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and descriptive accounts of the early Considerations on the Impoliey and state, buildings, monuments, and an- Pernicious Tendency of the present tiquities, of the metropolis ; and will, Administration of the Poor-laws; with combined with the letter-press, form a suggestions for improving the condition regular history and survey of London, of the poor ; by the Rev. Charles Jeras it existed prior to the year 1666. ram, M. A.; are in the press, and The prints already, finished contain nearly ready for publication. views of various buildings and places Mr Keats will shortly publish Endynever before engraved. It will be con- mion, a poem. tinued periodically.

Letters on the West Indies, by James The Civil History of Rome to the Walker, Esq. late of Berbice, will soon Time of Augustus, by Henry Bankes, appear. Esq. M. P. is in the press.

'The Lord of the Bright City: a poem; A View of the State of Europe during by H. H. Nielman, author of Fazio, the middle ages, by Henry Hallam, will shortly appear. Esq. is in a state of forwardness for In the course of the month will be publication.

published, the Fudge Family in Paris, Mr T. Yeates will shortly publish in a series of letters from Phil. Fudge, Indian Church History, or notices rela- Esq., Miss Biddy Fudge, &c. edited by tive to the first planting of the Gospel J. Brown, the younger. in Syria, Mesopotamia, and India ; com Mr Dickenson is about to publish the piled chiefly from the Syrian Chronicles; Justice Law of the last Five Years ; inwith an accurate account of the first tended as a Companion to his own Christian missions to China ; with work, as well as those of Burn and Wil. some interesting facts, hitherto un. liams. known to the historians of Europe. Mr John Matheson is about to pub

In the press, Familiar Lectures on lish a new System of Arithmetic, the Moral Philosophy ; by John Prior Es object of which is to render general Clin, LL.D. in 2 vols. 8vo.

the application of decimals to mercanA Companion to Mr James's Naval tile purposes, and to enable youth to Work on the late American War is in comprehend the theory when they are the press, and will speedily be publish- learning the practice. ed; containing a full and correct ac MrĚ. W. Cronheim is preparing for count of the military oceurrences of the the press, a new method of Book-keeplate war between Great Britain and the ing, double entry by single ; applicable United States of America ; with an ap- to all kinds of business, and exemplified pendix of British and American official in five sets of books ; possessing the letters, and plates; by William James. brevity of single entry, without its de Details will be given of all the actions fects; and the proof of double entry, fought between the British and Ame- without its redundancies ; and obtains, rican armies, during the late war; also by two entries, the same results as the of those operations along the coast, and Italian system by four. Its universal on the borders of the lakes, creeks, and applicability is proved, by distinct sets harbours of the United States, in which of books for retailers, wholesale dealers, the two services acted conjointly. manufacturers, merchants, and bankers;

The publication of the Regent's edi- the whole comprising a great diversity tion of the Latin Classics will hencefor. of the forms and results of business, an ward be prosecuted with vigour, indus. improved arrangement of partnership try, and perseverance. Livy and Sal. accounts, and a plan of routine which lust are now in the press, under the will prevent fraudulent entries and eraeditorial inspection of Dr J. Carey ; to sures; comprised in one volume. whom the public are already indebted for the Horace, Catullus, Tibullus, Pro

EDINBURGH. pertius, Martial, Cæsar, Tacitus, and New Tales of my Landlord. Collected the second edition of the Virgil, with and arranged by Jedlediah Cleishbotham, the Opuscula, recently published. Schoolmaster and Parish-clerk of Gan

The Commerce of the World, con- dercleugh. 4 vols. 12mo. taining a geographical description of the Historical Account of Discoveries in principal cities, sea-port towns, weights, the Seas and Countries round the North measures, monies, and coins, reduced to Pole, illustrated by Maps. By Hugh the English standard ; the courses of Murray, F.R.S. E. Author of an Hisexchange, imports, exports, duties, torical Account of Africa, &c. One vodrawbacks, &c.; by the Editor of the lume 8vo. Commercial Dictionary, is in a state of Inquiry into the Relation of Cause forwardness for publication

and Effect. By Thomas Brown, M.D.

