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FOWLER, THOMAS, esq. of Pendeford Hall, in the county of Stafford, suc

ceeded his father in 1815.


Roger Fowler, of Broomhill, in Norfolk, of an ancient Buckinghamshire family, (see vol. ii. p. 377,) married thesister and co-heir of the Right Rev. Rowland Lee, Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, and had five sons, namely, Rowland, of Broomhill, who m. Margaret, daughter of John Bradshaw, and had issue. BRY AN, seated at St. Thomas's Staffordshire. He m. Jane, daughter and heir of John Hanmer, esq. of Bettsfield, in Flintshire, and dying in 1587, left issue, from which the Fowlers of St. Thomas's descended. William, who seated himself at Harnage Grange, in Shropshire. . He m. Mary, daughter of John Blythe, M.D. and was ancestor of the Fowlers of Harmage Grange, who obtained a BA RoNetcy in 1704. The last baronet, SiR HANs Fowler, died s. p. in 1773, when the representation of this branch of the family devolved on his sister Sarah, m. to Col. Hodges of the guards. (See vol. ii. p. 375, and BURKE’s Ertinct Baronetage.) JAMEs, of whose line we have to treat. Thomas, died s. p. Roger Fowler was in the Scotch wars, and died in the reign of HENRY VIII. His fourth son, JAMEs Fowler, esq. inherited from his uncle, the bishop of Lichfield, the manor of Pendeford, in Staffordshire, which, together with other lands, had been conferred upon the prelate at the dissolution of monasteries. He (James) married Catherine Moreton, of Houghton, in Shropshire, and died 21st Fe

bruary, 26 Elizabeth, seised of the manor of Pendeford, 9 messuages, 2 tofts, a water mill, and 1020 acres of land, &c. held in capite by the service of the 40th part of a knight's fee. His son and successor, WAlter Fowler, esq. of Pendeford, aged twenty-nine at his father's decease, married Margaret, daughter of Thomas Burton, esq. of Longner, in Shropshire, and had issue, WAlter, his heir. Thomas, D.D. Richard. William. John. Matthew, D.D. Lucy, m. to Richard Rowley, of Wyken. Letitia. Elizabeth. Judith. Frances. The eldest son, WAlter Fowler, esq. of Pendeford, m. first, Margaret, daughter of Humphrey Salwey, esq. and secondly a daughter of — Harewell. By the latter he had a daughter, Margaret, wife of — Baldwyn, and by the former, besides two daughters, Hester, m. to Richard Gilman, and Anne to J. Astley, esq. of Wood Eaton, a son and successor, WAlter Fowler, esq. of Pendeford, living about the middle of the 17th century, who m. Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel Hinton,” LL.D. of Lichfield, by Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of Sir Robert Chester, of Royston and Cockenhatch, in Hertfordshire, (see vol. ii. p. 17,) and had issue, CHARLEs, his heir. William, who had three sons, Samuel, Richard, and Thomas. The two latter were of the city of London, and the eldest, Samuel, of Atcham. He m. Miss Mander, and had three daughters, Mary, m. to Sir — Grant, knt. Anne, and Sarah. Elizabeth, m. to Francis Wightwick, esq. of Tunstall and d. in 1731. Anne, d. unm. Mary, m. to John Wightwick, esq. of Farewell, who d. in 1703, and had three sons and several daughters, (see p. 372).

* Dr. Hinton, was son of William Hinton, D.D. archdeacon of Coventry, and died 13th January, 1668.


