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conduct her through the valley of the shadow of Death, she said, All is well!'



A little time after, she said, I am highly favoured indeed! What am I, that I should be taken from this accursed world to dwell with Jesus! O, my dear Saviour, come quickly, that I may see thee as thou art!' When her pain was particularly violent, she would say, 'I know that all will be soon over; and I shall enter a house, not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.' O, my blessed Jesus, in this tabernacle I groan, being burthened! I long to sleep with thee! Come, my Saviour, come to deliver me from pain of body, and let me enter into the rest prepared for thy people!' The following emphatical prayer deserves to be recorded, as it marks the deep consciousness which she felt of her departure from God:-O thou, who art the living God, quicken my soul! True, Lord, I have grieved thy Holy Spirit! I have departed from the path of holiness, I have brought reproach upon the holy cause of the gospel,-I have distressed the righteous, and betrayed my Saviour! Forgive, forgive, O thou King of Glory, for my dear Saviour's sake! Thou hast forgiven me, my God: I know thou hast pardoned my sin; I know in whom I have believed! Let thy good Spirit never depart from me keep the love of the world for ever out of my heart. Father, heal all my back-slidings,


love me freely, and guard me that I fall no more: let the Holy Spirit comfort me; and thy power support me in the hour of death! Other lords have had dominion over me; but now thou art my only Lord! Bring me safe to thyself at last, for the sake of my dear Redeemer, Jesus Christ!" She then said, I have told him all things,-will you now pray for me?' Her joy was at this time beyond description. When no longer able to speak, she signified by her gestures that her soul was happy. She fell asleep in Jesus on the 7th of January, 1808.


In this case, we see the good Shepherd recovering his wandering sheep: "making her to lie down in green pastures: leading her beside the still waters," ‚”* and illumining the dark valley through which she had to pass, with the light of his countenance; but let no Christian presume to draw an encouragement from this extraordinary dispensation of grace, to draw back to the world, lest he should be left to feel in his last moments the bitter pangs of despair, and go out of life,

"Without one chearful beam of hope,
Or spark of glim'ring day."

* Psalm xxiii. 2.





"O what were life

Even in the warm and summer-light of joy
Without those hopes, that like refreshing gales
At evening from the sea, come o'er the soul
Breath'd from the ocean of eternity.

And oh! without them who could bear the storms,
That fall in roaring blackness o'er the waters

Of agitated life! Then hopes arise

All round our sinking souls, like those fair birds
O'er whose soft plumes the tempest hath no power,
Waving their snow-white wings amid the darkness,
And wiling us with gentle motion, on

To some calm island! on whose silvery strand,
Dropping at once, they fold their silent pinions,
And as we touch the shores of paradise
In love and beauty walk around our feet!"


WHEN he was very old, and through infirmity confined to his chamber, he was asked by one of his friends, how matters stood between God and his soul? To which he made this return: "When I was a young man I was diligent, and lived by faith in the Son of God; but being now old, he condescends to feed me with sensible tokens of his favour."

And in the morning before the Lord removed him, being at breakfast, and having, as usual eaten an egg, he said to his daughter, " I think I am yet hungry; you may bring me another egg." But having mused awhile, he said, "Hold; daughter, hold; my Master calls me.” With these words his sight failed him: whereupon he called for the Bible and said, " Turn to the 8th chapter to the Romans, and set my finger on the words, I am persuaded that neither death nor life, &c. shall be able to separate me from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus my Lord." When this was done he said " Now is my finger upon them?" Being told it was, he said, "Now God be with you, my children: I have breakfasted with you, and shall sup with my Lord Jesus Christ this night.” diately expired.

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