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16th April

25 F. Cornet D. M‘Dougall to be Lieut. vice 95 F. Stalf Assist. Surg. W. Williams, from h. p. Brunton, dec. 14th Jugust 1817

to be Assist. Surg. vice Napier Robert Ellis to be Cornet, vice Steed

2d April 1818 23d April 1818 96 Lieut. J. Campbell to be Capt. by purch. Cha. Percivall to be Vet. Surg. vice Morris,

vice Cavendish

do. dec.

do. 100 Wm Odel to be Ensign by purch. vice Ker, i F. G. Capt. Lord J. Hay to be Capt. & Lt. Col.


30th do. by p. vice Cook, ret.

26th March 2W.I.R. Ensign C. J. Dunn to be Lieut. vice cough, Lieut. J. Grant, to be Lt. & Capt. by pur.


23d do. vice Hay

9th April

Gent. Cadet R. Lowe to be Ensign, vice J.J. W. Angerstein to be Ensigu & Lieut.


do. by pur. vice Grant

do. 3 Ensign A. Turner to be Lieut. vice Hodg2 J. A D. Blooinfield to be Ensign & Lieut.

kinson, dead

zd do. by purch. vice Gordon


Gent. Cadet F. Scargill to be Ensign, vice 3 Capt. c. Talbot to be Capt. & Lt. Col. vice


do. Home ret.

2d do. R. Af. Corps Lieut. J. C. Peach, from h. p. Canad. Lieut. D. Murray to be Lieut & Capt. by

Fen. to be Lieut. vice Wallace, deceased purch. vice Talbot do.

230 do. P. Cosby to be Ensign & Lieut. by purch.

Hosp. As. J. M.Mullen to be As. Surg. vice vice Murray

Armstrong, h. p.

25th Jan. 1 F. Lieut. W. Clarke to be Capt. by purch. vice R. Yk. Ra. Lieut. H. Y. Eagar, from h. p. 12. F. J. P. Gordon, ret.

9th do.

to be Paym. vice Culmer, dead Ensign H. J. Bichner to be Lieut. by pur. vice Clarke

do. 2 Black Garr. Co. John Maclean to be Ensign Coleman to be Ensign by pur. vice

23d do. Bichner

do. R. Eng. Ist Lieut. R. H. Clavering, from h. p. to 5 Ensign E. C. Hill, from h. p. to be Ensign

1st Licut. vice Rogers, dead
vice Bishop
25th March

28th Dec 1817 H. Bishop to be Q. Mr. vice Watson,

H. P. Wulff, from h. p. to be ret. on h. p.

26th do.

1st Lieut. vice Salkeld, dead 6 G. T. H igham to be Ensign by pur. vice

23d Jan. 1818 Heigham, ret.

251 April Garrison Lt. Col. H. Worsley, 34 F. to be Capt. 11 Surg. W. Chermside, from No. C'ork Mil.

of Yarm. Castle, vice Delgarna, dead to be Assist. Surg. vice Dix. ret, on h. p.

30th April as Staff As. Surg.

2d do.

Staff: 16 Lieut. G. R. Valley, to be Capt. by purch. vice Campbell, ret.

9th do.

Assist. Storekeeper Gen. T. A. Somersall to he Dep. Ensign F. Thurlow to be Lieut. by purch. Storekeeper General

13th Feb. vice Maltby

Robert Carr" to be Ensign by purch. vice

Medical Staff

Lieut. F. Thurlow to be Adj. vice Maltby Surgeon J. G. Van Millingen, M. D. from h. p. to

do. be: urgeon to the forces, vice Howell, who re17 Ensign T. S. O'Halloran to be Lieut. vice tires on h. p.

2d April Greenbill

28th June 1817 Surg. J. Taylor, M. D. from h. p. to be Surgeon to J. T. Nagel to be Ensign, vice O'Halloran

the Forces

12th March do.