The son and successor, CHARLEs Fowler, esq. of Pendeford, living in 1694, married Sarah, dau. and heir of Robert Leveson," esq. of Wolverhampton, (only son of Col. Thomas Leveson, governor of Dudley Castle, by Frances, daughter of Sir William Pawlet, kt.) and had three sons and one daughter, viz. Richard, his heir. Robert, d. unm. Thomas, who m. Barbara, daughter of John Newton, esq. of King's Bromley, by Mary, his wife, daughter of Sir Thomas Vernon, of London, and had issue, THoMAs, successor to his uncle. Richard. Charles, who m. and had issue. Mary, m. to George Fletcher, esq. Sarah, m. to — Heath, esq. of Birmingham. Barbara, m. to John Wingfield, esq. Elizabeth, m. to Samuel Newton, esq. of Bromley Regis, in Staffordshire, and died 20th October, 1776, aged eighty-two, leaving issue, John, d.s.p. in 1783, Mary, m. to Edward Harpur, esq. and Sarah, m. Sir Lister Holte, of Aston. Mr. Fowler was s. by his eldest son, Richard Fowler, esq. of Pendeford, who m. Dorothy, daughter and heir, of Humphrey Whaddock, esq. of Corley, and had issue, §o. ; both d. v. p. unm. Dorothy, died unm. Sarah, m. to John Lane, esq. and by him (who d. in 1792, aged sixty-nine) had, with a daughter, Maria, m. to the Rev. John Lucy, of Charlecote, four sons, of whom the eldest, John, was grandfather of the present John New

* The Levesons of Staffordshire, the senior branch of which family is now represented by the Fowlers, are of great antiquity, and the name occurs in the records of the county so early as the reign of Edward I. when Richard Leveson, of Willenhale, was living. He had three sons, 1. Richard, d. s. p. II. WILLIAM, of Wolverhampton, whose lineal descendant, Robert Leveson, esq. of Wolverhampton, left an only daughter to survive him, m. to CHARLEs Fowler, esq. of Pendeford. III. John, of Willenhall, from whom descended John Leveson, of Haling, in Kent, who left two daughters, his co-heirs, ChristiAN, m. to Sir Peter Temple, bart. FRANCEs, m. to Sir Thomas Gower, bart. * of the present Duke of Sutherand,

toN LANE, esq. of King's Bromley. (See vol. i. p. 174). Elizabeth, (who d. 14th June, 1784,) m. to the Rev. William Inge, A.M. canon residentiary of Lichfield, grandson of William Inge, esq. of Thorpe, and had William, in holy orders; Charles, rector of Newton, and vicar of Rugeley; Richard, of Shrewsbury, and Elizabeth. Mr. Fowler, survived his two sons, and was s. by his nephew, Thomas Fowler, esq. of Pendeford, who m. Miss Leversage, and had by her one son and three daughters, namely, Thomas, his heir. Barbara, m. to Thomas Lane, esq. of the Grange, in Essex, and had four sons and two daughters, Thomas, John, Charles, and Richard, Sarah, m. to William Cotton, esq. and Jane, d. young. (See vol. i. p. 176.) Mary, m. to her cousin Richard Inge, esq. of Shrewsbury, son of the Rev. William Inge, canon of Lichfield. Diana, m. to the Rev. Mr. Walter. Mr. Fowler died in 1796, and was s. by his Son, Thomas Levers AGE Fowler, esq. of Pendeford, who m. his cousin, Harriet Fowler, and had three sons and three daughters, namely, Thomas, his heir. Richard, who assumed the surname of Butler only on inheriting the estate of Barton, in Staffordshire. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of William Wynne, esq. and niece of Owen Wynne, esq. of Hazelwood, in the county of Sligo, and has issue, Richard Fowler. Eleanor-Harriet. Sarah-Catherine. Mary. William, of Birmingham, m. and has issue. Elizabeth, m. to Samuel Gerrard, esq. of Tallyho, in the county of Westmeath. Sarah. Mary, married. Mr. Fowler died in 1815, and was s. by his eldest son, the present Thomas Fowler, esq. of Pendeford.

Arms—Az. a chev. arg. charged with three crosses formée sa.. between three lions passant, guardant, or.

Crest—An owl arg. crowned with a ducal coronet, or.

Estates—In Staffordshire.

Seat—Pendeford Hall, Staffordshire.


BLAIR, WILLIAM, esq. of Blair, in the shire of Ayr, succeeded his father in 1782; m. Magdaline, daughter of the late John Fordyce, esq. of Ayton, in the county of Berwick, for many years commissioner of the woods and forests and land revenue; and by

- that lady, who died in 1817, has had five sons and seven

daughters, viz.

of Mayo. Elizabeth. Charlotte.

