners rarely retained to such an age, and afforded a striking example of what piety can do to alleviate the infirmities of old age.

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At Edinburgh, David Pringle, son of the late James Pringle, Esq. Lampikewells.

At Coldrain, Robert Greig, Esq. of Coldrain.

5. At his house, Broughton Street, Edinburgh, Mr Thomas Goodsir.

At Bellfield, in the 86th year of his age, Mr James Stalker, who long enjoyed the highest celebrity as a teacher of English in the city of Edinburgh. In his character were strikingly exemplified the domestic and social virtues. His piety to God was unostentatious, and his love to his friends without dissimulation. All who knew him will be ready to inscribe on his tomb, "Here lies an honest man."

6. At Portobello, Mr John Pringle, late Surgeon in the royal navy.

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At Farr, Inverness-shire, James MacIntosh, Esq. of Farr, in the 89th year of his age, and one of the oldest Justices of the Peace in that county-a gentleman highly. distinguished for soundness of judgment and upright conduct. In private life, the warmth and sincerity of his friendship, the benevolence and generosity of his heart, his social manners, his liberality of mind, and his unbounded hospitality, gained him universal esteem. After returning from a long residence abroad, his principal delight

for the last 48 years was to improve his paternal property, (in which he displayed good taste,) and which has been of much service to a number of poor people, by furnishing them with employment. He was the great support and protector of the lower classes in the district in which he resided, who have great cause to deplore his loss.

11. At his house, Manchester Square, London, Robert Dalrymple, Esq.

At his house, Stockbridge, Edinburgh, Mr William Neaves, writer.

12. At her house, in Curzon Street, May Fair, London, the Countess Dowager of Essex, in her 87th year.

At Spring Garden, Alicia Sophia Baird, youngest daughter of Sir James G. Baird of Saughtonhall, Bart.

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In Frederick Street, Edinburgh, Agnes, only daughter of the late Dr Alexander Murray, Professor of Oriental Languages in the University of Edinburgh.

13. John Hunter, Esq. Vice-Admiral of the Red, in the 83d year of his age.

At No. 13, St Andrew's Square, Miss Anne Cramond Boswell, youngest daughter of the late Dr Boswell, physician in Edinburgh.

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At Gilmore Hill, Robert Bogle,

At Earlstoun, Mrs Johnston, widow of the Rev. Laurence Johnston, minister of that parish.

15. At Edinburgh, the Hon. Mary Duncan, youngest daughter of Viscount Duncan.

16. At his house in Lauriston Place, Edinburgh, Mr Thomas Scott, Surgeon. At Belmont Place, Kelso, John Broomfield, Esq. of Belmount Farm, Berwickshire.

At Stratford Place, London, Lieutenant-Colonel P. Douglas, late of the Hon. East India Company's Service on the Bengal Establishment.

17. At Elm House, Haddington, of apoplexy, James Cockburn, Esq. in his 68th year.

25. At Edinburgh, James Bonar, Esq. Solicitor of Excise.

28. At Whitburn Inn, Berwickshire, after a few hours illness, Samuel Anderson, Esq. of Rowchester and Moredun, banker in Edinburgh.

April 2. At his house, St Andrew's Square, Edinburgh, James Gregory, M. D. Professor of the Practice of Physic in the University of Edinburgh.

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