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At Baronstown, co, Westmcath, Richard intrusted with the command of important Baron Sunderlin,

posts; and at last, after thie regiment hat ARITISH COLONIES,

received orders to return to Europe, he fell a On the rigtic of the 12th Feb. a fire most victim to the climate in his 40th year. destructive in its consequences, broke out in

ABROAD. the town of St. Jolin's, Newfoundland. Fa Married.) Ar Brussels, Lieut.-Col. Advoured by a furious wind, it spread withdrew Hamilton, aid-de camp to Majos-genesuch rapidity, that by hve o'clock nextral Sir Edw. barnes, io Miss Ord, eldes! morning, when its progress was fortunately daughter of the late Wm. Ord, esq. of Fenarrested, 130 houses were completely den ham, Noribumberland.-Capi. Goo. Bart. stroyed. By this calamity, 1500 persons ling, of the 1st regiment of Hussars of the were thrown destitute upon the bounty of Banovcrian Guards, to Alice, cnly daughter their fellow citizens. The damage susiained of Lieut..col. Sir ames Bontein. is moderately estimated at 100,0001, A D ied.) Ai Leghorn, John Polloxfen Bassubscription was opened the following day tard, esq. M. P. for Devonshire, quid colossi for the sufferers, and the sum of 2300l, was of the first battalion of the mislite of that subscrilec.

county, which he has represented ever since Died] At Quilon, in the East Indies, the year 1780. In his parliamentary career, Lieut. Col. John White, of the soch regi- Mr. Bastard uniformly nianifester perfect tasment of foot. He commenced a military dependence, and a warm attachment to the life in the year 1793 ; had since sei ved 20 interests of his country. years in the East Indies, where he was often

CHEMICAL REPORT. M. Orfila has continued his interesting researches upon poisons. According to the second part of his work how published, he considers opium not as a narcotic or stimulant, but as exercising an action completely sui generis. He thinks the solunum nigrum, not at all possonous, and is of opinion that the belladonna miest have been mistaken for it. He observes that vegetable acids, coffee, campur, water, chlorine, and bleeding have been prescribed as antidotes to narcntics. M. Orfila, howevis proves, 1. That vegetable acids always hasien death, wheninin duced into the stomach with narcotics. 2. That acidulated water is very usztul in counteracting the effects of Narcotics, afier Thiey b e been rejected by comitigi ebas animals which would infallibly have died within an bour, have been saved by the administration for 24 or S6 hours of doses of water acidulated by a little vinegar. 3. That a strong infusion of coffee is an antidote to narcotics. 4. That the de coction of coffee is much less efficacious than the infusion. 5. That camphus 15 not a counterpoison to parcotics, though it dirninishes their effects when administered in small do-es. 6. That water and mucilaginous preparations, instead of being beneficial, accelerate death, because they promote the absorption oi the poison. 7. That bleeding is never injurious, but frequently sufficient to restore plethoric animals, which would nevertheless die in two or three days with proper attention, and that it is always best to open the jugular vein. 8. That chlorine acis nearly in the same manner as vegetable acids.--The same ingenious chemist bas announced bis intention of comparing the efects of the poisonous plavis of Africa and the south of Europe, with those which he has obtained in France. He is also collecting materials for a work in which he intends to show, in what cases the fluids of living animals are deranged and become venomous, and the diseases wlich they produce.

M. VALQUILIN has analysed the bark of the nialambo of South America, a plant, brought to Europe by Messrs. HUN BOI DE and BONPLAND, and strongly recommended as a febrifuge. He has found that it contains a volaule aromatic oil, a rery bitter resin and an extract soluble in water. The resin is the most abundant principle, amountsig ro one fiiib part. It is in this that the chief virtue of the bark resides. The volatie and aromatic oil which acconipanies the bitter principle, acords room to hope that it may be useful as a topic. As the resin is nauseously bitter, and the volatile oil extremely acrid, it is necessary to administer this bark at first with caution and in small doses. The post eligible form is that of a tincture mixed with syrup or water and sugar.

