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Conflict. 112th.

The flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh and these are contrary the one to the other; so that ye cannot do the things that ye would.-Gal. v. 17.

STRANGE and mysterious is my life,
What opposites I feel within!
A stable peace, a constant strife;
The rule of grace, the pow'r of sin;
Too often I am captive led,
Yet daily triumph in my head.

2 I prize the privilege of pray'r,

But oh! what backwardness to pray! Though on the Lord I cast my care, I feel its burden ev'ry day; I seek his will in all I do, Yet find my own is working too.

3 I love the holy day of rest,

When JESUS meets his gather'd

Sweet day, of all the week the best!
For its return my spirit pants:
Yet often, through my unbelief,
It proves a day of guilt and grief.
4 While on my SAVIOUR I rely,

I know my foes shall lose their aim; And therefore dare their pow'r defy, Assur'd of conquest through his


But soon my confidence is slain,
And all my fears return again.

5 Thus diff'rent pow'rs within me strive, And grace and sin by turns prevail; 1 grieve, rejoice, decline, revive, And vict'ry hangs in doubtful scale : But Jesus has his promise past, That grace shall overcome at last.

334. Conflict. 7—6—8.

Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold
me with thy free spirit.-PSALM li. 12.
JESUS, friend of sinners, hear
A feeble creature pray,
From my debt of sin set clear,
For I have nought to pay.
Speak, O speak my kind release;

A poor backsliding soul restore;
Love me freely, seal my peace,
And bid me sin no more.

2 Though my sins as mountains rise,
And swell, and reach to heav'n,
Mercy is above the skies,

And I shall stand forgiv'n.
Mighty is my guilt's increase,
But greater is thy mercy's store;
Love me freely, &c.

3 From th' oppressive sense of sin
My struggling spirit free;
Blood and righteousness divine
Can rescue even me;

Holy Spirit, shed thy grace,
And let me feel the soft'ning show'r;
Love me freely, seal my peace,
And bid me sin no more.

335. Conflict. L.M.

Cast down, but not destroyed.-2 COR. iv. 9.

THOUGH sore beset with guilt and fear,
I cannot, dare not, quite despair;
If I must perish, would the Lord
Have taught my heart to love his word!

2 Would he have giv'n me eyes to see My danger, and my remedy; Reveal'd his name, and bid me pray, Had he resolv'd to say me nay?

3 No-though cast down, I am not slain!
I fall, but I shall rise again;
The present, Satan, is thy hour,
But JESUS shall control thy pow'r:

4 His love will plead for my relief,
He hears my groans, he sees my grief;
Nor will he suffer thee to boast,
A soul, that sought his help, was lost.

5 'Tis true, I have unfaithful been,
And griev'd his Spirit by my sin;
Yet still his mercy he'll reveal,
And all my wounds and follies heal:

6 Abounding sin I must confess, But more abounding is his grace; He once vouchsaf'd for me to bleed, And now he lives my cause to plead. 7 I'll cast myself before his feet, I see him on his mercy-seat ('Tis sprinkled with atoning blood); There sinners find access to GOD:

8 Ye burden'd souls, approach with me, And make the SAVIOUR's name your plea:

JESUS will pardon all who come,
And strike our fierce accuser dumb.

336. Conflict. C. M. Cease ye from man.—ISAIAH ii, 22.

UNCERTAIN how the way to find
Which to salvation led,

I list'ned long, with anxious mind,
To hear what others said.

2 When some of joys and comforts told, I fear'd that I was wrong;

For I was stupid, dead, and cold,
Had neither joy nor song.

3 The LORD my lab'ring heart reliev'd,
And made my burden light;
Then for a moment I believ'd,
Supposing all was right.

4 Of fierce temptations others talk'd,
Of anguish and dismay,
Thro' what distresses they had walk'd,
Before they found the way.

5 Ah! then I thought my hopes were For I had liv'd at ease; [vain,

I wish'd for all my fears again,
To make me more like these.

6 I had my wish; the LORD disclos'd
The evils of my heart,
And left my naked soul expos'd
To Satan's fiery dart.

7 Alas! "I now must give it up,"
I cry'd in deep despair;

How could I dream of drawing hope
From what I cannot bear!

8 JESUS again my peace restor'd

And freed from doubts my breast; Henceforth I'd simply trust his word, And leave to him the rest.

337. Conflict. 8s.

Hide not thy face from thy servant; for I am in trouble: hear me speedily. Draw nigh unto my soul, and redeem it. PSALM lxix. 17, 18.

ENCOMPASS'D with clouds of dis-
Just ready all hope to resign; [tress,
I long for the sight of thy face,
And fear it will never be mine:

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