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This is a branch of the family of Christie, of Dundee, N.B. Alex ANDeR CHRisty, born in Scotland in 1642, past over into Ireland, and purchasing an estate at Moyallan, in the county of Down, died there 29th February, 1722. By Margaret his wife, who died at the same place 30th June, 1717, he had issue, John, his successor. Sarah, m. 10th December, 1697, Samuel Morton, esq. from whom the Mortons, of Philadelphia. Mr. Christy was succeeded on his death by his only son, John Christy, of Moyallan, whom. Mary, daughter of — Hill, esq. and had issue, 1. Alexander, who went into Scotland, and died there 1763, s. p. ii. John, of whom presently. iii. James, b. 19th January, 1708-9; m. 4th May, 1733, Margaret Morton, and had issue, 1. John, b. 19th April, 1735; m. 15th April, 1759, Deborah, dau. of — Thompson, esq. and died 13th August 1771, leaving issue. 2. James, m. Lucia Shaw, and died s. p. 1. Mary, b. 31st January, 1734; m. 29th April, 1753, Thomas Dawson, esq. and died 22nd January, 1785. Mr. Dawson died 15th January, 1785. 2. Margaret, b. 18th October, 1737; m. 29th September, 1756, Thomas Sinton, esq. and had issue. 3. Sarah, b. 20th August, 1740; m. her cousin, John Christy, and had issue. iv. Thomas, b. 22nd November, 1711; succeeded to the estate of Moyallan; and m. Mary, daughter of — Bramery, esq. His children were, 1. John, drowned 27th October, 1758, s. p.

1. Hannah, b. 3rd March, 1748; m. John Wakefield, esq. to whom she carried the estate at Moyallan; and died 1780, leaving issue, Thomas-Christy Wakefield, m. Jane, daughter of — Goff, esq. and has issue. 2. Mary, b.9th January, 1750; m. John Philps, esq. v. Joseph, who married and had issue, Mary, m. Archibald Horne, esq. The second son, Joh N CHRISTY, esq. also went to Scotland, and resided at Ormeston Lodge, in the county of Edinbro’. He was born 29th

June, 1707; and espoused Mary, daughter of Miller, of Craigentennie, in the parish of North Leith, in the county of Edinbro', (whose ancestors were gardeners to the kings of Scotland), aunt to William-Henry Miller, esq. M.P. and died in 1761, leaving . issue, 1. John, who died young. II. William, his successor, m. first, Jane, daughter of — Erskine, esq. and had issue, Mary, m. Alexander Cruikshank, of Launceston, in the county of Edinbro', and died s. p. He m. secondly, Alice, dau. of — Dunn, esq. by whom he had, 1. John, who married. 2. William, married and had issue. 3. Edward, died young. 1. Lilias, m. Edward Hume. 2. Prudence, m. to Dr. Shepherd, M.D. 3. Ann, m. Alexander Nimmo, esq. and had issue. 4. Jane, m. Robert Troyle. 5. Elizabeth, m. James Smith, and has issue. iii. Hill, a captain in the king's service, m. Helen, daughter of — Cuthbertson, esq. and had issue, John, died young. Archibald, of the R.N. drowned sp. Mathew, surgeon R.N. m. a daughter of — Millard, esq. who remarried, and died in India, leav1ng issue, Ann. John, of Fort Union, Adair, near Limerick, m. Eliza Mullock, of Limerick, and has issue. Agnes, m. William Ramage, esq. a captain R.N. and had issue, William, R.N. Mathew, (twin with William) lieutenant R.N. James, M.D. surgeon R.N. Hellen. Agnes. iv. John, m., 1766, Sarah, daughter of James Christy, esq. and had issue, John. James, of Ireland, m.Ann Murphy, and has issue. Margaret. v. Miller, of whom presently. I. Ann, who died young. ii. Euphemia, m. William Miller, esq. of Edinbro’. III. Ann, died unmarried. Iv. Margaret, b. 1750; m. 1768, Alexander Sinclair, esq. and has issue. v. Mary, b. 1755; m. first, 1775, John