Klaprotu in his Dictionary of Chemistry observes, that the science has not yet pointed out a method of combining potash with phosphorus. - This object has been accomplished by Professor SEMENTINI Of Rome, by the following process :--Form a saturated solution of potash in water, and add pieces of phosphorus. No rcciprocal action takes place : but when highly rectified alcohol is added, a brisk efter. vescence immediately ensues, and proto-phospbureted hydrogen gas is wolved in


Chemical Report-Commercial Report-Pankrupts.

abundance. The phosphorus dissolves with the same rapidity at the commencement of the operation, but more slowly afterwards.-The aphrodisiac property known to belong to phosphorus, induced M. SEMENTINI to try it the phosphorec of potash would have the same effect upon aniinals; and bis tirst attempts promised complete success. Should he succeed in establisting this effici, he purposes lo saake public, in a distinct memoir, the manner of administering this remedy, the precautions necessary to prevent the decomposition of the phosphuret of poash in the stonachi, and a statement of the cases in which it has been employed.

By the addition of nitric acid to the solution of potash and phosphorus in alcubol, A nitrate of potash is formed, crystallizes rapidly, and is deposited at the botiom of the liquid. Wheu completely separated from the latter, and strongly heated, it produces the same effects as common nitre; but if the inixture of liquid and salt be heated to desication, a violentoexplosion is the result. “ Not being aware of this effect," says M SEMENTINI, “ Ievaporated to dryness about 36 grains of the salo mixed with this liquid. The detonation was so violent as to beat me to the ground, completely stunned, and I remained deaf for a whole day. Every thing brittle on the table of the laboratory was broken to shivers. Considering the small quantity of matter capable of producing such an effect, I conceive that, next to detonating silver, this substance is the most violent with which we are acquainted."

COMMERCIAL REPORT. COMMERCE appears again reviving from that languor, under which it bad for several months pasi existed. An increased confidence in credit, and an increased demand for various articles of merchandize are already evident; and we doubt not, but this will now continue, and speedily restore the whole extended and coma plicated machine of commerce to general activity. It is crue, that we have not experienced any of those extraordinary transitions that make a strong momentary impression of apparent advantage, and we rejoice that it is not so. To be sure and permanent, the re-action to improvement should be silent and gradual; and we congratulate our readers and the commercial world at large, that such appears to be the basis upon which it has taken place.

Intelligence was received in the early part of last month, that the Russian government has agreed upon a new tariff of duties, and rendered adipissible several articles of our export merchandize hitherto prohibited, refined sugars being included: they experienced a temporary advance of 6s. to 8s. per cwt., but the demand almost inmediately subsided and the price consequently declined; and all articles remain with but little variation in value since our last. The exchanges have all experienced a still further trifting advance; and in consequence of its being understood that the Government will not require any loan, the funds generally indicate an improvement.

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FROM MARCH 23, TO APRIL 22, INCLUSIVE. Where the address of the Solicitor is not mentioned, he must be understood to reside at the

some place as the bankrupt. The Solicitors' names are between Parentheses, Araison S. Castle strest, Leicester square, coal Bryan R. Abergavenny, chipa dealer (Parker and

merchant (Sutcliffe, Earl street, Biackfriars Smith, Worcester Aikjnson I. York, woollen draper, (Ord und Pear. Buckeridge G. Panebourge,timber inercbant (Sykes

& Knowles, New Inn Banks T. Sedgley, timber merchant (Smith, Wol. Burt T.C. Catherine court, Tower hill, ship owner, verhampton

(Jones, Great Winchester street Barnes J. Shefuld, merchant (Hardy

Burton S. Hull, confectioner (Brook and Bulmer, Bass R. Turvey, farmer (Times, Bedford

York Bernard J. & C. Manchester, linen-drapers, (Wil. Cartwright J. Saltford, Somerset, victualler (Bous. les & Co. Warnford court

dillon and Elewiit, Little Friday street Boughcon B. Shoreditch, hardwareman (Mayhew Caulton G. Aston, wire worker (Webb, Birming. & Price, Symoud's lon

ham Pourne W. Bridgnorth, miller (Nicholls, Catstree Chambers J, Great Hamptop, carpenter (Parker Bowler G. & Co. Manchester (Barrelt and Wilson & Smith, Worcester Bownian T. Sunderland, smith Turner, Newcastle Children 0. Tunbridge, banker (Sıạith, Finsbury upon Tyne

square Brame T. Lowestof, herring merchant (Boswell, Clements S. Rougliton, merchant (Cope, Boston Auntia Friars

Clewer J. H. Botley. Ilants, shipwright (Kuighe Badger 3. Strep, farmer (Mitchell, Petersfield & Freeman, Basinghall street New MONTILY MAG.No. 28.