Professor of Moral Philosophy in the Annals of Scottish Episcopacy from University of Edinburgh. "Third edi- the year 1788 to 1816, inclusive, being tion, enlarged. 8vo.

the period during which the late Righi A General View of the Structure, Rev. John Skinner of Aberdeen held Functions, and Classification of Ani. the office of Senior Bishop and Primus, mals, with plates and illustrations adapt- of whom a Biographical Nemoir will be ed in a particular manner to facilitate prefixed, (together with a faithful like. the Study of British Zoology. By John ness.) By the Rev. John Skinner, Fleming, D.D. F.R.S.E. M. W.S. &c. M. A. Forfar, will be published this 2 vols. 8vo.

month. Account of the Hebrides or Western Speedily will be published, Observations Islands of Scotland, particularly with and Facts, demonstrative of the Sedative regard to Geology ; together with Ob- and Febrifuge Powers of Emetic Tartar, as servations on their Scenery, Antiqui- amply sufficient to supersede excessive ties, and Agriculture. By J. Maccul- Blood-letting in Inflammation. By Wil. loch, M.D.F.R.S. 2 vols. 8vo. with liam Balfour, M. D. 2 Volume of Illustrative Engravings in

In a short time will be completed, at the 4to.

Edinburgh University Press, a new edition Elements of Geology, with illustra- of Schleusner's Lexicon Novi Testamenti, tive plates. By Robert Jameson. One revised and corrected by several eminent volume 8vo.

scholars. This valuable work has hitherto Manual of Mineralogy. By Robert been printed in an octavo form ; but the Jameson, Regius Professor of Natural present edition is in quarto, a much more History, Lecturer on Mineralogy, and convenient size for a Dictionary; and as Keeper of the Museum in the Uni. it is executed in stereotype, the price, inversity of Edinburgh. One volume stead of being increascd, will be greatly re12mo.





Index Testaceologicus, or a Catalogue The Elgin Marbles, from the Temple of Shells, British and Foreign : arranof Minerva at Athens ; selected from ged according to the Linnean system, Stuart and Revett's Antiquities of with the Latin and English names, and Athens : to which is added, an Histori. references to figures and places where cal Account of the Temple, in sixty en- found ; by W. Wood, F.R.S. and L.S. gravings. 4to. L. 5, 5s.

author of Zoography and General ConThe History and Antiquities of Gains. chology, &c. 8vo. Gs. borough : together with a topographical and descriptive account of Stow, princi The Bride of Abydos : a tragedy, in pally in illustration of its claim to be five acts. 8vo. 3s. 6d. considered as a Roman Sidnacester ; by Zuma, or the Tree of Health: an Adam Stark, with plates, 8vo. 10s. 6d. opera, in three acts; by T. Dibdin. Svo. -royal 8vo. L. 1, 1s.

29. 6d. Delineations of Pompeii, engraved by Don Giovanni, or a Spectre on HorseW. B. Cooke, from drawings made in back. By Thos. Dibdin. Is. 6d. 1817, by Major Cockburn, R. A. Part The Vicar of Wakefield. By Thos. I. fol. L. 4. 48. ; proofs, L. 6, Os. ; on Dibdin. ls. 6d. India paper, L. 8, 8s.

A Metrical Guide to the right IntelMemoirs of J. Evelyn, Esq. the

cele- ligence of Virgil's Versification; by John brated author of the Sylva; by W. Bray, Carey, LL.D. Esq. with many engravings, 2 vols. 4to. Tales for

my Sons; by M. Kotzebue. Letters from the Abbe Edgeworth to 6s. his Friends, written between the years The first Elements of Arithmetic, or 1777 and 1807, with Memoirs of his the Teacher's and Scholar's Assistant: Life. By the Rev. Thomas R. Eng- comprising the first four rules, combined land, 8vo. 8s.

into one series, and taught in one operaThe Life of Jeremy Taylor, D. D. tion; by G. Reynolds. 2s. Ed. Bishop of Down. By the Rev. Henry A Guide in the Selection and Use of Kaye Bonney, 8vo. 12s.