Dollen, of London, by whom she had an only son, William-Miller Dollen, esq.; secondly, Thomas Jeffrys, esq. surgeon, of London. The fifth son, Miller Christy, esq. purchased the estate of Patching Hall, in the parish of Broomfield, Essex, and resided at Stockwell, Sur.rey. He m. in 1773, Ann Rice; and died . 12th June, 1820, leaving issue, i. Thomas, of Brooklands Hall, in the parish of Broomfield, Essex, m., Hewlins, (who died 14th January, 1837), and has issue, 1. Thomas, of Clapham, Surrey, m. Jane, daughter of ThomasChristy Wakefield, esq. of Moyallan House, Moyallan, and has issue, Thomas. Louisa. 2. Samuel, of Stockport, Cheshire. 1. Rachael, m. Daniel Hanbury, esq. of Clapham, and has issue, Daniel. Sampson. Hannah.

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8. Edmund. 1. Mary-Ann. 2. Elizabeth. 3. Rebecca. iii. Joh N, of Aperfield. iv. Joseph, of Stockport, m. Elizabeth, daughter of — Johnson, of Halifax. v. James, succeeded to Patching Hall, m. Charlotte, youngest daughter of John Fell, esq. of Peckham Rye, and has issue, . James. David. Robert. Fell. Mary. Sophia. . Caroline. . Charlotte. . Ellen.

1. Anne, m. Alexander Cruikshank, of

Launceston, in the county of Edinbro', (who had before married her cousin), and died 31st December, 1836, leaving issue,







Arms—Or, a saltier between four mullets sable.

Crest—A holly stump leaved and fructed proper.

Motto—Sic viresco.

Estates—Manor and estate of Aperfield —formerly Apuldrefeld—in the parish of Cudham, Kent, by purchase of Sir W. R. P. Geary, bart., an estate at Stanway, in Essex; estates in Bermondsey and New Cross, Surrey.

Residence—Hatcham Manor House, New Cross.


HINCKS, THOMAS-COWPER, esq. of Breckenbrough, in the county of York, b. 17th January, 1788; m. 17th September, 1835, Marianne, daughter of HenryPercy Pulleine, esq. of Crake Hall, in the same shire.

Mr. Hincks succeeded to his estates in Leicestershire and Warwickshire, upon the demise of his father, 4th March, 1819, and purchased Breckenbrough, in Yorkshire,

of T. L. Armitage, esq. in 1835.

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BRADSHAW, FRANCIS, esq. of Barton Blount, in the county of Derby, m. Elizabeth, fourth daughter of Sir Robert Wilmot, bart., of


Elizabeth. Harriet. Emilia. Amelia.

Chaddesden, and has issue,
of Robert Holden, esq. of Nuthall, in the county of
Nottingham, and has issue,
FRANcis, b. 13th September, 1827.

18th December, 1823, Mary-Ann, daughter

b. 19th March, 1829.

Charlotte, m. 19th November, 1821, to R. S. Sitwell, esq.
of Kirk Hallam.
Maria, m. to the Rev. Charles Cotton, rector of Dalbury.


Mr. Bradshaw served as high sheriff of Derbyshire in 1806.


Thomas BRADSHAw, of Alderwashey, son of Richard, grandson of Henry, and greatgrandson of Henry Bradshaw, living 1483, all of the same place, m. Agnes, daughter of John Wallance, and was father of

Richard BRADSHAw, of Alderwashey, who m. Ellen, daughter of Henry Spencer, of Bowman Lane, by whom, who d. in 1611, he left at his decease in 1625, a son and successor,

ANTHONY BRADSHAw, esq. of Belper, b. 12th April, 1585, who m. 16th July, 1608, Anne, daughter of John Wall, of Ashleyhay, and left at his decease in 1642, with other issue, a son,