Voi, V.

2 C

(May 1,



Bankrupts. Collins J. Cree Church lano, Leadenhall Street, Johnson C. Lerer Benk, Lancaster, calice prister copper plate printer (Smith, Lothbury

(Ilalstead & Ainsworth, Manchester Colw!! GY.. Great Russell street, lines.draper Jones J. Kelley, Salop, grocer (Nock, Wellingtos sweet & Stokes, Basinghall street

Jogos J. Norwich, hatter (De llagne and S:6€ Constant L. H. H. G. Wellclose square, sugar Kershaw W. Halifax, merchant (Wilcock

rehner (Lang. America square Cooke W. Millsbridga. 19d J. Littlewood. Leeds,

Lene R. Bergb Apton, Norfolk, shopkeeper (Cole,

Leildon carpet manufacturers (Granger, Leeds Leader T. Port Danas, mereh. (Wake, Shefie! Cooper J, Atuleburgh, miller (Wyng, Bury St; Ed. Levy S. Portsen, butcher (Johnson uad's

Lingford T. Cranburn streel, mercer (Czapester, Cooper T. Pilkington, Lancaster, calico printer Church passage, Old Jewry (Woodstock . Bury

Lomas J. Shetfield, grocer (Rodgers Coxeter J. Newbury, clothier (Phipps, Basinghall Lovell W. B. Cranfield, draper (Oarrard, Dines street

Mac Knight W. Isle Kirk, Cumberland, meal dealer Dallett R. Morton, Surrey, farnes (llartley, New (Nicholson, Wigan Bridge street

Mansell J. Wood strest, haberdasher (Bettye. Davies J. & W. Taylor, Qulord serceb, ligen.dra. Chancery lane pers (Newton, Great Slure lage

Marshall S, Stockport, cotton manufacturer (Wai. Dawson A. Bach, wheel chair maker (Evill Debeli J. Plymouth, grocer (Mauuder

Martin C. (heriton, victualler (Batten, Tegeil & • Demain S. Wakefield, milliner (Beaver

Martin J. Gainsborough, ship builder (Baldvin, De Roche Rl, T. & Co. Lime street, merchants Lincoln (Deunetts & Co. King's Arms Yard

Mason J. Little Thorock, hay dealer (Townsend, Dry J. High Ercall, Salop, tailor (Stanley, Dray. Romford ton in Hales

Moore J. North Somercoate, Lincoln,grocer (Rush. Evads J. B. Hiodon, Wills, grocer (Seymour,

worth, Hull Mere

Naish J. Bittoa, Gloucester, engineer (Chisiett & Fitch G. Chelmsford, draper (Shepherd, Bartlett's

Tilry, Frome buildings

Nash H, Chesham, spiester (Steyens, Sios Col. Ford J. Minories, trunk maker (Wright, Upper

lege Garden Thames street

Naslı T. Cheshum, brewer (Sievrus, Sion College Toslar T. & E. S. Yulding, Kent, malısters (Scu.

garden damore, Maidstone

Neale 11. Gosport, linen draper (Jones & Reyna', Gedge W. Angel court, Throgmorton street, wine Lord Mayor's Court Office merchant (Chursley, Mark lage

Newby W. Egremnoat, currier (Sicel & Soa, Gibbons B. jun. & T. Stokes, Kingswipford, iron Cockermouth mnasters (Robins, Stourbridge

North G. Breckpock, carrier (Atcheson, Great Goold W. Risca, Moomoutix, farmer (Watts, Bris. Winchester street to!