Hamilton, capt. R.N. died in March, 1815.

John Charles, capt. R.N. died in July, 1836.

Willia M-Ford Yee, lieut. R.N.


Augustus, capt. 21st Scotch Fusileers.

Catharine, m. to Matthew Fortescue, esq. of Stephenstown, in the county of Louth.

Magdalen, m. to Alexander Scot, esq. of Trinity in the county of Midlothian.

Louisa, m. to Colonel Jackson, of Inniscoe, in the county

Jane-Gordon, d. in 1829. Georgiana, m. to James Hamilton, esq. of Cornacassa, in the county of Monaghan. Col. Blair was formerly commanding officer of the Ayrshire regiment of fencible cavalry.

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The Blairs of Blair, connected by intermarriages with the first families in the West of Scotland, have maintained for upwards of six centuries a high position in the county of Ayr. They are chief of all the Blairs in the South and West of Scotland, but the Blairs of Balthyock, settled in the counties of Fife, Perth, and Angus, dispute the honour with them. JAMEs VI. to whom the point was referred, determined, that “the oldest man, for the time being, of either family, should have the precedency.” Both families appear to be equally ancient, but the belief that they spring from the same ancestry is extremely doubtful: their arms bearing no affinity. William de Blair, mentioned in a contract between Ralph de Eglinton, and the town of Irvine, in 1205, is stated to have died temp. Alex ANDER II. leaving a son, Willia M BLAiR, stiled “Willielmus de Blair, Dominus de eodem,” in a charter of ALEXANDER III. dated about the year 1260, to the abbey, of Dunfermline. He had two sons, by the elder of whom, SiR BRyce BLAIR, of Blair, he was succeeded. This gallant knight, one of the heroic patriots associated with Wallace, who so long and gallantly defended the liberties of Scotland, was at length taken prisoner

and executed at Ayr, in 1296: leaving no issue, he was s. by his brother, DAvid BLAIR, of that Ilk, who was compelled to submit to Edward I. in 1296. In the critical remarks in the Ragman Roll, he is particularly mentioned as progenitor of the family. His son, Roger de BLAIR, of that Ilk, adhered with fidelity to Robert Bruce, from whom he obtained a charter “Rogero de Blair, dilecto et fideli nostro” of four Chalders of victual yearly out of the lands of Bourtrees, in Ayrshire. He d. in the reign of DAvid II. and was s. by Hugh de BLAIR, of that Ilk, probably his son, to whom followed the next proprietor in succession, JAMEs Blair, of that Ilk, who got a grant of several tenements of land in the vicinity of Ayr, which had fallen into the king's hands by forfeiture, confirmed by charter, 3rd February, 1368. He had two sons, JAMEs, his heir. John (Sir), knt. ancestor of the Blairs, of Adamton, in Ayrshire, who flourished there for a long series of years, until CAther INE, only daughter and heir of David Blair, of Adamton, m. in 1776, Sir William Maxwell, bart. of Monreith, and had issue. She sold


