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Go ravage, steal and plunder,

And you shall have the prey; They quickly will knock under

In North America.

The laws I have enacted

I never will revoke,
Although they are neglected,

My fury to provoke.
I will forbear to flatter,

I'll rule the mighty sway,
I'll take away the charter

From North America.

O George! you are distracted,

You'll by experience find The laws you have enacted

Are of the blackest kind. I'll make a short digression,

And tell you by the way, We fear not your oppression

In North America.

Our fathers were distressed,

While in their native land; By tyrants were oppressed

As we do understand; For freedom and religion

They were resolved to stray, And trace the desert regions

Of North America.

Heaven was their sole protector

While on the roaring tide, Kind fortune their director,

And Providence their guide. If I am not mistaken,

About the first of May, This voyage was undertaken

For North America.

If rightly I remember,

This country to explore, They landed in November

On Plymouth's desert shore. The savages were nettled,

With fear they fled away, So peaceably they settled

In North America,

We are their bold descendants,

For liberty we'll fight,
The claim to independence

We challenge as our right;
'Tis what kind Heaven gave us,

Who can take it away?
O, Heaven sure will save us

In North America.

We never will knock under,

O, George! we do not fear
The rattling of your thunder,

Nor lightning of your spear:
Though rebels you declare us,

We're strangers to dismay;
Therefore you cannot scare us

In North America.

To what you have commanded

We never will consent, Although your tooops are landed

Upon our continent; We'll take our swords and muskets,

And march in dread array, And drive the British red-coats

From North America.

We have a bold commander,

Who fears not sword or gun, The second Alexander,

His name is Washington. His men are all collected,

And ready for the fray, To fight they are directed

For North America.

We've Greene and Gates and Putnam

To manage in the field, A gallant train of footmen,

Who'd rather die than yield; A stately troop of horsemen

Trained in a martial way, For to augment our forces

In North America.

Proud George, you are engaged

All in a dirty cause,
A cruel war have waged

Repugnant to all laws.

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Success unto our allies

In Holland, France and Spain,
Who man their ships and galleys,

Our freedom to maintain;
May they subdue the rangers

Of proud Britannia,
And drive them from their anchors

In North America.

Success unto the Congress

Of these United States,
Who glory in the conquests

Of Washington and Gates;
To all, both land and seamen,

Who glory in the day
When we shall all be freemen

In North America.

Success to legislation,

That rules with gentle hand,
To trade and navigation

By water and by land.
May all with one opinion

Our wholesome laws obey,
Throughout this vast dominion

Of North America.


[Published in the Pennsylvania Packet. 1773.]


S near beauteous Boston lying,

On the gently swelling flood, Without jack or pendant flying,

Three ill fated tea-ships rode;

Just as glurious Sol was setting,

On the wharf a numerous crew, Sons of freedom fear forgetting,

Suddenly appeared in view.

Armed with hammers, axe and chisels,

Weapons new for warlike deed, Toward the herbage-freighted vessels

They approached with dreadful speed.

O'er their heads aloft in mid-sky,

Three bright angel forms were seen;
This was Hampden, that was Sidney,

With fair Liberty between.

“Soon,” they cried, “your foes you'll banish,

Soon the triumph shall be won;
Scarce shall setting Phæbus vanish

Ere the deathless deed be done."

Quick as thought the ships were boarded,

Hatches burst and chests displayed;
Axes, hammers, help afforded;

What a glorious crash they made.
Squash into the deep descended

Cursed weed of China's coast;
Thus at once our fears were ended;

British rights shall ne'er be lost.

Captains! once more hoist your streamers,

Spread your sails and plough the wave;
Tell your masters they were dreamers

When they thought to cheat the brave.


[Moore's "Songs and Ballads of the American Revolution.” 1856.]

THE breezes went steadily through the tall pines,

A-saying "oh! hu-ush!” a-saying "oh! hu-ush!" As stilly stole by a bold legion of horse,

For Hale in the bush, for Hale in the bush.

“Keep still!” said the thrush as she nestled her young,

In a nest by the road; in a nest by the road. “For the tyrants are near, and with them appear

What bodes us no good, what bodes us no good.”

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The brave captain heard it, and thought of his home

In a cot by the brook; in a cot by the brook. With mother and sister and memories dear,

He so gayly forsook; he so gayly forsook.

Cooling shades of the night were coming apace,

The tattoo had beat; the tattoo had beat.
The noble one sprang from his dark lurking-place,

To make his retreat; to make his retreat.

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