HENRY BRADSHAw, esq. of Holbrook, b. in 1614, who m. Ellen, daughter of John Hill, of Over Mayfield, in Staffordshire, and had by her, who d. in July, 1669, two sons and two daughters, namely,

ling Hall, near Bedale, m. Henrietta, /6242. SAMUel, his heir. Anthony, of Belper, b. in 1653, m. Anne, daughter of Henry Lowe, esq. of Park Hall, in Denby, Derbyshire, and had issue, ANNE, who m. Joseph Baggaley, esq. of Holbrook, and was mother of Joseph BAGGEley, who eventually inherited the Bradshaw estate. Mary, m. to Francis Radford, esq. of Holbrook. Dorothy, m. to Henry Browne, esq. of Alfreton. Ellen, d. young. Lydia, b. in 1657. Anne, b. in 1662. Mr. Bradshaw d. 23rd May, 1679, was buried at Duffield, and s. by his elder SOIn, SAMUEL BRADsh Aw, esq. of Holbrook, b. in 1651, who was for thirty years Receivergeneral of Land-tax, in the county of Derby. He m. in 1676, Mary, daughter of Robert Fearne, gentleman, of Bonsall, and had issue, Henry, b. in 1677, d. unmarried, at Gumberoone in Persia, 10th May, 1707, aged 31. Anthony, b. in 1679, m. Martha, daughter of John Morewood, esq. of Alfreton, and died soon after his father, s. p. SAMUEL, of whom presently. Robert, d. in 1705, aged 18. Thomas, b. in 1692, m. Frances, daughter of Henry Fearne, esq. of Snitterton. William, b. in 1695, living in 1716, d. unmarried.


Frances, b. in 1681, m. to John Dale. Mr. Bradshaw d. 19th August, 1716, and was interred at Duffield. His third son, The Rev. SAMUEL BRAdshaw, of Upminster in Essex, b. in 1683, m. Mary, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Ellis, of Gunningstone, Notts, and dying s. p. bequeathed his estate to his cousin, Joseph BAGGALEY, esq. of Holbrook, who assumed, in consequence, anno 1767, the surname and arms of BRADshAw, and served as sheriff for Derbyshire in 1777. He m. Frances, daughter of the Rev. Francis Bower, Rector of Barlborough, and had issue, Samuel, d. young. FRANcis, heir. Joseph. Anne, m. to Thomas Porter Bonell, esq. of Duffield, and d. 20th October, 1821. Elizabeth, m. 15th January, 1793, to John Edwin Biscoe, esq. Mary. Harriet. Frances. Mr. Bradshaw was s. at his decease by his

son, the present FRANcis BRADsh Aw, of Barton.

Arms—Arg. two bends between as many martlets sa.

Crest—A hart gu. standing under a vine branch vert.

Motto—Qui vit content tient assez. Estates—In Derbyshire. Seat—Barton Hall.


HENEAGE-WALKER, GEORGE-HENEAGE, esq. of Compton Basset, in the county of Wilts, M.A. of Christchurch college, Oxford, b. 17th July, 1799; m. 7th August, 1824, Harriet-Sarah, eldest daughter of William Webber, esq. of Binfield Lodge, in the county of Berks, and has had issue,

1. Alan, b. in May, 1826; d. in August, 1828.

ii. CleMENT, eldest surviving son and heir apparent, b. 6th March, 1831.

iii. Michael, b. 20th December, 1835.

1. Matilda-Harriet.
ii. Alice.

This gentleman, the eldest son and heir of the late Rev. George Wyld, of Speen, in the county of Berks, M.A., vicar of Cheveley, in the same county, (who d. 1st January, 1837), inherited, under the will of Mrs. Arabella WalkerHeneage, late of Compton Bassett, widow of his maternal great-uncle, John WalkerHeneage, esq. dated 25th May, 1813, all her manors, capital and other messuages, lands and hereditaments, in the several counties of Wilts, Berks, Somerset, Middlesex, and Surrey; and, in compliance with a proviso annexed to such possession, was authorized, by a royal license dated 20th August, 1818, to take the surname


and arms of the family of Walker-Heneage only.