P. Ormsby, from h p. to be Surgeon to the 24 Lieut. G. Darling, from 30 F. to be Lieut. Forces in Ire. vice Graydon, dead 9th April

vice Jago ret, on h. p. 30 F. 23d April 1818 Wm Wynn, M. D. to be Dep. Insp. of Hosp. 35 Capt. G. Moulson, fm. h. p. to be Paym. by brevet

30th do. vice Home, ret. on h. p.

2d do. 53

B. Lt. Col. O. G. Fehrszen, from h. p. to be

Major, vice Mansell, pro 12th Feb. Lieut. Colonel Davies, from 1 F. G. with Lieut. 56 Lieut. Grey antedated to the 1st Sept. 1817 Colonel Eustace, h. p. Chass. Brit. W. Woulds to be Adj. vice Dundas,

J. Maitland, from 32 F. with Lieut. res. the Adj. only 26th March 1818 Colonel Hon. J. Maitland, Staff Surg. H. W. Markham, from h. p. 96 F.

Geils, from 73 F. with Lieut. Col. to be Surg. vice Colclough, 22 Dr.

Edwards, h. p. 2d April

Shawe, from 84 F. with Brev. Col. 58 E. Coventry to be Ensign, vice White, res. Doyle, 87 F.

1st April 1817 Major Barrington, from 3 Dr. with Major Daven61 Ensign G. Ackland to be Lieut. vice Bigger, dec.

23d April 1818

Grant, from 75 F. with Brev. Lieut. Col. W. A. Conran to be Ensign, vice Ackland Gubbins, h. p. 21 F.

Brevet Lieut. Colonel Gray, from 1 F. with Capt. 62

Ensign J. Higginbotham to be Lieut. vice Mosse, h. P:
Heyland, dead

26th March

Major Nooth, from 14 F. with Capt. Tur. John Lane to be Ensign, vice Higginboth- ner, h. p.


Oates, from 88 F. 64 Surg. John Rose, fm. 2 F. G. to be Surg.

port, 87 F.



Campbell, from 55 F. with Captain vice M‘Lean, dead

30th April Welsh, h. p. York Light Inf. Vol. 65

Capt. ll. H. Jacob, from 56 F. to be Capt. Capt. w. Gordon, from 1 F. rec. diff with Capt.

vice Goodyer, ret. on h. p. 56. F. 23d do. Butler, h. p. 6 W. I. R. 67 Lieut W. Clarke, from 86 F. to be Lieut.

Fothergill, from 10 F. rec. diff. with Capt. vice Fraser, dead 13th Sept. 1817 Chandler, h. p. 1 Greek Regt. 69 Capt. Jenour antedated to the

Duff, from 81 F. with Capt. Coleman, 98 F. 30th Jan. 1814

Hill, from 89 F. with (apt. Sheehy, h. p. John Penn to be Ensign by purch. vice Haly, from 53 F. rec. dift. with Çapt. Dean, Marsh, ret.

24th May 1817

h. p. 60 F. 75 Capt. H. F. C. Cavendish, from 96 F. to be Maclean, from 21 F. with Capt. Doherty, Major, vice M‘Lachlan

2d April 1818

h. p, 27 F. Paym. C. Cox, fm. h. p. Roll's Reg. to be Grove, from 30 F. with Capt. Baker, 69 F. Paym. vice Tiddeman, ret. on h p. Wilkinson, from 59 F. rec. diff. with Capt,

26th March Mandeville, h. p. 86 Ensign A. Russell to be Lieut. vice Mac

Archdall, from 68 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Lean

30th June 1817.

Craig, h. p. 84 F. 87 Lieut. J. Turner to be Capt. vice Fitz Cla- M'Dermid, from Rifle Brigade, with Capt. rence, dead

26th March 1818 Stewart, h. p. 100 F. H. W. Desbarres, from h. p. to be Lieut. M'Neill, from 75 F. with Capt. Edwards, vice Turner

h. p. 10 F. 89 Capt Croker's date is altered to the 2d July Pick, from 89 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Young,

1813 Ensign J. Goodwin to be Lieut, vice Brush, Smith, from 3 W. I. R. with Brev. Major dead

20th August 1817 Williamson, h. p. 60 F.