Adamton to Robert Reid, esq. and d. in 1798. The elder son, JAMEs BLAIR, of that Ilk, obtained a charter from Robert II. dated 8th May, 1375, confirming a charter granted to his father by DAvid II. of the lands of Corshogyll, in Dumfriesshire, and another, of the same year, of the lands of Hartwood. He died in the reign of JAMES I. leaving a son, called David, by Douglas, but his name was more probably, Hugh, as SIR HUGH BLAIR, of that Ilk, appears as witness to several charters of the period in which he lived, the commencement of the 15th century. His son, or possibly his grandson," Joh N BLAiR, of that Ilk, was served heir to his grandfather, and obtained from JAMEs III. a charter, “Johanni Blair, de eodem, nepoti et haeredi Jacobi, &c. terrarum baroniae de Blair,” 19th January, 1477. He left, with two daughters, Egedia, m. to James Kennedy, of the family of Cassilis, and Elizabeth, m. to Ninian Stewart, of Bute, ason and successor, Joh N BLAIR, of that Ilk, who had a charter 12th August, 1540, of the five Merkland, of Dalquhone, in Ayrshire, and another, 12th March, 1544, of the nine Merkland, of Bogton, Holmhead, and two third parts of the Mill of Cathcart, in the shire of Renfrew, which lands continued with his descendants until 1679, when a portion was sold to Hamilton, of Aikenhead. John Blair, m. Lady Elizabeth, Montgomery, daughter of Hugh, first Earl of Eglinton, by Lady Helen Campbell, daughter of Colin, first Earl of Argylle, and had issue, Joh N, his heir. Margaret, m. to John Crawfurd, of Crawfurdland, and hence derive the Craufurds of Craufurdland. (See vol. ii. p. 230.) The Laird of Blair died towards the close of the reign of Queen MARY, deposed in 1567, and was s. by his son, John Blair, of that Ilk, who obtained, on the resignation of his father, a charter from him of the lands of Tunnybankhead and Blair Ardoch, in 1546. This seems to have been in consequence of his marriage, about that time, with a lady of the name of Cunninghame, by whom he had a son, John, and it would appear, two daughters, as about this period Uchtred Knox, of Ranfurly, m. a daughter of the Laird of Blair, and another

* If John Blair were grandson to Sir Hugh Blair, then Sir Hugh must have been succeeded by a son James, and he, by his nephew, John Blair, who had the charter from King JAMEs III. in which the expression, “Nepoti,” must be intended for “nephew.”

named Jean, became the wife of Alexander Cunninghame, commendator of Kilwinning, who together had a charter of the lands of Mountgreenan in 1582. He died in the early part of the reign of JAMEs VI. and was succeeded by his son, Joh N BLAIR, of that Ilk, who had four charters of lands, dated in 1573, 1575, 1580, and 1597. He espoused Grizel, daughter of Robert, third Lord Sempill, and had issue, John, who predeceased his father, leaving, by Isabel, his wife, daughter of Thomas, fifth Lord Boyd, three daughters, viz. GRIzel, m., to Sir John Maxwell, of Pollock. ANNA, m. to the young Laird of Porterfield. MARGARET, m. to John Crawford, of Kilbirny. BRYce, of whom presently. Alexander, who married Elizabeth, only daughter and heir of William Cochrane of that Ilk. Crawford, under the title “ Dundonald,” thus speaks of the marriage. “Her father wisely considering the proper way of supporting his family, and declining to marry her into a richer family than his own, was to settle his daughter in his own time, he made a prudent and discreet match for her with Alexander Blair, a younger son of an ancient and genteel family, in Ayrshire, whose ancestors had been seated in the county foresaid for many ages before; so that beside a noble alliance and a competent patrimony, he yielded to change his name to Cochrane, which was almost the only condition the old gentleman required. This Alexander, so taking upon him the surname of Cochrane, was a virtuous and a frugal man, and studied as much the good of the family as if he had been born the heir thereof.” His grandson, St R William Coch RANE, knt. of Cowdon, was created EARL of DUNDoNAld in 1669. His lordship m. Eupheme, daughter of Sir William Scott, of Ardross, in Fifeshire, and had with a daughter, Grizel, m. to George, tenth Lord Ross, two sons, William, ancestor of the first seven Earls of Dundonald. John, of Ochiltree, ancestor of the present EA RI. of DUNDoNAld, (see BURKE's Peerage.) James, who had a charter in June, 1615, “Jacobo Blair, de Malsmuir fratri germano de Bricii Blair de eodem, et Annabellae Stewart, ejus Spousae,

terrarum de Nether-Newark, Kirkbuddo, &c. in Ayrshire. Robert, of Bogtown, father of a son, Sir Adam Blair, of Bogtoun, and of a daughter Marrian, m. to Quintin M’Adam, of Grimat. Jean, living in 1591, unm. Margaret, m. to Ker, of Kersland. Grizel, m. to David Blair of Adamton.

