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son of John-Alexander Boode, esq. of Lucknam House, Wilts, and has issue at
present two daughters,

1. Christina-Ellen-Lydia.
2. Clementina-Mary-Emma.

Lineage. By a tradition which had always been 11. Dorothy, m. Hugh Williamson, esq. kept up in this family, they claimed descent 11. Ellen, accidentally drowned. from a general called Werdan, who, under IV. Mary, m. Bennett, esq. the Eastern Emperor Heraclius, (Gib. Rom. v. Anne, d. unm. Emp.) A.D. 633, advanced with the com- The third son, mand of a body of forces of 70,000 men to John Werden, succeeded to the estates, the relief of Damascus, at that time besieged and m. Katherine, daughter of Edward Dutby the Saracens. This General Werdan ton, since governor of Barbadoes, living in (the tradition proceeds) acquired a name and 1690, who died in Dover Street 22nd Sepriches and honour in the court of Heraclius, tember, 1703, leaving two daughters. John and subsequently some of his family settled werden d. 7th June, 1646; by Katherine in Germany, where under the successors of his wife he had issue, Charlemagne their domain became a county, and was thence called Werdan, (it is now

1. ROBERT, of whom presently. attached to Prussia), and themselves, Counts

1. KATHERINE, m. Cary Dillon, afterof the German empire; at some subsequent

wards Earl of Roscommon, in Ireland,

who died at Chester in 1689, and left period a branch of the family emigrating to

issue, England became settled in Cheshire, with a

Robert, Earl of Roscommon. considerable property in that and the adjoining county of Lancaster, of which they

Anne, relict of Sir Thomas Nuremained in quiet possession till the wars of

gent, in Ireland. Charles I. and his Parliament, when John The only son, Werden, at that time the representative of

Robert Werden, in the old papers it the family, joined the royal forces together is stated, “did eminently distinguish himwith his son; and in the destruction of the self in behalf of King Charles I. and the family papers of the Werdens at that pe- royal family, both with life and fortune, the riod, we have lost the earliest authentic re- latter of which he very much impaired cords of their ancestors.

thereby. He sometime served as a member The first to whom we now trace this an- of Parliament, and was colonel of a troop cient family, is

or regiment of horse. He was declared a ROGER Werden, of Leyland, in the county traitor to the usurper and the realm of Engof Lancaster, who m. a daughter of Far- land, and a proclamation was issued out for ringdon', of Farringdon, in the same county, apprehending him.” In consequence of this and by her had issue,

proclamation," and a price being set upon RICHARD WERDEN, of Leyland and Ches- his head, together with those of Crew and ter, who m. Lettice, daughter of Black-Cotton, &c. &c. being all staunch royalists," lake, gent. of Leyland, and had by her a son, he emigrated with his family and joined

Thomas WERDEN, who m. Jennett, daugh- Charles II. and his brother James on the ter of John Clayton, of Farringdon, and was continent, with whom he continued till the father of

Restoration,“ having left,” (as a descendant RICHARD WERDEN, esq. of Chester. He of his writes), “his estates and property to m. Alice, daughter and co-heir of John Ba- all the violence of the Parliamentary forces. nistre, esq. of Cheshire, (of the ancient fa- I have myself seen the marks where the mily of Banistre, who came from Normandy soldiers of Cromwell played pine pins' in witń William the Conqueror, and possessed the drawing of his mansion-house at Chesthe manor of Preston, in the county of ter.” On his return with the royal family Lancaster, of which Robert Banistre was at the Restoration, he obtained again poslord temp. King Richard I.) Richard Wer- session of his estates. After which at difden had issue by ber,

ferent times“ he held several posts of high 1. EDWARD, who m. Elizabeth, daughter honour and trust;” amongst others, he was

of Justice Peter Palmer, of Ireland, major-general of the land forces to King and died without issue.

James II. in 1688, and treasurer to Her II. Thomas, d. s. p.

Majesty Queen Mary. (De Roy. Hist. Old III. John, who succeeded his father. and N. Test.) He m. first, Jane Backham; iv. Richard, d. s. p.

and, secondly, Margaret Towse, grandv. George, d. s. p.

daughter to Sergeant Towse, of Essex, who vi. William, d. s. p.

died s. p. By his first wife he had three 1. Alice, m. Charles Felton, esq. of sons and one daughter, Chester.