Oliver J. Sution St. Mary, Lincoln, miller (Tuar Gordon A. Union court, Old Brond street, men & Orton, Wishech

chant (Hutchinson, Crown court, Thrcadnee Pace G. Madeley, Salop, butcher (Vorris, Ser. dle street

port Goudy T. Clement's lane, Lombard street, tailor Palmer J. Piccadilly, tailor (Burton, New North (Allen, New Inn

Street, Red Lion square Gouid W. Sheffield, cutler (Brookfield

Park T. Walbrook, merchant (Hindman, Besiog. Gray J. Great Driffield, farmer (Dickinson

hall street Griffiths W, Bath, hatter (Clarke & Richards, Pearson J. Westoe, Durham, ship owder (Lais. Chancery lane

bridge, South Shields Grubb W. Colchester, brewer (Sparling and Wit Pebberdy J. Leicester, hosier (King Souen, tey

Hinckley Hamlyn R. & J. Chapter, Bideford, bankers (Car. Penfold E. and Co. Maidstone, bankers (Ellis, ter and Callon

Gray's Too square Hardy w. Thetford, tanner (Dixon, Staple lod Peony w. Titchfield, brewer (Wederli, Gospot Harley J. Clifton, merchant (Griffith, Temple Phillips J. Longlown, Cumberland, butter factor Hartley J. Colne, calico manufacturer (Hurd &Co. (Saul, Carlisle Templo

Popplewell F. Robert Town, York, card maker *. Harvey J. W. & R. Copland, Southwark, linen (Pullen, Fore street, Cripplegate

drapers (Lowless & Cross, St. Mildred's cou. Price J. Clirow, Radnor, farmer (James, Hay Hewlett J. Birmingham, innkeeper - (Palmer Radford J. u. Little Eaton, Derby, tander (Ward *. Hickson R. Littlehales, miller (Morris, Newport

& Co. Derby Higgy J. Exeter, hatter (Livett, jun. Bristol Randall E. Bexley, wheelwrighé (Sanitet. Chaa. Hole R. Bow, Devon, serge maker (Turoer, Exeter

Robb W. S. Blackfriars road, meiekant' (Wallsson Holland C. Lambeth, umy agent (Burfoot, Tem. & Co. Austio Friars ple

Rnish R. Field. Dalliog, Norfolk, grocer (Borgar Howell J. Wapping, master marine (Baker, Ni. & Deacon, Norwich cholas Jane, Lombard street

Rusl-forth W. Greetinnd, York, woollen mascle. Huggerston W. Morpeth, carrier (Kirkley & Fen. turer (Wiglesworth and Co. 11 litas wiek, Newcastle upon Tyne •

Saiter J. Dartmouth, bookseller (Brooking lluish 11. Portsmouth, stationer (Johasod, Portsea Salusbury Sir R. Newport, Monmouth, Basker Jackson E. Wirksworth, victualler (Swettenham & (Dawes & Chalheid, Augef cours Andrews

Saodwell F. C. A. Bristot, terchant (Stephens & Jay R/ Badley miller (Petrson, Ipswich

Cornish Jennings B. Bristol, carpenter (Tanner

Scowcroft W. & Co. Brighmet, Lafraster, blegebe Jesseet J. Elcot, Berks, farmer (Ryley, Hunger. ers náistent and Aisterin ford

Sharp 5. Porlandout. drapes (Docer Clender

cery lane

cery lane

kird Liverpool, brewer. May 10

379 Shaw #. Ulverston, Lancaster, stritener (Fell Tharpe J: Lorulon bridge, fruitejér (Reardos de Sisas L. Hododsditch, merchant (Isaacs,' Bury Davis, Corbre court street, Sr. Mary Are

À Follett W. Plymouth Dock, grocer (Bozan Skillecorn G. St. Pancras, victulNet (Paytard, Toplis H. J. Nottingham, spirit merchan (Nuttall Took's court, Chancery lune

Towaley 3. E. Pope's Head alley, victualler (SteSoper J. Tunbridge Wells, innkeeper (Yoang & vens, Sion College garden Hughes, St. Mildred's court

Tyrer J. Bíckarstaff

, cattle dealer" (Cook, WoodStephenton A. Tynemouth, master mariner (Coco bridge house, Clerkenwell kerill, North Shields

Vile W. Deal, Iratret (Clarke & Richards, Ches. Storer J. Walham green, market-gardener (Tucker, Bartleti's buildings

White j. Wood street, hosier' (Walker & Rankin, Straford T. & G. Holborn bridge, haberdashers Old Jewry (Willis & Co. Warnford court

Williams G. Limehouse

, dexter (Searle, GoodliTattershall J. Wotton under Edge, clothier (Har. man street, Doctors' Commons ris, Bristol