He is hereditary chief usher of the

court of Exchequer, and chief proclamator of the court of Common Pleas, &c. &c. a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for the county of Wilts, and served the office of

high-sheriff in the year 1829.


The genealogy of the ancient family of Heneage is deduced by authentic evidences from Sir Robert Heneage, who held considerable possessions in the county of Lincoln in the reign of HENRY III. John HeNEAge, of Hainton, in that county, the seventh in lineal descent from Sir Robert, d. 4th April, 1530; having had issue, by Katherine his wife, the daughter of Thomas Wimbush, esq. of Nocton, in the same county, four sons, viz. 1. Thomas (Sir), who succeeded to Hainton, and, by Katherine his wife, dau. of Sir John Skipwith, left an only daughter, his heir, Elizabeth, who m. William Lord Willoughby, of Parham. II. Joh N, whose descendants are in possession of Hainton. (See p. 103.) iii. George, archdeacon of Lincoln, who d. 9th September, 1549. i v. Rob ERT. The youngest son, Robert HEN EAGE, esq. of Lincoln, one of the king's auditors, who d. 27th July, 1556, married, first, Lucy, daughter, and co-heir of Ralph Buckton, esq. of Elmswell, in the county of York; and, secondly, Margaret, daughter of George Manners, Lord Roos, sister of Thomas, Earl of Rutland. By the former he had several sons, two of whom only left issue. Sir Thomas Heneage, the elder, of Copt Hall, in the county of Essex, one of the privy council and chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster to Queen Elizabeth, left an only daughter and heir, Elizabeth, created Viscountess Maidstone and Countess of Winchilsea. She married Sir Moyle Finch, bart., and is now represented by her descendant and heir male, George-William Finch-Hatton, Earl of winchilsea and Nottingham. Mich AEL HeN EAGE, esq. the younger son of the above Robert Heneage, was keeper of the records in the Tower of London. He was born 27th September, 1540, aud died 30th December, 1600, leaving issue by Grace his wife, daughter of Robert Honywood, esq. of Charing, in Kent, four sons and three daughters. The eldest son, 4.

Thomas Heneage, esq. was of Battersea, in the county of Surrey, where he died 9th August, 1641, leaving issue by Bridget his wife, daughter of George Woodward, esq. of Upton, in the county of Bucks, and relict of Sir Thomas Liddell, knt. of Ravensworth Castle, in the county of Durham, a son, Sir Michael Heneage, knt. of Gray's Inn, who died in December, 1711, leaving by Phebe, daughter of Samuel Foote, esq. four daughters and one son, CHARLEs HEN EAGE, esq. of London, who d. in 1738, leaving two daughters, Elizabeth and Cecil, his co-heirs; both dying unmarried, the latter in 1765, and the former in 1779, the inheritance of this branch of the Heneage family devolved to the issue of their aunt, Cecil, eldest daughter of Sir Michael Heneage, and wife of John Walker, esq. of the Inner Temple, and of Hadley, in the county of Middlesex. The family of Walker is of great respectability, being derived from Anthony Walker, of St. Andrew's Wardrobe, in London, who died 11th May, 1590, possessed of lands held in capite, as appears by his will, as well as by the inquisitio post mortem taken 27th January following. He m. Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Dawbeney, of Sharrington, in Norfolk; by whom he had several children, and, amongst others, Thomas Walker, esq. of Westminster, hereditary chief usher of the court of Exchequer, and marshal proclamator and barrier of the court of Common Pleas and to the justices in Eyre. He d. 12th October, 1613, leaving by Joan his wife, daughter of John Moore, of Ipswich, his son and successor to his of fices, CLEMENT WAlker, esq. of the Middle Temple, and of the Charterhouse, Hydon, in the county of Somerset, who had special livery of his father's lands on the 24th November, 1614. ' He married, first, Mary, eldest daughter of Sir William Button," knt. and bart. of Alton and Tockenham, in

* The ancient and knightly family of Button is

derived from Sir Walter de Button or Bitton, who

flourished in the reign of HENRY III, and whose

descendants gradually augmented their estates by B 13

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