Elementary School Books, in every

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branch of education; compiled with a the lawfulness and unlawfulness of single view to save much useless expence to combats : first printed in the year 1632, parents, to relieve tutors from perplexi- with a preface by the Editor, and an ap. ty, and to economize the time and la- pendix, containing the case of Lord Rae bour of students ; by the Rev. Joshua and Mr Ramsey, and James Cluff. 8vo. Collins, late master of the Grammar 2s. School at Newport ; corrected to the Adventures of a Post Captain ; by a present time by the Rev. W. Catlow, Naval Officer, with twenty-five plates, conductor of an Academy at Wimble- by Mr Williams. Royal 8vo. L1, 4s. don, in Surrey. Is.

British Field Sports; by W. H. Scott,

with many beautiful engravings, demy History of British India; hy James 8vo. L. 1, 18s.-royal 8vo. L.3, 3s. Mill, Esq. with maps by Arrowsmith.

NOVELS, TALES, &c. 3 vols. 4to. L. 6, 6s.

Benignity, or the Ways of Happi. A History of Europe, from the Treaty ness: a serious novel, selected (with adof Amiens in 1802, to the Pacification ditional conversations) from the works of Paris in 1815; by Charles Coote, of Henry Brooke, Esq. ; by a Lady.LLD. 8vo. 12s.

12mo. 5s. An Account of the War in Spain, The Steyne : a satirical novel. 3 vols. Portugal, and France, from 1808 to L. 1, Is. 1814. By Lieut.-Col. J. T. Jones, R. A. The Maid of Killarney, or Albion and 8vo. 158.

Flora: a modern tale, in which are in. Rogerson's edition of the History ofthe terwoven some cursory remarks on reliWars, from the French Revolution to gion and politics. 12mo, 3s. 6d. the Battle of Waterloo, with plates. Woman, or Minor Maxims: a sketch. 2 vols. 8vo. 20s.

2 vols. Ils.

The Soldiers of Venezuela, a tale. Part II. Vol. VI. of the Transactions 2 vols. 12mo. of the Horticultural Society of London,

POETRY. with nine engravings. 4to. L. 1, Is. Childe Harold's Pilgrimage to the

Sketches of Curvilinear Hot-houses, Dead Sea, Death on the Pale Horse, with a description of the various pur- and other Poems. 8vo. 5s. poses in horticultural and general archi Poems written by Somebody; most tecture, to which a solid iron sash bar, respectfully dedicated to Nobody, and kately invented, is applicable ; by J. C. intended for Everybody who can read. Loudon, F.L.S. &c. 2s.

Fcp. 8vo. 3s. 6d.

Beppo, a Venetian Story. 8vo. 3s. 6d. A Treatise on the Game Laws: in

Religio Clerici, a Churchman's Episwhich it is fully proved that game is tle. 8vo. 3s. now, and always has been, the property Poems. By Arthur Brooke, Esq. of of the occupier of the land on which it Canterbury. fc. 8vo. 75. is taken, by the law of England ; by Ed. Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered. Transward Christian, Esq. 8vo. 16s. lated by the Rev. J. H. Hunt. 2 vols.

The Law of Elections: comprising 8vo. L. 1, 10s. the law up to the present period, and POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. the statutes relating to elections for A Complete Analysis or Abridgment England, Scotland, and Ireland, to the of Dr Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations 58 Geo. III. inclusive; by Wm. T. Roe, by Jeremiah Joyce. 6s. Esq.

Observations on a Bill introduced in

to Parliament in the Session of 1817, Remarks on the Medical Care of Pa- for the Amendment of the Law in rerochial Poor: with a few observations spect of Modus for Tythes. By Ralph on the improvement of poor-houses, and Barnes. 4s. on the necessity of establishing small in The Cries of the People, addressed firmaries in populous towns; by J. C. to the King, the Ministry, and the Yeatman, surgeon. Is. 6d.

French Nation. By M. Crevel, late

Private Secretary to Prince Talleyrand. An Address to the Honourable Com- 8vo. 3s. mittee for the Relief of Distressed Sea.