Williams' N. Rotherhithe, sailmaker (Paterson, Taylor G. Bishop Wearmouth, coal-fitter (Kirsopp, Copthall court Hexham

Williains T. Derby, brass-Founder (Greares Thomas W IL Kingston, linen-draper (Walker & Wise S. & C. Maidstone, paper-tuanufaclarers Rauku, Old Jewry

(Burr & Hour Thompson J. jun Walton, Suffolk, coal merchant Worthy R. Exetet, woollea-manufacturer (Turner ! (Pulhain, Woodbridge

Young D. A. T. Water lané, carpenter (Amory & Thorp J. & J. Darlington, Manchester, calico Coles, Lothbury dealers (Hadfield

DIVIDENDS. Adams R Lubonham, grazior, May 4

Davey M. jun. Cheshunt, miller, April 83 Alder E. Crooked lane, merchant, May 4

Davis J. Marston Moretaine, butcher, May Apnelis J. Salisbury, ligen-draper, May

Dawson W. Feochurch street, merchant, March 30 Armitage W. Vyper Thorpe, cloth inerchant. May1 Deschamps J. A. Howard's place, St. James's, Ardoli D. Gracechurch street, bookseller, April 83 cagine-turners, May 1 Ashwell J. W. Colchester, grocer, May 1

Dickinson 0, South Shields, linen traper, April 30 Atkins W. & Co. Chipping Norton, bankers, April 29 Dodd J. Norfolk street, Middlesex Hospital, cheeseAyre & Spalding, merchant, April 87

monger, May 7 Badger J. Oli Jewry, merchant, July 6

Dollman S. &W. Banks, Poultry, hatters, April 16 Badger J. Jun. & J. Old Jewry, merchants, April 16 Earl J. sen. Westmorelaud place, City road, and Barber R. W. Ivy lane, painter, May 7

Earl J. jun. Preston, beast-salesinen, April 83 Barpe, W Faruhain, coachinaker, May 10

EginLou W. R. Handsworth, paiuter on glass, May 6 Barbett D. Portsca, mercer, April 30

Ellis J. Crooked lade, merchant, May 4 ) Barrington J. Surand, bookseller, April 20

Evans D. Bala, Merioneth, shopkeeper, May 3 Barrowclongh, T Leeds, clothier, May 11,

Evans E. Shoreditch, cowkeeper, May 11, Baylı J. Pilsea, dealer, May 21,

Evans J. road, ligeu-draper, April 16 Beckett A. Winchester, wine merchant, April 27 Fields W. Hull, grocer, May 17. Bedford D. Taunton, grocer, April 29

Fletcher J. Clapham, mercliant, May 15 Birch W. Great Queen Street, coachmaker, April 16 Foreman J. Sheerness, carpento, March 30 Norwich, jeweller, April 27

Fowler D. & R. Green, Lime strcet, merchudts, Black

May 4 J. Duke street, Aldgate, mercer, April 27 Fraríkland F. Oxford street, linen draper, May 14 Blacklige E Eccleston, cotton-manufacturer, May 9 Franklin J. Fareham, grocer, April 2007 Blakey E. New Bond street, milliner, April 23 Goodacre R. Grantham, victualles, May & Bleakley J. Bligh str. Whitechapel, builder, April 27 Goodall T. Philpot lane, merchant, May 7. the Bolshaw J. Liverpool, plumber, April 20

Gordon, A. & C. Chorch str, Soho, tailors, April 27 Boss T Liverpool, draper, April 22

Gordon J. Hunter Street, N. merchant, May 4 Boullen P. Great Winchester str. merchant, May 7 Gosling, S. & Co. Mark Jage, wine-merchants, Bowdler W. Cheapside, Manchester warehousemaa,

April 23
May 7

Graves P. Chorley, cotton manufacturer, April 23
Briekwood T. N. Liverpool, merchant, April $2 Gray, G. Gracechurch street, hallwarerao, May14
Brooksbank A. & A. Moody, Bermondsey, tangers, Gray J. Billiter square, bardwarenwy, May
May 18

Gray M. & J. Bridport, swing manufacturers, Browo J, Glamford Briggs, marcer, May í