1. John, bis heir.

11. Robert, Captain of the Henrietta, heiress of Dr. Osbourne, which lady died

third rate ; slain in action against the 8. p.; and, secondly, Mary, daughter of Dutch 28th May, 1673, at the battle William Osbourne, of Kenniford, Devon, of Solebay.

by whom, who died of small-pox 22nd AuIII. William, d. s. p. very young. gust, 1683, Sir John left at his decease, in 1. Katherine, sole daughter, m. Richard October, 1716, an only son,

Watts, esq. of Muchmunden, in the Sir John WERDEN, bart. of Leyland and county of Hertford, and had issue, Cholmeaton, who succeeded to his father's Richard Watts, died


estates and title, b. 28th April, 1683 ; m. Katherine Watts, only daughter, first, Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Breton,

m. Lord Charles Murray, second esq. of Norton, in the county of Northamp-
son of the Marquis of Athole, ton, and sister to Nicholas Breton, 9th July,
and afterwards created Earl of 1704, and by her had issue an only daugh-
Dunmore in Scotland, and had ter,
issue seven sons and three daugh Lucy, m. 13th December, 1722, to

Charles, Duke of St. Albans, and 1. James, Lord Blair, b. 7th had issue Lord George Beauclerk,

December, 1683; d. 27th 6. 25th June, 1730, died young unm.
September, 1704.

and Lady Diana Beauclerk, also died 2. Jobn Murray, b. 31st Octo

unm. ber, 1685.

Sir John Werden m. secondly, Judith, dau, 3. Robert Murray, b. 7th Ja- of John Eyre, esq. of Maidford, in the county nuary, 1688.

of Northampton, but she died in May, 1726, 4. Charles Murray, b. 19th without issue. He m. thirdly, Miss Verney, March, 1693.

who had no child; and, fourthly, Susanna, 5. William Murray, b. 11th daughter and co-heiress of John Stavely, March, 1695.

esq. by his wife Frances, grandchild of Sir 6. and 7. Richard and Thomas, Walter Hawksworth, of the county of York, twins, b. 1698.

and by her had issue one daughter, 1. Henrietta, Lady Kinnaird, SUSANNA WERDEN, co-heiress with her

who d. 27th October, 1702. only half-sister the Duchess of St. Albans; 2. Anne.

she m. EDWARD BAYNTUN, esq. of the Cold3. Katherine.

stream Guards, afterwards appointed to the The eldest son,

consulate of Tripoli, which office he quitted Sir John Werden, bart. succeeded to

on becoming His Majesty's consul-general the estates of his father, Robert Werden, of at Algiers, where he died 1st November, Leyland, Lancashire, and Cholmeaton, in 1777 ; she died 25th August, 1819. They the county of Chester, 23rd January, 1690. had a large family, but only three lived to He was, by Charles II., made a baron of grow up, viz. the exchequer at Chester, secretary to the

1. WERDEN - GEORGE - EDWARD Baynembassy under the Earl of Sandwich to the TUN, eldest son, a captain in the army, court of Spain and Portugal, envoy extra

served in America, in the 23rd regiordinary from the same king in 1669 to the ment of Welsh Fusileers. He subcourt of Sweden, secretary to His Royal sequently held a captain's commisHighness James Duke of York, (as Lord sion in the 2nd Foot or Queen's Own High Admiral of England, &c.), and com regiment; died in 1793, unm. missioner of His Majesty's navy. He was 11. Henry-WILLIAM, the present Sir sometime M.P. for Ryegate, in Surrey. In H. W. BAYNTUN. the year 1672 he was created a baronet by 1. Annica-Susan, m. 10th June, 1802, King CHARLES. In “ 1684 he was made a to the Rev. Edward Goddard, of commissioner of the customs, and upon the Cliffe House, in the county of Wilts, abdication of King James II., he managed

(see page 323). alone that important post in the customs for some time to the general satisfaction, in Arms—Sab. five loz. in bend arg. between which he continued most of King William's two tridents or, a chief ermine quarteringreign. Upon Queen Anne's accession to the

Gul. on a bend ar. three leopards' faces of throne he was put into commission again,

the first for WERDEN. Az. a cross flory sab. and she was pleased as a further mark of for Banistre. Arg. on a chevron az. beher esteem and favour for him, through a

tween three fusils of the second, three harts' grateful sense of his own and his family's heads cabossed of the field, for STAVELY. past services, to declare that he should con

Estates-In Essex and Salop. tinue in that commission, if he pleased, as long as she reigned, which he did." He

Residence-St. James's Square, Bath. married twice; first, Lucy, daughter and Seat-Rettenden Hall, Essex.