THEOLOGY. men; containing the outline of an effec The Protestant Reformation of the tual plan for that purpose, pointing out Sixteenth Century, briefly celebrated defects in the payment of seamen's as a motive of national gratitude ; by wages, and in the manner of taking sea- the Rev. C. E. de Coetlogan, A. N. apprentices. 2s. 6d.

rector of Godstone, Surrey. 8vo. 58. Anti-Duello, or the Duell's Anato The Indian Pilgrim ; or the Progress mie: a treatise, in which is discussed of the Pilgrim Nazareenee, formerly




called Goonah Purist, or the Slave of Duke of Angouleme through the NorthSin, from the City of the Wrath of ern and South-west Departments of God, to the City of Mount Zion ; by France, in Oct. and Nov. 1817. 8vo. Mrs Sherwood 4s.

with a portrait. Horæ Mosaicæ, or a Dissertation on Travels to the Mouth of the Black the Credibility and Theology of the Sea ; by Gen. Count Andreossy; tranPentateuch, and on the connection of slated from the French, with plates, the Patriarchal, the Levitical, and the and nine maps. Christian Dispensations; by G. S. Faber, B. D. rector of Long Newton, Dur

EDINBURGH. ham. 2 vols. L. 1, 4s.

The Counsel of God the only true The New Testament, translated by wisdom; a Sermon preached in Charlotte Dr G. Campbell, Dr P. Doddridge, and Street Episcopal Chapel, on February Dr J. Macknight. 5s.

19, 1818, for the benefit of the EdinTwo Letters to the Rev. Dr Chalm. burgh Gratis Sabbath Schools; by the ers, on his Proposal for Increasing the Hon. and Rev G. Noel, A. M. Vicar Number of Churches in Glasgow ; by of Rainham, Kent. Price Is. 6d. an Observer. 8vo. Is. 6d.

Some Account of the recently disco. A Sermon on the Advances in Know. vered periodic annual System of the ledge, Freedom, and Morals, from the Weather of the British Islands, with Reformation to the present Times; by Objections thereto, stated and answer. James Lindsay, D. D. 2s.

ed. Price is. Two Letters to the Bishop of Os. The History and Character of Grace sory, concerning Parliamentary Con- Snodgrass. Price 2s. cession to the Catholic Claims; by An Attempt to Estimate the Power Nath. Highmore, LL. D. 2s. of Medicine in controlling Fever; by

The Protestant's Catechism on the William Brown, M.D. Price 2s. 6d. Origin of Popery, and on the Grounds Of Whigs and Tories, and the Ma. of the Roman Catholic Claims : to which nifest Folly of Parties ; by John Bull's are prefixed the opinions of Milton, Sister Peg. Price 1s. Locke, Hoadley, Blackstone, and Burke; Remarks on Scotch Entails, and the with a Postscript on the introduction of New Notions ; or Roups, Rackrents, Popery into Ireland, by the compact of and Ruin, with a Hint for the Speedy Henry II. and Pope Adrian, in the and effectual Abolition of even Englisk twelfth century; by the Bishop of St Poor Rates. In Letters to a learned David's. 8vo. 2s. 6d.

Friend ; by a Country Gentleman. Letters to a Friend on the late At. Price 2s. tack of the Archdeacon of Bath upon A Peep into the Tabernacle ; by A. the Church Missionary Society ; by a Scot. Price 4d. Member of the Church of England. Letter to the General Court of Con. Svo. Is. 6d.

tributors of the Royal Infirmary of E

dinburgh. Price 1s. 6d. Views of the Seats of Noblemen and A Discourse read at a Meeting of Gentlemen in England, Wales, Scot- the Caledonian Horticultural Society, land and Ireland. Engraved from Draw- 10th March 1818 ; by Andrew Dun. ings by J. P. Neale, with Descriptions. can, Senior, M. D. P. Price 1s. 6d. No. I. (to be continued monthly.) Royal Encyclopædia Edinensis, Vol. II. Bvo. 4s.

Part II. Price 8s.

Report for the Directors of the Town's Narrative of an Expedition to explore Hospital of Glasgow, on the Managethe river Zaire, usually called the Con- ment of the City Poor, the Suppression go, in South Africa, in 1816, under the of Mendicity, and the Principles of the direction of Capt. J. K. Tuckey, R. N.: Plan for the New Hospital ; with an to which is added the Journal of Profes. Appendix. 8vo. Price 3s. extra boards sor Smith, and an Appendix, contain Llewellyn ; or, the Vale of Phlinlim. ing the natural history of that part of mon, a Novel, 3 vols. 12mo. Price 21s. the kingdom through which the Zaire Women ; or, Pour et Contre, a Tale; flows. Fourteen plates. 4to. L. 2, 2s, by the Author of " Bertram." 3 vols.