2d April

h. p.

h. p.

Lieut. Green, from 2 Dr. G. with Lt. Graham, h. p. Lieut. Blagrave, from 89 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Hamilton, from 29 F. rec. dift. with Lieut. Naylor, h. p. Richardson, h. p.

· Farquarson, from 18 F. with Lieut. CampGibson, fm. 48 F. with Lt. O'Brien, Rif. Br. bell, 75 King, from 49 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Max.

Furlong, from 21 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. well, h. p.

Allan, h. p. 13 F. Read, from 51 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Jones, Cockburn, fm. 48 F. with Lt. M'Lean, 75 F. h. p. 81 F.

Cornet Spence fm. 5 Dr. G. with Ens. Battier, 98 F. J. H. Potts, from 54 F. with Lieut. C. H.

Coventry, from 15 Dr. rec. diff: with Cornet Potts, York Rang.

Callaghan, h. p. 1 Dr.
Dundas, from 56 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Grey, Grant, from 9 Dr. with Cornet Wright, h. p.

23 Dr. Sandys, from 11 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut. Ensign Napier, from 40 F. with Ensign Newman, Brisco, h. p. 40 F.

h. p. 12 F. A. Williams, from 25 Dr. with Lieut. Mac- Lynam, from 28 F. with Ensign Borthwick, Queen, h. p.

h. p. 10 F. Harmer, from 5 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Wal- Macdonell, fm. 35 F. with Ens. Ingram, h. p. lace, h. p.

Spalding, from 71 F. with Ensign WoodGale, from 12 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Cham- ward, 73 F. berlayne, h. p.

Francis, from 77 F. rec. diff. with Ensign Ellison, from 61 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Ran- Clarke, h. p. 6 F. dall, h. p. 60 F.

Lennan, from 1 W. I. Regt. with Ensign - Cosby, from 63 F. with Lieut. Clune, h. p. Wemyss, h. p. 7 W. I. Regt. 5 W. I. R.

Booth, fm. 10 F. with Ens. Miller, h. p. 37 F. Ewart, from 93 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Mac

Williams, from 4 W. I. Regt. rec. diff. with donell, h. p. 1 F.

2d Lieut. Senior, h. p. 3 Ceylon Regt. Thompson, from Rifle Brigade, with Lieut.

Deare, from 4 W. I. Regt, with 2d Lieut. Douglas, h. p. 26 F.

Home, 21 F.
Stewart, from York Rang. with Lt. Tudor,

Cornet and Adj. Barlow, from 1 Dr. G. with Lieut. h. p. 82 F.

and Adj. Hist, h. p. 23 Dr. Swayne, from R. W. I. Rang. with Lieut. Surgeon Pritchard, from 10 F. with Surg. O'Donel, Anderson, h. p. York L. I. Vol.

h. p. New Brunswick Fencibles Jones, from York Chass. with Lieut. Muir. Assist. Surg: M‘Lean, from 78 F. with Assist. Surg. son, h. p. 1 F.

Purcell, h. p. 35 F.
Clason, from 21 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Ekins, from 38 F. with Assist. Surg. Christie, h. p. 79 F.

M Munn, h, p. 37 F.
Campbell, from 38 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.
Michell, h. p.

Resignations and Retirements.
Tipson, from 58 F. with Lieut. Johnston, Lieut. Colonel Cooke, 1 Foot Guards
h. p. 48 F.

Home, 3 ditto
Powell from 12 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Major J. P. Gordon, 1 F.
Jenkins, h. p.

Capt. White, 4 Dr. G.
Gregory, from 78 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Houghton, 5 Dr. G. À
M'Queen, h. p.

Anderson, 19 Dr.
Odum, from African Corps, with Lieut.

Campbell, 16 F.
Hammill, h. p, Nova Scotia Fencibles

Lieut. Cook, 20 Dr.
Beachcroft, from 14 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Ensign J. H. Heigham, 6 F.
Meek, h. p.