John Blair died in 1609, and was s. by his son, BRYCE BLAiR, of that Ilk, who was returned, 10th April, 1610, heir on the whole lands and barony of Blair. He had long previously married, Annabell Wallace, and had two sons and five daughters, viz.

#. o: successively Lairds of Blair. Margaret, m. in 1613, to Archibald Stewart, of Blackhall. Isabell, m. in 1619, to James Chalmers, of Gadgirth. Anne, m. in 1633, to Robert Boyd, of Pitcon. Janet, m. in 1636, to Ninian Stewart, of Ascog. Agnes, m. in 1640, to William Shaw, provost of Newton.

The laird died 4th February, 1639, and was s. by his son, SiR BRYCE BLAiR, of that Ilk, who was knighted by CHARLes I. He married in 1618, Marian, daughter of Sir Walter Dundas of Dundas, by Anne, his second wife, daughter of Monteith, of Carse, and dying a few months after his father, was succeeded by his son, John Blair, of that Ilk, retoured heir to his father and grandfather in 1645. He died soon after, without issue, and was s. by his uncle, John Blair, of that Ilk, who m. Lady Jean Cunninghame, daughter of William, eighth Earl of Glencairn, and dying in 1662, was s. by his son, William Blair, of Blair, who acted a prominent part in the troubled times in which he lived. Though so much esteemed by the court party as to be put in the commission in Ayrshire, for holding courts on the covenanters, he soon embraced the party which effected the Revolution, was a member of the convention of estates, 16th March, 1689, and one of the committee for settling the government. In that year he raised a troop of horse in support of King William, and marched with it into Perthshire, but was surprised by Dundee, and carried prisoner to the Highlands, where he died very soon after. He m. Lady Margaret Hamilton, daughter of William, second Duke of Hamilton, and was s. by his son, William Blair, of Blair, who was a commissioner of supply for the county of Ayr,

in the convention Parliament which met in 1689. He m. Magdalene, daughter of James Campbell, of Gargunnock, by whom he had a son, who predeceased him unm. and a daughter and heiress, MAGDALINE BLAiR, whom. William Scott, esq. advocate, second son of John Scott, esq. of Malleny, in Midlothian (for an account of the Scotts of Malleny, an ancient branch of Buccleuch, see vol. iii. p. 172,) and had a son, Willi AM, her heir. The heiress of Blair died probably before the year 1715, and Mr. Scott, her widower, who had assumed the surname of BLAiR, wedded, secondly, Catherine, only daughter of Alexander Tait, of Edinburgh, merchant, and had by her five sons and six daughters, WIZ. HAMILTON, successor to his half-brother, William. Alexander, surveyor of the Customs at Port Glasgow, who m. Elizabeth, only daughter of John Hamilton, esq. of Grange, and had issue. John, capt. of foot, killed at Minden in 1759. Thomas, cornet in the Scots Greys, killed at the battle of Vald, in 1747. William, lieutenant of foot, slain at Oswego, in India, in 1756. Anne, m.sto David Blair, esq. of Adamton, and had an only daughter and heir, Catherine Blair, who m. Sir William Maxwell, bart. of Monreith, and conveyed to him the estate of Adamton. Magdaline, m. to Sir William Maxwell, bart. of Monreith, and had issue, Sir William Maxwell, bart. of Monreith. Hamilton Maxwell. Dunbar Maxwell. Catherine Maxwell, m. Fordyce, esq. of Ayton. Jane Maxwell, m. to Alexander, Duke of Gordon. Eglinton Maxwell, m. to Sir Thomas Wallace Dunlop, bart. Janet, m. to Alexander Tait, esq. one of the principal clerks of session, and had issue. Barbara, m. to William Fullarton, esq. of that Ilk. Catherine, died unmarried. Mary, m. to Sir John Sinclair, bart. of Stevenston and had issue. Magdalene Blair was succeeded, at her decease, by her son, WILLIAM BLAIR, esq. of Blair, who died unmarried in 1732, and was s. by his halfbrother, HAMilton Blair, esq. who then became “of Blair.” Early in life he entered the army, and in 1760, was major of the Scots

to John

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