April 99 Burt E. Sithney, miller, May 3

Guyard R. P. Tbregmorton str. merchant, May 11 Byro C. Warwick, canner, April 24

Hampaan J. H. Greni Winchester street, tetchats, Carter J. Kingsand, salesman, April 24

May 7
Champion J. Great St. Helens, broker, May 11, Handley A. Sheffield, merchant, April 29">

Christopher T. Dunster court, wine-merch, April 27 Vardy W. Cheapside, merchaat, Aptik 974 Clark W. Waler Jane, Tower street, merchant, Harris J. Newgule street, princeller, May 14 25

Hayae J. Paternoster row, straw hat manufacturer, Colebatch G. Nilverton, mealman, April 24

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R. & E. Colson, Great St. Helens, hosiers, Hinde J. Whitechapel, tin plate worker, April 20 April 33

yn wy: 2

Hoare J. Derby, iugkeeper, May 34 Pran Erowly D. Portsmoutli , tailor, April 27

Hoolboom J. E. Union cours, Broad street, mer. C G Leademhall street

, merchant, April 23 chant, April 30 Cuthbert A. & Co. Gutier lane, merchants, July 87 Humphries H. St. Bennet's bill, druggist, May 7 Daniel R. Colmar street, liverymar, May

Innes R. Cheltenham, haberdasher, May 21




(May 1,

Johnson E. sep. & jun. Eleet, drapers, April 2g Scott J. Witham, scrisoner, May
Jowsey, W. Lower Shadwell, mast maker, April 20 Seabrooke J. Leadenhall street, tailor, April 87,
Judd W. sty. & jon. & R. Judd, Birmingham, Sharp G. sen. & jud., Rorpsey, cabinet makers,
carriers, April 27 .

May 14
Kahrs J. N. Great Winchester str. merch. May 7 Shenston J. M. Portsea, salesman, April 30
Keursley G. Fleet street, bookseller, May 4

Shephard J. Rochdale, corn dealer, May 1 Kent E. Mash lane, wine merchant, May +

Sboel J. Houndsdich,& J. fleald, Cafeston street, King R, Minsing labe, merchant, May 7

merchants. May 7 Knight W. Bagsboi, miller, May 11

Silver R. N. Oxford-street, haberdasher. April 30 Lathan T. D. Devonshire square, merchant. Simionds E. jun. Atherstone, bat manufactures, April 03

April 22
Law v. Capthall Chambers, merchant, May 7 Smith J. Port mouth. ship chandler, April 30
Lonardi Liitle lampton, seedsman, April 20 Smith J. Great Ma low, stue mason. April 20
Lewis J. Three Kings' court, wine merchant, Apr. 27

Smith W. Beesferris, lime burner, April 30
Lightolier T. Halliwel, dealer in calico, May 30 Smith W. Liverpool, merchant, April 99
Lockier T. Upper Thames str, merchant, May 21 Smithers H. &; II. New Bridge street, broken,
Low J. W. Mincing lave, merchants, april 23

April 27 Luddington W. Bristol, hatier, April 6

Spriggs W. Bath, haberdasher, April 23 Luke W. & Co. Sinithield, linen drapers, May

Steele T, Chester, woollen draper, Mays M. Cawley P. Liver; ool, merchant, Mas 9

Stevens J. M. Portsmouth, jeweller, April so Macgwie M. Jermyn street, milliner, April 27

Stevenson J Manchester, tobacconist, April 09 Markenzie A. K & E, Abboti, Austin Friars, Swop 1. & Co. Wapping wall, merchants, Jauc ! mer hauts J

Sylvester P. Wantage.lanner, April 30 Clare R. Manchester, merchant, May 9

Tappeuden J. & J. Faversham, iron inasters, May Malcolm W. Watling str. warehouseman, May 7 Tare J. Crooked be, merchant, Vay 4 Misou E. Great Swan alley, carpenter, April 20 Taylor J. & 1. 1. Unper Thanes street, iron mer. Maver). Fetter lane, furrier, April 3.

chauts, May 14 Meacelin l. Cheapside, rerramer, April 20

Taylor C. Chester, comb maker, May ?
Morris E. Newtowo, woollei draper. Arril 95 Tie mann W. & Co. Spicer streel, Spitalbelds, co
Bullett f. St. Mary Axe, merchant, Jupe 4