White, 59 F.
Heard, from 48 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Cock-

Marsh, 69 F. burn, h. p. 29 F.

Assist. Surgeon Drinkwater, 2 Life Guards

Lieut. Colonel.
Carden, 17 Dr. 14th Nov. 1817

Stalkart, 17 F.

2d Nov. Henry, 74 F. 3d May 1818

Wallace, R. African Corps
Tucker, R. Art. 16th Mar. 1818

M'Neill, R. W. l. Ra. 28th Mar.

Assistant Surgeons. Kennedy, 1 Cey. R.9th Dec. 1817 N Nulty, Forces 21st Nov.

Hospital Assistant. Clancey, Forces 28th Jan. 1818



don, the lady of James Loch, Esq. a daugh

ter.-6. At Banff, the lady of James Wil. April 13. At Berlin, the lady of George liam Mackenzie, Esq. younger of Pittrichie, Sholto Douglas, Charges des Affairs of his a son and heir..At Stockholm, Viscountess Britannic Majesty, a son.-27. In Picca- Strangford, a son and heir.-9. At Edindilly, London, the lady of John Barrow, burgh, Mrs Craigie of Dumbarnie, a daugh. Esq. of the Admiralty, a son.-At Som- ter.---At Brahan Castle, the Hon. Mrs borne, Hampshire, the Right Hon. Lady Stewart Mackenzie of Seaforth, a son and Kennedy, a son.- -28. Mrs Christie, Dublin heir..At Broughton Place, Edinburgh, Street, Edinburgh, daughter. In the Lady Campbell of Aberuchill, a son.-10. Fleet Prison, the lady of Charles Henry In George Street, Edinburgh, the lady of Baseley, Esq. a son. At Rothiemay, Lady Roderick Macleod, Esq. jun. of Cadboll, a Jane Tayler, a son.

son.--At Fife Place, Edinburgh, Mrs May 3. At Overton, Mrs Captain Craw. Spence, a son.--At Abercromby Place, Ed. ford, a son.

-At St Omer's, the lady inburgh, Mrs Gordon, a son.-13. At Paof Captain Barwick, 79th, or Cameron ris, Lady Harriet Drummond, a daughter. Highlanders, a son.---Lady Fitz-Herbert, -14. At Bedrule Manse, near Kelso, Mrs a son.---At Castletown, Isle of Man, the Brown, a son.--16. At Relugas, the lady lady of General Cumming, a daughter.-- of Thomas Lawder Dick, Esq. a daughter. At Ednam House, Mrs Douglas, a son.“ -17. At Edinburgh, the lady of Sir James 4. At his house, Great Russell Street, Lon. Montgomery, Bart. M. P. a daughter...18,




At his house in York Street, London, the Cecil, sister to the Marquis of Exeter.-16. lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Dance, 2d Life At St George's church, London, by special Guards, a son.—At Coldstream, the lady of license, Horace Beauchamp Seymour, Esq. Captain A. M.Laren, Berwickshire Militia, third son of the late Lord Hugh Seymour, a son.-19. The lady of Sir A. O. Moles- to Elizabeth Mallet Palk, eldest daughter worth of Pencarrow, Cornwall, Bart. a son.. of the late Sir Lawrence Palk, Bart. M. P.

-21. At Cortachy Castle, the lady of the for the county of Devon.-19. At Llynon, Hon. Donald Ogilvy, a daughter. At York county of Anglesea, James Orr, Esq. Place, Edinburgh, Lady Heron Maxwell, George Street, Edinburgh, to Rachael, sea daughter.—23. At Springfield, near Perth, cond daughter of Robert Scott, Esq. Forth Mrs M.Duff of Bonhard, a son.-26. At Street, Edinburgh.-20. At the Marquis of Edinburgh, Mrs Johnstone of Alva, Cholmondeley's house, in Piccadilly, Lon.