LOWNDES, WILLIAM, esq. of Hassall Hall, in the county of Chester, born 27th October, 1795, succeeded to his father's estate 7th November, 1806, being then a minor. He married 13th September, 1827, Mary-Elizabeth, daughter of William Smith, esq. of Lichfield.


bold Astbury, and co-heir to her brother,
William Weld, esq. of Newbold Astbury,
and Hassall Hall. Through this marriage
his son succeeded to the representation and
property of the eldest branch of the ancient
family of Weld, now represented in the
male line by Joseph Weld, esq. of Lullworth
Castle, in the county of Dorset. By his
wife, who died 2nd February, 1690, and
was interred at Worthenbury, in Flintshire,
he bad issue,

1. RICHARD, his heir.
11. John, gent. of Clerkenwell, in the

county of Middlesex, baptized 8th

November, 1646, on whom his father William LOWNDES, of Bostock House,

settled his land and houses in the bo

rough of Congleton. in Hassall, in the county of Chester, de

JIJ. Christopher, bapscended from a younger son of the family of Lowndes, of Overton Hall, in Smallwood,

tized 27th August, heirs in remain1652.

der to their fain the same county, purchased (temp. ELIZABETHÆ) Bostock House, from the Bostocks

iv. Edward, baptized | ther's estate. of Moreton Say, in the county of Salop.

1st August, 1653. He married, and had issue,

1. Mary, born 1648. J. William, born 1585, died young.

11. Audrey, born 1649. 11. RICHARD, succeeded as heir.

III. Eleanor, born 1651. 111. Thomas, a posthumous son, baptized Sandbach, 20th May, 1667), being suc

Mr. Lowndes died, (and was interred at 29th August, 1592.

ceeded by his son, J. Ellen, baptized 1580.

RICHARD LOWNDES, gent. of Bostock Jl. Jane, baptized 1582.

House, baptized 13th October, 1645, who m. Mr. Lowndes died 4th June, 1592, and was and had issue, succeeded by his son,

1. RICHARD, his heir. RICHARD LOWNDES, gent. of Bostock II. William, baptized 30th September, House, baptized 22nd January, 1587, m. 11th 1678. August, 1611, Elizabeth, daughter of Rawlines, and had issue,

1. Mary, baptized 25th October, 1670,

m. 3rd February, 1690, to John Kel1. Richard, baptized 5th April, 1615,

sall, esq. of the city of Chester.

Mr. Lowndes died 14th January, 1709, and it. Ellen, baptized 27th February, 1617.

was succeeded by his elder son, Mr. Lowndes m. secondly, Margery, daugh RICHARD LOWNDES, esq.of Bostock House, ter of and had issue by her, (who died and Hassall Hall, baptized 17th October, 4th January, 1651).

1673, who m. Margaret, daughter of John, who succeeded him.

Poole, gent. of a younger branch of the Mr. Lowndes dying 20th April, 1652, was Pooles, of Poole, in the county of Chester, s. by his only surviving son,

and had issue, John Lowndes, gent. of Bostock House, 1. RICHARD, of Bostock House and baptized 24th April, 1625. He married Hassall Hall, baptized 8th April, Jane, daughter of JOHN WELD, gent. of New 1703, m. Margaret, daughter of

died young


and by her, who died 5th July, 1760, Barrington, of Bradwall, in the county of had issue,

Chester, and by her, who died 9th April, 1. John, baptized 28th June, 1743, 1788, aged eighty-two years, left at his dedied young

cease, 15th May, 1789, an only son and 1. Joan, elder daughter and co

beir, m. to William Penlington, William Lowndes, esq. of Sandbach, M. D.

