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In prospect of death, his mind was very tranquil, but sometimes, like most of the saints, was exercised with fears lest his calmness should prove deceitful. About a fortnight before his death he observed to one of his family, You do not know what passes within. I am a sinner beyond many: a sinner beyond most, considering my light and advantages. But I see Christ the Way, and I cast myself at the foot of the cross if I perish, I will perish there. God be merciful to me a sinner. A few days previous to his death, on being told it was the opinion of all his friends, that he could not long survive, he said, Nurse, they tell me that I am near death. What do you think?' She replied, I think, Sir, that your end is very near, and if you recover it will be a miracle. On which he said, 'I thought dying could not be like this to be so easy, so composed, and dying. Sure nature cannot be slipped out of thus. I expected dying would be attended with fears, distraction, and terrors: but surely it

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cannot be; to be dying and so composed !' Another time, when his friends had been expressing similar apprehensions, he said, ‹ If it be so, the will of the Lord be done. The Lord be with him who goes, and with those who are left behind.' On the Sabbath immediately preceding his departure, he began in his sleep to sing both correctly and melodiously. The earnestness with which he sung, soon waked him, and he said, with surprise, I have been singing. Yes,' said one, do you know what you were singing? He replied Yes


'Jesus shall reign where'er the sun,
Does his successive journies run."

The name of Jesus, when the power of it is felt, is enough to make any one sing.'

On a friend returning from the Sacrament, and informing him, that his pastor prayed earnestly for him and his family, his countenance expressed a pleasurable emotion; and turning to his wife, he said, 'I anticipated it. It is no wonder, my dear, that we both have felt so calm.' On Monday he appeared to be dying, and when a little revived his countenance was greatly altered: this being remarked, he said, Am I altered? What! any thing

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more like death? Being answered in the affirmative, he appeared rejoiced, and said, 'I am glad to hear any thing of that sort: it is better to depart and be with Christ.'

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Just before he breathed his last, said, "My last act of faith I wish to be, to take the blood of Jesus as the High Priest did, when he entered behind the veil, and when I have passed the veil, to appear with it before the throne."

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LECTURES on the PRINCIPLES and INSTITUTIONS of the ROMAN CATHOLIC RELIGION; with an Appendix, containing Historical and Critical Illustrations. 8vo. Second Edition. Price 9s. By the Rev. JOSEPH FLETCHER, A. M.

"From a settled persuasion that Popery is a system of impiety and imposture, we feel thankful at witnessing any judicious attempt to expose its enormities and retard its progress. The lectures published by Mr. Fletcher are well adapted for this purpose, and entitle their author to the esteem and gratitude of the public."--- Rev. Robert Hall.

"It is the best work on the subject that has lately appeared. It is exceedingly well written, condenses into a narrow compass a large portion of valuable information; and while it instructs by its scriptural reasonings, it edifies by its warm and enlightened piety. It is firm, moderate, and candid."--Orme's Bibliotheca Biblica.

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See also testimonies to the Work in the Eclectic Review, Monthly Review, Congregational Magazine, Evangelical Magazine, and Rev. T. H. Horne's Introduction, &c. &c.

THE PROTESTANT REFORMATION VINDICATED. A Discourse delivered at Preston. Second Edition. 8vo. By the same Author. Price 18. 12mo. 8d.; or 6s. per dozen for distribution.

ON PERSONAL ELECTION and DIVINE SOVEREIGNTY; with an Appendix, containing Notes and Observations on Collateral Subjects. Third Edition. Price 3s. By the same Author.

"This valuable and most elaborate Discourse is founded on Eph. i. 3, 4. The whole is written in a clear, popular, and truly devotional style. Seldom has the multum in parvo been more happily displayed than in this valuable pamphlet.”--- Evan. Mag. Feb. 1825.

A DISCOURSE on SPIRITUALITY of MIND. Second edition. Price 1s. 6d. By the same Author.

"This is a Sermon of distinguished merit, characterized by vigour of thought, elegant simplicity of language, and

genuine feeling; it at the same time displays the more valuable qualities of rich scriptural illustrations, ministerial fidelity, and the most fervent devotion."--- Evan. Mag. ESSAYS TO DO GOOD. By the late COTTON MATHER, D.D. A new edition, improved by the Rev. G. BURDER. In 1 vol. 18mo. Price 2s. boards.

"The late celebrated Dr. Franklin, in a letter to the Author's Son, wrote thus :---"When I was a boy, I met with a book, intitled, 'Essays to do Good,' which I think was written by your father; and, if I have been a useful citizen, the public owes the advantage of it to that book.”--- Franklin's Works, vol. iii. p. 478.

The SABBATH REMEMBRANCER; a Series of fifty-two Weekly Papers, each containing Expository, Devotional, aud Practical Observations on Two Passages of Scripture: together with a Selection of Texts for each Day in the Week, striking Anecdotes, remarkable Facts, Illustrative History, and Serious Poetry. The whole embellished with fifty-two appropriate Scriptural Wood Cuts, in one thick volume, 12mo. By the Rev. A. FLETCHER. Price 5s. boards. Either of the above Tracts may be had separately for gratuitous distribution, price 7s. per hundred.

An ESSAY on the DIVINE AUTHORITY of the NEW TESTAMENT. By the Rev, D. BOGUe, D.D. Fifth Edition. 12mo, 5s. A new edition of Discourses on the Millenium, in 2 volumes 12mo., by the same Author, is in the press, and speedily will be published.

The WORKS of the REV. JOHN HOWE, A. M. in eight volumes, royal 8vo. published at 51. are now offered at the reduced price of 41. 4s.

Individuals who are desirous of possessing the Works of this eminent Divine, may obtain the above on application to any Bookseller in the kingdom. To those who are acquainted with the writings of the Rev. John Howc it is unnecessary to point out their value and importance. No Christian Minister or Student ought to be without them. The price at which they are now offered will, it is presumed, induce those who are still without copies to avail themselves of the opportunity which is now presented.

A few odd volumes still remain: persons who have incomplete sets should be early in their applications.

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