- 29. In Bedford Place, London, the lady don, Colonel Seymour, to Lady Charlotte of Lieut.-Colonel James Allan, 94th regt. Cholmondeley.--21. At Cheltenham, Sir a son.--At Naples, the lady of Thomson W. Cunningham Fairlie, Bart. of RobertBonar, Esq. of Camden Place, a son. land and Fairlie, to Anne, only daughter of

the late Robert Cooper, banker, Woodbridge.--25. At Mary-le-Bone church,

John Clayton Freeling, Esq. second son of July 19, 1817. At Po. Penang, East Francis Freeling, Esq. of the General PostIndies, William Armstrong Clubly, Esq. office, London, to Mary, third daughter of chief secretary to government there, to Mar- the late Edward Coxe, Esq. of Hampstead garet, eldest daughter of James Carnegy, Heath.—27. Miss Maria Giffard, daughter Esq. merchant, of that place.

of the Marchioness Dowager of Lansdowne, Sept. 1. At Malacca, East Indies, James to Count de Lusi, of the first regiment of Carnegy, Esq. third son of Patrick Carne- Prussian guards.-28. At Edinburgh, Mr gy, Esq. of Lower, to Maria, eldest daugh- George Gordon, writer, to Catherine, eldest ter of Adrian Kock, Esq. merchant there. daughter of Mr Dick, accountant.

Nov. 1. At Madras, Lieutenant Michael, commanding the resident's escort at Tanjore, to Williamina, daughter of the late Jan. 1, 1818. Fell, in a sally from KoreDr Robert Grant, physician in Inverness. guam, near Poonah (having volunteered his

Dec. 6. At the Cathedral of St John, services), Thomas Wingate, assistant-surCalcutta, John Trotter of Castlelaw, Esq. geon to the 20 battalion 1st native infantry, to Matilda, fourth daughter of the Hon. Sir and eldest son of Dr Daniel Wingate, StirFrancis Macnaughton, Judge in the Su- ling, aged 21.-13. On board the William preme Court of Bengal.

Pitt, East Indiaman, and soon after leaving March 17, 1818. At Perth, A. Pringle, Bengal, William Ha Esq. a partner in Esq. to Miss Jarvie, only daughter of the the house of Messrs Palmer and Company late Rev. Mr Jarvie, Perth.

of Calcutta. April 13. At Edinburgh, Mr R. Smith, Feb. 10. At St Lucie, Mrs Mary Rusmerchant, Airth, to Miss Jemima, daugh- sell, wife of John I. I. Alexander, Esq. of ter of John Shirriff, Esq. Dunmore.—27. that island, and relict of the late Right At South College Street, Edinburgh, Mr Hon. Robert Cullen, one of the Lords of Joseph Theodore Mitchill, R. N. to Miss Session and Justiciary in Scotland.-12. At Margaretta Cunningham, eldest daughter sea, Mr Peter Murray, surgeon of the Hon. of Mr John Cunningham.—30. At Union East India Company's ship Charles Grant. Place, Edinburgh, Capt. Hector H. M'Lean, - 28. At the Havannah, Lieutenant Thos. of the 93d regt. of foot, to Miss Ann Macleod, Sibbald, R. N. son of the late William Sibyoungest daughter of the late Rev. Mr Mac- bald, Esq. merchant, Leith. leod, minister of Kilfinnichin and Bunnes- March 10. At Charlestown, South Car