A Description of the Character, Man. 12mo. L.1, 1s. ners, and Customs of the People of In Marriage, a Novel. 3 vols. 12mo. dia, and their Institutions, civil and re- L.1, ls. ligious; by the Abbe J. A. Dubois, Form of Process before the Court of Missionary in the Mysore. 4to. L. 2, 23. Session, the New Jury Court, and Com.

Travels of his Royal Highness the mission of Teinds. Vol. II. 8vo. 13s 6d.





and military officers, to the rank of capFRANCE. The committee upon the tain, inclusive. budget have presented their report to the GERMANY.--The official Gazette of Vi, Chamber of Deputies. It is divided into enna contains a circular from the Governtwo branches; the one relating to the na. ment, announcing for sale, by public auctional expenditure, and the other to its tion, twenty-eight estates belonging to the ways and means. The sum required for Crown, in order to apply the profits to the the service of the present year is estimated payment of the national debt. Some of at 993,244,022 francs, about L.41,380,000 these estates are of very great extent, with Sterling, which exceeds the expenditure of 9000 or 10,000 inhabitants. the preceding year by 33 millions of francs ; SICILY.-The earthquake which was but a saving is expected to be made by re felt along the range of the Alps, in the ductions in various departments, of near south of France, and the shores of Genoa, ly 22 millions of francs, and it is pro was more violent in the neighbourhood of posed to provide for the deficiency by a Mount Etna, in Sicily. The concussion loan. The report of the committee con was very strong at Catania. The first, cludes in the following remarkable man which took place on the 20th of February, Der :-" The resignation of the country, in was so terrible, that the walls of the greatthese unfortunate times, has been great and est part of the city were cracked : some admirable ; it originates in its affection for houses in the villages bordering on Mount its King; but though its affection can ex- Etna were thrown down, and the number perience no change, all its resources are of persons killed is estimated at 70. The exhausted, and we have to communicate to greatest part of the cathedral, and of the you this terrible truth-that if the extra- university, has been overthrown by repeatordinary charges which press upon the nå. ed shocks, which were more violent than tion do not tenninate with the present year, the first. The preacher of Lent, and seveit will be impossible for you to create the ral ecclesiastics, were buried under the ruins. budget of 1819.”

The inhabitants of the city and the villages The Odeon Theatre, at Paris, one of the were obliged to wander in the fields most elegant in Europe, was burnt down SWEDEN.—The states have presented an on Good Friday. The flames broke out at address of congratulation to Charles John, two in the afternoon, and its progress was on his accession ; and a proposition has so rapid, that those in the Theatre had been made for a resolution, confirmatory of scarcely time to save themselves. Seven the deposition of Gustavus. They have persons, assisting in extinguishing the voted 150,000 rix-dollars to defray the fu. flames, unfortunately perished in them. neral of the deceased Monarch. The new Eight years before, in the same month, King is to be crowned in the month of the Odeon was destroyed by fire, and then, May. He has divested himself of all the as in the present case, its origin remained military situations which he held when undiscovered.

Crown Prince, except the chief command of 1 On the 14th ult. a fatal duel was fought the armed burghers of the Swedish capital. at Avaranches, between Lieutenants Cart. The officers of that corps have returned wright and Maxwell of the British navy. thanks to his Majesty, for the honour Mr Cartwright received his adversary's which he has conferred upon them. first fire, the ball entered his forehead, and he expired in a few moments. A few weeks

ASIA. before, he was married, in St Heliers, to East INDIES.-By accounts received Miss Mann, niece to the late Bishop of from India, to the end of November, it Cork and Ross.

appears, that war had again broke out beSPAIN.-Ferdinand VII. has issued a tween the British Government and the na. definitive edict against the Spanish exiles tive powers, which was likely to spread who had served the cause of Bonaparte, through a great part of our Indian posses. banishing for ever from the country all sions. Intelligence having been received those who had acted in any department un that the Peishwa was preparing for hosder the usurper, as counsellors or ministers; ţilities, a force of 4000 men was dis.

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