baptized 9th June, 1744, who m. 2nd De2. ANNE, youngest daughter and cember, 1789, at Astbury, in the county of

co-heir, baptized 8th February, Chester, Susanna Sydebothom, daughter 1732, m. to Edward Salmon, esq. and heir to John Kirkby, gent. of Congleton, of Sandbach, and had issue, (by Susanna, daughter and co-heir to John Richard - Lowndes - Salmon, Sydebothom, of Congleton, gent. descended

clerk, Vicar of Sandbach. from the Sydebothoms, of Northenden, in 3. Diana, baptized 9th November, Cheshire), and by her, who died 14th De1741, died young.

cember, 1804, aged fisty, had issue, II. William, of whom hereafter.

1. William, bis heir. II. John, baptized 23rd May, 1707, m.

11. John-Sydebothom, born 13th May, Mary, daughter of John Houghton,

1798, and died 23rd November, 1819, gent. of Baguley, and had issue.

aged twenty-one. IV. Charles, baptized 28th August,

1. Anne-Barington m. 22nd July, 1818, 1711. v. Christopher, baptized 19th June, at Astbury, to William Reddall, of 1713, settled in America.

Liverpool, gent. and has a daughter, vi. Edward, baptized 6th October,

Susanna-Kirkby Reddall. 1717.

Mr. Lowndes was one of the deputy lieuteVII. Thomas, died unmarried.

nants for the county of Chester. He died 1. Margaret, baptized 21st September, 7th Nov. 1806, and was succeeded by his 1697.

eldest son, the present WILLIAM LOWNDES, Katherine, baptized 7th October, esq. of Hassall Hall. 1699, died unmarried. 111. Frances, baptized 26th March, 1701, Arms--as given by William Smith, rouge

died 9th November, 1716, unmarried. dragon pursuivant in his alphabet of Cheshire iv. Ellen, baptized 16th August, 1709, arms, A. D. 1619. Argent fretty azure on

died 21st May, 1735, unmarried. a canton gules a lion's head, erased or. v. Anne, baptized 6th October, 1715.

Crest-a lion's head erased or. In the year 1726, Mr. Lowndes settled his

Estates—The Manor and Hall Estate of estate of Bostock House on his eldest son, Hassall; Creswellshaw; lands in SandRichard, for life, and his heirs general, in consequence of which it descended to the two all in the county of Chester.

bach ; Betchton; Astbury; and Congleton ; daughters and co-heirs of Richard Lowndes, jun. esq. Weld House, and the Hall of Hassall he settled on his eldest son for life, and then on his heirs male ; in fault of

Weld, of Eaton, Newbold Astbury, and which on his younger sons in tail male, but

Kushton, in Cheshire. reserving a power to trustees to lease, in order to raise portions for younger children. Edric, surnamed Stratton, or Streon, The trustees did so for 500 years, and created Duke of Mercia by Ethelred, King transferred the term to RICHARD Lowndes, of England, (whose daughter, Edina, he the son, who left the leasehold interest to married), A. D. 1003, and afterwards put to his daughters before mentioned. The free- death by King Canute, A. D. 1017, had a hold and reversion, however, remained with younger brother named Alfric, who had William Lowndes, the second son, whose grandson and heir, the present William Edric, surnamed Sylvaticus or Wild, a Lowndes, esq. in 1819 purchased the term, person of great power during the reign of and thus became possessed of the family es Harold and William the Conqueror. He tate.

had issue, Mr. Lowndes died 30th August, 1744. His Edric, surnamed Wild or Weld, living second son,

temp. HENRY I. father of WILLIAM LOWNDES, gent. of Sandbach, William Weld, living temp. Stephen and baptized IIth August, 1705, m. 24th Sep- Henry II. father of tember, 1740, Anne, eldest daughter and John WELD, father of co-heir of William Berington, of Sandbach, William Weld, living temp. HENRY III. gent. (by Anne, daughter and heir of Tho- father of mas Fletcher, of Creswellshaw) descended EDWARD Weld, living temp. Henry III. from the ancient family of Berington, alias and EDWARD I. father of


left a son,

JOHN WELD, living temp. Edward I. and

Samuel, who died in the West II. father of

Indies. William WELD, Sheriff of London, 25th

John, who died in America. EDWARD III. 1352. He m. Anne, daughter

The eldest son, and heir of Nicholas Wettenhall, of the

Joseph Weld, who held under his county of Chester, and great grandaughter of

father's will lands and houses in Richard, Lord of Calverley, and settled at

Hawarden, m. Anne Corbin, of Eaton in the Hundred of Edisbury, and

Broad-lane, the descendant of a county of Chester. He had issue,

very ancient family, and dying 1. William, his heir.