olina, Mrs Christiana Boston, spouse to May 7. At St Margaret's church, West. Tucker Harris, Esq. M. D. in the 88th minster, London, and on the 18th, re-mar- year of her age. Mrs Harris was a daughried at Carron-house, Mr John Walker of ter of the late Rev. Thomas Boston of Jed. Orchardhead, Stirlingshire, to Mary Ann, burgh, and grand-daughter of the late Rev. second daughter of Mr Charles Lea Jeffery, Thomas Boston of Ettrick.-30. On his Broadway, Westminster.-8. At Fountain passage home, on board of the William bridge, Edinburgh, Mr Andrew Henderson, Pitt, East Indiaman, Archibald Seton, Esq. surgeon, R. N. to Miss Mary Scott, only of Touch. daughter of Mr Peter Scott, merchant and April 12. In the guard-room of Kinross insurance broker in Edinburgh.-11. At jail, in extreme wretchedness, Andrew Ni. Conan-house, the seat of Sir Hector Mac- col, well known in the Court of Session and kenzie of Gairloch, Bart. the Rev. John caricature shops under the name of the KinMacdonald, minister of Urquhart, to Janet, ross Lawyer. From a tradesman in easy eldest daughter of the late Kenneth Mac- circumstances and of decent character, he kenzie, Esq.-13. At the new church, reduced himself, by his most litigious and Mary-le-Bone, the Hon. Hen. Pierrepont, quarrelsome temper, to the state of a beggar, brother to Earl Manvers, to Lady Sophia and finally an outcast from all society,

san, Mull.

of 122 years.

Rather than give up his pretended rights to last year.–2. At his house, in the Admithe famous midden-stead, he obstinately re- ralty, London, Rear-admiral Sir George fused all supply from the poors funds of his Hope, K.C.B.-3. At his father's house, in native parish ; and in order that he might Howe Street, Edinburgh, Arthur Forrest, retain what he conceived would be the Esq.-At Glasgow, Mr A. Ruthven, of the means of bringing him once more within the Ship Bank there.—At Glasgow, Mr James walls of the Parliament House, wandered Russell, jun. grocer, High Street. Mr Rusabout from place to place, until at last, from sell has left the following donations :-To his habits of life, he became such a nuisance, the poor of the Relief Chapel, Campbell that, disowned by every relation, and shut out Street, £200-Sabbath Evening Schools, from every house, it was found necessary to £50_To the Royal Infirmary, £50_T, convey him to the common prison, which the Lunatic Asylum, £50—To the poor of he quitted only for that asylum“ where his native parish, Falkirk, £50.-4. At the wicked cease from troubling, and where Gortnagally, near Dungannon, John Woods, the weary are at rest.”At Eildon Hall, an industrious farmer, at the advanced age Katherine, the infant daughter of Leaver

He lived a regular and sober Legge, Esq.-15. At Libberton, Margaret life.

His wife died about two years ago, Manson, spouse of the Rev. Mr James aged 82 years. He was 42 years old the Simpson,

minister of the Associate Congre- day of her birth. At Ramsay (Isle of Man) gation, Potter-row, Edinburgh.-21. Mr aged 61 years, the Hon. Norris Moore, his John Hatchet, senior, of the White Horse Majesty's first deemster in the island.-5. Cellar, Piccadilly, London, aged 62.-23. At Dublin, in the 25th year of his age, on At Topsham, aged 78, Captain Carter, R.N. his way homewards from Jamaica, on acWith the exception of Admiral Schank, he count of bad health, Mr Archibald Robertwas the only surviving officer who went to son, only remaining son of George Robertthe North Cape of Lapland, to observe the son, Esq. Bower Lodge, Irvine.-At her transit of Venus, in 1768, in the Emerald, house, in Chapel Street, Mrs Alison Hay of commanded by Sir Charles Douglas, of Haystown, in the 90th year of her age. which the deceased was then first lieutenant. 7. At Chapelton, the infant daughter of -At Avignon, Colin Macdonald Buchanan, Capt. Durie, late of the 92d regiment.--At younger of Drummakil.—24. At Liverpool, Sheerness, at an advanced age, Mr Wyatt, aged 81, Mr John Gore.-25. At Fraser- ship-builder. His death was occasioned by burgh, Mr George Daniel, writer.-26. Af. an anchor, weighing 46 cwt. which he was ter a lingering and painful illness, Mr Rob. trying to move, falling against his chest, Wilson, merchant, Leith.-At Perth, the and knocking him down, the Monday preRev. James Scott, late senior minister of ceding.--At Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret Perth, at the advanced age of 85.—28. At Aitchison, wife of Mr James Clarkson. Gartur, John Graham, Esq.-29. At Havre, At Fernie, Francis Balfour, Esq. of Fernie. Alexander, second son of William Oliver, -At Campbeltown, Major Robert Elder Esq. younger of Dinlabyre.-30. At his of Belloch. -Christian, youngest daughter mother's house, 65, Prince's Street, Edin- of William Haig, Esq. of Dollarfield.-8. burgh, James George Mackinlay, student At Hill Street, Edinburgh, Colin Mackay, of medicine, aged 20.–At Burntsfield Links, Esq.-At Edinburgh, in the 73d year of Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret Finlay, widow his age, Alexander Robertson, Esq. of Etof the late James Bell, Esq. Finglen, trickhall, late one of the keepers of the reCampsie.---At his house in Beaumont Place, cords of Scotland.-9. At Edinburgh, at the Edinburgh, Capt. Henry Bevan, retired ad- house of his son-in-law, the Rev. Dr Anjutant of the Dumfries-shire militia, aged derson, Thomas Brown, Esq. of Water52 years.—At Edinburgh, the infant son of head, aged 82.-11. At Edinburgh, Mrs William Erskine, Esq.At Roxburgh Rattray, wife of Lieut. Col. David Rattray, Place, Edinburgh, Mrs John Gardner. and only Daughter of General John Hamilton At Berwick-upon-Tweed, Mrs Barbara of Dalzell and Orbiston. At Burdiehouse Hodgson, aged 88, relict of the late Dr Mains, Mr Alexander Peacock, architect, Henry Hodgson, formerly Mayor of that aged 85 years.-12. William Richardson, town.