Jour manufacturers, May 4
Newill J. & 9. Stoke, Stafford, curriers, May 18 Tollervey W 11. Pertsea, brewer, May 10
Novell N. & W. Wakelin, Piccadilly, men's mer. Tongue W. Birmingham je we'ler, April $1
cers, April 30

Tucker W. Lamheth, dealer in roal Mas 4 Xoan I & J. Barber, York street, Corent Garden. Tyerman J. Bristol, silk mercer, June 8 haberdashers, May 7

Vallance W. Wycomb Marsh, paprt inaker, April 30 Oliver W. & G. 11. Townsend, Howford buildings, Vince W. Lucus stiert, Commercial road, carpenter, coul merchants, May

May +
Ourridge li, Newport, 1. Wight, iron founder, Wade G. Blackrnhall, miller, April 25
May 7

Waghorn T. Chatham, butcher, May 11
Parry J. Newgate street, tobacconist. April 23 Waters B. Bir hinlalie, broker, Airile3
Partridge A. Wapving, wine merchant, May 4 Waits G. Huko y, baker, April 20
Pieil A. L. & E. A. Van Voorst, Bishopsgate str. Williams W Rathione place. April 27
merchants, 'pril 28

Willis J Poihall, m ister, May 8
Pullen W. Shaftesbury.innholler, May 13

Willis 1. l'udding line, merchail. Mas 11 Riwlins G. E. Pris:01. grocer, Mari

Willmour H. Shoreham, papei inaker, Mayi Reay J. Mark lanc, wine merchant, May 4

Willm. It R. F. Bradfori, cruenrr. May 16 Richard J. S. Moutague place, merchant, April 20 Wilson J. Manchester, grocer, April 25 Roberts J. Shaftesbury, grocer. Was 14

Wilson J. jan. & J. Williams, Long Acre, coach Roberts J. & 'T Bute, Macclesfield, cotna sinners, makers. My -May-3 -

Wilson R Portels et, scrierner, Art 29 Rubins W. T. Southwark, printer, May 4

Wouter J, Kinston, stiller. May 7 Robinson R Kindle butter factur, May 7

Woodcock F Wikim, Lei taler, inubider, Aprileg Rogers B. Cheltenham, hutcher, April

Wray A. Tokoh use Yard. merchant, May 11 Rowney R. Haiton Garden. perfumer, April og Wright R. Waing Street, warehisueenan, May 7 Salkeld J. Strand, silversmith, April 7

Wright W Clarice plare, Hackuey road, borse. Sawkins J. Margale. scrivener, April 20

hair manufacturers, May 4

CERTIFICATES. Aldred W. Inswich, linen draper, April 23 - Cruke J. Lower Brook street, upholgirrer, Mayil Anderson A Philpot lawe; merchant, My7

Croslev J. I Hrpon, merchant, April 16 Ash J. Plunibtree sreet, sword (utler, April 20 C uff G. Ladenhall strret, merohunt. Apni 97 Barbie J. & J. Gregors, Sheffield, iron founders, Curlewis, S. L. King street, Covent garden, Lailor,

May 4
Barnett A. Broad street. glass merchant, May 7 Curling D. jun. St. Lawrence, I., dealet,
Barrington C. J. Strand, bookseller. Ayril 34)

Ain 20
Pearl J. Bartholomew cloe oplinlerer April 20 Cushing J Norwich. stope ma-ou, Vay 4
Lissell Cradley, hopdealer. Apul 30

Danell 11. Griela štrare, coach maker, May 7 Blachlidee e Ecclestou, Cotton manufacturer, Deron y L L. Now Bood trip, hookseller, April 23

Ar! 90 Budd P. Plymouth Dock, baker, April 27

Putet. ( witon stirêtu plaisirs April 1611.) Purley J. Bristol, brush maker, April 16

• Discing R Milk-kam, rlsthier. Hay 7 !. " Burlegliaw). Bendrt's row, Blackfriars, bricklayer, Duckwor. I jun. Biber lave, merch. Aprils April 20

Eley J. Blackfriars road, brewer, April 07 Bilion 1. 4 s. Little Coggesball, horse de alers, Eiwick J. Wxhefield, picture dealer, April 27

Emett S. T. Mangotsbeld, shopkeeper, April 87

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