20th July, 1765, aged thirty-four, 11. and wu. Two younger sons, settled in Bucks and Suffolk.

WILLIAM Weld, esq. of TwickenMr. Weld was s. by his eldest son,

ham, b. 17th January, 1762, who

m. at Tarporley, in 1790, Miss William WELD, of Eaton, who m. Mar

Jane Jones, died 21st January, garet, daughter of William Bostock, of Tar

1837, and was buried at the ceporley, in the county of Chester, and had

metery in the Harrow Road, left issue,

four sons, Samuel, Joseph, WilJ. John, his heir.

liam, and George-Henry. 11. Robert Weld, of Wistaston.

The eldest son is III. Richard Weld, of Rushton, great

SAMUEL Weld, esq. of Welbeck grandfather of

Street and Twickenham, in the RICHARD Weld, of Rushton, who

county of Middlesex, who m. at was buried in March, 1575, at

St. Marylebone Church, London, Tarporley, leaving a son,

23rd August, 1825, Jane-CharRICHARD Weld, of Rushton, bu

lotte, eldest child of Edward Gorried 1st December, 1593, whose

don, esq.of Sunning Hill, Berks, son,

a scion of the Gordons of LesRICHARD WELD, jun. of Rushton,

moir, and has an only surviving m. in December, 1582, Elizabeth,

child, daughter of John Adgett, of Rush

Gordon - Samuel, born 24th ton, and was buried 24th July,

March, 1827, baptized at 1614, leaving a son,

St. Marylebone Church, RICHARD WELD, baptized 18th Jan

London, i8th May. qary, 1584, whowas buried in Au- William Weld, of Eaton, was s. by his gust, 1653, and his will proved at eldest son, London, 8th March, 1654, where JOHN Weld, of Eaton, who m. Ellen, in he mentions his wife, Eliza- daughter of John Bruen, of Tarporley, and beth, his sons John, Joseph, had issue, a son and successor, Daniel, Nathaniel, and SAMUEL. EDWARD Weld, of Eaton, who m. MarHis youngest son,

garet, daughter of Thomas Cotgreave, of Samuel Weld, settled at Brough- Christleton, near Chester, and was father

ton, in the parish of Hawarden, of
in the county of Flint. His will, John Weld, of Eaton, who m. Elizabeth,
dated 30th November, 1707, and only daughter and heir of James Boton, of
proved at Hawarden, 11th De- | Tiverton, in the county of Chester, and had
cember following, states that his a son,
lands were settled on his mar John Weld, of Eaton, gent. living temp.
riage on Joseph Weld. Sa- Henry VIII. who m. Johanna, daughter of
muel's son and heir,

John Fitz-hugh, of Congleton, and had
Joseph Weld, of Broad-lane, in issue,

Hawarden, was buried 8th Jan 1. Robert, of whom hereafter.
uary, 1717. His will, dated 3rd U. JOHN, of London, who m. Dorothy,
August, 1714, and proved at dau. of Roger Greswold, (remarried
Hawarden, 27th January, 1717, to Hugh Offey). He settled at Wil-
devises his lands at Kennerton ley, and was ancestor of Weld, of
and Rede Meadow, to his eldest WILLEY Park, in the county of Salop.

III. Richard, of Holt, in the county of
Samuel Weld, whose will dated Chester, interred at Tarporley at

7th March, 1743, was proved, at night, as a papist recusant, 20th AuHawarden, 9th June, in the fol

gust, 1626. lowing year. Hem.Mary Bennett, IV. HUMPHREY, (Sir), of London, and and dying 26th March, 1744, Holdwell, in the county of Herts, aged forty-eight, left three sons, knight, Sheriff of London, A.D. 1599, Joseph, his heir.

and Lord Mayor A.D. 1602. He m.

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