cousin-german to the late William Richard May 1. At Lorn, Furnace House, Ar- son, Professor of Humanity in the Univergyleshire, Mary Harrison, in her 36th year, sity of Glasgow, aged 76.–At Glasgow, wife of James Park Harrison, Esq. and el- Mrs Loudoun, wife of Morehead Loudoun, dest daughter of Matthew Harrison, Esq. Esq.-13. At his house, Wester DuddingNewland Furnace, Lancashire. -At his ston, Robert Kay, architect, aged 78.-At house, in Montague Street, London, John his house in George Street, in the 73d year Crawford, Esq. late of Monorgan, in Perth- of his age, Mr William Scott, teacher of shire.--In Cumberland Place, London, the elocution and geography.

Mr Scott was Hon. John Douglas. The deceased was the father of elocution in this country, and grandfather to the present Marquis of Aber- for a period of upwards of forty years discorn ; he was father to the Countess of tinguished himself by his extensive usefulAberdeen, and son-in-law to the Earl of ness in his profession, having also instructed Harewood, having married the noble Earl's in this elegant accomplishment a great prodaughter, Lady Frances Lascelles, who died portion of our countrymen who have risen

to eminence in the senate, the pulpit, and at as well as their physician. And such in. the bar. He is also well known as the deed was the case; he considered his fellow author of several useful and popular ele- men as friends and brethren, and valued his mentary works on subjects connected with Christian even more than his medical proeducation, among others, Lessons on Read- fession. It was the first wish of his heart ing and Speaking, of a System of Geography, to do good himself, and to teach others to and a Pronouncing Dictionary of the Eng- do good in every possible way; and deemlish Language, which has always been con- ing the moral still more dangerous than the sidered a work of high authority, and equal- natural maladies of man, he was proportionly esteemed on both sides of the Tweed. In ably anxious to minister to them also. As the private relations of life, he was dis- a firm believer in the divine mission of tinguished for his benevolence and piety; Christ, he considered it a sacred duty to and during the protracted period of his last lend all the aid that he could in diffusing illness, he displayed that fortitude and re- the knowledge of the gospel. A diligent signation, and even cheerfulness, which the and conscientious inquiry had led him to consciousness of a well spent life, and the the peculiar views of religious truth which joyful anticipations of a happy futurity, alone he entertained, and he therefore exerted can give --At Edinburgh, Captain David himself with zeal in their diffusion ; but Havan, 21st Foot, or Royal North British his zeal was according to knowledge, and Fusiliers.--14. At Edinburgh, Mrs Arbuth- consequently without bigotry. For many not, relict of Robert Arbuthnot, Esq. At of those who differed from him most wideLeith, in the 20th year of her age, Agnes, ly, he always felt and expressed the highest youngest daughter of the late James Scarth, regard, and where he dissented honestly on Esq. merchant in Leith.-15. At Wilson points of faith, could still unite with heart Park, Portobello, J. P. Donaldson, Esq. as- and hand, sincerely and cordially, in the sistant-surgeon of the Fifeshire Militia, and spirit of charity. As a physician and a surgeon in Portobello.-16. At Gaddesby, friend, a fellow-citizen and a fellow-chris. near Leicester, Eliza, wife of Lieutenant- tian, he will be long and deeply regretColonel Cheney, of the Scots Greys.-17. ted. May the sorrow excited by his sud. At Glasgow, Mrs Taylor of Kirktonhill. den and premature death, lead to the At Edinburgh, Mr William Sawers, book. earnest emulation of his good example ! seller.-At Edinburgh, Elizabeth, the in. 6. It is the end of all men, and the liv. fant daughter of the Rev. C. H. Terrot, ing should lay it to heart.”- -At MinAlbany Street.At Crossmont, Capt. James holm, near Langholm, in the prime of Menzies, Royal Perthshire Militia.-18. At life, William Kier, Esq. conductor of imLeeds, of a typhus fever, after an illness provements to his Grace the Duke of Bucof ten days, in the 36th year of his age, Dr cleugh and Queensberry, in the district of John Thomson, of this town, late of Hali. Eskdale, and late captain in the Dumfriesfax. His best eulogy will be found in the shire yeomanry cavalry.--At Limekilns, sentiments of deep and heartfelt regret Jean, daughter of the deceased James Redwhich the sudden stroke has excited in the die, Esq. late farmer, Purvishall, Fifeshire. breasts of those who knew him. Warmly -Charles Williamson, Esq. of Mairfield, beloved by his friends, highly respected by for many years a respectable tobacconist in the generous brethren of a liberal profession, Kelso.-At Harperden, East Lothian, Mr universally esteemed, he is now universally Peter Bairnsfather, farmer.-19. At Edinlamented.” Seldom has the hand of death burgh, Mr Charles Hunter, eldest son of blighted fairer prospects, or inflicted a se- Lieutenant-general Hunter of Burnside. verer wound.

In Dr Thomson, a power- 21. In George Street, James, infant son of ful, enlightened, and active mind was u- John Mansfield, Esq.--At Thurso, Mrs nited with a kind and benevolent heart. Margaret Leith, wife of Mr George PaterHe had the will, as well as the ability, to son, senior magistrate of that town.--22. At be and to do good. His talents were great, Ham Common, Surrey, Hannah, eldest and he used them as the instruments of his daughter of the Right Hon. Sir John Sinvirtues. As a physician, though but lately clair of Ulbster, Bart.—23. At Borrowsettled here, he was already rising into emi- stounness, Miss Margaret Padon, aged 73. nence; and if unwearied diligence in col- -At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Boyd, perlecting the materials of medical knowledge, fumer, Duke Street, aged 39.-24. At combined with great skill in the application the house of Mr Alexander Allan, merchant, of them, could have ensured success, he Leith, Mary, daughter of the late John must have succeeded. To the practical du- Grant, Esq. of Kincardine O'Neil.–At ties of his profession, his attention was un- Lanark, Mrs Jane Smith, spouse of Mr wearied, and his patients will bear witness John Lamb, writer in Lanark.-25. At his to that unaffected kindness of manner which father's house, St John's Hill, in the 20th always made his advice doubly acceptable; year of his age, after a lingering illness, Mr which led them to believe, that he took a John Bruce, son of Mr William Bruce, late personal rather than a professional interest banker, Edinburgh.--At Portobello, Mrs in their welfare ; that he was their friend Blackwood of Pitreavie.

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